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Full Face Snorkel Mask Gear Set - Swim & Dive - Ninja Shark Australia
⚠️ AIR FILTER Prototype - IMPORTANT UPDATE #1 ⚠️ Due to the shortage of PROTECTIVE MASKS over the last weeks, our inbox has been flooded with requests and suggestions (mainly from doctors) to transform our snorkelling masks into personal protective masks. We worked closely with a number of doctors and volunteers to create what we’re calling the AIR FILTER. Which is now ready to launch. ✅ The AIR FILTER is an adapter fitted with N95 GRADE REPLACEABLE FILTERS, which can be attached to any Ninja Shark AIR MASK (adult and kids). ✅ The AIR FILTER also comes with an OXIGEN ADAPTOR that can be used on the oxygen respirator, attaching a PAPR unit and hose to the snorkel. ✅ The AIR FILTER protects the whole face against the spread of bacteria and viruses More info here: bit.ly/AIR-FILTER ⚠️ BUT… (unfortunately, there’s always a but) Although we’re very close to completing all of the steps and moving into the final stage of production, we still have a few hurdles that we think we can bypass with your help. Because the materials we’re using are currently in high demand, prices have skyrocketed. On top of that, a minimum order is required before we can start mass production. Like any other small family business with no other form of funding (especially with the current economic situation), financing this project is proving to be the biggest challenge for us so far. That’s why we’re launching the following, ASAP: 1. A FUNDRAISER to supply with masks and filters our heroes - the medical workers 2. A CROWDFUNDING PURCHASE OPTION to protect yourself and your loved ones. More details here: bit.ly/AIR-FILTER Our goal is to acquire, distribute, and deliver as many mask sets as possible to hospitals, nurse centers and people like you in need throughout Australia. Your contribution will make this entire project possible. Without your help, we will be unable to take the Air Filter further into mass production, and it will remain as a prototype. ⁉️We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have new info. ⁉️Have any questions? Think you could offer your help in another way? Send us a message! Help us spread the word!
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☀️ საუკეთესო შეთავაზება გარე ავეჯის შესაძენად ! ✨აქცია ძალაშია 20 აგვისტოდან 31 აგვისტოს ჩათვლით !
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SOLO AHORA: Pulsera y caja de Navidad GRATIS www.holzkern.com/es/blog/post/family-christmas/ Así de fácil es: Añade tus 3 relojes favoritos y tu pulsera deseada (hasta 100 €) al carro de compras Usa el código de descuento “familychristmas” al finalizar la compra ¡Te enviamos tus regalos a tu hogar lo antes posible! Diviértete regalando Tu equipo Holzkern
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Agora ficou fácil ter o Cabelo dos Sonhos ✅Conheça Tratamento que transforma toda a Estrutura Capilar
חבילת טיפולים שכולה אהבה קני 5 טיפולים וקבלי 7 טיפולים נוספים בחינם! ❣ התחייבות בכתב לטיפולים בטכנולוגיית לייזר בלבד ❣ מגוון מכשירי הלייזר הגדול בישראל כולל הסופרנו טיטניום ❣ תו אמון הציבור ❣ קביעת תורים אינטרנטית לחצי לקבלת ההצעה * בכפוף לתקנון
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Build a better world through better business. Gain the perspective and resources you need to build a better future for you and those that follow.
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Downtown Detroit's a Coronavirus ghost town. Broke Quarantine (dont worry mom, we didn't get out of the car) with the kids cause we're getting a little stir crazy. Last week on a beautiful Saturday night this place would've be jam packed. What a difference just a few days make.
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Cât ghinion să ai, să deți un #pistol nedeclarat și fără nici un act, să vină un hoț și să-ți fure geanta în care se află pistolul, pe el să îl prindă #Poliția care află că pistolul era al tău?
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Kako to misliš ne možeš u prolazu da napraviš savršen selfi? @mayaberovicofficial dokazala <3 #P40Pro. #MyNextP
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