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Pivot instead of panic. In a time where your clients need you the most, don't let the "Corona-Virus" affect your practice.\n\nIf you're a professional change agent (therapist, consultant, doctor, coach) learn how to #coronaproof your practice, be location independent, AND have a bigger impact.\n\nCheck out this Free Guide that breaks it all down:\n\nhttps://ccsmethod.com/ccs-guide\n\nSee why our clients aren't fazed by any of this, \nand actually able to help MORE people in any market, \nby streamlining their practice, while working 100% online.\n\nLearn how to take your skillset, experience, and knowledge and leverage it in a brand new way -- even if you're overwhelmed by technology, don't have a private practice yet, or don't know where to start.\n\nDownload the simple guide here: \n\nhttps://ccsmethod.com/ccs-guide
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It's a worrying time for aesthetic business owners.\n\nWe're left wondering what restrictions the government will make next, and where the truth about the spread ends and opinion starts. It reminds me of how aesthetic clinicians often approach complications.\n\nYou try to gather all the information you can by obsessively watching other people's VOs unfold on Facebook groups, hoping you'll be ready if the worst happened to you.\n\nThe problem is, this way of learning can make things so much scarier because it doesn't translate into confidence for you.\n\nIn fact, the opposite can be true.\n\nThe more information you gather, the worse your anxiety about complications gets.\n\nDespite having all the information in the world at your fingertips, you still feel a rush of panic every time your WhatsApp goes off, and your patient asks, "Is this normal...?!"\n\nIn fact, I've seen so many aesthetic clinicians asking themselves "Is this stress even worth it?!" that I'm putting on a free webinar this Wednesday at 8pm UK time to help.\n\nI've been in this exact position myself, and had to sought myself out over years. This webinar is going to teach you how to free yourself from the emotional burden of complications anxiety fast, so you can get on with building your business and fulfilling your potential. \n\nHere's what you'll learn:\n\n\u2705 The unexpected reason you don't need to carry anxiety about complications to be a competent injector\n\n\u2705 How to become confident in treating complications without ever experiencing one- fast!\n\n\u2705 The intriguing truth about the why information on complications can make anxiety worse when you don't store it properly in your mind\n\nWe've got a limited number of free spots, so click the link below ASAP to register.\n\nHere's to getting a good night's sleep after clinics, anxiety free!\n\nDr Tim

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This on-demand webinar introduces Raptor Alert - a mobile panic button solution - and walks through Alyssa's Law, use cases of a mobile panic button, and successful adoption techniques. Learn how it can help protect your schools.
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Is your dog driving you crazy? 🤪 Are you fed up with your dog misbehaving? At your wits end trying to get them to just listen to you?! Well don’t panic, as we have the solution for you. We’ve created a free online course to help with this exact problem. No more excessive barking, aggressive behaviour or destroying your things! Our free Principles of Canine Behaviour course outlines exactly why dogs behave as they do and how we can get them to act as we would like, turning them into our perfect canine companions. Click below to enroll now and learn how to achieve your perfect canine companion! What issue are you having with your dog? Let us know!
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Folks are often understandably hesitant to believe me when I make big claims like "FORCE OF NATURE will radically change your life for the better."\n\nThis course - which is now FREE to all leaders & influencers - will turn you into a force of nature by unifying parts of your psyche that have long been at war with each other.\n\nBut don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few of the *many* glowing reviews from my previous students:\n\n\u26a1 “I didn’t feel very grounded, and I definitely didn’t feel like I was able to fully express myself in my business and in other areas of my life too. Throughout this process, I have learned to more fully be myself in every area of my life, and that has definitely changed my business in big ways. I’ve since rebranded, gotten really clear on what I do and who I help, and my revenue is increasing monthly!“ -- Jennifer Cochrane\n\n\u26a1 "I literally charge 25% more for my work than when I started the course and I haven’t even finished it yet.“ --Maria Smith\n\n\u26a1 "... Existential Kink did more than all those years of therapy, in me truly internalizing that I was already immensely empowered and always had been... This has resulted in a huge attitude shift, openness within myself, and much more satisfaction with my life." -- Anne Marie Huenick\n\n\u26a1 “Within the first two months of starting the course I doubled my monthly income. My anxiety has greatly diminished to the point of being life-changing. Whereas, I used to feel anxious 24-7 and have frequent panic attacks… I have felt calm, confident, and comfortable with who I am for the last couple of months.” -- Kimberly Gibbons\n\n\u26a1 "I have been trying to "fix" so many parts of myself and my life for so long. And now with Existential Kink I can flirt with them, love them, get off on them. It has totally altered the energy with which I approach life and its roller coaster ride....\n"Now I feel energized about this way of communicating with my own psyche...I feel like my life is full of magic, all working to suppor
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I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks since 2017. My anxiety got so bad that my heart would race out of control, my hands would sweat, my breath would get short and my brain was foggy, dizzy and unclear. I didn't know what was happening to me or how to make it stop. I was constantly worried about the next panic attack and found myself avoiding situations that I used to love. The simplest, daily tasks or decisions became a huge ordeal for me. I felt like my anxiety was running my life and I was just trying to survive. I was afraid to feel my anxiety and that only made it worse. I got used to living with it and tried to ignore it. Sometimes I took natural supplements to calm me down, and other times I tried to stay positive and think: this time is going to be different. But none of this really worked and I wasn’t enjoying life anymore because of my anxiety. Oh, I remember those days like it was yesterday. But now, I no longer have panic attacks. I don’t let my anxiety run my life anymore and am able to do all those things I used to avoid. How did I get there? I decided to trust others and ask for help. I wanted to understand why this was happening to me. I decided I didn’t want to feel ashamed and isolate myself anymore. I decided to try a different approach. I decided that I no longer was going to be the victim. I decided to have compassion for myself. And I decided to love and believe in myself above all. And this changed everything. That is why I felt inspired to create this community, to support sensitive, brave and strong women who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. Because I know exactly how it feels. These women are ready to: Not let their anxiety runs their lives anymore Understand where their anxiety is coming from and accept it Overcome their fears so they are free to create the life they want Own their lives and enjoy every single moment of it Try new approaches and believe on themselves This group is a place to openly share
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How I go from needing material to teach music on Zoom to lesson planning quickly and easily without wasting time…. Panic has set in as music teachers do not know how to teach music remotely. Music classes rely on constant interaction between students and their teacher! If only there was a method of music teaching that would provide, online, songs and games that 4-12 year old students can easily learn and love.. ..and help foster a deep connection between teacher and their students all while providing The Singing Classroom, for free, to all students of active subscribers throughout the pandemic! Now there is… Welcome to The Singing Classroom! https://singing-games.thesingingclassroom.com/remote-learning-august-2020 How does The Singing Classroom work? It is a searchable database of songs & games designed for music classes for 4-12 year olds. There are over 25 different criteria to drill down inside the database and find, quickly, what you are looking for... ...plus, there are videos that show exactly how to teach the songs to students. And, best of all, I have hand-drawn a whole bunch of animations of adorable bunny rabbits demonstrating the games… ...these animations are only available on The Singing Classroom! Every song in the database has sheet music (in PDF form), and the lyrics, too. There is an explanation on how to teach the accompanying game, and an MP3 with me singing, so it’s easy to learn the song! I have also created posters that are used in conjunction with many of the games. There is even a “My Songs” page, where it is easy to keep track of the songs that can be added to a curriculum. The Singing Classroom is like one big, ever-growing, book of songs and games, which will save hours of looking for new material to teach. https://singing-games.thesingingclassroom.com/remote-learning-august-2020 Our goal is to make sure students around the world stay engaged, focused and learning during these trying times! Imagine being able to provide stud
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Before receiving her diagnosis and treatment for severe panic disorder, Angie’s mental health had deteriorated to the point where she felt her husband and 8-year-old son would be better off without her. “Had I seen something like Not Today when I was sick, it could have brought me back. That’s what CAMH gave me and it’s a beautiful gift to people who are struggling. A new perspective. Another option. Even if that option is just Not Today.” -- If you or a loved one needs help right now, you are deserving and can call 1.833.456.4566. If you require immediate, in-person emergency care, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency department.
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When the lights go out, don't panic. Taking a few quick, simple steps can help keep you, your loved ones and your home safe during a power outage.
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\ud83c\udf89 Attention calm seekers… Discover how to win the battle with anxiety — without going to endless appointments and experts! \n\nHi, I'm Michelle! \ud83d\udc4b\ud83c\udffc I help high performers heal from anxiety and panic attacks, so they can feel more fulfilled and happy in their awesome lives.\n\nAs a registered dietitian, I've helped hundreds of people heal from chronic stress and digestive issues using holistic and natural strategies that work.\n\nAnd I can't wait to share this transforming (and life-changing) information with you too!\n\nIn this FREE online training, you'll discover...\n\u2705 The Anxiety Proof method to eliminate anxiety, for good\n\u2705 5 big mistakes people make when trying to reduce anxiety (and what to do instead!) \n\u2705 Why I don't teach my clients to "calm down" in order to heal from stress, fear, and racing thoughts\n\u2705 My 5-step strategy for reversing anxiety the right way so they can get rid of anxiety quicker and more effectively than in any other way! \n\u2705 PLUS when you show up live you'll get a FREE BONUS right from the program! \n\n\ud83d\udc49\ud83c\udffc If you want to eliminate your fear, stress, and racing thoughts without endless appointments and unnecessary medications... then this FREE online training is for you!\n\nSign up >> https://www.getanxietyproof.com/freeonlinetraining
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AMAZON SELLERS: Is your Amazon business feeling the stress of the current panic? Do you feel like you have to address your account issues alone? We know these are scary times, and so many people are facing unprecedented challenges. But we want to do ANYTHING WE CAN to help! Learn how we can help you you navigate these uncertain economic times ==> https://www.riverbendconsulting.com/#freequote Together, we can: ✔ Uncover every dollar Amazon owes you ✔ Re-open locked Amazon Marketplace accounts ✔ Get sufficient protection for your seller account ✔ Appeal wrongful suspensions ✔ And more! Experience the peace of mind when you team up with the professionals at Riverbend Solutions. We’re ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, and we want to help you weather the current economic storm and allow your Amazon business to flourish and thrive. Learn how we can help you here ==> https://www.riverbendconsulting.com/#freequote
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Need to figure out targeting for a new client? It doesn’t have to be hard, but we get it, sometimes it is. Maybe the niche is new for you, you haven’t heard much about it, there’s a lot of slang you’re not familiar with … But don’t panic. We’re here to help. At Audiencer, our mission is to help our clients find their ideal audience as fast as possible. This is why our algo crunches over 360K data points to give you relevant targeting suggestions for your business or for your clients. Our users were able to discover interests to target in over 2,000 niches so chances are we can help you right away. Come have a look https://audiencer.io/
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URGENT NEWS: In a moment of panic, the Federal Reserve just enacted 2 new rules that may be the end of your retirement savings as you know it! This is all due to a recent “Dodd-Frank Stress Test" performed by the Fed that revealed many banks would be dangerously close to insolvent should the Coronavirus pandemic & the economy continue to get worse. Perhaps one of the most concerning of all, is that the Fed is NOT revealing the individual results of the test... Why not? What are they hiding? Did some banks actually fail the stress test, leaving the Fed no choice but to "cook the books”? Is the Fed “buying time” to try and delay an inevitable and legal savings & retirement account confiscation plan? If you have $100,000 or more in your IRA, 401(k), Pension, TSP or savings account there are investment options that can help you protect your retirement savings. REQUEST YOUR 2 FREE SPECIAL REPORTS NOW to make sure your hard-earned dollars are safe from confiscation!
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Superpowered is a book for every parent who wants to help their child open up about anxieties, stress, or panic attacks. ‍ One such parent reader, Edgar, who is a father of two‍‍, says, “Superpowered can talk to and encourage my son in ways I always wished I could, but didn’t know how.” If you haven’t spoken to your kid about such issues yet, Superpowered could be a great start! Get the book now -> https://gozen.com/superpowered
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