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This is a hard season. No one can deny the weight of what we’re all experiencing and yet, we have survived our hardest days before. By the age of 8 or 15 or 24, each of us was likely dealt some of the hardest cards of our lives and we made it to the other side. We forget how resilient and strong we are. We forget a lot about who we are and it’s time to come home to ourselves. I often wonder how many people actually want their life to return to the way it was before the pandemic. Did we really find those day jobs fulfilling? Were we feeling like we were living our best lives? Maybe this incredibly difficult shift will be the greatest pattern interrupt of our lives. Maybe this time will force us to look at our days and decide once and for all how we truly want to spend this precious time we have. The #1 regret of the dying is a feeling that they didn't live live on their terms. Now is the time to ask these big questions. What life do we want to wake up to everyday? If we weren’t worried about disappointing anyone, what would we do ? If we weren't afraid of failing what would we give ourselves permission to try? If we stopped putting our dreams on hold, what would they be? I believe that the opposite of depression is not happiness. The opposite of depression is purpose. The greatest human need is to feel seen. We all crave that sense that we are showing up in the world and contributing our unique gifts. We were built to serve and make the world more whole with the talents we have. We know you were meant to play a bigger game and now is the time. Over a decade ago I had to pull over to the side of a busy LA street because I was crying so hard. I had moved out to the big city in the hopes of being a pop star. I had gotten signed to Interscope only to be dropped from the label a few months later. I got a bunch of day jobs and I lost myself. I could hardly recognize myself in the mirror anymore. One day I just broke down. I was feeling hopeless, wishing there was some way I could find my calling. I knew wearing a pantsuit and sitting at a desk wasn't cutting it. I gathered up 20 seconds of courage and started down the path of trying lots of things that scared me, taking risks and tons of messy action. I eventually hit the bullseye. I started a podcast sitting on the floor of my tiny closet and built a huge online business. The podcast grew to 15 million downloads in 3 years and I got to interview amazing humans like Seth Godin, Rob Lowe, Jenna Fisher, Jason Mraz, Malcolm Gladwell, Barbara Corcoran and Gretchin Rubin. I created a 7 figure business doing work that is meaningful and lights me up everyday. If there was ever a time to see what’s possible it’s now. If there was ever a time to build a business where you get to be you, it’s now. There is so much available to us in the online space. We can create connections with people all over the world and be a leader in a time when people need you more than ever. There are 4.5 billion people online. There is room for everyone. The clients are there. The money is there. Whether it’s to teach yoga or kids cooking classes, be a professional organizer, design logos, teach people how to scrapbook, make hand lettered goods, the world is your oyster. In this crazy time, when the whole world is upside down, it is so important that everyone knows whats available online. How to build a podcast, start a digital course, create a membership, build a community on Instagram etc. It’s possible to work from home in pajamas and meet the coolest humans all over the globe. Join me for my FREE 5 Day Made for This Workshop. I will be live everyday from August 31st - Sept 4th to teach the steps to building a thriving, purposeful business. In this workshop, I’ll cover: ✔️Opportunities that are available right now ✔️How to find a sense of purpose by sharing our gifts ✔️How to build an audience online ✔️How to make $ without playing the long game ✔️How to take scrappy, rapid fire action to get clients, make offers, and have the small but game-changing wins ✔️How to use podcasts and course
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From March 21-25 we are offering half-price gift cards! That means you can get a $100 gift card for $50. ・ Click the link for details and see the participating businesses below ➡️ https://bit.ly/2Uo87c3 Must be purchased in person via credit card. Or the following participating businesses can also sell gift cards via phone and mail them to you: The Cooper, Prosecco Café, Bamboo, Jade Spa, Onessimo Fine Art, Polished Nail Spa, Relax The Back, Smoke Inn PBG, Studio E Gallery, and Tux shop (Tux shop can also sell online). ・ Kabuki Sushi Thai Tapas Palm Beach Gardens Prosecco Cafe Spoto's Oyster Bar The Cooper Native Visions Galleries PGA Commons Location Onessimo Fine Art Studio E Gallery Bamboo Clothiers Relax The Back PGA Commons Location Smoke Inn Palm Beach Gardens Tux Shop PGA Commons Location Blowtox PGA Commons Location Jade Spa Polished Nail Spa
Hamrende skarp pris på Marantz SR7013 i øjeblikket. 8699,-/stk. Surround receiver med 9.2 (Mulighed for 11.2 med effektforstærker på), Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced, Google Assistant, HEOS. "Add in the value for money, build quality, feature set and performance, we still think Marantz has the goods when it comes to musical home cinema and the SR7013 gets our Highly Recommended badge." AVForums recommended. Køb her ➡️ https://hifi-freaks.dk/marantz-sr7013.html

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E porque não um Domingo diferente! Junta te a nós... Não prometemos, surpreendemos!
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2 ans pour devenir libre financièrement
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Serão apenas 4 horas de Liquidação Total. 20/04/2019 às 8:00 horas. Tudo em até 12x sem juros no cartão. De 50% a 90% de Desconto.
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The intention of this Product is not to sell or do business, We just want to contribute a concept and ideas to minimize the #COVID19 infected. Best for Checkpoint, Establishments and Port Area. Compact Size is Available also.
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Check out this beautiful sounding Ultimate Series Liberty GT Turbo Back exhaust. Perfect fitment - Perfect sounding - A high quality system you can afford! see www.ultrex.com.au for more info
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¡Estudia DERECHO sin dejar de trabajar! Lidera proyectos ambientales, laborales, civiles o tributarios. Nuevo campus NORTE* *Sujeto a aprobación de la SUNEDU
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TRẺ RA 10 TUỔI VỚI GÓI TẬP CHỈ #299K/THÁNG ‼️Tập luyện FULL DỊCH VỤ - Giá không thể tốt hơn! Gói Pre-sale ưu đãi CHƯA TỪNG CÓ chỉ dành cho 100 khách hàng ĐẦU TIÊN để lại SĐT qua INBOX!! ------------- Tại sao bạn nhất định phải tập luyện tại ELECTRO GYM & WELLNESS? ➡ Được thoả đam mê tập GYM, KICKFIT,... với các trang thiết bị nhập khẩu cao cấp, đầy đủ cho mọi nhóm cơ tại phòng tập RỘNG 1200M2 ➡ Trẻ ra 10 tuổi, cân bằng tâm trạng và thể trạng với bộ môn #YOGA cùng các giáo viên Ấn Độ ➡ Đốt cháy calo, xả stress hiệu quả với các lớp #GROUP_X sôi động, khoẻ khoắn như Zumba, Dance, Bum&Tum, Shape Up,… ➡Trải nghiệm bộ môn #PILATES MỚI MẺ, độc đáo sắp ra mắt ➡Chinh phục body mơ ước với sự hướng dẫn, đồng hành của đội ngũ PT chuyên nghiệp, tận tâm ➡Đo chỉ số #INBODY miễn phí và tư vấn sức khoẻ hình thể ➡ĐẶC BIỆT, Tặng ngay 01 BÌNH NƯỚC khi đăng ký tập NGAY HÔM NAY Comment (.) hoặc Inbox SĐT để được tư vấn ngay tức thì! ------------- & - ̂̀ ̆ ̛̛̣ ̀ ▪️Address: 187 Nguyễn Lương Bằng, Đống Đa, HN ▪️Hotline: 0243.5115.666
Il primo Social TG sempre aggiornato sulle notizie della tua provincia
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四海通达,国际集运 海外华人和留学生的首选平台 有需求请给我们发私信message
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