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Our lips are sealed… with delicious fried chicken and 11 secret herbs and spices! Order our Secret Bucket with 8 pieces of chicken, 2 large macaroni salads and 2 large French fries.
Our lips are sealed… with delicious fried chicken and 11 secret herbs and spices! Order our Secret Bucket with 8 pieces of chicken, 2 large macaroni salads and 2 large French fries.
Our lips are sealed… with delicious fried chicken and 11 secret herbs and spices! Order our Secret Bucket with 8 pieces of chicken, 2 large macaroni salads and 2 large French fries.
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U N M A S K I N G God is doing some unveiling right now. Starting with unity: this false unity is another way for the devil to steal the real one. Some will say that we are the ones trying to bring separation in the Body or among us, but it is the WORD of God that is doing that. We will not let any of the little ones be connected to any heresy! Who is the one dividing the House? If the Word of God is the one, then it is a good dividing but if it is the devil then it is not. The real house cannot be divided because it is one. Do not let anything of the religious system hold you. Whatever you saw Him doing, you will do and even greater! We know that the lack of the Word of God produces false doctrines and misunderstandings of what God wants, of what He expects and desires from us. Many don’t know that the fruit of heresy is a watered-down Word, and many today are doing the same, watering down the Word by not hearkening to the Truth. Many are denying Him as they deny His Word and His ways. The Word of God is not any private interpretation. Read 2 Timothy 2:11-15. Paul said this to Timothy and he would say the same thing to the Church of Jesus Christ: “Timothy, the religious spirit is trying to stop you but God has given you the Holy Spirit! Timothy, be faithful and He will not deny you! Stir up the boldness in you!” Many are like flies in the anointing. Flies always get in the anointing but they die. So, there is no need to strive with those that don’t want to hear the Word. Satan will say, “You have to love,” but God is saying, “Love is over there doing something else.” Timothy, Church of Christ, study, search, and rightly divide the Word of Truth. Social media has been used to expose demonic doctrines, and He is using the real messengers of God – the trouble makers like Elijah – to do so. Satan will try to stop the pure Gospel, but he can't. If you try to smooth out the Word of God, eventually it won’t get in. Try to do surgery with a dull knife, nothing will happen but it will make a way bigger mess. If Satan can’t dull the Word of God (the sword), he will try to do it to God’s messengers. But Satan could not do it to Elijah. Elijah did not comply. There is a spirit of rebellion in the churches. Many can’t bend to the real messengers of God. They are always trying to use the Word of God to come against the Word of God. They call that iron sharpening iron. No. It is not. It is a sword fight that dulls swords – coming against one another – nicking and dulling the swords. The only way for “iron to sharpen iron” is to have both irons (swords) side by side and not striking against each other. It is a rubbing, a coming together, back and forth, sharpening one another in agreement, in the same motion, back and forth, not a strike. If we have dulled the Word, we are in trouble. If we have bowed to Baal, we are in trouble. Read 1 Kings 18:6-21. God said, “Do not kiss Baal. Your lips were supposed to be sealed by Me.” But many have been seduced and deceived. Their lipstick has been on the wrong places. Our lips are for the groom, not for a perverted gospel. We are married to the Word and have a covenant with it. Many can’t hide behind their masks anymore. Now what? The Word of God is not your word, it is HIS WORD. The people of God are not your people but HIS PEOPLE. God is unmasking the false so our nakedness can be revealed. Is your pastor still hiding or is he saying, “I will do whatever God told me”? Ahab was not eating from the table of the Lord but from Jezebel’s table. The system of religion will cater to what people want to do because of the fear of man, the majority rule. But the last time I read the Word, I saw God, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God as the head of the Church. How long will you be between two: two opinions, two gods, two ways? Who really has the Holy Spirit today? Who is really following the Word of God today? Many will say, “The Holy Spirit is over here? Over there” Is He? Is the Holy Spirit backing up the Word of God or theirs? Is the Holy Spirit hiding or in the open? Where is the Holy S
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