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Diane Marie Sabandeja
I won't be streaming tonight, since i need to be acquainted w/ the game I'll be playing for tomorrow's livestream. If u have THE FOREST, pls tell me and let's play tomorrow~ see u! ⭐And check out this awesome offer: If you too my friend is interested, i would gladly help you enrol. I’m just a pm away! Check discounts with me for enrolment and we can be classmates too~ ❤️ I’ll b starting my class this November, see u! Thank you so much Jellyfish Education Philippines for this amazing opportunity! Learning the Language is part of getting to know the culture that you are fascinated with. Japan culture is close to my heart ever since, from anime, movies, music, cultural conventions, cosplay matsuri, food influence, up to studying foreign language before. Now I dream of making a strong foundation on understanding and practicing the Nihongo language. This would be a great help in watching anime or Japanese movies, understanding locals whenever we visit Japan, or if you have plans on working there, and a great choice of course to take on your free sched. Studying Nihongo is made easier and more accessible by Jellyfish Education Philippines, because it is now done online, they offer wide range of schedule that you can choose from, available worldwide, and affordable tuition fees compared to other Foreign Language schools. Join me in my journey!
Ann Paulo
Tablet PC + keyboard + touch screen pen + charger Watching movies, office, online classes,playing games, leisure and entertainment are all available Tablet specifications: Version: Android Memory: 8GB ROM: 128GB Battery: 8100mAh Camera pixel: 500w + 1300w
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Japanese Film Festival
JFF ONLINE vol. 2 Need some warming up for JFF 2020? Following the success of the first edition of MOOSIC LAB x JFF that was introduced early March right before our MCO began, and with our Japanese Film Festival that is set to run in October 2020, JFF Online is now bringing “Vol. 2” with 10 latest indie films, reflecting the actual society of Japan through the eyes of young artists FOR FREE! (All films are English subtitled) Broadcast period: Until September 30 Broadcast Region: Worldwide except Japan. Some movies may not be available in certain countries. Click the link below to start watching! https://www.japanesefilmfest.org/streaming_vol2/
Healthy Glasses
Online Poker Training and Poker Lessons - Upswing Poker
Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? Instead of wasting time watching shows or movies for entertainment, why not actually step up your game? Upswing Poker is the #1 advanced poker training site in the world and always has the latest strategy and high-quality resources, news, and courses for poker players everywhere. Thousands of players have gone from Big Fish to Crusher by soaking up the hard-earned knowledge that our pros serve up. WSOP finalists and other top-1000 online players have credited their success to Upswing's courses. How far can you go? Check out our free resources, quizzes, and more advanced courses, if you're up for it.
NicDoZe – Nicdoze.3
? We have a Smartphone Screen Magnifier for Online Class, Watching Movies and many more just using your mobile phone. *Suitable on almost all mobile phone model *Phone projector *Large screen Want one? Order on this link below for FREE SHIPPING AND CASH ON DELIVERY https://nicdoze.com/collections/999-pesos-lang-dito/products/2020-best-selling-12-universals-phone-screen-magnifiers-3d-hd-video-screen-amplifier-mobile-phone-screen-folding-amplifier
Style Laser Audio Sdn Bhd
Special Deal ! Free 55" 4K UHD Smart TV ! Marantz + Klipsch 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Home Theatre Pack Rm19999✅ Full Set Samsung 55" TU7000 4K UHD Smart TV Drive exquisitely detailed home cinema with the 9.2 channel 4K UHD AV receiver. Delight in the most musical sound for any source — from home theater, to vinyl, to digital streaming. Whether you’re watching classic film noir or hosting dinner with friends, it’s the perfect sonic accoutrement. Totally immerse yourself in movies and TV with elevated, high-resolution surround sound formatting from Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X and new IMAX Enhanced. Package Included: 1 Set Marantz SR6014 9.2CH 4k Ultra HD AV Receiver 1 Pair Klipsch R-625FA Atmos Floorstanding Speaker 1 Unit Klipsch RP-600C Reference Premier Center Speaker 1 pair Klipsch R-41SA Atmos Enabled Elevation Speaker. 1 Unit Klipsch R-12SW 12" Powered Subwoofer Free 1 x Samsung 55" TU7000 4K UHD Smart TV ☎03-91003023 010-3333363 FREE Shipping Peninsular Malaysia Fast Shipping We Accept Trade In ✅ Your 1 Stop AV Online Store Credit Card 0️⃣% Easy Payment Plan Up To 1️⃣2️⃣Months Please Click Picture Below To LEARN MORE ! ⬇⬇ https://www.stylelaser.com.my/product/marantz-sr6014-klipsch-512-dolby-atmos-home-theatre-package/
In line with Buyanihan’s mission to uplift MSMEs across the country, we are proud to feature business owners who continue to strive during these challenging circumstances. Taters Annie Tanchanco founded Taters 26 years ago which now has 500 employees with 60 stores nationwide. The company’s greatest challenge during the lockdown was when cinemas got closed, causing sales to plunge and for stocks and inventory to spoil. Not only did the lockdown affect its branches, but also its day-to-day operations. As Taters experienced dramatic loss, Annie remains determined to ensure business continuity. The ECQ caused a rise in the “Netflix market” which Taters immediately took as an opportunity. "If before, we were just selling in the movies, now, we have the NETFLIX market. We listened to our market and discovered they like buying "ready-to-cook" items, like those that they can prepare at home. We had to make ourselves available online. We had to evolve our way of doing our business." -Annie Tanchanco of Taters Tater's BUYanihan online shop offers ready-to-eat, frozen and ready-to-cook items, which are great to have for those who are binge-watching movies and TV shows via online streaming services. Come and find Taters at BUYanihan.shop and get to experience your favorite "cinema snacks" at the comfort of your own home! https://buyanihan.shop/#search=taters #BUYanihan #MSMEs #AFFI #taters
LikeToKnowIt | Fashion, Beauty, Home, Fitness, Family
Y'all. I'm not gonna lie, it's been hot☀️ Are you going through a heat wave, too? #sponsored We love being outside in the backyard, but this time of year it's just not fun between the hours of 10 & ...10 SO, we've been spending a lot more time indoors...reading, watching movies, doing puzzles and too much baking. Thankfully, @kirklands helped us bring summer inside with some of their new, sunshiny pieces. I knew I had to have this pouf and lumbar pillow when I saw them - light and bright for summer, but still so on trend. That print? I DIE. Those fun lemons and stylish vase? They're also from @kirklands , but I got them last year. I'm always rotating decor, but my @kirklands pieces stick around because they're perfect everyday pieces. Check them out next time you're in the market for home decor! . They're still offering free curbside pick-up for any online order . #kirklandsinsiders #kirklandsdayinthesun #kirklandsfinds #summerdecor #AHWB #livingroomdecor #interiordecorator #decorator #interiordesigner . http://liketk.it/2SsOb #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKhome #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100
Crushing It On Camera - Drewbie Wilson Case Study
If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to be amazing on camera, you may want to take a tip from Lebron James… When most entrepreneurs start getting on camera to create videos for their digital product, coaching program, online course, video ads, FB Lives, etc… They usually make a very common mistake… They want to sound like they’re making their video on the fly, so they just pick up their phone and “wing it”. This usually ends up with them wasting tons of time doing a million takes (aka tries) or they just end up creating a video that’s full of them stumbling all over the place and isn’t natural or conversational. Either way, it’s a mediocre video. And sometimes they don’t even end up posting the video because it’s so bad. All that time wasted! There’s so much content online that your audience will scroll past mediocre, boring, or rambling videos. You have to hook them in with your on camera presence and be able to give value in a concise and engaging way that keeps them watching through your Call to Action. So how is it that when athletes, musicians, and all these non-actor famous people get invited to play roles on TV and in movies, they are actually pretty good on camera and capture our attention? Is it because they’re naturally good at acting? Is it they were secretly taking acting classes for years? No. It’s because they know the Hollywood Method. When they get invited to be in these movies or TV shows, they learn something only Hollywood knows. Which gets them awesome right away. Take Lebron James for example. He’s one of the best basketball players to play the game. Lebron wasn’t secretly doing community theater class in Cleveland growing up to hone his acting skills. No, he was living, breathing and sleeping basketball so he could become one of the biggest names in the sport. But then suddenly, Lebron lands a major acting role in Amy Schumer’s blockbuster movie “Trainwreck” and gets rave reviews from Hollywood critics and is being hired to be in more and more movies, like Spacejam 2! All because he learned the Hollywood Method. Or how about Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, who started as a WWE Wrestler. Wrestlers aren’t exactly known for their amazing acting ability… But now The Rock is the BIGGEST and highest paid star in Hollywood. Was it because right after he would throw the people’s elbow, or knock someone over the head with a metal ladder, he would quickly shower, hop the bus to get to the next WWE location, pull out his reading glasses and dive into some “Acting For Dummies” books? No, it’s because he learned the Hollywood Method and was able to quickly learn the techniques to become natural on camera. And you can leverage this as an entrepreneur to become undeniably awesome on camera and make engaging videos that convert into more sales for your business. The same method that makes inexperienced actors become great on camera, fast. Like Ronda Rousey, who was just a UFC fighter, but beat out actual top professional actors to get a critical role in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time - The Fast & the Furious series. How was someone who never really appeared on camera outside of punching someone suddenly becoming a highly sought after person for movies and TV? Because Ronda was able to master the Hollywood Method. And it allowed her brand to exponentially grow, receiving tons of endorsement deals and becoming one of Forbes’ top paid athletes. As Actors/Writers/Producers who have worked on top TV shows & movies with the biggest celebrities in the business, we not only come from a Hollywood background… We’re entrepreneurs too! We can bridge the gap for you. We take our twenty plus years of Hollywood experience on award-winning projects and distill it down so any entrepreneur can learn the Hollywood Method. And once you learn it, you don’t need to waste time on a million frustrating takes or unpredictably “wing it” to create engaging profitable videos. You simply need to implement the Hollywood Method. If you found this post helpful, and would like more help… Watch
NordVPN: VPN Fast & Unlimited
The Best VPN EVER! Protect your privacy online whether you are surfing the internet or watching your favorite movies, tv series, kdramas or whatever you want to watch NORD VPN IS THE ULTIMATE ONLINE PRIVACY YOU CAN GET! Click ❤️ https://invol.co/cltn83
Android电视机顶盒/小米/天猫/Hypp tv改装服务。 我们的软件可以支持市面上90%的电视盒子 只卖原厂软件!破解版请走开! ❓你的电视盒子不能看Axtro? ❓网上买了电视盒子可是软件很麻烦,很多戏看不到? ❓买了软件可是看了一段时间就看不到,还是频道一直在减少? ❓点播里的最新连续剧/电影需要另外购买? ❓想要在家观看蓝光(Blue-Ray)电影? ‼️那你应该马上找我们购买软件/TV Box‼️ 1️⃣至尊套餐 - RM258 (1次付费,永久免费) (只包括软件,没有电视盒子的需要另外购买) - Axtro 全套节目 (包括AOD) - 1000++各国家直播台 - 支持7天回看 (自动录制,无需手动按录制) - 最新连续剧(每日同步更新) - 最新各地电影(每日同步更新) - Netflx电影/连续剧 - 新加坡台 - 香港/台湾/韩国/内地/美国 最新综艺 - 泰国/越南/印度/印尼电视台等等 - 最新TVB 港剧/美剧/日剧/台剧/韩剧/偶像剧 - 最新卡通/纪录片/新闻台 - 上网,看戏,听歌, 玩游戏, - 体育赛事 《高尔夫球 / NBA / F1 / 赛马 / 棒球 》 - 足球直播 《英超联赛 EPL / 5大联赛 / 世界杯 / 欧洲杯 / 欧冠杯》 - 18++成人电影和电视台 (只需要多加RM30) (部分区包上门安装/面交) 安卓手机/平板也可以安装。 马上联系我们~ 电话 : 011-51389850 Whatsapp : http://bit.ly/32b1f3T Wechat : androidtvbox_my Android TV set-top box / Xiao Mi Box / Tmall / Hypp tv modification service. Our software can support 90% of TV boxes on the market Only sell original software! Cracked version please go away! ❓Your TV box can't watch Axtro? ❓Bought a TV box online, but the software is troublesome and can’t see many movies? ❓Bought a software, but only watching it for a while, or is the channel decreasing? ❓The latest dramas / movies on demand need to be purchased separately? ❓Want to watch Blue-Ray movies at home? ‼ ️Then you should ask us to buy software / TV Box immediately‼ ️ 1️⃣ Extreme Package - RM258 (1 time, free forever) (only software, no TV box needs to be purchased separately) - Axtro full set (including AOD) - 700++ national live broadcast stations - Support 7 days auto recording (automatic recording, no need to manually press recording) - Latest series (daily sync) - Latest movies (updated daily) - Singapore Taiwan - Hong Kong / Taiwan / South Korea / Mainland / USA Latest Variety - Thailand/Vietnam/India/Indonesia TV, etc. - Latest TVB Hong Kong drama / American drama / Japanese TV drama / Taiwanese drama / Korean drama / idol drama - Latest cartoon / documentary / news station - Go online, watch a movie, listen to songs, play games, - Sports Events "Golf / NBA / F1 / Horse Racing / Baseball" - Football Live "England Premier League EPL / 5 Major Leagues / World Cup / European Cup / Champions League Cup" - 18++ adult movies and TV stations (only need to add RM30)(Some areas are covered by door installation) Android phones/tablets can also be installed. Contact us now~ Phone : 011-51389850 Whatsapp : http://bit.ly/32b1f3T Wechat : androidtvbox_my
Shopify Done For You
Every day you Sleep for 8 Hours, that’s ⅓ of the entire day. That means every month you are asleep for 10 Days. In other words that means, 116 Days a Year you are sleeping. Have You Thought About that Lately? Around 3 Long Months of Unconsciousness! Ask Yourself, Did those Rocky Movies, Motivational Posters, Ted Talks ever help you ‘make it’? Seriously, HAVE they purchased you enough to get started? Aren’t You Tired of watching on the sidelines? You see everyone else succeeding… There are countless opportunities out there that are right under your nose you just don’t realize it. Aren’t you interested to learn more about them and see what the world has to offer? Look, if you don’t… you can keep scrolling and don’t read any further. For those that understand opportunity loops, then I am happy to tell you that we are in the greatest opportunity loop EVER in history… eCommerce is a billion-dollar industry and it’s only getting bigger and bigger As a matter of fact, look at some of these statistics... There will be 2.05 billion users buying online this year 16% of all sales around the world will be through eCommerce businesses Half of the American businesses don’t have a web presence On average 3% of all eCommerce visitors become buyers You should be excited to know that YOU can be apart of the modern-day opportunity loop. Now that you know how powerful this market is - let me explain how we can help you. We specialize in building eCommerce stores from start to finish with the end goal in mind of generating sales for our clients. There is no catch to it. Not only do we go out there and build you an automated store but we do EVERYTHING for you... ✅ We do the product research for you ✅ We find you a perfect niche to sell in ✅ We build the store from the ground up for you ✅ We custom design an entire theme for you ✅ We create and run the ads for you ✅ We install recurring elements into your store If you are someone who wants to invest in a complete hands-off automated eCommerce store - this is right up your alley. If you realize how incredible this opportunity loop is, this is for you. Click on the ‘Learn More’ button below. See You Soon The ShopD4U team
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Mini portable projector, 4K mobile 3D cinema Watching movies/playing games/outdoor/office Connect wifi/Bluetooth to play online
Wish TV
شاهد الان اجدد الافلام و المسلسلات مترجمه و بجوده عاليه بدون فواصل اعلانيه و اعلانات مزعجه
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100,000+ Movies you need Watching Online for Free!!
Phoenix Browser -Video Download, Data Saving, Fast
100,000+ Movies you need Watching Online for Free!!
Phoenix Browser -Video Download, Data Saving, Fast
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Judd Albring
I came in to work that day and immediately knew something was wrong. There was an eerie silence and I felt this huge pit in the middle of my stomach. Something or someone was going down. I asked my friend in the cubicle next to me…. “Hey..what’s going on? Why is everyone acting so strange?” And of course, she just shrugged and said, “I’m not sure”. Then came the call…”Hey Judd, can I see you in my office?” Now, if you've ever lost a job before, you know exactly what's about to happen. In fact, that scenario has happened to me more times than I can count in my 20 years working in the corporate world. To top it off I had a newborn at home and my wife’s salary alone was not enough. Like most families, we relied on a dual household income to survive. I tried looking for other work while my wife was on maternity leave but nothing panned out. So it was decided I would be the “stay at home dad” until I could find work. Well, the work never came. Fast forward a few months, I gave in and started driving for UBER on nights and 5:00 AM airport runs to Chicago O’Hare. I even picked up odd labor jobs like power washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning just to make ends meet. I was mentally and physically exhausted. And to top it off I just felt like a complete failure. To make matters worse the stress of a newborn and lack of funds was taking a toll on my marriage. I remember it like it was yesterday… My wife came to me in tears saying, “ I never imagined my life like this. We can’t go out to eat. We can’t take vacations. We are just scraping by. You have to do something. This just isn’t working.” If I wasn’t already broken before I was certainly broken at that moment. I felt absolutely horrible. It was at that moment I realized I couldn't keep up with the odd jobs and driving drunks around at all hour of the night. But, at the same time, I knew that the corporate world was just not safe. Also, after spending all that time with my son I knew I could never go back to a 9-5. I wanted to be with him. I didn’t want to leave the house every day before he woke and return after he went to bed. And, if I was being completely honest with myself I was completely miserable working for someone else half my life anyways. That night I went online searching for a way to start my own business or at least work from home ( I had no idea what I was looking for or who to trust.) Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened. A random post came across my Facebook newsfeed. It was a video about how I could start my own business, online, from anywhere as long as I had WIFI and a laptop. Of course, I was a bit skeptical. But after watching that video something “clicked” inside me. I said to myself “this is it! I can do this.” And I did! Fast forward to the present… I am typing this right now from a little cottage in the woods of Northern Michigan. My family and I just decided to pack up and take a little road trip. And yes, the cottage has WIFI! It wasn’t that long ago I was driving night shifts for UBER trying to make ends meet with zero freedom in my life. Not anymore! Now that I can earn an income from anywhere in the world I have the freedom to come and go as I please. I just took off fifteen days with the kids and we just decided to stay an extra few nights at this little cottage by the lake. I’m no longer tied to a schedule or a measly “two weeks off a year” vacation package. And In a few weeks, we are headed to Florida to stay in a private home with a pool and beach for an entire month. So why does any of this matter? Well, for instance,…during our most recent trip I was able to… ➡️ See my son catch his first fish with a “Frozen 2” fishing pole ➡️ Relax on the beach without a care in the world ➡️ Build bonfires with my boys and stay up late looking at the stars ➡️ Spend time with my wife enjoying coffee on the deck overlooking a clear blue lake ➡️ Rent movies on Amazon without my wife worrying about money The beauty is my business was working form me 24/7 the entire trip. I had my laptop with me bu
FilmBusters Academy | How To Make A Movie
FILM STUDENT / GRAD, ‼️ Now is the time to get training and insight from the film industry, before it slowly opens back up. They’ve got plenty of time these days to give valuable wisdom. Learn from experienced feature filmmakers and seasoned industry pros - not just from teachers who regurgitate books and choose movies for you to analyze and write about. If you can't go back to school this fall, will online classes about film theory and creative stuff be enough to make you successful in your ultimate goal? Definitely not. You know you need the other side of the coin covered too - the business side of filmmaking: Financing, Packaging, Marketing and Distribution? As an aspiring feature filmmaker, you have an unquenchable passion that rises up whenever you think about getting behind the camera and filming your first indie movie. Think of those gritty, long 16-hour days of coffee-fueled shooting ending in tired satisfaction over campfire conversations and beer. Perhaps you love the idea of travelling to different locations around the world for location-scouting, meeting all kinds of amazing people and setting up all the crew, cast and oh yes... Logistics, logistics, logistics. Do you have a story or script you’d like to see on the big screen that’s unique and never been done before? Imagine yourself a few years from now on the red carpet premiering your first film. Never before in the history of Hollywood has independent filmmaking and distribution been more accessible and possible for ANYONE than NOW - barring coronavirus, of course. But you might be feeling or thinking: I don't know the best place where to begin or how to finish. I have a low level of filmmaking experience. How do I know if I have a great story worth telling? How do I get more-than-enough funding for my movie? Who, where and how do I find and build the right team? Do I have sufficient Hollywood contacts to succeed? How can I make sure my movie gets finished, distributed and makes a profit? I feel overwhelmed just thinking of the entire filmmaking process. Well, we’re here to demystify the whole process from beginning to end FOR YOU! We are your filmmaker mentors Eric and Jill Bugbee, and our first film “Heroes of Dirt” made it on the top 2015 "75 Movies to Watch This Fall" by New York Magazine / Vulture, listed with Star Wars: Force Awakens, The Martian, Sicario, Room and other major films. We spent 7 years making our first movie, BUT you don’t have to! You don’t have to waste years, money and energy - like we did. From our many success points, as well as scars, we have invaluable lessons learned along the way to share with you. Let our filmmaking journey of trial and error, and “blood, sweat and tears” actually show you the road of least resistance and potential for maximum success. ✅ We have engineered the FilmBusters Strategic Blueprint to help shortcut your path to making your independent film, and create a thriving career. ✅ SIGN UP below for our FREE FilmBusters M3 [Make-My-Movie] Challenge for 5 days June 25-29, 2020! Get mentored, trained and prepared to make your first indie movie successfully! ARE YOU READY to be that impact-driven, message-minded and heart-centered filmmaker who wants to make a positive impact on culture and leave a lasting legacy? And LAUNCH YOUR DREAM CAREER? What is the cost of NOT engaging in this FREE film mentorship training you need to Help You Do What You Really Want? Years of being frustrated and wondering if it’s possible Living a safe and comfortable life, but never achieving your true passion Not having a great overcoming story of success to share Watching others bypass you to achieve their own movie dreams Regrets of knowing you had what it took to do it, but didn't… Don’t pass up this opportunity to receive world-class training and coaching from experienced filmmakers, as well as other film industry guest speakers during our 5-Day FilmBusters M3 [Make-My-Movie] Challenge! ✅ Dive deep into the mindset and qualities you need to succeed. ✅ Find out how to buil
Pinnacle Health & Fitness
I am now becoming one of those people with long unreadable posts. I hate doing long posts but I believe those who have the fortitude to trudge forth through my ramblings might gain some insight into the mutual benefits of working with a fitness professional. What I have always loved about my job is that it’s unique and fun and inspiring and sad on different days. I know I have said this before, but I have been a professional trainer since 1988 and have been in the same community of Westport Connecticut since 1992. A number of my clients have been training with me since 1992 and most of my clients have been with me since 1997. Needless to say, we have become like family. We have seen each other through triumph and heartbreaking sadness but our bond is made of cable and steel and laughter and tears. I know a lot of people believe there is a shift happening in the fitness industry and in the world. The government is saying we need to have less contact and greater distance for us all to survive. I know people believe that online is the future of fitness but all I can see is the children’s movie Wall-E. In that movie the world has become uninhabitable and its people move to space until the earth has healed. In the years that follow society becomes dependent on autonomic interaction eliminating the need for human collaboration. They travel around in hover chairs removing the need to walk. Their bodies become large and bones soft and they can no longer support their own weight. They had been gone for so many generations they forgot how good human connection could feel. That was until a beat-up garbage bot that had been alone on earth discovers what it means to be human watching movies from the 50’s. The garbage bot finds his way to the space ship that humans now call home and by his unending desire to feel something human awakes the masses to what was in their true nature. Something they gave up because they didn’t understand how important it was. To be human means to be connected. If I was not already connected to the people I am training online I think it would be a very different experience for each of us and maybe not as effective. The best part of being a trainer is having a front row seat in the lives of some of the most extraordinary people I would not have had the opportunity otherwise to meet and interact with. I cherish my clients, my fellow trainers and the banter and lively discussions that take place every day at Pinnacle. If you could only see all the years through my eyes you would understand the loss if we could not all be together once again. If this industry truly is going virtual I will become a garbage bot. I will watch old movies from the 50’s until the time is right and hopefully the cybernetic mask removed and society realizes what it has given up and everyone comes back to Earth.
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myruskey.com - Russian language online
Do you want to learn Russian from 0 to A1 - the first communication level? You only need 8 weeks for this. Join a new online challenge with MyRUSkey school. Every week we will have: 3 live lessons (through Zoom) with a certified teacher from Russia in a mini-group focussing on grammar and pronunciation 2 speaking clubs which will include reading the news, watching movies, and discussion And a daily chat through WhatsApp After 8 weeks, you won’t recognize yourself. You will master basic communication in a foreign language; the language of Leo Tolstoy, Putin and Little Big. Are you ready? Sign up for the challenge today for only $ 179. We offer a 100% Money Back guarantee: If, after the 8 weeks challenge, you have not reached the A1 level, and can’t speak Russian, then we will refund your money. As an added bonus, at the end of the course you will receive a certificate for your level of Russian from the MyRUSkey School. And the best student in the challenge will receive a prize! Now that you’re ready to learn Russian in 8 weeks, Click on the button and sign up! We will start on June 20
Tech Land - BD
GET UP TO 500TK DISCOUNT OFFER TILL JUNE 3 . The LS22R350 21.5" 16:9 LED Gaming Monitor from Samsung is built with an IPS panel that wraps around your field of view for a more immersive experience whether you're watching movies. Specs-wise, it features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 1000:1 static contrast ratio, a 250 cd/m² brightness rating, a 5ms response time, 75hz refresh rate, and support for 16.7 million colors. . Features ☑️ In-Plane Switching (IPS) Panel ☑️ Resolution : 1920 x 1080 ☑️ Brightness : 250cd/㎡ ☑️ Contrast Ratio : 1000:1 ☑️ HDMI | DisplayPort Inputs ☑️ Response Time: 5ms ☑️ Refresh Rate: 75hz ☑️ Viewing Angle: 178°/178° ☑️ Color Support: 16.7M . Order Online: https://www.techlandbd.com/samsung-ls22r350-75hz-gaming-monitor *You have to Order before 3 June for the discount *You have to pay in advance via Bkash (Partial/Full) *Deliveries will be done between 03-12 June . ✆ Hotline: 01701663689, 01701663681, 01701663680 . Nationwide Delivery: https://www.techlandbd.com/delivery . Shop Address: Shop 839-840, Level 8, Computer City Center (Multiplan Center), New Elephant Road, Dhaka #TECHLAND #TECHLANDBD #SAMSUNG #LS22R350 #22INCH #75HZ #FHD #LED #GAMING #MONITOR
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အူရီဒူး Supernet ဖိုင်ဘာနဲ့ ပတ်သက်ပြီး မေးချင်တာတွေကို Customer Engagement Team က ဆက်သွယ်ဖြေကြားပေးနိုင် ဖို့အတွက် အခုပဲ Sign Up လုပ်လိုက်ပါ။ အကန့်အသတ်မရှိတဲ့ ပျော်ရွှင်စရာတွေကို ရရှိခံစားနိုင်ဖို့အတွက် အူရီဒူး Supernet ဖိုင်ဘာရဲ့ အကန့်အသတ်မဲ့ အစီအစဉ်တွေကို ရယူလိုက်ပါ။ လစဉ်ကြေး… 展开 ၄၀,၀၀၀ ကျပ်သာ ကျသင့်မယ့်အစီအစဉ်ကို သုံးလစာကြိုတင်ပေးသွင်းရုံနဲ့ 25 Mbps မြန်နှုန်းဖြင့် အကန့်အသတ်မဲ့ဒေတာကို သုံးနိုင်မယ့်အပြင် တပ်ဆင်ခလည်း အခမဲ့ဆိုတော့ မြန်မာ့အမြန်ဆုံးကွန်ရက်နဲ့ အပီလန်းနိုင်ပြီပေါ့ တစ်မိသားစုလုံးအတူတူ ရုပ်ရှင် တွေပဲကြည့်တာတွေ၊ အွန်လိုင်းမှာ မ Lag ပဲ ဂိမ်းတွေဆော့မလား Supernet FTTH ရဲ့အစီအစဉ်တွေနဲ့ဆို အားလုံးအတွက်အဆင်ပြေနေတော့မှာပေါ့ [English] Sign up now for our customer engagement team to contact you and answer your questions about Ooredoo's Supernet Fiber. Enjoy infinite possibilities with our unlimited plans. Get 25 Mbps unlimited data with free installation when you pay 3 months in advance from Myanmar’s Fastest Mobile Network! The whole family can spend quality time watching endless fun-filled movies and playing online games without lag.
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Lương: Upto 1,700 usd Yêu cầu KN: MySQL, Linux, NodeJS - Hạn gửi CV 25/10 Bạn Đã Đủ " Chất" - Click APPLY NGAY!
မိတ်ဆွေရဲ့ Supernet Wireless တွေကို သက်တမ်းတိုးပြီးပြီလား? အင်တာနက်အမြန်နှုန်း 5Mbps နဲ့ ရက် ၉၀ စာ အကန့်အသတ်မဲ့ဒေတာကို ၈၉,၀၀၀ ကျပ်ပဲကျသင့်မှာဖြစ်ပြီး ရက် ၃၀ စာ အကန့်အသတ်မဲ့ဒေတာကို ၃၅,၀၀၀ ကျပ်သာကျသင့်မှာနော် ဒါကြောင့် မိသားစုတွေနဲ့ အိမ်မှာနေပြီး ရုပ်ရှင်တွေအေးဆေးကြည့်ကြည့်၊ အွန်လိုင်းကနေ ကိုယ်လိုချင်တာတွေဝယ်ဝယ်၊ ဂိမ်းတွေကိုမနားတမ်းဆော့ဆော့ အကုန်လုံးကို အမြန်ဆုံးအင်တာနက်နဲ့ စိတ်ကြိုက်လုပ်နိုင်မှာလေ အခုပဲ နှစ်သက်ရာကို ရွေးချယ်သက်တမ်းတိုးပြီး အကောင်းဆုံးအင်တာနက်အတွေ့အကြုံကို ခံစားဖို့ နီးစပ်ရာအူရီဒူးစတိုး (သို့မဟုတ်) http://ore.do/7ghqt ဒီလင့်ခ်ကို နှိပ်ပြီး အခုပဲသက်တမ်းတိုးလိုက်တော့နော် Have you renewed to your Supernet Wireless plan ? Renew your plan now at 89,000Ks for 90 days or 35,000Ks for 30 days with unlimited data and 5Mbps internet speed. Enjoy quality time at home by watching HD movies together with the entire family, shopping for your favorite online items and playing non-stop mobile games! Go to the nearest store or click to here to renew: http://ore.do/7ghqt
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Eladó lakások kertvárosi környezetben, ideális infrastruktúrával, a belvárostól elérhető távolságra, Zuglóban.
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رمضان كريم⭐️⭐️ ستيكر للديكور سهل اللصق سهل الازاله ولا يترك اثر عند ازالته شحن جميع المحافظات
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