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When my colleague Slava Pankratov and I launched our yearly educational program, at first we were going to make individual education plans for each student. So we resorted to Slava’s second degree in practical psychology, chose two very detailed tests (one of them consisting of 580 questions) and started asking each student to take them, and also write essays about their stories, goals, and plans. In a couple of months, we launched professional orientation as a separate service, entirely digging ourselves in the students’ questionnaires and essays. Within three months we managed to process over 500 feedbacks that made us feel like real professionals in this testing thing, and moreover, provided us with lots of interesting material to process. It wasn’t professional research, but there was a real person with a career and life behind each questionnaire. It may sound goddamn pompous, but it’s true. Most curious is that we received answers from people working in various companies (not only IT), of various ages (from 24 to 51), from 6 countries, ensuring scalability of our findings. So, here’s what we found out. #: % That nerdy 580 questions test is the MMPI in one of its programmed versions. The good thing about it - it’s been held on tens of thousands of respondents, and it has so many questions because they include several scales to ensure sincerity and diagnostic value of the answers. Basically, the test reveals an inclination to a professional occupation by giving a direction, which is viewed as the most promising to follow. And you know what? More than half of our respondents demonstrated no inclinations to any direction at all! Here is a typical result: ▶ Administrative management -7.00 ▶ Production 0.00 ▶ Office work -6.50 ▶ Service -12.50 ▶ Pedagogics -8.50 ▶ Expeditions -5.50 ▶ Science -4.00 ▶ Art -1.50 ▶ Sport -4.00 ▶ Military service -6.50 ▶ Programming -2.50 Names of the categories don’t mean exactly what they say (it usually demands a bit of deciphering). For example, expeditions don’t mean the inclination to trekking, it’s rather a kind of logistics. Which means it’s a direction where one should see the process as a whole picture, keep in mind all the details, combine and balance them, divide responsibilities, check intermediate results. Shortly speaking, such specialist constructs working process as a puzzle to achieve necessary results. And military service is not a desire to repay duty to the Homeland, but the inclination to work in a formal environment with well-established processes. But it’s not the point. The point is that instead of normal +5, +7 results we see negative figures. It means that to the question “What do you have a leaning towards?” the organism replies with “Leave me alone, I don’t want anything!” Sometimes it is accompanied by a single considerable plus in the production category, which can be interpreted as “Can I go and do some real work instead of this stupid test and finally die there?!” 50% (50%!) of people who came to study, and many of them paid their own money for it, were in a completely exhausted state. But let’s move further. - #. , , Clearly we have professional deformation: we are engaged in education, so people come to us specifically for it. I’m sure that if a bar owner held clients questionnaires, the results would be even more shocking: 100% of visitors (except for that guy with an expensive watch in the corner) weren’t in the resourceful state! But what does it mean in our case? Minuses in an MMPI questionnaire mean either accumulated fatigue, or recent stress, or general dissatisfaction with one’s current situation. People want to change something because they feel that they move in a wrong direction. So, they try to find the way out in education. When first thing they need is a vacation, for at least for a couple of weeks, disconnected from internet, TV, news, mail, and phone. And just spend some time alone (or with a family), read a fiction book and clear their heads from all the garbage that is cluttering them. - #. , ’
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Krämig choklad, en lätt kaffesmak och knaprig kokos. Det är inte så konstigt att Mammas Chokladbollar är en av våra mest populära kakor. ALLA älskar ju chokladbollar
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انثى القنفذ عندما يتزوج زوجها بأنثى اخرى، تقوم بحفر بيت لهما بمناسبة زواجهِ كهدية لهُ واذا دخلوا دفنتهم
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لنهاية شهر رمضان خصم خاص 50% علي جميع كورساتي الأونلاين على المنتور.نت، استخدم الكود: AhmedElaawar اعرفوا الكورسات المتاحة على المنتور.نت على اللينك دا: https://www.almentor.net/ar/mentor/Ahmed-El-Aawar الحمد لله
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PREVENTA de oficinas con la mejor ubicación en San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León. Manda tus datos dando clic en el botón de "cotizar" para recibir sin compromiso información del proyecto y proponerte un espacio a tu medida.
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Get your free guide to learn why organic influencers are the future of influencer marketing, and how you can redefine your brands’ influencer programs for success in 2020.
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مملس الشعر و اللحية للرجال - Lisseur Pour Hommes السّعر: 2800 دج + الشّحن 600 دج لجميع الولايات - مشط لتمليس الشعر متعددة الوظائف - يمكن للرجال الآن استخدام المشط للشعر أو اللحية للحصول على مظهر أنيق - سواء كنت ترغب في تعديل القصة أو تكثيف مظهر شعرك أو مجرد تعديل مظهر اللحية ، يمكن القيام بكل ذلك باستخدام هذه الأداة الفريدة - فترة تسخين سريعة لا تتجاوز الستين ثانية - تقوم الصفيحة المصنوعة من سيراميك عالي الجودة بتوزيع متساوي للحرارة لضمان نتائج رائعة و تفادي اتلاف الشعر لكثرة التمرير - متوافق مع جميع أنواع الشعر المختلفة - آمن الاستخدام و بتصميم يحمي البشرة من الحروق و يحمي شعرك من التلف السّعر: 2800 دج + الشّحن 600 دج لجميع الولايات للطلب اضغطوا على الرّابط الآتي: http://bit.ly/2OFO3id
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10 overheerlijke, gevarieerde, suikervrije EN gezonde recepten om je duimen en vingers van af te likken! Deze 10 recepten, tips en weetjes ontvang je GRATIS gedurende 5 dagen in je mailbox! Als bonus krijg je nog tal van interessante en gezonde “tips” en “weetjes” mee om suikervrijer door het leven te gaan! (nu ook met recept om zeer snel notenmelk te maken, jam, chocoladetruffels, enz) “Gezond leven dient een feest te zijn, geen straf waarin jij je lekkere dingen ontzegt…” ‘Snoepen’ kan echt op een hele gezonde en super lekkere manier! Zonder dat je het verschil merkt of aan smaak en genot hoeft in te boeten. Met deze gratis recepten zullen ook al je vrienden en familieleden aangenaam verrast zijn! “Na deze 5 dagen challenge begon ik me af te vragen waarom we zo vaak ongezond snoepen terwijl het ook zooooo lekker en gemakkelijk kan op een gezonde manier!” Geniet ervan! Callan & Freya www.myfoodmykingdom.com
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¿Quieres conseguir un color brillante e intenso? ¡Coloriss es la respuesta! Gracias a sus ingredientes nutritivos como el aguacate, la proteína de arroz y keratina, que le brindan a tu cabello una alta nutrición ayudan a proteger la duración del color. Decídete por una coloración perfecta. Coloriss #EsMás
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Opel Astra HB’i 45.000 TL, 15 Ay, %0.99 kredi seçeneğiyle şimdi alın, sonbaharda ödeyin. Üstelik temmuza özel ÖTV desteğiyle.