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Oigamos la Respuesta-ICECU
Patiño for City Council
Thuyền viên VINIC
Công ty VINIC cần tuyển Thuyền viên để nhận tàu đóng mới tại Nhật Bản vào đầu tháng 8/2020: ‍✈‍ Chức danh cần tuyển: Capt, C/O, 2/O, 3/O; C/E, 1/E, 2/E, 3/E, BSN, AB, OLR, CCK, MMN, CDT; Lương/điều kiện làm việc: Theo chuẩn IBF JSU-IMMAJ CA 2019-2020, Sỹ quan quản lý có thêm tiền incentive của chủ tàu/Công ty. Cỡ tàu: Capesize (208.000DWT) ⏰ Thời hạn nộp hồ sơ: 19/7/2020 Chi tiết yêu cầu tuyển dụng và hướng dẫn nộp hồ sơ tại: http://vinic.vn/vi/thong-bao-tuyen-dung/thong-bao-tuyen-dung-thuyen-vien-cho-tau-moi-t82020 ̂ ̣̂: Phòng Tuyển dụng & Huấn luyện, SĐT: 0225 3829 289 (số máy lẻ 26, chị Lương – 0988 055 730); Phòng Dịch vụ lao động hàng hải, SĐT: 0225 3829 289 (số máy lẻ 25, anh Tùng - 0945 255 599). ------------ CÔNG TY TNHH HUẤN LUYỆN, CUNG ỨNG LAO ĐỘNG VÀ DỊCH VỤ HÀNG HẢI VINIC Nhà A5 - Khu Hiệu bộ - Trường ĐH Hàng hải Việt Nam, số 484 Lạch Tray, Lê Chân, Hải Phòng ☎️ 0225 3829 289 0225 3853 590 http://vinic.vn
One Loft Race | Big Andy's International OLR
Rejuvenate Central
3 & 4 BHK luxury flats for sale in thane | Lake Enclave | Hiranandani Estate
Introducing Lake Enclave at Hiranandani Estate, Thane: ☑️ Three opulent residential towers with lakefront views ☑️ 3 BHK at Glenwood and 4 BHK at Glenridge and Glendale ☑️ An enclave of amenities by the lakeside and garden ☑️ In Thane’s largest & finest township – home to 6000+ happy residents To know more, get in touch.
Ministry of Hotels and Tourism of Myanmar
Untouched Forests. Breathtaking Landscapes. Scenic Environment. Visit Myanmar, the nature hub. Experience an adventure of a lifetime at Myanmar's iconic nature attractions: national parks, elephant camps, lakes, beaches and wildlife sanctuaries.
Gemeente Utrecht
Goed te weten: op Bevrijdingsdag (dinsdag 5 mei) halen wij dit jaar geen afval huis-aan-huis op. Wil je weten op welke dagen we na Bevrijdingsdag bij jou het afval weer ophalen? Kijk op www.mijnafvalwijzer.nl of de gratis Afvalwijzer-app.
ING Bank Śląski: nowoczesna oferta bankowości dostosowana do Twoich potrzeb
ClickFunnels™ - Marketing Funnels Made Easy
JavaMomo Breakfast Cakery
Anh văn Hội Việt Mỹ VUS - Hệ Thống Anh Ngữ Lâu Đời Và Uy Tín
Hè về, Super Summer thôi! Nhận ngay Học bổng đến 30% & Bộ quà tặng độc quyền. Cho con trải nghiệm hè siêu hứng khởi cùng Tiếng Anh hè Super Summer 2020. Chương trình thiết kế theo phương pháp học thông qua trải nghiệm, cho con học siêu vui, siêu thú vị! Ưu đãi có hạn, đăng ký ngay!
Home - Fishing to End Hunger
Ristorante Massimo
Grilled baby octopus, mussels, Italian sausage, arrabbiata, smoked cauliflower, and castelvetrano olives. . . . . #babyoctopus #mussels #Italian #sausage #arrabbiata #smoked #cauliflower #smokedcauliflower #castelvetranoolives #olives #grilled #grilledseafood #seafood #italianfood #italianrestaurant #food #dinner #ristorante #finedinning #foodphotography #portsmouthnh #ristorantemassimo #jasmineinglesmithphotography
Kosmetikinstitut Excellent
I Love Sai
Atlantic Furniture Mattress & Flooring Co.
Deal of the Day $599 #slipcover #thelookyoulove #livingthedream#shoplocalandsave
Натуральна косметика від виробника - Marie Fresh Cosmetics
Alô, companheiro, falta pouco para você participar da Promoção que pode te dar 1 Ano Grátis de Shell Evolux Diesel**. Você só precisa enviar o seu cupom. #PraCegoVer: a imagem mostra ao lado direito da pista um caminhão da marca Mercedes Benz de cor vermelha na estrada. Ao fundo vemos um bonito pôr do sol refletindo na estrada. No topo direito o logo de Shell está aplicado e no esquerdo o logo da promoção 1 Ano Grátis de Shell Evolux Diesel com o texto: “envie seu cupom.”.
Sport 2000 : sport, mode et accessoires
La chaussure de running qui a conquis les terrains de la street ! A retrouver dans ton magasin Sport 2000.
BeadsBalzar Beads & Crafts
WooWoo - Waterless & Composting Toilets
Narayana Murthy Shimoga Karnataka Narasipura
Home - Metrovacesa
4Dental Madrid Tribunal
"Reload - интернет магазин компьютерной техники и комплектующих" - контакты, товары, услуги, цены, отзывы
Uniformes MedCouture: ¡Diseño y comodidad que impresionan!
Danh Tướng 3Q - VNG
Mi CharlieG,,.”.,
Costilla de res
The Lodge at Giants Ridge
Crewel Embroidery from The Crewel Work Company
Angelina Boutique Escape
Jonathon - Reinvent the Dad bod
Learn How To Eliminate ‘Dad Bod’ Forever With My FREE 5 Day Challenge! Secure your space here >>> https://www.reinventthedadbod.co.uk/5dc Trying to keep on top of your fitness goals is hard at the best of times, let alone with everything happening right now I know first-hand just how difficult it is to stay in shape whilst juggling the mounting responsibility of work, keeping everything in order at home and having enough time to spend with our kids. For most guys, when life gets hectic, our fitness is the first thing to go. Over time, it becomes harder and harder to summon up the motivation to get back on track with our fitness and get back to looking the way we once did. But now, you have the chance to eliminate ‘Dad-bod’ forever, get back on track with your fitness goals and look the best you have in years in RECORD time! Whether you’re just looking to drop a couple of belt notches, fill out your shirt sleeves, or just want to walk around with that insane boost of confidence... The 5 Day Challenge is the place to start. Secure your spot on our FREE 5 Day Challenge here >>> https://www.reinventthedadbod.co.uk/5dc Over the course of the 5 Days, you’ll discover the EXACT strategies and techniques you’ll need to start seeing incredible results in your body - without giving up the things you love! Over the course of the 5 days, you’ll discover... ✅ Actionable strategies that you begin using immediately to kickstart your transformation journey. ✅ Simple & effective nutritional habits that will keep your transformation sustainable and enjoyable for years to come. ✅ An inspirational community of like-minded people, keeping you motivated throughout the journey. Now’s the best time to build the habits that will support your transformation for years to come. No more fad diets, impossible training routines and expensive supplements. Secure your space on the 5 Day Challenge by clicking the link below and submitting your details now. >>> https://www.reinventthedadbod.co.uk/5dc <<<
Clinica Dr. Eduardo Stagnaro
Fankula Station
ActBlue — Billions raised online since 2004
Wet Shaving Products & Supplies at West Coast Shaving
Great selection, better prices, and the best shave of your life.
Accessories & jewelry for men - Trendhim.com