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The sun was painting a pretty sunset in the Southern California area tonight. All pinks, oranges, and reds blending together as the sun tried to disappear behind some hills. I don't like sunsets. Not one bit. It always meant that it's time for me to go back to the house. A house that wasn't a home. Never was and probably never will be. I parked my scooter beside the one story building and snuck in through the back door trying to make as little noise as possible. Less noise usually meant less trouble. "Jake!? Is that you?! Get in here this instant!" A high pitched voice hollered from the living room. She didn't sound like she was in a good mood. She hardly ever was. I sighed and made my way to the room where my mother waited. She sat on the ratty, old, blue couch we've had since I could remember when. A glass bottle, half empty, was in her right hand. A baseball bat in her left. MY baseball bat. Oh no, this can't be good. "Well Aren't you going to greet your mother? Should be common courtesy to greet the one who brought you into this world." She took a few swigs from the bottle, no doubt getting shit-faced. Like always. This was an everyday occurrence of my life. "Hi, Mom." I tried to keep my distance from her and making sure I had an escape plan. Not something a thirteen-year-old usually had to keep in mind, but you pick up on these things when you've only ever lived with an alcoholic, abusive, crazy mother. "We got a call today." Her voice made me tense preparing for whatever bad news she was about to deliver. "A man was looking for me to ask if my son, Jake, would be interested in going to some fancy-schmany private high school on a baseball scholarship. Imagine my surprise to find out my boy was so good at a sport I banned him to play. So I decide to go through his room to find out what other secrets he's keeping." She playfully swung the bat around, looking a bit deranged. "Look what I found." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting. I clenched my fists, inwardly cursing that coach. I told him to never call the house number; that he could just find me at my school. "That's just for decoration." I lied through my teeth, hoping to buy some time before the alcohol makes her sleepy. She chuckled, placing the bottle down as she stood up. "My boy, you think you can lie to me?" She gripped the bat with both hands and started to recklessly swing it around. "Were you thinking I didn't notice you leaving early and coming back late? That you were slowly turning into your brother? Into your father? Stupid." I knew it was time to make a run for it. Whenever she mentioned the missing half of our family, it only spelt out bad news for me. And danger. As I tried to back up the way I came in, she charged me. Lifting the bat in the air, she swung it down like a sword, connecting with the back of my head. I tumbled down in pain and she continued her beating. The bat took turns hitting by ribs, legs and arms. I rolled into a ball, trying to protect my abdomen and head. Everything was hurting in mere minutes. Why me? Why her? Did my dad and older brother know that they left me in the hands of a crazy person? Do they even care? I blacked out. "How is he today?" Doug Duncan asked the old doctor sitting across from him. They both sat in the doctors private office talking about Duncan's most recent case. A boy beaten so badly by his mother that even the paramedic threw up after coming to the bloody scene. The doctor pushed up his glasses and opened the case file, sliding it to Mr Duncan. "Here's the latest updates. We're at the six month mark now. All fractures, bumps and bruises are healed over. Rehab went well. No setbacks. The physical scars aren't so noticeable anymore." He sighed. "The mental scars are the real problem. According to his psychiatrist, he still hasn't spoken. A nod here and there is all we can really get from him." Mr. Duncan nodded. "It's the same on our side. The trauma is still recent so it'
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Oh shit Link of the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2391475187832673/ New Instagram : 8shit1memes
Gymnastic Grips - Protection from Tears on your Hands | Victory Grips
Tanks Arts Centre
WE WANT YOU 2019 Cairns Children's Festival is seeking volunteers to help make the funnest festival of the year happen! Taking place on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May with events happening across multiple sites including Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns Botanic Gardens and Cairns Performing Arts Centre. Volunteers can assist with general set up, providing information, delivery of activities and shows and more! For more information and to apply please visit: https://www.tanksartscentre.com/children/festival/volunteer to download the form or email: cairnschildrensfestival@cairns.qld.gov.au
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台北東旅飯店 Hotel East Taipei
Homepage | Chef Cynthia Louise
OLX Pakistan
ACNUR, la Agencia de la ONU para los Refugiados
Familia Otaku
Your planet is just the start: gather resources, forge alliances and trade with guile
Block and Cleaver Artisan Meats
Mobilaus ryšio, interneto ir televizijos paslaugos - Telia
Internetas toks lėtas, kad spėji jį aplenkti eidamas? Su „Telia“ nešiojamuoju internetu gali drąsiai bėgti, nes jis dengia net 99 proc. šalies teritorijos ir turi daugiausiai mobiliojo ryšio stočių iš visų interneto operatorių. Yra skirtumas: bit.ly/Telia_internetas #YraSkirtumas #NesKokybėSvarbiausia
Design your Personalized Clothing Labels Online | Free Shipping
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Hausbesuche in Hannover
TJ Shop สินค้าคุณภาพ
Isaac's Restaurants
TikTok - Make Your Day
New Brunswick Government / Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada
Welcome to Kangaroo Bus Lines
TNC Store
HÈ KHẮC NGHIỆT, SALE KHỐC LIỆT CÙNG TNC Store Hàng loại Gaming PC cấu hình cực chất cùng những ưu đãi vô cùng lớn đang được SALE cực khủng!!! ❗️ Gaming PC chỉ từ 7 triệu đồng cùng phần quà lên đến 6 triệu đồng. Tham khảo ngay tại đây: https://https://bit.ly/3fxNT8u ---------------------------------------------- Showroom: 172 Lê Thanh Nghị - Hai Bà Trưng - Hà Nội ☎ Tel: (024) 36288790 – 36230369 Hỗ trợ tư vấn Online 24/07 ⛵ Ship hàng toàn quốc - Giao hàng miễn phí trong nội thành Hà Nội Website: www.tncstore.vn
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ميزة شوب | اشترى اونلاين فى مصر | ميزة شوب
عرض حصرى .. اشترى مفك شحن 4 فولت انكو بسعر 185 جنية فقط من الرابط ده http://bit.ly/tools-meza وهتوصلك لباب البيت و الدفع عند الاستلام. #mezashop
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Nền tảng quản lý & bán hàng đa kênh tốt nhất cho bạn | Sapo
THANH TOÁN ONLINE - NIỀM VUI ❌2⃣ Nhận khuyến mại tới ..đ khi ký mua Sapo GO online Tặng thêm tới 18 tháng MIỄN PHÍ sử dụng Ưu đãi vận chuyển tới 1 TRIỆU/ hợp đồng Tặng 01 Gói chăm sóc VIP CARE của Sapo Express Ưu đãi khóa học Shopee 6.000.000đ #299k Ưu đãi khóa học Facebook 3.500.000đ #299k Combo 2 khóa học 9.500.000 #599k #COMMENT hoặc #INBOX để được hỗ trợ miễn phí ----------------------- BÁN HÀNG ONLINE - DÙNG NGÀY SAPO GO - Chốt đơn, gom đơn Livestream tự động - Tự động trả lời comment - Gửi inbox xác nhận đơn hàng - Đồng bộ nhiều gian hàng từ Shopee, Lazada tập trung - Kết nối đơn vị vận chuyển uy tín giá rẻ - Tự động trừ kho khi phát sinh xuất nhập, thanh toán - Tự thông báo cho chủ shop khi hàng sắp hết - Tính tiền tự động, chính xác từng đồng ... ------------------------- Lưu ý: Áp dụng KH ký mới Sapo GO từ 13.3 - 30.03.2020! -------------- ĐĂNG KÝ NGAY: http://bit.ly/2ur5BZF
Nauja svetainė aktyvitaurage.lt
John Raymond for State Representative District #90
Angielski z Native Speakerami Online | Szkoła Angielskiego Tutlo
Enlightened Marketing, LLC
Pall-Thai Medical Sdn Bhd
⭐Veinoplus® Arterial From Paris⭐ The Next Treatment For Peripheral Arterial Disease. Why Veinoplus® Arterial" ☑ Significant increase of arterial inflow PAD sufferers ☑ Useable at all stages of PAD ☑ No muscular ischemia, no pain ☑ Acceleration of blood velocity ☑ Used in major vascular centers Pall-Thai, the only Veinoplus® authorised distributor in Malaysia.
Szukasz auta z Niemiec? ➡️ U nas znajdziesz najlepsze oferty ➡️ Poradzisz się profesjonalistów A my: ✅Znajdziemy je dla Ciebie ✅Sprawdzimy, czy jest warte zakupu ✅Przywieziemy Ci je Polub nasz profil i bądź na bieżąco! :) ☺️
Agronomist Gr
Το agronomist.gr είναι το πρώτο ηλεκτρονικό σχολείο πράσινης-αγροτικής εκπαίδευσης.
Corona Testung der COVID Fighters in Scheibbs und Podersdorf
Supermercado Online: Paodeacucar.com. Compre sem sair de casa!
Acessórios Religiosos Masculinos e Femininos | Com Fé Brasil®
Nicolle Rocha - Niimakeup
Aquele truque bem simples pra não ficar igual um
Ryan Dossey
100 Idiomas
Di “Te amo” en 100 distintos idiomas Collar único con hermosa proyección 50% de descuento + Envío GRATIS
Osteria dal Minestraio
Fiscalía Laboral
Batai internetu – Open24.lt. Platus pasirinkimas.
Nuolaidos basutėms iki 60%: Birkenstock, Camper, Vagabond, Zaxy ir TEVA! https://ecs.page.link/oFK6R Prekių kiekis ribotas ir jų kainos nurodytos jau su pritaikytomis nuolaidomis. Pasiūlymas galioja iki 2020-08-26 (imtinai)
Empire State Australia