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HOW TO GET "V-CUTS" (read below) - Ok so I get this question almost every single day so I thought I would do (another) a post on it. People always ask me how to develop the "V-cuts" which is technically known as the Adonis Belt or (iliac furrow) this is a term for a part of the human anatomy. It is basically the 2 lines that run from your obliques down to your groin. - The Adonis Belt is created by the Inguinal Ligament and the Transverses Abdominus (TVA). The Inguinal Ligament is what creates the line but without muscle hypertrophy (muscle size) in the Transverses Abdominus this line will not be as visible. So in order to achieve to achieve a good adoins belt you must first achieve muscle hypertrophy in your TVA. The transversus abdominis muscle, is a muscle layer of the anterior and lateral abdominal wall which is deep to (layered below) the internal oblique muscle. - The TVA is used a lot in stabilization, its heavily activated in exercises such as squats, dead lifts and other big compound lifts. However the best exercises to perform for your TVA are the following. - Stomach vacuums, Planks and balancing acts such as standing on a bosu ball. - I recommend you should train your TVA at least 3 times per week, it only needs to be 5 or so minutes done at the end of your workout. I usually do 10 sets of stomach vacuums with a 10 second contraction. If you do this and stay consistent with it and you will develop a good Adonis belt. - For anyone who needs help with a custom diet and workout program to either build muscle or burn fat I would love to help! I work with anyone and everyone. Click the link for more info! http://jrf.tips/fb-special
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Get a Flatter, Tighter Stomach and an Hourglass Body! The Hourglass Tummy Tuck™ doesn't just remove unwanted fat and loose skin. It also repairs abdominal muscle separation along the middle of your stomach, from the top to bottom, and pulls in the oblique muscles for a cinched in waist. Get a Free virtual image of your desired tummy tuck (value $100). Hurry, Limited Time Offer!
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My 1-YEAR NATTY and LAZY Transformation + TIPS 1. Wag kumain ng rice at matatamis, iwasan din ang alak, softdrinks at milk tea. JOKE LANG. Pwede lahat yan basta nasa calorie deficit ka. Nakaka 2-3 rice ako daily at madalasang milk tea. Pumaparty din 2. Sa gym, PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD ang pinaka-importante (assuming proper na ang form mo sa mga exercises). If you’re doing more work over time sa mga exercises mo, sure na magdedevelop yung muscle mass mo. Wag mo gawing goal yung mapagod lang. Gawin mong goal yung improvement sa workouts. 3. Sa pagkain, ang pinaka importante ay energy balance (calories in, calories out). Papayat ka sa calorie deficit. Lalaki ka sa calorie surplus. At syempre, hindi mo yan malalaman kung di mo matututunan magtrack ng calories. 4. Hindi totoo na ang high reps ay pampa-cuts. Ang sikreto sa muscle definition is a low body fat %. You can train with heavy or light weights and still get shredded. 5. Hindi mo kailangan tumira sa gym at mag workout araw-araw to get good results. You can achieve even better results training less (basta alam mo ang principles). You can download my Free workout program here to learn more about that: ➡ https://www.thelazylifter.com/land/ 6. Hindi mo mapapaliit ang tyan mo by doing thousands of ab and/or oblique exercises. The best way to have abs or a flat stomach is to simply just lose weight. Calorie deficit ang susi. That’s it. Kung gusto mo pa ng mas madaming tips from me (workouts, supplements, diet, etc).. … at kung gusto mong makita yung 1000+ client transformations sa program ko, just download my Free ebook below: ➡ https://www.thelazylifter.com/land/
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Just a 1-second -swallow right before bed & I wake up shedding the LBs’. AMAZING. I just started the keto-gels and WOW❗️My tummy-rolls are a distant memory & that’s not even the best part….
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These terrible campuses point out exactly what universities are doing wrong.
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