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We all know a friend who is getting a puppy. And the perfect new puppy GIFT is a ShmuBox So what is inside the ShmuBox? - A comfortable nylon leash so you and your doggo can hit the streets together. - A slow feeder bowl to slow your puppy down when they eat to avoid vomiting and trips to the vet! - A poop bag dispenser which clips onto your leash so you’re never left empty handed. - An Emoji Fetch ball so they’re the coolest dog at the park. - A rope toy for your puppy’s teething stage (which usually lasts up to 7 months) so they don’t chew up your furniture. - An IQ Ball to make your puppy work for their treats and reduce their separation anxiety when you’re out of the house. - A plush ducky so they always have a friend at home. The Puppy Starter Pack ShmuBox is 35% OFF right now so make sure to get yours now https://www.shmubox.com.au/products/shmubox
Nylon Rope & Cord - Buy Polyester, Shock Cords & More | Quality Nylon Rope
Nylon Rope & Cord - Buy Polyester, Shock Cords & More | Quality Nylon Rope
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This is the smartest leash with dual brakes and will not tangle. It has a different color of leash and button breaks so you will not get confused. Allows you to walk your dogs and at the same time have the control of each one. https://flow4home.com/products/double-head-dog-leash-with-led-light-handle-distributor-360-rotation-nylon-rope
Nylon Rope & Cord - Buy Polyester, Shock Cords & More | Quality Nylon Rope
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Charging in one touch, protective capacity,strong and sturdy nylon rope, get it now! #FLASHSALE http://fshion.me/301Nkq8
Gearbest Online Shopping
Charging in one touch, protective capacity,strong and sturdy nylon rope, get it now! #FLASHSALE http://fshion.me/301wFSw
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#الثقافة_للجميع_تعرف | هل تعلم أن مجموعة جوجنهايم أبوظبي تضم أكثر من 50 عملاً رئيسياً لرائد الفن المفاهيمي، الفنان الإماراتي حسن شريف، وأعمالاً لفنانين آخرين تتلمذوا على يده وتمكنوا من إيجاد أسلوبهم الخاص؟ مزج الفنان حسن بين الممارسة الطليعية عند الغرب والروحانية الشرق أوسطية لينتج عملاً متعدد الاتجاهات. ويعد "حبل النايلون" (1983) الموجود ضمن مجموعة جوجنهايم أبوظبي الفنية من أول الأعمال التي أبدعها فنان بصري في منطقة الخليج العربي، والتي تمكن الفنان من خلالها من تسليط الضوء على المنطق الذي يدفعنا للقيام بالأنشطة اليومية التي لا معنى لها من خلال البحث في طبيعتها. يُقدم مشروع حسن في معرض "مسارات إبداعية: تفاعل، تشكيل، تواجد" وكان من ضمن مجموعة #جوجنهايم_أبوظبي التي تتناول التواريخ المتداخلة للفنون متعددة الثقافات والفنون الإقليمية من فترة الستينيات حتى الآن. #المتحف_من_المنزل #عندما_تجتمع_الثقافات #جوجنهايم_أبوظبي #GuggenheimAbuDhabi الرابط الإلكتروني: https://www.guggenheim.org/exhibition/the-creative-act-performance-process-presence #CulturAllMeet | Did you know? The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi collection features more than 50 major works by the Emirati artist Hassan Sharif, who was a pioneer of Conceptual art, as well as works by artists he taught and mentored who then went on to establish their own practices. Sharif fused western avant-garde practice and Middle Eastern spirituality in his multidisciplinary works. Nylon Rope (1983), part of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi collection, was one of the first performance works among visual artists in the Gulf region. Sharif drew attention to the logic that underpins seemingly meaningless undertakings by interrogating the nature of such everyday activities. Exhibited in ‘The Creative Act: Performance, Process, Presence’ exhibition in Abu Dhabi in 2017, as part of the #GuggenheimAbuDhabi collection, which presents intersecting histories of transcultural and regional art from the 1960s to the present. https://www.guggenheim.org/exhibition/the-creative-act-performance-process-presence
Gearbest Online Shopping
Charging in one touch, protective capacity,strong and sturdy nylon rope, get it now! #FLASHSALE http://fshion.me/301wFUt
Gearbest Online Shopping
Charging in one touch, protective capacity,strong and sturdy nylon rope, get it now! #FLASHSALE http://fshion.me/301NklQ
Gearbest Online Shopping
Charging in one touch, protective capacity,strong and sturdy nylon rope, get it now! #FLASHSALE http://fshion.me/301wFUq
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