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❗(RAZKRIVAMO: Modna obutev PETER KOZINA by Nika Ambrožič Urbas. Na voljo v prodajalni Alpina Supernova Šiška in spletni trgovini: https://bit.ly/2Ymng0b. Poglej več )❗ ❤Si pripravljena, da se ponovno zaljubiš? Predstavljamo ti najbolj vročo modno zgodbo tega poletja, posebna edicija obutve PETER KOZINA by Nika Ambrožič Urbas je tu. ❤ Gre za prefinjene in feminilne ženske gležnjarje in salonarje, ki jih je v sodelovanju z žirovsko Alpino oblikovala modna oblikovalka, Nika Ambrožič Urbas. Urbasova slovi po prepoznavnem in izrazitem modnem slogu, ki ga spremlja precizno oblikovalsko oko, kar se odraža v detajlih obutve. Gležnjarji vzbujajo nostalgičen občutek na tedanjo Jugoslavijo, saj spominjajo na t. i. »borosanke«, ki so jih nosile ženske delavskega razreda. Z moderno mrežico in salonsko peto je Nika tradicionalno obutev preoblikovala v izredno ženstven gležnjar v črni in roza barvi, ki intimno poudarja delikatno žensko stopalo. Z zašiljeno konico in svetlečim detajlom dodaja občutek glamurja. ❤ Salonarji pa se na drugi strani za kanček bolj spogledujejo s prihodnostjo modnih trendov. Z na pol odprtim petnim delom v zadnjem delu spominjajo na natikač, kar kljubuje navadni obliki salonarja, kot jo poznamo. Posebne detajle je moč opaziti tudi v obliki tankih paščkov, ki oplemenitijo brezčasno črno in moderno »nude« roza izvedbo salonarjev z 9 centimetrsko petko. ❤ Nika trdi, da so vsi štirje modeli odraz njene duše in ogledalo osebnosti. Zato verjame, da se bo vsaka ženska, ki s svojim modnim korakom rada pusti podpis, ponovno zaljubila v obutev PETER KOZINA by Nika Ambrožič Urbas, v celoti izdelano iz kakovostnih naravnih materialov. ❤ ⭐Bodi ikonska, kot Nika!⭐ ❗(REVEALING: Fashion footwear PETER KOZINA by Nika Ambrožič Urbas is available as of today in Alpina store Supernova Šiška and webshop: https://bit.ly/2Ymng0b Check out more)❗ ❤Are you ready to fall in love again?❤ We present the hottest fashion story this sumer, special edition of fashion footwear PETER KOZINA by Nika Ambrožič Urbas. ❤ We are talking about highly sophisticated women pumps and ankle boots, which were designed in collaboration betwen Alpina and fashion designer Nika Ambrožič Urbas. Nika is famous for her recognazible and expressive fashion style, accompanied by a precise creative eye, which reflection we can see in the following models. : So called »borosanke« are evoking a nostalgic feeling on Ex Yugoslavia time, worn by working-class women.❤ With few fashion twists, Nika redesigned them and created extremely feminine ankle boots with modern mesh and special heel in classic and nude pink colour. With blinky pointy tip we can feel the essence of glamour. : Pumps on the other side are a bit more fashionable and looking forward to future fashion trends. With half-opened part in the back, pumps kind of remind us on sandals, which are very simple to put on.❤ Two straps in the front enrich the classic black and modern nude color. Nika strongly claims that these models are a reflection of her soul and a mirror to her personality. Therefore she believes that every woman who likes to impress with her fashion signature, will fall in love again and again with these four models, entirely made from carefully picked natural materials. ⭐ Limited edition PETER KOZINA by Nika Ambrožič Urbas is available in Alpina Supernova Šiška store and online: https://bit.ly/2Ymng0b ⭐ ⭐Be iconic, like Nika! ⭐
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Love Neutrals? The Nude Macbook case bundle is available for Cash on Delivery! Order a case + keyboard protector + dust plugs for only P900. Available for all Macbook models.
DEER Brand
Билгийн тооллын XVII-р жарны ХОТОЛ ТӨГС хэмээх ТӨМӨР ХУЛГАНА жилээ угтаж Монгол түмний уламжлалт баяр Цагаан сардаа зориулж дэлхийд орших ТУУРГАТАН Монголчуудынхаа ястан үндэстэн, овог аймгийн өнгө төрхийг шингээн бүтээв. Өвөг дээдсийн захиас Монгол хүмүүнээ хайрлаж, нэгдмэл байх нь бидний хүч билээ. Таалан соёрхоно уу... TUURGATAN COLLECTION /Цөөн тоогоор үйлдвэрлэв./ DESIGN BY: #Deerteam MODELS: @Tuguldur Khishigbaatar, Д. Төгөлдөр, Г. Нараа, Т. Солонго-Уянга Special thanks to: ▪United Nude Mongolia ▪Namuun Art Jewelry ▪PIAA Photography ▪K I T O Videography ▪GRÜN Make Up Studio Салбар 1: ГРАНД ПЛАЗА 2 давхар 2-9 Салбар 2: УЛСЫН ИХ ДЭЛГҮҮР 6 давхар 70141889, 94061889 Үндэсний үйлдвэрлэгч
Jayda Hany – Egyptian Footwear & Accessories Brand
Eclect - Out Now! Eclect is a merge of Egyptian Heritage and Contemporary Industrial Architecture. The Dome Architecture in the heart of Old Cairo is the core of this collection. It is emphasized by the heel part of the shoes and the silhouette of the bag. The heel is an abstraction of the conventional dome and its perforations present in countless buildings in Cairo. Additional stainless steel reinforcements are installed representing the modern-day aesthetic. The shoes come in two different heel heights Steeletto 100 which is 10 cm and Dome 70 in 7 cm. The bag silhouette is derived from the traditional shape of a dome. With the addition of more geometric elements to the bag and a detachable chain the Vault bag is created. Eclect’s colours are the essential Red, Black and Nude to match the versatility of the modern day woman. It combines several eclectic features of culture, structural design & durable functionality in a new fashion, hence the name Eclect; The mixture of diverse tastes and styles in a piece. It is a blend of Old & New resulting in a variation of classic high heels and handbags that scream Industrial Chic. ———————————————————————— Shop Eclect online on: www.jaydahany.com (Full link in Bio) ———————————————————————— Credits: Production @iconography.x Art Direction @ayaelkolaly & @namayoka Styling @_meezzy Makeup @haidyyounis Photography @namayoka Videography @moh_sonyt Models @fateemah.official @nadasoussa ———————————————————————— #jaydahany #eclect #2019 #footwear #shoes #highheels #bags #bag #womenshoes #womenfashion #newin #outnow #egypt #sneakers #boots #leather #accessories #fall #winter #style #fashion #heels #newrelease
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One only - Fiesta ST1 in stock now. Optional SYNC3 navigation and spare wheel £19,235.
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Haul it all with Tundra.
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This is your chance to get what you really want for Mother’s Day! You have one week left, so go ahead and screenshot these images, highlight or add an arrow pointing to your wish list, and send it to your kids or spouse. While you’re at it, tell us in the comments what #FasciaBlaster goodies you’re most hoping to get! (PS if you’re hoping for the Mom of the Year Collection, make sure to hint early since we have limited quantities!) AshleyBlackGuru.com And it gets better - FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $199! You can share your picture wish lists with other women in our private Facebook group! Facebook.com/groups/FasciaBlasters If you’re a new #BlasterMom, get ready! Read our blogs to learn about fascia: AshleyBlackGuru.com/blogs And sign up at the bottom of that page to get Ashley’s newsletter!
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Rivoluziona il tuo ufficio con le nuove pareti vetrate e in cristallo! Richiedi subito un preventivo senza impegno > http://bit.ly/Pareti_Vetrate
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Turner for Enfield – Connecticut State Representative Candidate Serving the 58th District
夏日不再「毛」煩惱 不要黑點疙瘩,只要專屬夏日的淨.嫩.白! 午茶除毛 腋下500 ▶▶▶ 乾淨清爽來問我 除毛私訊 m.me/tonyen.bade 手機預約 line.me/ti/p/@gvf2123r 預約專線 (03)3639739 了解更多 https://www.ton-yen.com.tw/beauty_11.php 本訊息無法取代醫師親自關心您;有關適應症、禁忌症等副作用等問題,醫師將依個案說明。
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Olha só amiga super recomendo esse produto, meu esposo está usando e o MENINÃO ampliou
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'Χρηματοδοτικά Εργαλεία. Υπάρχουν ευκαιρίες, αλλά χρειάζεται οργάνωση και καθοδήγηση για να αξιοποιηθούν.' Συνέντευξη του Ypsilantis Tzouros CEO της εταιρείας μας, στο περιοδικό Grill magazine τεύχος Ιουλίου - Αυγούστου, σελ. 32-33. #Ependysis #mikresepixeiriseis #espa #expertsadvice #coronavirus
Nhà Là Nơi Có Fami
Nhà mình đã biết bí kíp để CHẮC KHỎE XƯƠNG, CỨNG CỐT CÁCH chưa nè?!! Đó chính là Sữa đậu nành Fami Canxi mới với công thức đột phá tăng cường 8 Vitamin và khoáng chất gồm Canxi, Kẽm, Magie, vitamin A, D3, B6, B9, B12, không chỉ giúp bổ sung và hấp thụ canxi tốt hơn cho xương chắc khỏe mà còn thêm vi chất giúp cơ thể khỏe mạnh mỗi ngày. ✔ Nay còn có phiên bản Ít Đường để thêm lựa chọn tốt hơn cho sức khỏe Click để tìm hiểu thêm về sản phẩm nhé cả nhà ơi: http://vinasoycorp.vn/nhan-hieu/sua-dau-nanh-fami-canxi-moi/ #SữađậunànhFamiCanxi #ChắcKhỏeXương #CứngCốtCách
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जुड़े हमारे पेरेंटिंग और बेबी केयर एक्सपर्ट्स से अपने बच्चे से जुड़ीं सभी समस्याँओ के समाधान के लिए। और पढ़ें अपने बच्चे के स्वास्थ्य से जुडी आवश्यक जानकारी। अभी डाउनलोड करें...
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Drogaria Araujo - Precisou? A maior de Minas tem.
What’s delicious and sweet, and the perfect treat? Our Frosted Lemonade. Download or open your Chick-fil-A App while in the Atlanta area August 31 – September 11 to claim an offer for a free Small Frosted Lemonade. Squeeze the best out of the season.
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Chung cư Imperia Smart City Tây Mỗ | Website chính thức Chủ đầu tư | Hotline: 09.2222.8696 - Imperia Smart City - Bảng giá Chủ Đầu Tư
>>>Gửi Người Có Tuổi 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 89 >>Hướng Nhà, Số Nhà Hợp tuổi gia chủ, VỢ CHỒNG thuận hòa Săn nhà hợp tuổi IMPERIA SMART CITY. Imperia Smart City chính là nơi đáng sống bậc nhất, mang tới môi trường văn minh, hiện đại, an toàn cho cư dân! Nằm trên đường Đại lộ Thăng Long - Cách The Manor Mỹ Đình chỉ 5 phút di chuyển qua cầu vượt Phú Đô. Imperia Smart City có 3900 căn trên tổng số 5 tòa với các hướng nhà hợp với tuổi gia chủ 82. 83, 84, 85, 86, 89. ⚠️ĐẶC BIỆT: Chương trình dành cho quý khách hàng ngay hôm nay: ✅ Cơ hội nhận siêu ưu đãi giảm giá 10%* ✅ Nhận gói Smart home lên tới 35 triệu đồng* ✅ Hỗ trợ ưu đãi ngân hàng lên đến 70% trong 35 năm, lãi suất 0%. ------------------ Quý khách đăng ký nhận ngay BẢNG GIÁ và CĂN HỘ HỢP TUỔI DUY NHẤT ——————— IMPERIA SMART CITY – PHIÊN BẢN NÂNG CẤP ĐẠI ĐÔ THỊ VINHOMES SMART CITY Vị trí: Nằm trên đường Đại lộ Thăng Long - Cách The Manor Mỹ Đình chỉ 5 phút di chuyển qua cầu vượt Phú Đô ☎Hotline: 092.222.8696 Email: gdkd.batdongsanhanoi@gmail.com (*) Áp dụng có điều kiện
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Die Sims™ 4 ist jetzt auf Origin 75 % günstiger! Wenn nur deine eigenen Regeln gelten, sind die Möglichkeiten endlos.
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