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To love and to be loved is what every woman dreams of. However, the only thing Debbie wants is divorce. For three years, she had been married to Carlos, a young billionaire who she has not even met personally. When she finally decides to end her ironic marriage and go in search of true happiness, her husband appears and asks her for a second chance. From then on, Carlos feels incredibly attracted to Debbie's free and wild spirit, he begins to value and indulge her. Gradually, what is between them will become an unstoppable attraction. What will Debbie feel about this unexpected change? What will their marriage life be like? Trial reading: Chapter 1 Ending A Marriage "Here's the divorce agreement, Philip. I've already signed it. Please give it to Carlos Huo." It was difficult for Debbie Nian to work up the nerve to hand the agreement that would end her marriage to Philip Zhuo, the Huo family's steward. Sighing in resignation, Philip Zhuo went over the document and noticed clauses that made him frown. He looked at the girl sharply and bellowed,"Debbie!" Incredulous, he asked,"Do you realize how stupid this is? I can understand if you want to divorce Mr. Huo. After all, you haven't seen the man for the past three years. But why aren't you asking for any money?" At 20, Debbie Nian was an undergraduate. Her father died while she didn't know who her mother was. In Philip Zhuo's opinion, she shouldn't want a divorce, let alone get out of the marriage without any money. Debbie Nian scratched the back of her head in embarrassment. She was well aware that Philip Zhuo always treated her as a daughter, so she had no plans to keep anything from him. "I... I want to drop out of school," she stammered. "What? Why do you suddenly want to leave school? What happened? Are you being bullied?" The steward's eyes widened in astonishment. "No, no, no! You're overreacting, Philip. You already know, I-I don't like studying. So, I don't want to waste my time in university," she explained. The excuse of dropping out of school was lame but the only one that came to mind quickly to stall him off. But she was not telling anyone the real reason for wanting a divorce. She was silent for a while, as several thoughts ran through her mind. 'Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and third wedding anniversary. I'm still young. I don't want this hollow marriage to stand in the way of pursuing true love. I've never even seen Carlos Huo in person. My father arranged this marriage. How can anyone live like this?' she thought desperately. Sensing that the girl was not about to share anything else, Philip Zhuo conceded,"It appears you've made up your mind, so I will..." He waited for her to say something. "I'll hand the divorce papers to Mr. Huo tomorrow," the steward said with a deep sigh when she didn't respond. "Thank you so much, Philip!" She let out a huge sigh of relief before giving the man a sweet smile. But Philip Zhuo could not help himself as he stared at the young girl. "Debbie, Mr. Huo is a good man. I believe you are a perfect match, so I do hope you will think this through carefully and reconsider. If you change your mind, you may call me anytime," he said sincerely. Of all he said, two words stood out that made Debbie Nian cringe. 'Perfect match? He didn't even show up at the wedding! The man was at a dinner reception for a foreign president at that time. And the photograph on our marriage certificate was Photoshopped. In the last three years, I haven't even laid eyes on him. So, what is Philip saying that we are a perfect match?' Debbie Nian couldn't control the sarcastic thoughts in her head. Finally coming to her senses, the young lady took a deep breath before speaking again. She had intended to say,"I've made up my mind," but as a sign of respect for Philip Zhuo who was truly concerned for her, she uttered,"Okay." Thinking that she might have a change of heart, Philip Zhuo waited until the next afternoon to inform Carlos Huo about the divorce papers. But to his disappointment, she didn't call him. Slowly, he bro
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Si hablamos de comidas fáciles, saludables y muy ricas, esta se lleva el primer premio. Unos morrones al horno o a la parrilla, con nuestro queso provolone parrillero, acompañado de una rica ensalada. Una cena perfecta.
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Aprovamos nesta semana, no plenário da CCJC, o Projeto de Lei 6262/16 que estabelece norma sobre a posição dos advogados nas audiências de instrução e julgamento. O tema já foi objeto de emenda de minha autoria na votação das 10 medidas contra corrupção. Pelo texto, os advogados do autor e do réu da ação deverão ficar em um piso na mesma altura do juiz e à mesma distância do magistrado. A proposta também garante que autoridades, servidores públicos e serventuários da Justiça tratem advogados de forma compatível com a dignidade da função e de forma a garantir condições adequadas para exercício do trabalho. O Estatuto da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (OAB, Lei 8.906/94) define que não há hierarquia nem subordinação entre advogado, juiz e membro do Ministério Público. #AdvogadoValorizado #OAB