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Software Development Academy – Învață IT de la zero
Ai vrea să începi propria aventură cu un limbaj de programare? Te invităm să ne întrebi orice curiozități ai despre cursurile JAVA la Info Meeting-ul din 19 martie, ora 19:00 care va avea loc la Cowork Timișoara!
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The Olive Experience | Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Bar in Guelph
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UPMC in the Susquehanna Region | Hospitals in Williamsport, Wellsboro, Lock Haven, Muncy, and Coudersport, PA
봄날의 공유 그리고 하동 https://www.byseries.com/Special/2769 대지에 웅크려 있던 겨울을 지우는 것은 북상하는 꽃이다. 미백색의 매화가 먼저 달려 올라오면 분홍의 벚꽃이 팝콘 터지듯 뒤를 잇는다. 그리고는 곱디고운 차나무의 새싹 연두가 아름답게 피어 나는 것이다. 사랑했던 사람. 지운 줄 알았던 그 사람이 봄이다. 쓸쓸한 콘크리트빛 도시에서도 밝은 전등이 되어주던 그 사람을 조금 가까이서 보기 위해 남녘으로 길을 나섰다. 섬진강(河)의 동쪽(東) 마을, 하동. 한반도의 봄이 발원하는 곳. 먼 남쪽바다로부터 달려온 봄이 마침내 광양만을 거쳐 섬진강 으로 접어든다. 은빛 모래알 천지인 맑은 강과, 더불어 사는 사람들은 시린 내 삶을 위로해주는 응원군이다. 느리게 흘러가는 강물. 느리게 흐르는 시간. 느리게 움직이는 사람들. 그 속의 나. 멀리만 바라보며 달려왔던 나를 치유하는 공간과 시간. 행복은 마음속에 있는 것. 그대를 보러 내려오길 잘했다. #에피그램 #epigram #공유 #gongyoo #공유의일상을공유하다 #하동 #공유코트 #공유셔켓 #공유트러커 #여행 #일상 #봄날의공유 #공유맨투맨 #공투맨
Sony正為PS5開發「Remastering Engine」,通過該引擎PS5將能夠運行從PS1到PS4平台的經典遊戲,帶有畫面強化效果,最高支援這些老遊戲在4K解像度下遊玩。
عرض خاص من #موقع_رنين ◀️ طقم لحاف مايكرو فايبر بد اند بد، 3 قطع مقاس 230×220 سم بسعر 439 جنيه فقط بدلا من 485 جنيه متوفر20 لون مختلف في العرض رابط العرض على موقع رنين https://bit.ly/2HFHsow ✔️التوصيل لباب المنزل (جميع المحافظات) ✔️الدفع عند الاستلام ✔️العرض ساري حتى 30/10/2020 ✔️العرض متاح للطلبات الأونلاين فقط من #موقع_رنين
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Golf Course Management Solutions for Underperforming Golf Courses
The US economy has been frothy for a long time now. Baby Boomers are retiring and playing a ton of golf…but neither will last forever. So, how can golf courses in tight markets win the market share they need to offset senior players aging out of the system, and survive the next wave of golf course closings? (Click the link to grab the book for free) With the tremendous economic tailwind that we’ve been experiencing since 2009, if your facility isn’t thriving then it’s time for some big and fast changes. When the correction comes, there won’t be room for all of us. “So, Is now the best time to exit? …Or are there corrective measures that can save your facility for the long-term?” Despite continued economic growth since the recession of 2009, golf participation has remained relatively flat. This is our reality despite all of the “Grow the Game” campaigns and large-scale initiatives to get people out onto golf courses. Data suggests that the balance of supply (i.e., number of golf courses) and demand (rounds played) still has some distance to travel before market equilibrium. I wish that weren’t the case, but more golf courses need to shut down, or (far less likely) we need to drive a lot more participation. The Baby Boomer Generation Those questions aside for the moment, let’s talk about the seismic generational shift that the golf industry is experiencing. This is only going to happen once in all our lifetimes by the way. As the Baby Boomer generation is growing older and reaching the end of their careers, their frequency of play has continued to increase as anticipated – but it won’t last forever. We’re in the midst of a senior golfer bubble right now. Golfers 55 to 70 are carrying the golf industry on their back. But as we try to appeal to the next generation of players, there are big-time implications for alienating this “gray foundation” of our customer base. So, how do we continue to delight our Baby Boomers, while providing compelling opportunities for GenXers and Millennials to experience our game? With a little craftiness, the two don’t necessarily need to be mutually exclusive. The Skiing Industry Example The first step toward a solution is in conceding that there is no one-size-fits-all golf industry solution. Consider the skiing industry. Traditional downhill skiing is akin to our Baby Boomers playing golf. It’s more of a traditional experience, a classic discipline, with old school rules, etiquette and methodologies. On the other side, the introduction of snowboarding resonated big time with the younger rebellious crowd – but not without its share of bumps and bruises. Skiers detested snowboarders at first. Despite some natural friction between the two camps initially, they’ve evolved into a coexistence that has literally saved the industry and created a much larger pie for everyone to share. Snowboard culture has built half-pipes, ramps and parks that skiers initially scoffed at. They dress differently, and behave differently in practice. Today, snowboarding has reached a level at or beyond traditional snow skiing in many circles. Golf courses are simply going to have to deal with the cognitive dissonance between the Baby Boomer generation and the younger crowd if we’re going to get over this hump. Stay with me. We’re in the Midst of Big Time Generational Shifts In the last decade or so, the 55+ population in the US has swelled from about 70 Million to over 91 Million people overall. While the 55+ crowd accounts for only 28% of the population, they account for more than half of all rounds played. We have considerably more senior players as a share of the total golf market than we did 10 years ago. Now, it’s important to note that Baby Boomers aren’t playing golf quite as often as the previous generation, but the net effect is that the older crowd accounts for a much greater percentage of total rounds played – and thus financial impact on facilities. Looking ahead, the Baby Boomer generation is going to be replaced by a group whose overall participation is meager by comparison. Th
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Join us to celebrate our 5th birthday, the garden reopening for summer, a new summer food menu and a day and night packed full of music, activities, workshops and entertainment! We hope to see old friends, new friends, neighbours and our local community join us for one hell of a birthday. #StillHereForAnotherYear
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A Deadly combo that is lurking and looking for you! Salt, Sugar, Fat! The Salt, Sugar, Fat combination increases dopamine in the brain, leaving you wanting more! It also breaks down in the mouth in a certain manner. The small round mass of chewed food is called a bolus. The bolus of sugary foods feels slippery, soft, and juicy very fast. The body does not need to chew much and thus does not begin to feel satiated. This means you have a feeling of wanting more! This is done to us intentionally by the fast food industry. They are layering sugar onto fat onto salt and selling it to us.” I was at a restaurant the other day and it’s quite a popular chain restaurant in California. I was so shocked to realize that one of their most popular lunch and dinner items was the chicken waffle sandwich! What? This sandwich represents the addictive combination of salt, sugar, and fat. All three have been thrown together and engineered to taste good. Please refrain! If you want to read more about the salt-sugar-fat combination, here’s a link (Read part 3!): https://www.hopeforyourhormones.com/faq You will be more careful when you have the knowledge to steer you in the right direction. Warmly, Barbara
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