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Eternal Life North
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Music for everyone - Spotify
Comeback, a song by Qiáo bù on Spotify
Sapphire Tatto
DRW Skincare Indramayu
Flexx Fitness
Rad Power Bikes | A Seattle Electric Bike Company
Investidor e Concursado
Cycl' en Spa : Aquabiking Aquarunning Aquagym Yoga Sauna Japonais
Personalized Gifts
Alexandra Kiadó
КРОК ИТ-компания
Forever Family
Think with Google - Discover Marketing Research & Digital Trends
Search is where your customers find what matters to them, so it’s where you can find what matters to your business.
Startseite - Trelios
ZOE Design 406
Comercial "El Loco AT"
Université de Neuchâtel
Forside | Spar Nord Fonden
Hiệu Thuốc Eva
علي وليد لصيانة الموبايل
Sterntaler GmbH
#Hero Nation Weekly
By paying 52% less to get a customer my ads took over my industry and unlocked massive 8 figure scale. I did it using a pretty unknown combination of sales attribution + AI pixel training. Look. This will sound basic but no one gets this. Unprofitable ads do not scale. What makes ads unprofitable is that acquiring a customer costs to much money. So if you want to truly scale the breakthrough will not come from a great ad or magic targeting. It actually comes from optimizing your business to pay less per customer. You do this by attacking 1 core problem. This problem is that on average businesses ad tracking and attribution is off by 30-70%. I’ve seen this in my business and across hundreds of others big and small that I work with at Hyros. When this happens 3 simple problems pop up that cause you to pay way to much for a customer. Thus ads stall. #1 : You are going to have at least 20-30% of “ad waste” in your account. This is ad spend that is being invested in false positive ads that is actually not profitable AKA wasted. This probabem triples if the business has multiple traffic sources. Pow…your cost go up 20-30% #2 : You constantly kill winning ads that are actually working because they are not racked right. Pow…Profits go down 20-30% and scale is constantly stopped. #3 : Your ad pixel AI optimizes around bad data and spends way more money to find a customer. Pop…theres another 20-40% in extra cost. You total this all together and it completely knocks out the profit margin needed for scale. I sure could not of scaled if my ads made 50-60% less. That my entire scale margin. This is the little hidden monster that prevents most businesses from having that breakout ad campaign. It was for me for almost half a decade until I set out to solve the problem, Spoiler : I did and it changed everything. This is why if you go through the link in this post I will not only show you where to generates no way I could cover it all in this post. Which is why if you go through the link in this post I will n
Flame Fashion PL
Al Aan TV
موسم جديد من#تواصل، تستضيف فيه روز هندي نخبة من المديرين ورواد الأعمال في كافة المجالات، يُعرض كل يوم أربعاء الساعة 21:30 بتوقيت الإمارات على #تلفزيون_الآن ⁠ #الجميع_مسؤول
Μαθήματα εξ αποστάσεως εκμάθησης ξένων γλωσσών -60%, από τον μεγαλύτερο όμιλο ξένων γλωσσών REAL EDUCATION. Τμήματα σε Group ή ατομικά για μαθήματα ξένων γλωσσών για όλα τα μαθήματα μέσω της πλατφόρμας moodle.
Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
Netflix - Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online
Profitez de films et de séries en illimité. Garanti sans publicité et sur tous les appareils. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant sur Netflix.com.
digiKeto | digiKeto - Oltre la solita dieta!
Reagan Blankfein Gates Legal Practitioners
Boongaweb | Web Agency Roma - Siti Internet - SEO - Social Media - Web Marketing
Óculos de Sol e Grau: Masculino e Feminino | Loja dos Óculos
Swimming Pool Construction Senoia GA | Concrete Pool Renovation, Repair & Maintenance Coweta & Fayette
Imperial Affairs
一入宫门深似海,没想到一起长大入宫的姐妹竟然如此对我,凭什么她能当上皇后,而我却被打入冷宫!#选择游戏 #报仇 #后宫游戏
Excell Beauté