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WBTrading - Trade With Edge
You have no idea whether the strategy you’re currently using to trade actually works. And due to this, your trading has just been all over the place. And you’ve continually lost money... \n\nDoes that sound like you?\n\nIf so, you’ve been lied to. And you probably don’t even know it. \n\nLet me guess… They told you:\n\n"When price gets to the top of the trend channel, sell. What happens? You’re stopped-out. You lose money.\n\nThey told you: “When price gets down to support, buy. What happens? You’re stopped-out. You lose money.\n\nThey told you: “when the RSI is above 70, sell. What happens? You’re stopped-out. You lose money.\n\nIf you’re using useless ‘analysis’ you’re as good as risking your hard-earned money by just guessing.\n\nProfessional, consistently profitable traders don’t ‘guess’. They don’t blindly ‘predict’. And they certainly don’t just ‘sell’ just because an RSI is above 70.\n\nProfessional traders have a clear set of proven rules in-place that they just follow repeatedly. Or in other words, they use mechanical, rule-based strategies, just like I do myself.\n\nAnd the crazy thing is, most traders don’t even know that mechanical strategies (that make trading as simple as following a set of rules) even exist.\n\nAnd maybe you’ve never heard of them either, which proves my point.\n\nAnd the best thing is, anyone can use them to pull money out of the markets with zero ‘analysis’, no indicators, no trend-lines, no guesses or predictions, none of the stuff that holds most traders back.\n\nMechanical strategies are just a simple set of rules that genuinely anyone can follow.\n\nAnd if you’re wondering what the rules are or how they work I’m actually holding a free training workshop today and tomorrow where I literally walk you through the rules and how they work.\n\nif you want to join me on that just click the 'Learn More' button below and believe me, with the rules in-hand you’ll no longer need to rely on best-guesses or on the same indicators used by all losing traders.\n\nYou’ll finally be trading wi
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Foundr - Learn from Proven Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders
𝘛𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘰𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘯 𝘴𝘶𝘣𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘱𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯? 𝘋𝘰𝘨 𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘴𝘦𝘴? 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘱𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘴? Like most aspiring entrepreneurs, Gretta van Riel had a HUGE list of business ideas… but no real idea on how to start. What should her first step be anyway? Is it to make product samples? Or maybe a website? Oh, that would require getting a name first… The bad news is: Starting a business is confusing, because we rarely have anyone to teach us what to do. The good news? Now you do 👍 See, Gretta has been through tons of “trial and error” on her way to building 4x multi-million dollar ecommerce businesses from scratch. This means she now knows EXACTLY what to do and what not to do when you follow in her footsteps… … And the first step you should be taking is to pick an idea and get started, just like she did ✅ (Even if you don’t have any capital or experience or a “unique” idea – because NONE of these are necessary!) That’s what she’s going to share with you today. In her FREE training, you’ll learn: ✔️ The “Golden Trifecta” framework to pick the right idea (or come up with a profitable one if none of your existing ideas can work) ✔️ Top marketing strategies to generate sales on the first day of launch and beyond ✔️ The 5-step framework ANYONE can use to start a successful ecommerce business in just a few weeks ✔️ And much MUCH more… No matter if you’re looking to ditch the 9-to-5 and work from anywhere in the world, or just add som
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Kartra - Your Online Business Made Easy
😫 Tried one of those content calendars but getting no engagement or sales They’re full of problems that are keeping service-based business owners, course creators and online biz owners STUCK - 👉 PROBLEM #1: Our news feeds are swarming with people selling similar offers. Using a vanilla social media prompt like “List 3 benefits of your service!” is a surefire road to becoming INVISIBLE. - 👉 PROBLEM #2: Every marketer says “Storytelling is the key to Selling” but none of them show you HOW! - Simply choose a story post, plugin, tweak and pump content out in under 3 minutes a day!lead to our customers saying “Hell Yeah”. Using prompts that don’t match a customer's mindset means our content falls flat and we don’t make the sale. - That's the bad news👎 --- Now, the good news is that after 15 years as a marketer and copywriter I’ve learnt what it takes to catapult brands to fame. 🥳 - If you want to get seen, get heard and get paid... - Simply choose a story post, plugin, tweak and pump content out in under 3 minutes a day! - And, that's why I created Stories That Sell ™ - a complete system designed to take your audience from complete stranger to raving customer FAST. - Simply choose a story post, plug in, tweak and pump content out in under 3 minutes a day! - Here's what happy customer Sarah has to say... - “I’ve bought SO many programs to try and help me create content. Then, I found Stories That Sell, created all my content for the month and I’m getting engagement, enquiries and sales!” - Stories That Sell... ⚡️ Attracts ideal customers ⚡️ Helps you stand out ⚡️ Gets people saying “hell yes” to your offers I want to show you how to become THE one they all want, that’s why I’ve made it easy-peasy for you to show up consistently - Get instant access to... 😍 The primal story technique for powering up your brand 👏365 storytelling social media posts 🗓️ Easy c
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Breakout Clips | Transform Your Boring Social Posts into Gorgeous 3D Animated Videos
90% of getting attention in social feeds is spending a fortune on images and videos and throwing it out to the world... HOPING with everything you have that it sticks! \ud83e\udd37\u200d\u2642\ufe0f\n\nHere's the problem... everyone is using the same format and creatives to try and get the attention of their target audience.\n\nEver heard of 'ad blindness'? \n\nIt's when your audience IGNORES your promotions. It’s a very simple psychological phenomenon. \n\nSee something all day and your mind learns to ignore it.\n\nYour marketing basically becomes a "Where's Waldo" puzzle book. Can they find you? \ud83d\ude05\n\nIt's not your fault!\n\nSo the story goes... Spend more on smarter copywriters, more advanced animation specialists, top-level designers\n\n...and at the end of the day you're still just hoping your hard work hits the right note with your audience. \ud83d\ude44\n\n\ud83d\udd25That's where Breakout Clips comes in \ud83d\udd25\n\nCreate any of these NEW videos with our fast drag & drop editor, accessible from any browser and rendered in under 30 seconds.\n\nThese videos capture attention like no other. But it doesn’t stop there.\n\nProspects see your product/service in the same video they’re glued to.\n\nA magical combination. \ud83d\ude0d\n\n\ud83d\udc49 Scrap the expensive subscriptions to existing video and animation software.\n\ud83d\udc49 Scrap the video freelancing fees you pay per video.\n\ud83d\udc49 ...and scrap any other marketing plan you have in place right now.\n\nWith one post... your brand will stick out like a sore thumb (in a good way). ;)\n\nThe ultimate 'pattern-interrupt' technology baked into an easy to use platform with a FREE sign up.\n\nOne look at our animations and you'll be hooked... Seriously though.\n\nBreakout today with perfectly optimized videos that make you pop in social feeds. \n\nClick the link below to sign up FREE today. \ud83d\udc47
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Sell Like Crazy Book | #1 Amazon Best Seller by Sabri Suby‎
Build an amazing website they said…\n\nThe clients will come flooding in they said…\n\n*Shakes fist at sky*\n\nHere’s what most business owners do…\n\nThey build a "beautiful website"...\n\nThen, Bob starts blogging his brains out.\n\nEvery. Single. Day.\n\nFor his imaginary audience.\n\nOr better yet…he’s guest posting.\n\nHarry’s hackin' funnels.\n\nBecause that’s what all the cool kids are doing.\n\nSally’s sending emails to her list of 27 prospects...\n\nAnd she's only received two responses.\n\nOne from her mom.\n\nAnd one from her ‘mindset coach’.\n\nWhom she paid $6k for this very strategy.\n\nNext up, David.\n\nHe attends EVERY SINGLE networking event to find (beg) for new clients...\n\nBut hey, he’s not stopping.\n\nBecause hashtag hustle.\n\nFist bump grind.\n\nAll that just to earn $0 back.\n\nUgh.\n\nInstead.\n\nStop majoring in minor things.\n\nStart looking for the one thing that will REALLY move the ‘money needle’ in your business.\n\nAnd if you’re a coach, consultant or service provider of any kind.\n\nThat one thing is...\n\nHaving a selling system that DEPENDABLY and PREDICTABLY delivers you high-value clients, every single day.\n\nWhere you wake up in the morning to an inbox bursting with highly qualified leads...\n\nProspects that are waiting in line and even jumping through hoops to speak with you.\n\nLook, I've now helped clients in more than 416 different industries and niches…\n\nInstall such a ‘selling system’ in their business...\n\nAnd have generated $1.33 billion (with a B) in the process.\n\nAnd as a result, I've found – that no matter what you’re selling, or to whom you’re selling it to…\n\nThere’s pretty much a universal formula that can dependably turn complete strangers into high-paying customers like clockwork.\n\nRegardless of what industry you’re in…\n\nAnd I have some exciting news for you!\n\nI’ve just detailed every single element of this powerful step-by-step ‘selling system’ in my brand new book.\n\nIt shot up from being ranked 90,000 on the day of release, to a #1 interna
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Free Landing Page Builder: Promote Your Next Big Idea in Record Time
When I was 19 and doing my B.Tech. in Civil Engg. in a small city in India, I started thinking about studying in Germany 🇩🇪, but boy was it a pain! From my own batchmates giving their wisdom about how going abroad is a bad idea to local mohalla aunties giving their unqualified advice about how doing a Government job in India is better! (Lol. These Aunties have an opinion on everything 😂) I had the entire mix of people who were against the idea. Now at 25, having my M.Sc. from the Technical University of Hamburg, and living a lifestyle that none of my batchmates can afford, I can proudly say that it was the best decision I could have taken in my life. Not only I saved myself all the headache for PSUs, IES or any other Government exams, but I actually learned skills that I am now using in the job market to work with major companies. Planning to study your M.Sc. directly in the last years of your Bachelors or taking a break from your job and investing in a 0€ tuition fee per semester Masters degree from Germany is absolutely worth it. The salary you earn and the lifestyle you enjoy in Germany, more than makes up for your decision of stepping up and taking a moment for investing in yourself. And to help you to start your process for studying your Masters in Germany, I have compiled everything I know in this free eBook! 🇩🇪 Want to learn more about studying in Germany? 🇮🇳 ⏳ Click on the photo and download the FREE eBook! 👉 Minimum score required in your Bachelors degree? 👉 Minimum band in IELTS? 👉 Minimum Work Experience? 👉 Application Documents? 👉 Studying in Technical Universities vs Universities of Applied Sciences ⭐ All this and more!⭐ 🇩🇪 Click on the link below to download the Free eBook 👇 https://bharat-in-germany.ck.page/basicadmissionrequirements1 📖 FREE DOWNLOAD available only f
BeMo Academic Consulting | BeMo®
310 Nutrition | Diet, Weight Loss, and Meal Replacement Shakes
#310Shakes are loaded with Superfoods & 100% Plant Based Protein, with none of the bad stuff! 👌 Sample our best deal yet!! 😍
Rocktomic™ - Private Label Drop Ship Supplement Manufacturer
Imagine starting your own supplement brand with none of the massive up-front costs... Here at Rocktomic we created a system specifically for Fitness Professionals & Influencers to launch profitable online Supplement brands without having to buy inventory or to worry about fulfillment... It's called the PLDS™ or Private Label Drop Ship system! We're a US based, FDA Registered and GMP Certified White Label/Custom Manufacturer with over 12 years experience. Gone are the days of: ❌ Paying for inventory up front ❌ Warehousing your products ❌ Worrying about fulfillment/logistics With Rocktomic you'll get access to: ✅ 150+ White Label Products ✅ Worldwide Drop Shipping ✅ Done For You Logo/Label Design ✅ Done For You Web Design ✅ Insider Sales Strategies Our Top Clients Use ✅ No Minimums on 95% of Our Products And much more!
"Kinda-Like" \ud83e\udd23 if BIG Funnel got its stuff together & focused on BEING category king, instead of just SAYING they are...\n\nIt's true... 5 years ago, 'Big Funnel' changed the game. And that's why tens of thousands of entrepreneurs use them.\n\nBUT times have changed and the REAL marketers are fed up. \n\n'Big Funnel' was always the minimum viable product, priced way too high in the days of "any landing page will convert"...\n\nAnd it never grew up because the software was never taken seriously. It stayed this baby application that countless newbies just fell in love with because of the community.\n\nThe REAL marketers are waking up and realizing they need to be using actual marketing tools... not some entry level junk that causes you to BLEED MONEY as you grow your business.\n\nHere's the GOOD NEWS...\n\nA billion dollar CRM company (built & used by direct response marketers) came up with a simple 'funnel tweak' that REAL marketers held hostage by Big Funnel are begging for.\n\nA copy n paste funnel tweak you could implement into your business in literally 1 minute...\n\n(seriously that's how fast you can fix your funnel)\n\nThis 'funnel tweak' eliminates HORRID load speeds by removing all the "funnel bloat" from your pages and replaces a laughable checkout/merchant integration with the power of a billion dollar transaction processing CRM.\n\nThe BEST PART is that fixing 'funnel bloat' + adding a real processor increases conversions in your funnels like crazy with the SAME AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC!\n\nFor us and our clients we've seen:\n\n1. Lower page load speed by 200%\n2. Increase sales conversion rate by 72%\n3. Acquire customers 31% cheaper”\n\nBut what’s the catch?\n\nThere is none. We're fellow business owners selling online who've processed literally over 1 Billion dollars in transactions.\n\nWe've mostly worked with bigger brands and now we decided to be the ones who show up and save the real marketers from 'Big Funnel'...\n\nWhich is why we've created a short (& hilarious) training below that shows
T Tool - All in One Soft Tissue Treatment Tool Built to Save your Hands
T Tool saves your hands, fingers, thumbs, and wrists while helping you perform great soft tissue work. Whether you perform IASTM, ischemic compression, or pin and stretch, T Tool’s unique 3-dimensional design helps you perform all of those techniques in a hand-sparing, ergonomic way. Your clients will love it, too. The edges are purposefully not sharp to avoid irritation of the surface of the skin and unnecessary tissue damage. T Tool’s unique super-high quality finish allows you to use the tool over clothing in many areas and requires only a little emollient (and sometimes none) when used on skin. Click the link below to learn more.
iHeartDogs - Because Every Dog Matters
IT ALL STARTED WITH A VISIT TO OUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER...\n\nLooking into the cages, sad, scared eyes gazed back at us. This particular shelter was outdoors (as many are) so the animals were exposed to the elements. These precious pups often slept on the cold, hard concrete floor, or some of them had an old, crude looking cot bed.\n\nOne of the volunteers told us "We desperately need blankets. We need them all year around, but especially during the fall and winter months! Oftentimes it’s the only possession a shelter pet has."\n\nThis gave us an idea…\n\nWe did a quick poll on the iHeartDogs Facebook page. We asked people “What’s your favorite thing to give or receive during the holidays?” Do you know what the most popular response was? BLANKETS!\n\nSo the Give Warmth ™ campaign was born. We got to work and designed some beautiful dog themed blankets. For every human size blanket we sold, we’d donate one to a shelter dog! \n\nThe campaign first launched in December of 2018. To say it was a hit is an understatement! Last year alone we funded 4,500 blanket donations to shelters!!!\n\nThis year, we’re excited to bring you even more cute designs! This year, will you join us in giving a gift that matters? Give warmth! \n\nPurchase This Blanket \ud83d\udc49 iheartdogs.co/2oDjDUo\nLearn about Give Warmth™ \ud83d\udc49 iheartdogs.co/2psgJ5H
Find the Best Indie Books at Books2Read.com
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Zazzle | Personalized Gifts, Custom Products & Décor
Zazzle | Personalized Gifts, Custom Products & Décor
Zazzle | Personalized Gifts, Custom Products & Décor
Zazzle | Personalized Gifts, Custom Products & Décor
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Get Instant Access To The Complete Social Media Insurance Lead For Only $7 Today!
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Byte by Byte
Did you know that the best interviewees DON'T grind Leetcode? They don't solve 500 practice problems or do 45 mock interviews or study full time for 8 months to land a top tech job. In fact, if you're doing those things, you're doing it wrong. I know, because I did those things. Let me explain. Imagine that you had unlimited time to prepare for your interviews. How would you do it? Just memorize every single problem you can, right? But what if your interviewer asks you a different problem (there are infinite variations, afterall). And are you really going to remember the solutions to all 1500 Leetcode problems even with unlimited time? PLUS, none of us actually have unlimited time. Time is of the essence. Maybe you only have a few hours to study per week. Maybe your interview is scheduled a month from now. Maybe you're out of work and need to land a new job ASAP. Given that, it's not like you have unlimited time. It's not like you can afford to spend time just studying WHATEVER. But the good news is that you don't have to. In fact, I've taught hundreds of people exactly how to nail the coding interview ... WITHOUT having to memorize problems and grind on Leetcode. ... WITHOUT having to study full time for months. ... WITHOUT having to learn every algorithm under the sun. Interviewing is a skill just like everything else. That means that it's learnable, and I'll show you how. I'm teaching a free masterclass on Monday where I'll show you the Four Horsemen of the Whiteboarding Apocalypse and exactly how to slay them and nail your interview. Click to register now!
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Human Hair Extensions for relaxed and natural hair : BetterLength
Human Hair Extensions for relaxed and natural hair : BetterLength
The Objective Standard | Ayn Rand's Philosophy Applied
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Southern Breeze Sweet Tea - Southern Sweet Tea with Zero Calories
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Secure Life Benefits
Secure Life Benefits
Secure Life Benefits
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Leadpages® Landing Page Builder & Lead Gen Software
Leadpages® Landing Page Builder & Lead Gen Software