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A JDM DREAM! This is a sneak preview of what is to come on Wednesday 8pm this week! ... a full Episode on this beast! Find out why it's worth over $600,000!! Subscribe @ https://www.youtube.com/Supercaradvocates
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Win a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R worth £80,000 PLUS £50,000 cash! For one week only so enter by midnight Sunday 20th Sep!
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️ უფრო კუთხოვანი და დაკუნთული R34 GT-R-ი. ☺️ გაეცანით სიახლეს ⤵️
Nomax.no - Høykvalitets Bildeler
A father said to his son, since you graduated with honors, here's a car that I bought for you years ago, but it's several years old. Before I give it to you, I want you to take it to the used car lot downtown and tell them I want to sell it and see how much they offer you for it. The son took it to the used car dealership and returned to his father and said, they offered me $1,000 because it looks very worn out. The father said, now take it to the pawn shop. The son went to the pawn shop and returned and said, they offered me $100 because they said it was a very old car. The father told his son to take the car to a car club and show Them the car. The son returned and said they offered me $100,000 for it because it's a Nissan Skyline R34, an Iconic car and sought after by many. The father said to his son, being in the right place will value you the right way. If you are not valued do not get angry, it just means you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you. Never stay in a place where those around you can't see your value. - anonymous
Nomax.no - Høykvalitets Bildeler
Bart-Cars, Samochody z Japonii
Wakacyjne promo! aktualne samochody na sprzedaż(na miejscu): (Actual cars for sale, on place) teraz za 33 tys zł! Skyline R34 GTT sedan: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/nissan-skyline-gtt-turbo-sedan-totalna-seria-bdb-stan-blacharski-ID6DbI5N.html Laurel 25 Medalist 22 tys zł !: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/nissan-laurel-medalist-25-navi-edition-jdm-bogata-wersja-ID6DbI7T.html Chaser Gx90 jedyne 21 tys zł !: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/toyota-chaser-gx90-bodykit-gwint-tanabe-wydech-apexi-jdm-ID6DbI3q.html Dr30 Skyline 22 tys zł !: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/nissan-skyline-dr30-sedan-rs-fj20e-skrzynia-reczna-lsd-jedyny-taki-ID6CDaUl.html Stagea Rs Four V: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/nissan-skyline-stagea-rs-four-v-gwint-tein-zdalne-odpalanie-grade4-ID6CPSQw.html Soarer GT Twin Turbo: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/toyota-soarer-gt-twin-turbo-l-wyjatkowy-nietuzinkowy-jdm-szyberdach-rwd-gwint-ID6DbI4a.html
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Win the legendary Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R – Godzilla! Tickets cost just £2.90! Winner gets to pick a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R up to the value of £60,000.
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Bart-Cars, Samochody z Japonii
Aktualnie na miejscu(actual cars for sale): Soarer Twin Turbo https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/toyota-soarer-gt-twin-turbo-l-wyjatkowy-nietuzinkowy-jdm-szyberdach-rwd-ID6CD3k4.html Skyline Dr30 https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/nissan-skyline-dr30-sedan-rs-fj20e-skrzynia-reczna-lsd-jedyny-taki-ID6CDaUl.html W dostawie(in transport): Skyline R34 Sedan: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/nissan-skyline-sedan-gt-2-0-gwint-rozporka-biala-perla-ID6CNrup.html Legacy B4 twin turbo manual: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/subaru-legacy-b4-lift-twin-turbo-czarny-jdm-280km-skrzynia-reczna-sedan-szyberdach-ID6CO3Py.html?isPreview=1 Stagea RS4 four V: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/nissan-skyline-stagea-rs-four-v-gwint-tein-zdalne-odpalanie-grade4-ID6CPSQw.html?isPreview=1 W przygotowaniu do wypłynięcia z Japonii(Waiting for shipping): Laurel 25 Medalist (foto z postu)( 23 000PLN) Chaser Gx 90 (foto z postu) ( 24 000 PLN) Cima 30 LV (foto z postu) ( 26 000 PLN) Chaser JZX105 Cima 30L Skyline R34 Sedan GTV at Skyline R34 sedan GTT at Więcej informacji, zdjęć śmiało pisać priv lub dzwonić na telefon podany na stronie :) For more information, photos, write private message or call the phone number provided on the site :) Import Samochodów z Japonii i Anglii, także na indywidualne zamówienie. Car Import from Japan and England, also on individual order.
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Το μυθικό ιαπωνικό τέρας έμελλε να χαρίσει το όνομά του σε ένα από τα πλέον εμβληματικά ιαπωνικά σπορ μοντέλα: στο Nissan Skyline -γνωστό σήμερα ως GT-R- που συμπληρώνει πενήντα χρόνια ζωής. https://www.4troxoi.gr/dokimes/eidikes-diadromes/me-nissan-skyline-gt-r-r32-r34-gt-r-sti-n-attiki #Nissan #Skyline #GTR #SkylineGTR #SkylineR32 #SkylineR34 #R32 #R34 #Godzilla #4Τροχοί Nissan #ClubSport
Une Nissan Skyline "normale", ce n’est déjà pas banal. Mais il y a plus exclusif encore ! Dans cette série, nous mettons en avant 5 Nissan Skyline rarissimes. Et voici la numéro 4 ! La R34 Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-Tune Nürburgring : Pour beaucoup de gens, c’est la Skyline ultime. La GT-R NISMO Z-Tune Nürburgring est la toute dernière édition de la populaire génération R34 de la fin des années 90. Son moteur essence six cylindres de 2,8 l déploie – attention les yeux ! – 500 cv. Son couple de 540 Nm suffirait à desceller les pavés de la route en pleine accélération. Et combien existe-t-il de ces bêtes-là ? 20 exemplaires seulement…
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Not sure what's worse in this clip; crashing like this, or losing to a Nissan 350Z ...
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Win The Legendary Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R – Godzilla!
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