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Ninja Turtle Toys Unboxing Video Jual murah orang ingat scammer. Jual mahal orang cakap tak berbaloi...tapi ada gak segelintir customer yang bijak dan pandai menilai kesahihan seller. Kalau kami scammer takder lah nak buat Live Launching dan labur duit kat website canggih 🤣 Tengah video ini dan nilai lah sendiri. ( Terima kasih kepada pelanggan kami yang share video ini di page kami ) Stok amat terhad dan supplier bagi arahan, EVERYTHING MUST GO! Kalau dah abis tengok video dan tak nak ketinggalan bas, boleh lawati website kami untuk buat tempahan anda. https://dealmudah.com/tmnt-toys-package Penjimatan sebanyak RM400! Kesemua Bundle Ninja Turtle yang ditawarkan ada 5 item dalam kotak ( brand new )
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Michael Angelo from Ninja Turtle movie #3 will be coming to our OPEN HOUSE. Sat Oct 24th Due to Covid 19 we will have 1/2 hour time slots set up, to limit numbers, in our space, and social distant comfortably. Please phone 778-240-0503, to reserve a spot. First come first serve Don't miss this opportunity to meet him
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Ada ker patut customer panggil kita orang "SELLER HAWAU" Tapi ada jugak point dia..jarang jumpa tawaran macam nie kat Fesbuk. Maklum lar ramai scammer yang sedang bermaharajalela. Bila customer dah dapat barang, pasti terkejut kura kura..hahaha Nie, barang mainan ori Ninja Turtle Nickelodeon yang berharga sehingga RM500 lebih kami jual jer dengan harga RM99 dengan FREE SHIPPING. Jual murah sebab nak clear stock. Lawati website kami untuk melihat pakej dan bundle yang ditawarkan. https://dealmudah.com/tmnt-toys-package/
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ARE YOU A TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE FAN FOR LIFE? I think we can all agree that Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo & Donatello are the most popular Ninja ever! If you are the biggest fan of TMNT, READ ON! Exclusive TMNT design printed on 100% cotton t-shirt with DTG Technology ( the printer alone cost RM100K above!!! ) Trust us, this will be your favorite t-shirt once you own it. Available in 3 colors ( Black, Dark Heather & Sport Grey ) FREE SHIPPING FOR SEMENANJUNG AREA - Buy 1 Pair for RM55 - Buy 2 Pair for RM50/pcs - Buy 3 Pair for RM47.50/pcs The more you buy the more you save What are you waiting for? Check it out here: https://dealmudah.com/tmnt-exclusive-t-shirt/
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Don't you just love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crew! We know you're a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle so we've got something special in stored for you. Get your hands on the Limited Edition Leonardo Action figure that everyone is crazy about. Wait there's more, instead of buying only one, you can get a whole bundle to complete your Action Figure set. Imagine all your friends coming to your house just to check out the whole set. You might be thinking that it would be expensive. Well it is! But we're giving a huge discount for everyone who purchases today only! You can now get a bundle of FIVE for ONLY RM150. Well, what are you waiting for? Offer ends today!! click this link to purchase: https://dealmudah.com/tmnt-toys-package/
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