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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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Giorgia Angiuli
How I paint my music : ) Some rituals behind my music production. Connection: sounds & colours Starting a track getting inspiration from the fantastic painting “Nighthawks” by E. Hopper. The dark atmosphere of this painting, completed after Pearl Harbour, is similar to our uncertain times. What I love in music and paintings is the mix between dark and optimistic vibes, even in the darkness every colour can be found. My advice is to think less and to feel more, art helps us to live a journey and brings us to another dimension. Music is life, colours are music. Create your track getting inspiration from this painting, I will listen to your ideas, I will choose my favourite version and I will release it on my next ep. Check this link: https://bit.ly/2E2oOph and follow the instructions, I can't wait to listen to your version. Thanks to Mixmag Brasil and DJ Mag Latinoamérica for the support.
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
The disintegration of social relationships in mass societies where, although apparently super connected on social networks, we experience what the artist had already represented in paintings many years ago. If loneliness had a face, it would be that of Edward Hopper. #Americanrealist #Automat #ChopSuey #EdwardHopper #Nighthawks #Rimbeau #SoirBlue
Wilson Trollope
Tranquil Books & Coffee
xin chào các bạn, hiện tại, “bộ sưu tập” cà phê đen và cold brew mà cảm hứng lấy từ những tác phẩm của Edward Hopper mà Tranquil phát hành kỷ niệm nhân dịp này đã được restock với số lượng rất hạn chế và sẽ không được sản xuất trở lại. về hương vị và giá, hoàn toàn như các chai black coffee, cold brew và milky brew thông thường. mỗi tranh sẽ ứng với một vị cold brew mà hàng ngày mọi người vẫn uống: Black Coffee - Blue Night (1914) Original - Nighthawks (1942) Mandarin - New York Movie (1939) Earl Grey - Chop Suey (1929) Jasmine - Eleven A.M (1926) Apple - Cape Cod Evening (1939) Milky Brew - Automat (1927) (nếu không nhớ tranh, hãy google nhé, rất nhiều thứ thú vị) để mua và đặt hàng, xin mời mọi người ̂ ̣̂ ̛̣ ̂́ hoặc hotline . Mọi người nhớ yêu cầu cụ thể nhãn đặc biệt (phân biệt với nhãn bình thường mình vẫn sử dụng nhé). hình thức thanh toán: - Chuyển phí đến tài khoản: Techcombank - Chi nhánh Thăng Long Chủ tài khoản: Trần Thu Hiền Số tài khoản: 19123205315018 hoặc - Thanh toán COD khi ship hàng. P/S: nhìn cold brew loãng vậy thôi, nhưng mọi người hãy uống thật chậm để cảm nhận vị ngon của nó (đừng ực cái hết chai luôn nhé, 1 chai cứ nhấm nháp 15-20 phút trở lên nhé), và cũng đừng uống quá nhiều, ngày 1-2 chai thôi không cũng say ác đấy. #coldbrew #edwardhopper #tranquilcafe #bottle #love #fighting
[쏘나타 센슈어스 제목짓기 3차 이벤트 feat.에드워드 호퍼] 에드워드 호퍼의 작품을 모티브로 한 쏘나타 센슈어스 광고에 어울리는 제목을 지어주세요! 우수작으로 선정된 분들께 소정의 상품을 드립니다. Full 광고 보러가기 -> https://bit.ly/2Ugkc45 ㅤ ■ 응모방법 : 광고 이미지와 어울리는 제목을 지어 댓글로 응모 (게시물 좋아요&공유 / 페이지 팔로우하면 당첨확률 up!) ■ 응모기간 : 4/13(월) ~ 4/24(금) ■ 발표 : 4/27(월) ■ 경품 : 대상_하만카돈 인공지능 스피커 1명/ 우수상_메가박스 일반 관람권 10명 #쏘나타 #쏘나타센슈어스 #에드워드호퍼 #밤을지새우는사람들 #nighthawks #제목학원
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Origin Coffee Roasters
Origin De Waterkant and Bree street serve a delicious selection of treats daily. Indulge in cakes, cookies and other baked goods with your freshly poured cup of coffee. All of our baked goods are freshly baked in-house daily. Perfect for sit down or take away.
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Happy April! Spring is trying really hard to start but we do have some exciting news!! I would like to introduce the 2 new owners of The Crate Escape PBTO: Wendy and Tamara Nydam! My mother and I are over the moon excited to take on this new journey together and we hope to meet and exceed the excellent standards in customer service and pet care set out by our predecessor Charlotte. She will be greatly missed but we wish her all the best. Another new and exciting change will be to our website. I had hoped to have it up and running today but have hit a few snagges and am working feverishly to resolve them (when I'm not out walking and caring for our wonderful doggy clients of course). Thank you all for your continued interest in this wonderful little business of ours - Tamara
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This is your guide to understanding technical indicators for trading the stock market. Follow me as you learn how to use some of the most popular technical analysis strategies to help you make more educated, calculated and profitable trades. The indicators & overlays we will discuss in this course have been used by traders around the world to strategically analyze and trade the stock market for decades. These technical indicators have been proven to work for predicting stock price movement, direction and trends! What’s Inside: - Learn multiple types of stock indicators to use with candlestick charts, including trend, momentum, oscillators & more! - Improve your stock trading skills by learning how to recognize trend reversals, overbought & oversold levels, divergences, & more! - Implement proven stock trading methods such as the Moving Average and MACD crossover strategy! Technical Indicators Include: - MACD Indicator - Ease Of Movement - Mass Index - On Balance Volume - Stochastic Oscillator - Moving Averages - Bollinger Bands - RSI Indicator - And Tons More! Time To Take Action!
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Slika napravljena samo savijanjem i preklapanjem papira. Izvor fotografije: Amazing facts.
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Experience the high-flyin' energy of a pro snowboarder with Ryan Wachendorfer's Spotify playlist.
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Hello World! Kazakhstan’s 4th best journalist is back and here to save everyone from 2020. Watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, now streaming on Prime Video.
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Olá querido líder passando pra compartilhar com você mais essa super oportunidade para aprendermos juntos e claro crescermos de forma saudável e com muita qualidade! Clique aqui ➡ http://bit.ly/2YujrUW ⬅ e adquira o seu agora!
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