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Denis Cheung didn’t remember when he first started talking to his roommate and teammate, Alexis Dickson, in that peculiar meaningless, yet sometimes philosophical way before they both fell asleep. Almost everyone on the team, including the coach and assistant coaches, had reached the consensus that Denis had dragged down the IQ of the entire team. Even worse, it seemed that same trend gradually affected Alexis, their star player with arguably the highest IQ on the team. “Alexis, you have a really good memory. How did you manage to pass the examination after studying only a few hours? If I’d done that, the only thing waiting for me would have been a big fat ‘Fail.’ And then I wouldn’t be able to play basketball anymore!” Denis, lying on his bed, covered his head with his arms and kicked his feet to some internal rhythm while he spoke. Alexis, lying on the other bed, calmly looked over at the wobbly silhouette of Denis on the wall, “To be honest, sometimes I hate my great memory.” “Why? Do you really want to be me, with my three-second memory?” Their teammate, Barret, often scoffed that Denis never learned a lesson, no matter what it was. Barret also said that Denis’s memory was even worse than that of a fish, who could at least remember the span of the last seven seconds. “Because a perfect memory forces me to recall all the things related to him, again and again. I can never forget the curve of his back that showed when he jumped, his waist barely covered by a polo shirt, his expression, his eyelashes, his movement before shooting the ball. I can never forget anything that happened when he was playing, the twist of his waist, the bouncing basketball moving between his legs. I can recall the moment he joined the team. Over and over again in my mind. It’s even more terrible than a tangible brand on the skin.” Although Alexis’s voice was cold, Denis knew how fired up he could get when he was on the court. “That sounds... Kind of sad...” But why ‘he,’ not ‘she’? “And he never found out that I kept looking at him.” Denis froze. Dear God, his roommate, this superstar, had secretly fallen in love with someone! It seemed he had a crush on someone on the basketball team no less! Denis was taken aback by the news and sat up cross-legged immediately, “Alexis, I mean, the guy you’re talking about is our teammate, right? Is it Barret?” “Go to sleep, Denis.” “Hey, you can’t just hang a line out there and not expect me to bite! Can’t you just give me a name? I think it’s great.” “I’m serious. Go to sleep, we have an exercise in the morning.” “Please, tell me the answer or I’m going to be up all night thinking about it. It’s impossible to sleep with that sort of thing on my mind!” “Then you can think about it all you like. Thinking more is good for your IQ.” “Hey! You know my IQ won’t just improve overnight!” Denis jumped across to sit on Alexis’s bed and nudged his shoulder repeatedly, “Come on, you know I’m going to lose sleep if you don’t tell me!” “Whatever. You know, insomnia can make the process of calcium absorption less effective. You’ll be stunted like a dwarf.” Denis didn’t return to his bed but sat a moment looking at the back of Alexis’s head, chin in his hands. Looking at the way Alexis’s soft brown hair draped over the pillow, Denis felt as if someone was touching his heart. A long, silent pause. Alexis turned his head to see Denis still sitting beside him. “I lied to you,” he said flatly, “Don’t you understand?” Denis couldn’t manage any words. So, Alexis had just played him? Only someone like him could be so fussy. How could Alexis Dickson, ice-cold Alexis, secretly fall in love with someone? It was even crazier than the thought that Denis could grow to 6-foot-2! Denis couldn’t help but wonder how he had managed to get himself mixed up with this guy. After all, people like Alexis came from another world entirely! He thought back to the moment Alexis had come into his world like a comet – that sort of feeling just couldn’t be reproduced. Was he chasing it subconsciously? No! No, no, it couldn’t be. That was bullshit. Ever
Jim Sweitzer shared with us his unforgettable night while taking part in our worldwide campaign to observe Comet ATLAS: “My recent citizen science observing session of C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) was made especially memorable because my best friend from childhood joined me. He lives on the other side of Chicago, so I shared my eVscope screen via Zoom. That way he could see it from his easy chair. This was the first time I’d done screen sharing this way and it worked extremely well. While the view was being enhanced, he even followed along with an online star map and asked me at least a dozen questions. I was amazed at how excited he was to see the comet. I’d showed him a couple other deep sky objects before the comet which I thought were more astronomically important, but he was fixated on the comet and being able to participate in a real science investigation. I was happy too because it brought back fond memories of when we were young and imagined we were astronauts flying in space. That night I felt like I could take him there for real.”
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FREE! The Philadelphia Free Press writes "impossible to put down and filled with exciting action in an alien-filled galaxy that humans have just joined." Award winning author Craig DeLancey is giving away WELL OF FURIES, the first book in his seven-book Predator Space Chronicles. Science fiction readers around the world have joined the adventures, and you can get your ebook of WELL OF FURIES for free. Click GET OFFER to go to the ebookstore of your choice, where you can download the book in your preferred format for free! _______ Here's a peek at the opening pages of Well of Furies: PROLOGUE “You are human,” the Rinneret said, in poor Galactic. It waved ten of its arms, writhing. “So my mother told me,” answered Amir Tarkos in English. The Rinneret, Tarkos knew, would have no English language translation program available. Humans were just too new to interstellar civilization, and too primitive, to earn that kind of interest. Tarkos added in very precise Galactic, “You are very observant.” It was the closest he could come to sarcasm in the formal lingua franca of the Galaxy. The two of them stood on hard-packed sand, surrounded by black spires of rock. No other life graced the landscape but a few scraggly plants that crept like vines over the dry ground. The air was mostly nitrogen, with only a suffocated hint of oxygen, and even less of water. The sun above, Qualihout, glowed dimly through a thin layer of meager clouds. This planet, as yet named only Qualihout One, was a Neelee ecoforming project, in the very beginning stages of seeding. In high orbit overhead, Neelee robots crushed huge blocks off of a captured comet, readying boulders of ice to drop on the dry world. The planet had been evacuated in preparation for the bombardment, making it a good place to commit a crime. Tarkos wore a light spacesuit, but without the helmet. The spacesuit was far too large for him, and he wobbled and tottered around in it, arms held out to his sides. The Rinneret did not seem to notice the strange awkwardness of his motions. And why should it be able to tell? Tarkos was probably the first human it had seen in person and up close. A simple breather covered Tarkos’s mouth. He squinted at the blowing sand, blinking tears as the parched wind scoured his eyes. The Rinneret instead had scurried into their meeting place mostly naked, a single pipe feeding oxygen into its mouth from a pack on its long back. “Humans are a servant race,” the Rinneret said, seeming to hack and cough up each word. It resembled nothing of terrestrial origin so much as a centipede, three meters long, and with a carapace of dirty green. Its hard black eyes fixed Tarkos in severe inspection. “You were savages, without fire, twenty thousand years before this day.” Tarkos did the math in his head. Assuming the Rinneret meant twenty thousand Rinneret years, that would mean about thirty thousand Earth years. Tarkos discovered with disappointment that he couldn’t really say with confidence whether humanity had mastered fire, thirty thousand e-years before. So he settled for, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” “You are like a fungus, compared to us. Twenty thousand years ago, we had mastered fusion and interplanetary travel and the secrets of artificial minds.” “And look where that got you,” Tarkos said in English. “Exiled from Galactic Civilization, not a world of your own outside your home system, and about to get your chitin-covered ass busted by a savage human out of uniform.” But then he added, in Galactic, “The Rinneret are famous in the Galaxy for their… commercial activities.” The Rinneret waved its arms. Tarkos wished he could remember the complex emotion cues he’d seen described in the Rinneret Expressions! video he’d watched the night before, chin on his palm as he tried to stay awake. But really, every Rinneret expression looked to him like a centipede stretching its front legs. Time to get to work, Tarkos thought. “Do you have the material?” he asked. “Yes.” “I must examine a sample.” The Rinneret waved a single t
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EMPATHS & SENSITIVES, Did you know that (right now) the TAURIDS Meteor Shower is keeping us up at night? Fireballs from midnight to dawn, from a comet that broke up over 30,000 years ago are activating our higher consciousness... Add this to Mercury, Neptune, Chiron & Uranus all being in retrograde and you could be QUESTIONING everything and your future path. It's not just happening to you, but to all and with good cosmic reason. In Wednesday's Tip-Off, focus on what I've said about feeling 'under pressure' https://elizabethperu.com/the-tip-off Join our global community of light and you'll always know what's coming next for us, 7-days in advance
https://youtu.be/Ql6c7BXnMkg Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, Deputy Director for Cancer Epidemiology at Tata Memorial Centre recommends cancer patients to use online opinions on tmc.gov.in and not travel or visit hospitals unless there's an urgent emergency. Avoid infection, stay safe at home, and receive online guidance to care.
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W wakacje dzieci mogą beztrosko się bawić, ale rodzice muszą pamiętać, że szczególnie w gorące dni, ważne jest odpowiednie nawodnienie. Dzięki wodzie Żywiec Zdrój w butelkach z bohaterami bajki Kraina Lodu, picie wody to czysta zabawa. Do kupienia w sklepach Biedronka.
บ้านสวนและที่ดินทำเกษตร บรรยากาศดี ราคาถูกใจ ใกล้เมืองขอนแก่น อุดร โคราช
ขายบ้านพร้อมที่ดิน 278 ตารางวา หลังอนามัย ต.บ้านเม็ง ห่างจากโลตัส อ.หนองเรือ ขอนแก่น 3 กม. ราคา 1.75 ล้านบาท พิเศษ!!! ทำสัญญามัดจำก่อน 30 มิย. 63 เหลือเพียง 1.65ล้านบาท และฟรีค่าโอนและจดจำนอง พิกัด. 16°27'13.2"N 102°26'34.9"E https://goo.gl/maps/48bw8nTZnfk2ezLA8. สนใจติดต่อ 0991568882. #ขายบ้านหนองเรือ #ขายบ้าน #หนองเรือ #บ้านเม็ง
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ขับขี่ปลอดภัยในช่วงวันหยุดยาวเพื่อคนที่คุณรักและคนรอบตัวคุณ ด้วยความห่วงใยจากวอลโว่ Caring for the loves ones and people around you by driving safe during your long holidays. Volvo Cars Thailand
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Черкаcи - край вільних людей. Суверенітет для нас - найвища цінність! Сепарам тут не місце! Як всім вже стало відомо, - скоро почнуться парламентські «перегони». Цьогоріч вони будуть дуже жорстокі , бо ж всіляка мерзота а-ля «зажиття», «опоблоку», «нашого краю» та інші відверто проросійські сили рватимуться до влади. Хочу одразу звернутися до власників рекламних конструкцій, щоб у Черкасах і області ми не бачили їх пик на бордах, сітілайтах і будь яких рекламних носіях... оскільки такі речі сприйматимуться, як колабораціонізм, а на колабораціонізм відповідь від українського народу буде за усією суворістю військових часів.
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[ Build Ryzen 7 PC - Tặng Balo AMD ] Tặng ngay Balo AMD cho những khách hàng mua PC Ryzen 3700X. Chỉ với ... Bạn nhận được balo AMD khi mua cấu hình: CPU: AMD RYZEN 7 3700X MAIN: B450 TOMAHAWK MAX RAM: 16GB XLR8 BUS 2666 SSD: WD BLUE 250GB SATA 3 PSU: FSP HYDRO (K) 600W HSF: ID COOLING SE 214 RGB CASE: XIGMATEK ATHENA VGA: (Tùy chọn) Link Tham Khảo: https://bit.ly/2Vlmyiw ---------- Cấu hình chưa kèm VGA, anh có thể tùy chọn giữa 2 mã VGA 5600XT hoặc RTX 2060 Super để hoàn thiện cấu hình. Đảm bảo mức giá khuyến mãi siêu tốt. Đây là thời điểm tuyệt vời để mua một được ba, được cả sức mạnh, được cả giá tốt, được cả quà thơm. <3 (Lưu ý: Số lượng có hạn) ============= VI TINH NAM AN – HẬU MÃI TỐT NHẤT Tận Tâm – Tận Lực – Tận Nhà – Tận Nơi Showroom 1: 120B (Số mới 72 ) Nguyễn Tuân, Phường 3, Q.Gò Vấp, TP.HCM Showroom 2: Tại nhà khách hàng ☎️ 028.3.895.6882 – 0902.521.357 http://www.vitinhnaman.com/ #naman #Ryzen #Intel #haumaitotnhat #gamingpc #workstation
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3 เคล็ดลับทำออนไลน์ให้ได้ 100 ล้าน คอร์สสอนยิงแอด 69 บาท ‼️ ❣️สร้างเพจยังไงให้เป็นมืออาชีพ? ❣️เทคนิคง่ายๆที่ทำให้ยอดขายพุ่ง ✅เพจปังเริ่มยังไง ✅ยิงแอดจนตอบแชทกระจาย ✅เขียนคอนเท้นต์แบบเทพ ✅ทำได้จริงทำทันที ✅ออนไลน์คือคำตอบ คุณจะได้รับความรู้จาก วิธีการ ไม่ใช่จากวิชาการ ที่สอนจากประสบการณ์จริง บนโลกออนไลน์มากว่า 4 ปี ✍️เรียนสดๆผ่านโปรแกรมทางออนไลน์ ✔️ ไม่มีความรู้พื้นฐาน การทำออนไลน์ ✔️ ยิงแอดไม่เป็น....ยิงเป็นก็ไม่ปัง.... ✔️ มีคนทัก....แต่ปิดไม่ลง ✔️ นักธุรกิจรุ่นใหม่ ✔️ ผู้เริ่มต้นขายของออนไลน์ ✔️ แม่ค้าออนไลน์ ✔️ ผู้สนใจเรียนรู้ ‼️คำเตือน‼️ #ทำตามเทคนิคระวังขายดี หมดเวลาคิด..✔️ คอร์ส 69 บาท #ตอบจนมือชา พิมพ์ "สนใจ" ในคอมเมนต์ หรือ ทัก inbox ได้เลยค่า
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Üle 30 000 KSA Silmakeskuse kliendi naudivad suve prillivabalt! :) Kui unistad ka miinusprillidest vabanemisest, siis astu esimene samm prillivaba elu suunas NÜÜD. Tule superhinnaga Flow 2.0 silmauuringule. Ja võida 500€ Flow 2.0 laserprotseduuri kinkekaart! Vaata lähemalt ksa.ee/suursuvesoodus
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ONLINE obuke za najtraženija zanimanja danas. 50-60% popusta za sve prijave do 06.04. Izaberite kurs: Web developer PHP i Java programer QA tester knjigovođa HR asistent finansijski analitičar internet marketing menadžer copywriter grafički dizajner PPC oglašavanje... VAŽNO❗: Zbog aktuelne situacije, časovi se održavaju online putem Skajpa❗
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