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Ur Dresses my ladies! Available @ mainmall, first floor, Nigerian embassy building #ProudtomakeUbeautiful
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I have a confession to make. Fashion has always been my passion, but I put off launching my first collection for 30 years. From 5-years old, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I learned how to knit from young, and my Auntie was a tailor and taught me how to sew. But, my parents didn’t approve of me making clothes for a living. So I studied banking and finance instead and put my dream away. By 2014, I’m married with a beautiful family. I was the woman interviewing Nigerian celebrities as a radio host. I was the Chief-in-Editor of a fashion blog making 6-figures a-year. But deep down tired of denying my truth… My dream of being a fashion designer. Plus, it was never a dream, it felt like my real purpose. So, I decided to take a leap of faith. I took £5000k from my savings and created my first collection. Since launching my first collection, I went onto; ✅ Earn over 6-figures a year selling my dresses without a huge PR & advertising budget. ✅ Booked with high-paying customers from around the world ✅ Launched my second ready-to-wear collection with ease. (I already had a customer demand) ✅ Got featured in fashion publications like Vogue UK magazine, Elle, Grazia, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and many more... ✅ Showcased at many fashion shows, including London Fashion Week. ✅ Got to collaborate with other luxury brands such as Aston Martin. ✅Invited to attend Grammy parties, Emmys and major award shows to showcase my designs. ✅ Opportunities to design dresses for Beyonce, Halle Berry, The Kardashians and other Hollywood celebrities. My dream never went away, and something inside knew it was possible. But what if I had listened to my doubts? When you take a leap of faith, anything is possible. So now it’s your turn. I’m here to remind you that... ✨ You ARE capable and CAN make it happen. ✨ You have the determination. ✨ You have the talent. ✨ You have the desire. Don’t let fear stop you from living your fashionista dream. If you’re ready, I’m inviting you to join me for my Unstoppable Fashionista Masterclass. I’ll teach you my EXACT step-by-step strategy on how you can; ❤️ Create a distinguishable luxury fashion line that celebrities, stylists and high-paying customers CAN’T wait to buy! ❤️ Demystify how to get global exposure with top magazine and media outlets for your brand ❤️ How to stand out from the crowd and seen as a fashion-forward designer, the world will remember. You don’t have to pay either. Limited Places. Register here ➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/unstoppablefashionista Grab Your Seat Fashionistas!
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London crew! This week: Friday 19/4 @ Looking Glass Cocktail Club - Shoreditch Sunday 21/4 @ Dogstar Brixton . . . . Big Chill Brick Lane #disco #house #music #london
Kleuren op Nummer, tonnen pixelmodellen om in te kleuren. Geniet 5 minuten van dit kleurspel en je stress is weg!
Paola Maugeri | Diventiamo esseri umani di professione
Djamah Amèvi Médard
Sinh viên Đại Học Tôn Đức Thắng
BẠN ĐÃ SẴN SÀNG CHƯA Với màn hình led SIÊU TO KHỔNG LỒ và chương trình đồng diễn ca khúc KHÁT KHAO VIỆT NAM của hơn 7000 SINH VIÊN cùng các ca sĩ - Xác lập kỷ lục Việt Nam về màn trình diễn ca khúc có sự tham gia đông đảo sinh viên nhất. Chương trình Kỷ lục sinh viên đông nhất đồng diễn ca khúc Khát khao Việt Nam ủng hộ bóng đá Việt Nam và xem trực tiếp trận bóng đá chung kết Seagames 30. Thời gian tập luyện: 16h00 Thời gian ghi hình kỷ lục: 18h00 Thời gian xem bóng đá: 19h00 ❤️Trang phục: Áo thể dục trường TDTU Khi tham gia các bạn sẽ được ghi nhận điểm hoạt động theo quy chế nhà trường (là 03 hoạt động = 15đ) nếu tham gia đủ 03 thời gian trên. Được BTC phát băng đeo, sticker, nước uống từ nhà tài trợ Chỉ cần có mặt đúng 16h00 giờ tại sân vận động TDTU.
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Basha Best - باشا بيست
الساعة الذكية Smart Watch DZ09 فقط ب 10 دنانير ساعة وهاتف في آن واحد مع إمكانية إجراء واستقبال المكالمات و الرسائل القصيرة ✔️ امكانية وضع شريحة هاتف Sim Card ✔️ امكانية وضع كارت ميموري MicroSD ✔️ تتوفر على كاميرا لالتقاط الصوربجودة عالية ✔️ امكانيه ربطها بل هاتف عبر البلوتوث و العديد من المميزات الأخرى للطلب والحجز عن طريق زر الرساله يتم اضافه 3 دنانير أجور توصيل
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IBTM World 2020 - IBTM World
Good For Nothing Clothing - Mens and Womens British Clothing
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My Happy Manifesting
Go Escape!
Can't stop playing this game!
Zanimljivo ツ
Njen suprug je došao u operacionu salu kako bi je ohrabrio tokom porođaja. Izvor fotografije: @worthfeed/IG.
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Going Balls Deep
Qaveman - Natural Skincare for Men - Produced in Switzerland
Promotora inmobiliaria de obra nueva | Realia
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Análises e Ensaios Laboratoriais - Afinko
Desenvolvimento de matéria-prima com menor custo e melhor qualidade.
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E siman aki cumpra bo TV cu 0% down payment y shopping night te cu 8or di anochi. Probecha y cumpra sin swipe, sin cash!
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erlich textil | berührt dich.
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➡️10% OFF Use Code: BEARD10 Get a FREE Micro Fibre Beard Towel " i absolutely love the products. My beard has not itched since I started using the product. My beard has started to come in thicker since using the product. The scent is also amazing " Travis T. - (Verified Buyer)
עכשיו ב- LCDEAL יורש העצר החדש מבית סמסונג, מהרו והזמינו עכשיו Samsung Galaxy S10
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فى ساعات عادية وفى ساعات بيكيا المطبوعة .... - مطبوعة ؟!! ودة اية لازمتها يعنى ؟ -- اقولك انا يا سيدى .. تخيل لو تقدر تفكر حبيبك او صاحبك بيك كل ما يبص فى الساعة .. يعنى انت هتكون معاه ثانية بثانية . للاسف يعنى زطبعا مش شرط تفكره بيك ممكن تكتبله كلمة او تحط صورة تفرحة عشان تشجعه دايما - طيب واطلبها ازاى ؟ -- هقولك هتخش على بيكيا شوب وتطلبها منهم وهما هيردوا عليك بسرعة وكمان هتاخدها باحسن جودة وخش شوف باقى الهدايا عندهم ‍♂️‍♂️
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Save time ⏱ and headaches ‍ with Customerly! Within Customerly's mobile apps, you can be in touch with your customers wherever you are! Manage your customers needs with features like live chat and support tickets.
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Little Moon Book Company
Maiores informações através do 54 3066.7742 e 54 99131.2091.
日本藥妝激安殿堂 - DB Being 美逸社
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الكاتب ياسر عثمان
آوعى تسيبها تنام جواها وجع لأن عمرها ماهتنسى انها هانت عليك وهتفضل خايفة تهون عليك تانى