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We urge you to boost your immunity and take care of your body. Make sure the food you eat is clean and healthy. We suggest you try our NEW Raw honey with nuts and nigella seeds filled with immunity boosting qualities with our plain Greek-style yogurt.
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Chicken & Blues gives you Wings! *COMPETITION* Tag a friend that loves Wings and you'll have the chance to win a portion of 12 on your next order. The competition closes this Sunday evening and we'll announce the winners on here at 8pm! *ABOUT OUR NEW WINGS* After 7 years, and countless requests from C&B fans, we thought is was about time we launched some signature fried Wings on our menu. Never too late! We have dabbled over the years, but only wanted to add Wings to the official every-day C&B menu when we had developed something unique, that the whole team believed was worthy. Over the last 3 months, behind closed doors, the team have been researching, testing and developing a product that we are officially launching today, for collections and deliveries across Bournemouth and Poole. Huge shout-out to our food development chief, Glen Dillon-Lee, and his talented team, who have been trialling a multitude of recipes, coatings, flavours and styles of fried Wings made famous around the world, before landing on this exciting addition to C&B's menu. Mama's Secret Recipe Wings are marinaded over night, and coated by hand every day, before being fried, sauced and topped to order. There's 2 distinct flavour combinations for you, in portions of 6 or 12. Please note, we have a limited number of portions available each day due to the nature of the cooking process; Buffalo Hot Wings – Buffalo Hot Sauce, Nigella Seeds, Spring Onions, Sweet Chillis and Blue Cheese Dressing Smokey BBQ Wings – C&B Smokey Sauce, Spring Onions, Crispy Fried Onions and Honey Drizzle Learn more, and order today! > https://bit.ly/2BuEgJ5
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✨support your immune System✨ especially in epidemic days Black Seed Oil: Nigella Sativa: Haba sawda: Al-Baraka Seed Oil: ✅A Natural healthy product Rich in unsaturated amino acids, Nigellone, carotene, Thymoquinon, and a group of minerals. ✅supports body immunity system. ✅Supports Respiratory system and lungs functions ✅general body tonic. ✅It is beneficial in cases of respiratory problems ✅strengthens the body in General ✅Natural antioxidant. ✅Natural antihistamine داعم طبيعي للجهاز المناعي والتنفسي خاصة في موسم الشتاء وزمن الأوبئة. مقوي عام . زيت الحبة السوداء نيجيلا ساتيفا حبة البركة مُستحضر صحي طييعي، نقي وصافي يحتوي على النيجيللون والكاروتين والثيميكينون، ومجموعة من المعادن ومجموعة من الأحماض الأمينية، التي تدعم صحة الجهاز المناعي والتنفسي وصحة الرئتين ومكافحة أمراض الرشح والسُعال والزُكام،وأمراض الرئتين،ويقوي الجسم بشكل عام،ويساعد في مُقاومة الأمراض ومكافحة تشكل الجذور الحُرة. مقوي عام . ومُضاد أكسدة طبيعي.. ❇️What is the black seed? It is the product or seeds of an herbal perennial plant. It has been known to the Arabs as the benediction seed that is to say the seed bestowing benediction. it is scientific name in English is Nigella Sativa. ❇️The black seed oil throughout history: The black seed oil is a natural one rich in health promoting benefits to the body. It was known in the ancient and Modern Greek and German medical systems, in addition to the fact that it has been known in the ancient Egyptian medical practices. It has been also excavated in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Queen Cleopatra also has been known to use the black seed oil for its hygienic and esthetic benefits. Moreover, the Physician and scientist Avicenna has also indicated its importance in his famous medical book, the Canon in Medicine. Still, strongest indications of the black seed importance and medical benefits remain the prophet’s (MGPH) in his Hadith, many relaters, most important of whom are the Bukharan, Muslim and Ibn Majah: “The black seed cures every disease but death.” ❇️Black seed oil in Natural medicine: Natural medicine details that stable oils, extracted from the black seeds are oils quite rich in antioxidants and support the anti–inflammatory antihistamine activities and that the black seeds have effects reinforcing immunity and are used as one anti-cancer disease factors according to somato-studies. The black seed and its oil are prescribed for the respiratory problems, including asthma, allergy, cough, pulmonary oedemas, influenza, congestion, gastrointestinal disturbances, wind colic, colic, diarrhea, colic and piles (hemorrhoid). The oil is used to decrease hypertension, instigate the menstrual cycle and increase lactation. It is used topically in the inflammatory and dermal cases, headache, toothache, nose congestion and parasitic bacteria. (ref: Natural Medicine, Section I, P: 178 & 179), for more information, please, visit our website: (www.phenomenal.com.tr) ❇️Components and properties of the black seed oil: The black seed oil contains a large group of unsaturated amino acids like Linoleic acid and the phospholipid. The EFAs consists of alpha-linoleic acid (Omega 3) and Linoleic acid (Omega 4). It also contains the Nigellone, the protein, the arginine, the carotene; in it is also oil rich in alimentary value, some metals such as phosphorus, iron and some digestive enzymes. Modern researches have provided evidence that most diseases appear because of a functional defect in the immune system, shouldering the task of defending the body. The black seed contains a potential important in charging the ImmunoSystems of Man, once it has been taken for a while. That is because: The percentage of the unsaturated amino acids found in the black seed oil reach about 81 %, which a high one, where these acids merit important functions, transfigured in the following: 1-✅Supporting the body immunity and increasing capability to resist tensions. 2-✅Increasing the affectivity of fibrin and building the neurons’ fat. 3-✅Increasing spermatism, sperms activation, and sexual power. 4-✅Decreasing blood
SmarterCurcumin - Potency and Absorption in a SoftGel. The Most Active Form of Curcuminoid found in the Turmeric Root
Get Smarter about Aches and Pains Use Nature’s 5 Most Powerful Inflammation Fighters Learn More: https://smartercurcumin.com I’ll do a basic overview for you today, and then you can click the link to get more. As I mentioned earlier, with the onslaught of free radicals attacking our bodies every day, and the resulting oxidative damage they can cause leading to chronic inflammation in your body, you need all the antioxidant support you can get to neutralize those free radicals before they can do their damage. I understand that nobody wants to take more pills, but there are few 5 inflammation fighting herbs and other ingredients that I want you to know about. And if you can get a formula that combines all 5, then all the better! Now the good news is that if you’re following my anti-inflammatory diet, you should be already getting ample amounts of the key inflammation-fighting “antioxidant” vitamins like B, C, E and A. So you shouldn’t need additional “antioxidant” vitamin support from pills to help fight inflammation. The reality is I just don’t feel like you can get the full inflammation reducing support you need from just food in today’s world. So here are 5 supplements that provide enough inflammation-reducing horsepower to move the “net inflammatory load needle” enough to tip the scales of health back in your favor. The first is CURCUMIN: If you’re new to curcumin, it is the concentrated active ingredient inside in turmeric. It’s only about 2-3% of the turmeric root, but when formulated properly it can have an amazing effect in your body – a whopping 250 times more potent inflammation-fighter than Turmeric itself. Curcumin is really amazing stuff. Every once in a while a dietary ingredient is shown to have such a broad spectrum of beneficial effects in the body. In nutritional science it’s called pleiotropic, meaning it produces multiple health effects on biological systems in your body. Curcumin is pleiotropic, and is such a rare ingredient that even pharmaceutical drugs can claim anything close to what it can do. Part of the inflammation-fighting effect of curcumin comes from is its ability to inhibit key enzymes in the body known to promote inflammation in the body. Now when shopping for a curcumin, you want curcumin in its most active form of curcumin -called 95% tetra-hydro curcuminoids. which is already pre-converted to its most bioavailable form. This form goes to work in your body almost immediately. It’s kind of like when you juice something and break the fiber bonds, your body just absorbs it better and faster. The majority of curcumin on shelves however is not this active form, which means it can take hours to start working. And since Curcumin is “fat soluble” in the body, you need to make sure it comes in a healthy carrier oil. Now speaking of healthy oils, that brings us to the next inflammation-fighting ingredient I recommend and that’s Black Seed oil… BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL is extracted from the seeds of Nigella sativa, a plant native to southwest Asia Also known as black cumin seed oil, it is a powerful antioxidant and inflammation fighter and offers a range of health benefits supported by hundreds of studies. It’s great for your stomach as well. In fact, Hippocrates himself was said to have used black seed oil to improve digestion issues. The seeds are considered to be naturally carminative, which means they aid digestion and can help to decrease bloating, gas and stomach cramps. The next natural inflammation-fighting ingredient I like is GINGER ROOT. Ginger contains chemicals that help reduce inflammation, and it helps with digestion and reduces nausea too. Researchers believe the chemicals in ginger work in both the stomach and intestines, and in the brain and nervous system to tame the flames of inflammation. The next ingredient is called ASTRAGALUS , from the astragalus root. Its roots are in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it’s been used as an adaptogen for thousands of year, activating when you are under stress to help avoid inflammation. It is one of the most powerful immune-
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