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O lar dos seus sonhos já está em fase de acabamento e com data de entrega para maio de 2019. Aproveite as últimas unidades do ZNT Guaíra para conquistar seu apartamento ainda neste ano! Contato para venda e informações: (45) 99932-2772 | 3252-0179 http://www.zanetteengenharia.com.br/ #Zanette #Engenharia #Imoveis #Empreendimentos #Investimento #Sonhos
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What's The One Critical Fix That Most Entrepreneurs Seem To Forget About? When you hear the word entrepreneur. A lot of things may come to mind. Fame… Fortune… Success… These are but a handful of what most people think about. But, for me… I was an entrepreneur… And I couldn’t have been further from any of this. Let me paint the picture: I had a girlfriend… I had my own business... I was traveling the world…. Everything was picture perfect on the outside. But on the inside, I was slowly dying. I was easily agitated… I couldn’t really focus… And I was in a place where I was stuck doing the same thing day after day. All I could ever think about was “HOW” could my life have gotten to this place? Because not too long ago….. This was the life I couldn’t stop dreaming about. Like most entrepreneurs, I had reached the top of the mountain. I had made it, and I had staked my flag into the ground. But… Like most entrepreneurs… That was it! The glory. The hunt. The journey. ...was seemingly over. I felt as if all of a sudden, I had hit a wall. I “did it”… I had chased the dream, and I had caught it! Yet, even though I had attained it and I was doing well by all measures… I felt empty. I wasn’t passionate about my business. I wasn’t passionate about where my relationship was heading. I wasn't passionate about anything in my life really. To be honest… I didn’t like my life! Deep down inside, I knew I was settling. I was settling for average in my business. I was settling for average in my relationship And worse of all… I was paying for being average in my health. And it showed… I felt as if I was a shell of my former self. I didn't feel like a “Real Man” anymore. What bothered the most is that I didn't even know what to do or how to solve this. So, I tried everything! I would invest in the next business course or training to try to level up my business. But that never gave me the joy I was looking for. I was in and out of relationships, and of course, that never ended well, either. I tried hobbies… I burned through money on material things… Name it, I probably tried it! Yet, in the end… I just felt empty inside. There was this quote that I once heard that said… “At the end of the day, all that matters is what you think of yourself when no one is around.” And that’s the day, I realized something that hit home hard…. When no one was around… I WAS MISERABLE!!! And as I took a look around…. I realized I WASN’T the only one, either! What I noticed was that many guys, especially those in high positions and running their own companies, like myself. Many of us can feel like this, as when you’re on top, there’s not a lot of other places to go to... I also discovered that we don’t like to think about these problems we’re having, either... Because they can be painful… So, we tend to just brush them to the side and continue our mission. We keep pretending that these problems don't exist, even though it's continuously eating away at us every day. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that problems don’t just magically go away… Not being confident Being socially awkward (especially around women) Not getting the respect and admiration I thought I deserved Not being proud of my body And most of all… Not being the man I KNEW I could be… All these things were chipping away at me! And it wasn’t until I sat down with a friend, that I realized just how much my life bothered me the time… He was a buddy from back home, and he had everything I didn’t… -Massive amounts of confidence and self-esteem -A social chameleon who made everyone feel great -Lots of attention from attractive women -High-quality men who respected him -A hugely successful business he was passionate about -In the best shape of his life I wanted all of this because every time we would hang out, I couldn’t help but notice all these things about him. Anywhere we went, people were giving him ALL the attention He had such a commanding presence people couldn’t help but notice it. I think, though, what he made me realize (without even saying anythin
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Stay connected this summer and watch your favorite movies and shows on Huawei MediaPads. Enjoy our special deals while it lasts. دلل صيفك وأستمتع بمشاهدة افلامك وبرامجك المفضلة على أجهزة هواوى ميديا باد. أستفد من عروضنا المميزة السارية حتى نفاذ الكمية.
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Want to join a team with a proven business model for success? Check out what a Soccer Shots franchisee has to say about building a successful business in the youth sports industry. Ready to get in the game? Contact us today!
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XỊT Thơm body RSERIE hương hoa hồng Thái Lan Giá sỉ 70k chai . Xịt xong cứ thích hít hít cái mùi thơm này. Đảm bảo bạn nào dùng xịt thơm này thì đi đâu ai cũng thích ngồi gần thôi. Xuất xứ: Thái Lan Dung tích:75ml Xịt body Hoa hồng thái lan , Mùi thơm ngọt secxy luôn này!! XỊT BODY RSERIE Em nó đang rất hót ở thị trường Thái hiện nay, hiệu quả trong việc khử mùi, thơm như kiểu xịt nước hoa vậy đặc biệt trong việc tiết chế mồ hôi, giữ mùi cực kì tốt 1 ngày vẫn chưa hết mùi luôn đó các bác. EM BAO LÀ THƠM ,THƠM CỰC KÌ LUÔN Mùa hè nóng bức này mà k dùng thì thiếu tự tin lắm đấy ạ. ♥️♥️Ai muốn lúc nào cũng thơm tho mà k tốn nhiều thì về với đội của em nhé. Con gái có thể mặt chưa xinh nhưng chắc chắn phải thơm đúng không nào! HÀNG CHUẨN XÁCH TAY THÁI LAN CÓ SẴN
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