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Production Music Live - Ableton Templates Start To Finish Tutorials
Learn how to produce MELODIC TECHNO tracks step by step, from start to finish In this course you'll learn new & professional techniques which you can apply to your own productions right away! From building your basic arrangements till the final mixing and mastering process. You'll learn every step of the production. What you get ✓ A complete start-to-finish production course, watch all tutorials at your own pace, as many times as you want and then use the techniques for your own music. ✓ 35+ Studio sessions with Francois / PML ✓ 7h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access ✓ BONUS: Ableton Project File created in this course (using Ableton Live 9 Standard (or higher) + NI Massive) and all samples used are included as well. So let's get started! Get your special deal now https://www.productionmusiclive.com/collections/bestseller/products/melodic-techno-track-start-to-finish-ableton
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Ni la cuarentena, ni la mascarilla lo detendrá en esta nueva aventura.
Svet knjige - Pristopnica
Svet knjige - Pristopnica
Svet knjige - Pristopnica
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Want to take your print on demand shop to the next level? \ud83d\udc81\ud83c\udffc\u200d\u2640\ufe0f\n\nNew STRATEGIC DESIGN PROCESS that will skyrocket your sales. \ud83d\ude4c\ud83c\udffc \u2728\n\n(I’ve had a TON of success with these strategies! $90k in six months of 2020 kind of success to be exact!)\n\nIf you’d like to learn about it, I just released a BRAND-NEW book called \u26a1\ufe0fBlank to Bank\u26a1\ufe0f\n\nIn my book, I outline EXACTLY what I've been doing to grow my online print on demand shop into a booming business!\n\nI walk you through a “behind the scenes” of what I’m doing – and how you can do it, too! \n\nSo you could buy yourself a fancy coffee and a scone… OR you can take your $9.95 and learn all my print on demand success tips\ud83d\udcaf\n\nIf you want to do what you love full-time, then click this post to learn more on the next page!\n\nI can’t wait for you to start reading through "Blank to Bank" IMMEDIATELY... and begin learning and applying these super simple, but very effective, growth strategy!\n\nSee you there,\nBrittany
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I’ve done over 5,000 one-on-one coaching enrollment calls and developed a complete script and 7 part framework to enroll high paying clients.\n \nI call it the “Client Conversation” and the best part about it is it’s very natural. There’s nothing "salesey" or pushy about it.\n \nYou can check it out for free here: https://jamesmel.com/pt/client-conversation/training/\n \nInside, I outline my entire script and walk you through my proven framework.\n \nI break down exactly what to say, how to say it… and even when to say it…\n \nAlong with what questions to ask your prospect so they feel heard, understood and naturally want to enroll in your coaching package or product.\n \nIf you would like to get better at client conversations and learn how to enroll high paying clients in a very natural way…\n \nCheck out this free training video I put together now: https://jamesmel.com/pt/client-conversation/training/
#InstaCourseSales Masterclass: How I made over $25,000 in 1 month from my online courses using Instagram
"WHOA. I did it. My online course made $1 million this year.” \ud83d\ude36\n- Me, to myself in my apartment as I watched the payments come in, and my Stripe account jumped from $998k to $1M.\n\nI had accomplished exactly what I said I would. And when it happened, I didn’t throw a party, plan a parade, or alert the press (those things are coming though, don’t sleep! \ud83d\ude05)...\n\nI sat in my plastic, white IKEA chair, staring at my laptop, smiling and quietly repeating to myself “I did it... I freakin’ did it...”\n\nI texted my boo, bff, mom & sis... and continued about my business.\n\nDo you know what it feels like to SAY you’re gonna do something and actually DO it? It wasn’t about the $1M in revenue; it was the fact that I KEPT MY WORD TO MYSELF.\nDo you know the crazy things we can create in this world when we keep our word to ourselves? \ud83d\udc51\n\nThis trips me out because my online course made $85,000 in all of 2017.\n\ud83d\ude36\n\n2017: $85,000\n2018: $2,500,000\n2019: $4,000,000 and counting!\n\ud83d\udcaa\ud83c\udffe\n\nOnly a few people know what I’ve truly been up to inside my Course From Scratch program. I want to change that.\n\nI‘m going to help over 1,000 people launch their own online course profitably this year without the content or tech overwhelm that stops so many people.\n\nIf you haven't been to my FREE class yet to learn how I’ve grown my online course from zero to over $1M in just 2 years, register now!\n\nI’ll say it again—Do you know the crazy things we can create in this world when we KEEP OUR WORD TO OURSELVES? With me Let's goooo!\n\u2764\ufe0f\n\nP.S. I hope to see you on the Masterclass! Get registered!
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Bicicleta de Inicio | Fanga- Camicleta Madera Bicis Niños | San Isidro
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Telegram Messenger
Jeff Miller Marketing
"An Agency Without Clients Isn't A Business, Its An Expensive Hobby"\n\nHere’s a hard truth…\n\nNo matter how good you are at ads, funnels, bots, flows, automations, or emails.. if you don't have a client you don't have a business.\n\nWithout a client, you won't get paid.. And it doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how much you know...\n\nClients are always the MOST IMPORTANT part.\n\nIf you already run an agency and have 10-20 consistent clients...stop reading.\n\nIf you are under that #, keep going.\n\nBecause you are part of a small amount of people who would benefit tremendously from listening to my advice.\n\nThe people that listen and DO THE DOING part... those are the people that WIN.\n\nStill with me?\n\nCool...\n\nHere’s what’s inside:\n\n#1 - How to master the CALL FOR CLIENTS so you generate consistent interest from your future clients\n\n#2 - How to run risk free campaigns and get RESULTS fast\n\n#3 - How to use our scripts to get a RETAINER, RECOMMENDATION, or REFERRAL\n\nOh ya and do it all without any tech, automations, or even picking a niche.\n\nChances are you could land a client from the webinar alone.\n\nHere’s a quick disclaimer…\n\nThis is for people looking to grow their business. It's not for people who are easily scared, freak out, don't move forward, and are UNWILLING to bet on themselves.\n\nThere's nothing for sale, but I DO make an offer at the end (for those who want to).\n\nI understand that put some people on edge...\n\nStill here?\n\nGreat.\n\nThink it’s worth a watch?\n\nEven Better.\n\n“Learn More” to register and I’ll see ya on the other side
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Birch Tree
Maging handa sa bagong hamon ng buhay gaya ni Jericho Rosales! NEW Birch Tree Fortified Adult Boost ang may Immunity Support Nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc, at Iron na tulong sa Lakas-Depensa! With 3 balanced meals and a healthy lifestyle. C064P101320BS
Multilogin - Replace Multiple Computers With Virtual Browser Profiles - Multilogin
“I get a profit of around $50,000 by spending 1,000 euros on Multilogin for a month.” \n\nHere is a quote from Swikrit Malik, CEO of AdCeptive Media:\n\n“I recommend every affiliate who is in this conference or who is all over the world, to test, at least test Multilogin App over the RDPs and yeah. \n\nI definitely am sure it would 10x your business."\n\nCheck our pricing plans now, buy the one that fits your needs, and start boosting your affiliate business growth!
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In 2018 I did something that COMPLETELY changed the success of my business....I STOPPED trying to grow my email list and followers.⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nThere's so much info out there saying that the key to getting more clients and customers is to...⁣⁣⁣\n⁣\n...Pump out as much content as you can to grow your social to 10K+ followers ⁣⁣⁣\n...Create 10 free lead magnets to grow your email list⁣⁣⁣\n...Create new offers (hello ebook, 1:1, online course…)⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nAnd I couldn’t disagree more.⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nDoing that is just a recipe for burnout and overwhelm...for both you and your potential clients.⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nI used to believe I had to have a certain number of people on my email list and following me on social to get clients.⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nI spent 12+ hour workdays growing both, and sure, the "vanity" numbers grew to the thousands...but my business revenue did not.⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nI was burnt out and full of all the self doubt - I knew something I had to change. I got serious about my business and discovered how to bring in more clients in a way that feels good.⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nHi, I'm Natanya Bravo, Business Strategist and Coach to over 100 coaches worldwide who have used their passions to discover their purpose, and create a purpose driven business.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nI live in Paris and work from all over the world, host empowerment retreats...but my life wasn’t always this way.⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nI spent years feeling completely unfulfilled by my "successful" (by society's standards, yet I was miserable) brand marketing career, but overwhelm, fear, and lack of clarity used to stop me from creating a new reality.⁣⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nI felt like I was throwing spaghetti at a wall, trying any and everything with no results - launching a new website but struggling to get anyone that wasn’t related to me to look at it, trying out the latest social media growth hacks, everyone saying I had a “great idea” yet not a single soul buying. Sound familiar?⁣⁣⁣\n⁣⁣⁣\nOnce I tapped into a proven POV (point of value) strategy and ditched the overwhelm, my business grew. ⁣⁣⁣\n\nI’m hosting a
Akhirnya jumpa. Lama mencari Harga STICKER lebih flexible mengikut saiz, quantity dan jenis material sticker. Harga sticker anda fixed dan mahal? Apa kata anda CUBA harga sticker anda dgn DMP Sticker. RAMAI yg sgt berpuas hati selepas buat dgn DMP. . . Ramai yg lalui situasi macam ni? Dah tak perlu lagi stress2, DMP kan ada. Ramai yg jadi pelanggan gembira selepas buat sticker dgn DMP. Nak repeat order pun senang. Kami di DMP berpengalaman dalam menyediakan pelbagai jenis sticker terutamanya sticker produk dan sticker makanan. . . Anda semua khidmat sticker berpengalaman dan siap pantas? Hubungi kami segera. . . Anda nak dptkan sticker tu segera? Berminat nak buat sticker? Boleh tekan link direct Whatsapp dibawah: . . https://senang.la/nak/dmpsticker . . Atau boleh WhatsApp ke: +6016 914 6100
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«J'ai plus appris en une demi-heure que pendant mes 6 derniers mois de recherches personnelles"\n\nÉcoutez les avis laissés sur nos cours sur les médias, et découvrez les principes et les stratégies responsables de la conversion du trafic et des Funnels qui permettent à une simple start up de devenir un empire grâce au marketing...\n\nVoici ce que vous apprendrez dans l'atelier :\n\n- Comment affiner les paramètres pour débusquer les parfaits clients, peu importe où ils se cachent.\n\n- La Méthode d'annonces précise qui rend les publicités à haute conversion un jeu d'enfant.\n\n- "TheAdsMaster" rempli de techniques et de secrets détaillés révélant chaque étape de la conversion, du prospect froid à l'acheteur ardent.\n\n- Et possédez ainsi la stratégie «Ads Mastery» pour attirer rapidement de nouveaux clients sans webinaires ni funnels complexes !\n\nPlus 7 bonus sur comment développer les réseaux sociaux!\n\nInscrivez-vous à l'atelier de publicité dès maintenant!\n\n\ud83d\udc49 https://theadsmaster.com/f-ads-fr-vsl
Banco del Sol
Llegó el banco que va con vos. Abrí tu cuenta en 2 minutos y operá sin costos ni límites horarios. Conocé más.
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
Criseq krisberedskapsbutiken en prepping butik med överlevnadsutrustning
HPX with Brendon Burchard
I remember always hearing the phrase, "change your habits, change your life". But I wondered which habits matter most?\n\nI wanted success, and I wanted good relationships, and I wanted to feel healthy and strong, so I conducted the world's largest study of high performers. People who have achieved long term success while maintaining their relationships and well-being.\n\nThe study found that you can become extremely successful and maintain good health and great relationships. All you have to do is practice 6 habits.\n\nIf you're ever going to choose to develop the habits that help you become extraordinary...\n\nNOW IS YOUR TIME!\n\nIntroducing For a Limited Time Only...\n\nTHE HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEM\n\nLearn More: https://www.hpxlife.com/hps
Celer Internet
Celer Internet
Celer Internet
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Lead Funnels
\ud83d\udca5 Attracting Leads Is ESSENTIAL For Business Success... \ud83d\ude80\n\nBut how many entrepreneurs know how to effectively attract leads?\n\nWELL Now...there's no excuse with these 114 Actual Case Studies of the World’s Most Successful Lead Funnels!\n\nI scoured the internet to put this together for entrepreneurs because I knew how helpful it would be for those that:\n\ud83e\udd14Wondered which funnel to model for your business\n\n\ud83d\ude2b Struggled to build your audience\n\n\u270b Gotten stuck trying to come up with new ideas for opt-ins\n\n\ud83d\ude16 Tried to replicate some of the funnels we use at ClickFunnels\n\n\ud83d\ude29 Wanted to end the whole "lead capture" frustration once and for all\n\nGrab a copy of the Lead Funnels Swipe File book and learn how to attract leads for YOUR business this week!
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Free Training By Roota Mittal
Dear Moms,\n\nIs being independent and working for yourself something that you think about often?\n\nHow many times have you thought or silently wished for having a side gig to bring in a little cash for savings or to fulfill your family’s next money goal?\n\nAre you overwhelmed by the never-ending chores and running behind kids? \n\nI know it can be intimidating especially when you have no idea how to get started with your side hustle apart from being a full-time mom or want to restart your career after having a baby. \n\nBut once you hit the ground running, the influx of income and a sense of accomplishment is exhilarating. \n\nNow if you’re here because you’re ready to learn and invest your time, then grab your notepad and get comfy Mama! \n\nI will take you through my FREE workshop that teaches you lucrative digital marketing skills and how to work with premium clients from around the world.\n\nThis is a blueprint to successfully start your freelancer journey while being very much available for your family.\n\nOffering Digital Marketing services to business owners all across the world changed my life. And now it’s your showtime.\n\nWatch this free training of mine where I’ll break it all down! Register for my free workshop! \nhttps://www.learnwithroota.com/ \n\n\u2b50How learning to attract "Better Quality" Clients was a game-changer in my freelance business\n\u2b50How learning Facebook™ Ads, Instagram™ Marketing and Sales Funnels BLEW up my business\n\u2b50How to price the premium services\n\u2b50How to scale the freelancing efforts consistently\n\nRegister and watch the training now: https://www.learnwithroota.com/
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GAME CENTAR | prodaja igrica, super cene - PS4™ XBOX Switch | Game Centar igre
ReDragon proizvodi po super ceni! Svojim kvalitetom i izgledom ne zaostaju ni za daleko skupljim brendovima, a u Game Centru, dobijate i besplatnu dostavu za sve artikle skuplje od 2999 din! Poručite već danas!
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It's finally here for you! \ud83c\udf81\ud83c\udf81\ud83c\udf81\n\nCombine the best DIY routine and skin care products that will fit YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS. \n\nNow you can take our FREE Skin Care Analysis and get a customized skin care ritual based on your results. \ud83e\udd2f\n\nI created this FREE skin care analysis out of necessity. \n\nI wish there’d been something like this to show me EXACTLY how to treat my own PERSONAL skin type.\n\nI’m saving you from the struggle of hours on Google, searching through reviews of skin care products, or hundreds of dollars on skin care that doesn’t do what you expect.\n\nNow, all you have to do is complete a simple questionnaire to have a customized skin care ritual with top-rated products made for your skin care needs!\n\nThe best part is, your ritual is built on more than just your skin type. We will analyze your:\n\n\u2705 Lifestyle\n\u2705 Habits \n\u2705 Skin Concerns \n\u2705 Desired Results\n\n...and more! \n\nThen you’ll get a daily skin care ritual that will not just work for your skin but fit into your lifestyle too. \n\nClick on "Sign Up" to take my new Skin Care Analysis for FREE!
Programming Interview Questions + Help Getting Job Offers | Interview Cake
Scared of coding interviews? \n\nI figured this out while coaching my dear friend Alice through her job search... \n\nAlice had fallen on hard times. She was crashing on my couch.\n\nShe needed a new job, and wanted to shoot for her first real software engineering position...\n\nBut she had worries that she wasn't qualified. \n\nShe wasn't a computer science major in college. And she was weak on data structures and algorithms.\n\nLong story short, with some focused practice we got her really good at coding interviews... \n\nShe landed a job at Facebook. \n\nShe went from crashing on my couch to making more money than I was!\n\nIn running through practice problems with Alice, I had a realization..\n\nThe hard part of coding interviews is having that breakthrough "Aha!" moment.\n\nNow, you might think that these “Aha” moments only happen for the programming whiz kids.. \n\nYou know the type. They've been coding since they were 12. They're crazy fast. They seem to pick up new things instantly, without even trying.\n\nFortunately, ANYONE can learn how to have those “aha” moments. \n\nThe secret to those "Aha" moments? \n\nThey always come from applying a simple algorithmic pattern...\n\nWhat's an "algorithmic pattern"? They take on a few different forms. But there are only so many of them. Some examples:\n • Go bottom-up instead of top-down.\n • Cut the problem in half and solve each half.\n • Use a stack.\n\nIf you can learn the patterns, you can beat the coding interview.\n\nWhich is why I put together a free 7 day email crash course on coding interviews.\n\nOver the course of 7 days, with one email a day, I’ll teach you: \n • Patterns for breaking down questions you haven't seen before \n • A non-obvious trick for getting good at coding interviews FASTER\n • How you should really be preparing for your interview\n \nAnd of course, how to land your dream programming job :)\n\nThis is the exact same course thousands of engineers have used to land new jobs at tech giants like Google and Amazo
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Change.org · The world’s platform for change
Change.org · The world’s platform for change