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My FREE, Interactive Beginner Piano Camp for Kids is now enrolling! Would you like your child to have something creative to do with other kids each day, where he or she will be challenged, work hard, have fun, and have something new to be proud of? Whether you have a piano, a keyboard, or even just a piano app on a phone or tablet, your kids can start playing real songs THIS WEEK with me and my group of students! I'm Zach Tolan, and I've been designing online music programs for Hamilton and Niles Community Schools in West Michigan since 2018. I've helped 100's of kids start growing a love for music with my live, interactive, virtual courses. Now I'm offering FREE Kids Piano Camps featuring the music notation I invented to help beginners play the songs they love faster and easier, so we can skip the frustration of reading standard notation and actually have FUN playing music! I believe the #1 reason so many kids give up on music is just because reading classical notation is HARD! Staffs, clefs, time signatures, key signatures, notes, rhythms, and accidentals are an efficient system for composers, but were NOT designed for young kids, whose minds have smaller limits on how much information they can process at once. Standard music requires 7 different layers on-the-fly decoding to make a normal song sound right… that’s why beginner music has to be so simple, plain, and boring, and why it takes so many years to play the kind of music they truly dream of playing. Most don’t make it that long! Kids want FUN! They want Star Wars, and Frozen, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and Minecraft, and rock, and pop, and other modern hits from the media they already know and love. And when they can actually learn the music they love, and it’s taught interactively, with other real kids, and they feel confident that they'll succeed because it's actually easy to read, it completely transforms their experience. Music class becomes something they look forward to, and playing music for their friends and family becomes something they become proud of. So I invite you to click the link below to join one of my completely FREE, interactive Summer Piano Camps for Kids, where you'll also have the chance to join my private Facebook group, which has even more free printable beginner's sheet music that's so intuitive and easy to understand that most people are able to start playing real songs before class even starts. Playfully yours, Mr. Zach :) https://www.exact-notes.com/FREE-beginner-piano-camp
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Key West Ford with sponsor support from Galactic Entertainment, Starlight Casino and 24-7 Security Present: The New Westminister Pop-Up Drive in Movie Theatre! This FREE drive in movie will show Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Casino Royale, Madagascar, Despicable Me, and the Hunger Games.
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Put your face in the best movies of all time! All you need is a Selfie! Have fun with more than 50 clips: Ironman Rambo Scarface Spiderman Games Wolverine Venom Rocky Superman Tomb Raider Child's Play Wonder Woman Back to the Future Ronaldo RoboCop Baywatch Avengers Black Panther Twilight Guardians of the Galaxy Suicide Squad Edward Scissorhands Moana Star Wars Ghostbusters Thor Justice League Bruce Lee Supergirl Pulp Fiction Captain America Beauty and the Beast The Mummy The Presidents Uncharted The Fast and the Furious Jackie Chan Pirates of the Caribbean Aladdin ...and many more! Can't find your favorite actor or movie? Don't worry: we constantly add new clips! Take a Selfie. Choose a movie. Share the fun.
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Flower Festival symbolizes renewal, hope and transformation. It’s the magic of these three elements that sets the tone for welcoming spring. The kind of magic that runs through several municipalities of the Madeira archipelago and leaves no one indifferent to the bold decorations that reveal authentic works of art full of flowers. The Flower Allegorical Parade is the highlight of this celebration that pays tribute to the purest and most graceful beauty, even though it may take very different forms. Come and enjoy the magic of our spring!!
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On April 27, 2018 I released my first full length album. I am excited to announce that in honor of the one year anniversary I will be releasing a Deluxe version of my debut album on April 26th, 2019. So many amazing producers made incredible remixes for this project. The first reimagined song is RAC's remix of 'Sleepy Eyes'.
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