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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
A Bit of the Ultraviolence
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
Riot Fest
ON SALE NOW. The Riot Fest Halloween Special: Two nights featuring live performances from New Found Glory, Knuckle Puck, and Hot Mulligan, with movie screenings, costume contests, and more! Oct. 30 & 31 at Chicago Drive-In. Get your tickets here: http://ow.ly/MkYX50BFnLI
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Are you a course seller or aspiring course seller struggling to get students? Or maybe you’re getting a trickle of students, but deep down you know you’re “scraping the barrel” on social media. Here’s some sobering insight: Hi my name is Sam Ovens, and I’m a course seller who currently makes more than 1m/mo and who has made more than 30m since starting my journey 7-years ago. When I look at the course marketplace today, I see these 3 problems that are widespread and terrorizing most course sellers: 1) Lack Of Laser-Focused Messaging — Most course sellers, coaches, or consultants haven't refined what they do to a fine science, and as a result, they cannot communicate with impeccable precision to someone the value of what they do. Typically, what they say is a mashup of “I help someone get some flimsy outcome that they don’t even want that badly, because I haven't done live market testing yet since I'm secretly afraid and too lazy to record notes on each chat conversation”. Part of this reason their message doesn't resonate and it falls on deaf ears is because they don’t have their ideal customer avatar laser-focused and defined. They are trying to sell to everyone, instead of building a "mini-monopoly" for themselves using laser-like focus and hyper-niching to escape competition and comparison. 2) No reliable method to predictably generate interest, appointments, and students — Most course sellers operate using strategy riskier than jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. They can’t predictably generate appointments on-demand from social media for free. And, if they’ve toyed with ads, they get shut down quickly because they don’t understand the subtle nuances of how to write compliant ads that also resonate deep in the bones of the market, and spark an Amazon river-like flood of appointments and students as a direct result. Knowing how to build ads that spark electric-like resonance with your hyper-niche and are compliant to boot is absolutely critical in today's market. 3) No reliable way to turn appointments into students — If they do get 5-10 calls on the calendar in a month through random acts of social posts and awkward DMing, they don’t know how to systemically guide the prospect through the process of determining the best plan of action for them, and explaining how their course solves their problems. Ultimately, they don't know how to articulate to the prospect how the value of their course is greater than the price, using the variables of time, return-on-investment, and cost of inaction. The result is that prospects constantly say "let me think about it", and then ghost you like a year-round Halloween Nightmare. You fix this by having explaining outcomes, not features, and by scientifically testing your sales language and script, repeatedly, until it works like a well-oiled machine. You also need to be able to pinpoint exactly where, how, and why key areas of appointments are failing, so you can permanently fix the root causes of painful sales call mistakes. If you want to make serious bank and change lives with your course or online training program, you must build yourself a mini-monopoly using laser-like focus, hyper-niching, message resonance, and scientific selling. Are you making any of these mistakes? The truth is if you are, your company is on life support and has 6-months or less left to live. It’s a brave new world and only those who relentlessly adapt will survive. Sloppy players will be taken out in the night by Darwinian evolution, and your potential students will be scooped up by your competitors using these insights. For those who don’t change their ways, they will be wiped out. However, for those hungry to be on the winning side of this trade, I’ve got good news. I just put together a free movie that shows you exactly how I built my business from scratch, scaled it to 1m/mo, and made Forbes 30 Under 30 in 7-years flat. Here’s what you’ll discover: 1) Focus -- say no to everything but asymmetry 2) Throughput - global metrics are all that count 3)
The Hoffman Squadron- America's 1st Military Quintuplets Plus 2
Happy Halloween from the Hoffman family and Grandma! Pictured is: Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, a snowflake, Elsa, Anna, another snowflake, Sven’s cousin, and a Mom who’s learned to, “let it go” as she finds herself again while managing it all. The quintuplets and Gideon can’t wait for the new Disney Frozen movie!
Bác sỹ da liễu chia sẻ bí quyết làm đẹp
1️⃣ HÉ LỘ BÍ QUYẾT XÓA NÁM - ĐÁNH BAY TÀN NHANG ĐANG LÀM XÔN SAO CHỊ EM ĐẦU XUÂN 2020 ĐỘT PHÁ công nghệ siêu hấp thụ "DƯỠNG CHẤT"hiệu quả "XÓA NÁM - TÀN NHANG" chỉ sau 28 ngày. Theo BS.Nguyễn Duy Hưng đây là điểm khác biệt chỉ duy nhất GLUWHITE độc quyền sở hữu. ✔️chiết xuất từ "GLUTATHIONE" dạng sủi hấp thụ gấp 5 lần viên nén, siêu thẩm thấu ngăn chặn đen, nám, lão hoá từ cấp độ tế bào ✔️Bộ ba "Bảo bối Dưỡng chất" làm trắng da, căng mịn: Cao nho đỏ, Cao dương xỉ, Collagen ✔️1 viên sủi bằng 800 lần đắp mặt nạ, gấp 5 lần Collagen thông thường. ✔️Tiết kiệm gấp 20 - 50 lần các giải pháp tắm trắng, lazer, spa ------------------------------------------------------------- ***GLUWHITE HIỆU QUẢ ĐƯỢC MINH CHỨNG BỞI HƠN +812.000 CHỊ EM ĐÃ TIN DÙNG 1️⃣ Dưỡng da trắng mịn, căng mướt như da em bé với viên sủi hấp thu nhanh gấp 70 lần 2️⃣ Xoá sạch nám sạm, tàn nhang từ sâu bên trong, không tái phát 3️⃣ Duy trì làn da luôn tươi trẻ, khỏe mạnh, đàn hồi 4️⃣ Công nghệ sản xuất chuẩn GMP, được Bộ Y Tế chứng nhận an toàn. =>CHIẾM TRỌN NIỀM TIN CỦA NHỮNG NHÀ CHUYÊN MÔN KHÓ TÍNH NHẤT: Phó GS, Tiến sĩ, Bs.Nguyễn Duy Hưng -Thư ký hội D.a liễu Việt Nam Bs. Nguyễn Hồng Hải - Nguyên Phó giám đốc BV Y cổ truyền Hòa Bình Á hậu Việt Nam Dương Tú Anh, diễn viên Quỳnh Búp Bê, diễn viên Trà Tiểu Tam VIÊN SỦI GLUWHITE XÓA NÁM TÀN NHANG SAU 28 NGÀY - CÔNG THỨC LÀM ĐẸP AN TOÀN - SỰ LỰA CHỌN SÁNG SUỐT CỦA CHỊ EM CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN NORI ORGANIC ☎ Hotline: 0965 312 799 -------------------------------------------- ĐẶC BIỆT NHẬN NGAY ƯU ĐÃI ĐẶC BIỆT GIẢM ĐẾN 50% KHI ĐĂNG KÝ TẠI: http://bit.ly/32o94EQ Bấm ngay TÌM HIỂU THÊM để xem bí quyết của các chuyên gia ⬇️
Our United Front
Women in LGBTQ communities may have lower breast screening rates. Join our united front against breast cancer and get screened every two years.
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Polis Paintball Place
Da ist sie: Die neue Spielfläche der Saison 2019!!! #geilezeit #polispaintballplace #paintballbadliebenzell #badliebenzell #polarion
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プレサンス住販 | 新築マンション・分譲マンション「プレサンス ロジェ」ブランド
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이제 50대도 가격 거품 없는 노안 교정이 가능해졌습니다!
Dreister | Dreister - Das Spiel für einen lustigen Abend mit deinen Freunden
Get your hands on the newest models of mobile phones at Gadgetaffair! With popular brands including Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and more, be sure to find the perfect model that best fits you Shop on Shopee now
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Стартираме новия сезон, а с него и нашите партньори продължават играта на #efbetЛига. Всеки заложил на мач от първенството в права колонка, автоматично участва след всеки кръг за 3х500 лв.! Тръпката е навсякъде! #efbetЛига #Бонус3х500лв
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⁣ ⁣SALE TỪNG BỪNG - MỪNG ĐẠI LỄ ⁣ Chỉ từ # / BỘ ⬇ Giảm thêm #70K + #Free_ship tại Shopee cick vào link bên dưới ⬇ https://shopee.vn/cocobikini.vn Bộ Kate Thái chỉ #59k (giá gốc 1̶0̶0̶k̶) Bộ Lụa chỉ #129k (giá gốc 1̶8̶0̶k̶) Bộ Cotton cao cấp chỉ #149k (giá gốc 2̶0̶0̶k̶) ⚡ Vô vàn hàng mới về siêu xinh GIÁ SHOCK nhất năm cùng hàng ngàn Chương Trình Khuyến Mãi siêu KHỦNG khi nàng follow và đặt hàng tại Shopee của COCO nữa đó!! ⚡ Ghé COCO "rước" các em nó ngay thui nào các nàng ơiiiii!! ---------------- ̣̂ ̂́ ̛̉ ̀ : 42 Chùa Bộc - HN 287 Cầu Giấy - HN ⏰ Open: 8h30 - 22h30 ☎ Zalo bán buôn: 0971.95.3333 ☎ Zalo bán buôn trên 1000 bộ: 0888.666.666 ☎ Hotline Giải Quyết Đơn Hàng: 0967.28.4444 ☎ Phản ánh chất lượng dịch vụ: 0838.33.7777 Instagram: @bikini_coco @coco.pijama
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Use Sanlam’s Cashback benefit to help pay for your child’s education.
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