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Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
Home - Idaho Republican Party
Home - Idaho Republican Party
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On this day in 1936, Adolf Hitler must have been supremely satisfied when the Olympic flame flared out from the tower above Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria. The Nazis managed to persuade the world that, in spite of the 1935 Nuremberg laws ‘for the protection of German blood’, Hitler’s Germany was capable of organizing a sporting event, respecting all nations and races. How did they do it?
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Another party animal of the 7éme arrondissement. This time the extravagant Étienne de Beaumont who entertained the high society of Paris and the most influential avant-garde artists of the 1910's, 20's and 30's in his Hôtel Masseran, 11 rue Masseran, 2 rue Duroc. He always outdid his guests, and even his own wife Edith, with hilarious dresses he designed for himself. These were getups that would put Lady Gaga to shame. For some parties, he changed costumes up to four times; once he left the room and came back dressed up as a cupid in pink leotards shooting fake arrows to his guests. The themed affairs were planned to the last detail. Even the grand entrances of the guests were highly choreographed and rehearsed. The gatherings have made it to art history books as a form of multidisciplinary performance art. Satie, Cocteau, Chanel, Picasso, Braque, Man Ray, the Hugos, and many other avant-garde stars contributed his talent and well-humor. Who was and, most importantly, who wasn’t invited to the balls was of major concern to Le Tout-Paris. One time, Coco Channel, after consulting in the preparations for a party, she ended up NOT being invited. Together with her best friend Misia, her husband the Spanish painter Josep Maria Sert and Pablo Picasso, Chanel boycotted the event by standing outside the mansion seeing the guests make their entrances. For the first of his balls after First World War the guests could leave exposed whatever part of their body they found most interesting. Once Lucien Daudet dressed as the “Spectre de la Rose” inspired by the romantic ballet about a debutante who dreams of dancing with the spirit of a rose. The guests plucked the rose petals sewn on his tights until by the end of the night he ended, surprise, stark naked. The New Year’s Eve Party of 1921 included a guest that stole the show, Marcel Proust, in what was to become his last major public appearance before his death the next year. Celeste, his maid, called ten times to make sure there were no drafts and the tea would be prepared properly. Once he appeared, he looked puffy and unwell. He only talked to the aristocrats in the ballroom, seemingly gathering material for his last volume. He also talked briefly to the “admirable Picasso”. The 1923 Louis XIV Ball is one of the most famous. Jean Hugo, known for his traditional masculine manners, dressed as Herodias, the mother of Salome, fluttering his grandmother’s fan, while the Prince of Chimay showcased proudly his legs in the role of daughter. The creative team behind Diaghelev’s iconic ballet Parade was reunited that night for an original commission: “La statue retrouvée” with music by Satie, libretto by Cocteau, choreography by Massine and costumes by Picasso who also painted the panel “The three graces”. The dance was performed by Olga Picasso and the fashionista Daisy Fellowes, niece of Winnie de Polignac, and also heir to the Singer sewing machine. Beaumont's name was not untarnished by the end of the Nazi Occupation. (This is an aspect of his biography that I'm currently researching) He passed away in 1956. The Hôtel Masseran was sold, then, to the Baron Élie de Rothschild.
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نواصل العمل لتذويت مبدأ الشفافية نجحنا مؤخرًا في التماسات قُدمت ضد مجموعة السلطات المحلية، طالبنا من خلالها بتطبيق القوانين المتعلقة بإقامة مواقع انترنت وتزويدها بمواد ومستندات لخدمة الجمهور. السلطات المحليّة هي: مجلس يانوح جت المحلي، مجلس بستان المرج الإقليمي، مجلس طوبا الزنغرية المحلي، مجلس يافة الناصرة المحلي، مجلس شبلي ام الغنم المحلي، مجلس المزرعة المحلي، مجلس عرعرة المحلي، مجلس بسمة طبعون المحلي، مجلس معليا المحلي، مجلس الفرديس المحلي، مجلس الرامة المحلي وبلدية قلنسوة. المعلومات ملك الجمهور والسلطات المحليّة مؤتمنه عليها لصالح الجمهور ومن أجل خدمته. ارتفاع منسوب الشفافية يحد من إمكانيات الفساد ويضمن للجمهور فرصة حقيقية لمراقبة عمل الموظفين ومنتخبي الجمهور.
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