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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
The John Parkins Society
Available now: The Healing Spirits by Charubel : A Practical Manual of Herbs & Plants & the Spirits that Inhabit Them, with the powers of Trees, minerals and precious stones. 360 pages . Complete with engraved illustrations of the plants, their spirit sigils derived from psychic and magical virtues, details of the uses of trees and precious stones, also an extensive list of conditions and maladies and the especial cures for them. To order : https://johnparkinssociety.org.uk/shop/ Three beautiful limited editions - 36 copies - Deluxe full Lincoln green sheepskin with black ‘Bible paper’ ends, black and gold headbands 78 copies - Quarter binding in Lincoln green sheepskin with cloth sides, black ‘Bible paper’ ends, black and gold headbands 200 copies - Hardback bound in green toadskin textured Malory bookcloth CHARUBEL (the Welsh astrologer John Thomas 1826 - 1908) remains one of the most enigmatic connections between the witches and cunning men of the last two centuries and the astrologer-magicians of the 19th century Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its dependent traditions into the current day. Born in Cwmbau, Caerinion Castle, Montgomery Wales on the 9th November 1826, Charubel went on to become a famous healer and mystic whose students and devoted followers came from all around the world to benefit from his vast store of esoteric knowledge. Rooted in the ancient herbalist traditions of the Welsh countryside, CHARUBEL went on to master hypnotism, mesmerism, astrology, the art of talismans and psychic healing. The book we present to the world in its first complete facsimile edition is particularly important as it combines both a knowledge of the delicate healing plants and the active spirits that inhabit them. Sacred names with angelic properties are ascribed to each common herb, binding the worlds of the divine healing powers in the auric field of the healer with the physical properties of the plants themselves. Charubels work (originally appearing as a serial in the magazine ‘The Psychic Mirror’ titled ‘On The Psychology of Botany’) here connects the traditional herbalists work with that of the distant psychic healer and angelic or spirit work of the medieval grimoires. Each especial plant is given a unique sigil drawn from Charubels extensive knowledge of cunning tradition coupled with personal psychic work over more than sixty years of deep exploration. The sacred or angelic names connected to them link with the harmonic chords of the planetary and zodiacal system he expounded in his magical and occult treatise: ‘On the Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolised’ which creates psychic figures or ‘telesmata’ for each of the 360 degrees of the full astrological circle. The operator or medium is contacted with the divine powers of the heavens in their true sacred forms, from the highest powers down to the flowers of the field and herbs of the healers garden. Charubel was a firm believer in the divinity of the spirit world, a man living in the same universe as Swedenborg, William Oxley and the poet William Blake, Charubel occupied his days in psychic communications, the drawing of horoscopes, healing at a distance and by use of talismans. Leading a simple life, never much concerned with money, Charubel dealt out his prescriptions and remedies for everything from common rheumatism to the banishing of elemental spirits, ‘submundanes’, a process in which he was particularly gifted. As well as being a renowned country cunning man, Charubel was also the founder of a focused occult group known as ‘The Celestial Brotherhood’ which existed quietly under the more public name of ‘The British and Foreign Occult Society’. Charubel was the head of this esoteric order and the father of a brotherhood that extended in a mystical sense to everybody on earth. He was personally gifted with a precise and rich knowledge of the spirits of the nature in our planet. All the sacred names and their hidden forces were believed to be known by him. The famous astrologer Alan Leo became a member of this society and adopted the name ‘Agorel’. Eac
If you like the color pink, April is your month! The Asiatic apple tree woods in north China's Shanxi Province are a dreamland for all pink lovers: check out the gallery and soak in the sweet, fragrant pink! The Asiatic apple is a species of crabapple that is endemic to China. It is also known by the common names Chinese crab or Chinese flowering apple. It grows in provinces including Hebei, Liaoning, Zhejiang and Sichuan. During April and May, Asiatic apple trees will bloom with pink flowers, and produce apple-like fruits with a sweet-and-sour taste during August and September.❤️❤️❤️
Aranguez Nurseries Plant Shop
SEEDS Grow your own!! $18.00EACH (Click 'See More' Below for all info) ⬇️Seed names listed Below ⬇️ VEGES and HERBS •Beetroot - Detroit Dark Red •Swiss Chard - Bright lights and Fordhook Giant •Arugula -Sweet Rocket •Fine Thyme •Sweet Melon -Hales Beat •Watermelon- Crimson Sweet •Watermelon - All Sweet •Watermelon - Sugar Baby •Tomato - Money Maker •Tomato - Rio Grande •Tomato - Roma •Tomato - Cheery Little Wonder •Kale - Choumoellier •Cabbage - Drumhead •Cabbage - Copenhagen Market •Chinese Cabbage - Granat •Carrot - Mixed colours • Carrot - Chantenay Karoo •Carrot - Nantes •Squash - Hybrid Star 8021 •Cucumber - Ashley • Onion - Red Creole •Onion - Caledon Globe •Lettuce - Commander •Lettuce - Baby Leaf Mix •Lettuce - Great Lakes •Chili Hot Pepper -Tracer •Cayenne Hot Pepper-Long Slim •Bush Beans - Contender •Corn Zama Star - Assegai •Ochro -Clemson Spineless •Eggplant -Black Beauty •Garden Mix Herbs •Coriander - American Long •Chives -Garlic & Onion •Parsley-Moss Curled & Plain Flat Leaf •Mustard Spinach -Floroda Broadleaf •Basil •Oregano FLOWERS⚘ •Marigolds- Dwarf Double Mix, Eskimo Cream, Lemon Drop Yellow •Sunflowers- Music Box •Sweet Pea -Multiflora •Zinnia - Giant Dahlia Mixed colours •Zinnias -Dwarf Lilliput and Peppermint Stick •Antirrhinum-Tip Top •Dianthus - Double Mix and Unwins Dwarf •Cosmos - Sea Shells •Carnations - Giant Chaubaud •Aster -Powder Puffs •Helichrysum-Double Fowers •Impatiens- Tiny Tots •Verbena -Mammoth ==> LIKE PAGE for more updates and DEALS! We also carry a range of herb plants for $6.00 (See Culinary Herbs & Vegetable Seedlings Album in Photos) **We do not Deliver** ↘️↖️LOCATION↗️↘️ We're located on the westbound lane of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, BEFORE the Aranguez Overpass. It's the First Plantshop on the left, with parking behind the barriers of the highway. Call us at 645-6584 OPENING HOURS Monday - Saturday 8:30AM-5PM CLOSED ON SUNDAYS
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Mother's Day is 22 March Flowers are lame! Surprise her with a meaningful necklace with the names of your kids
Happy Sailor Tattoo Tonga
COLOURFUL SWEET PEA FLOWER WITH NAMES by JAMES: Our lovely friend Sally Castro wanted to have a tattoo that reminded her of the lovely Sweet Pea flowers which grew in the gardens in her childhood: And to add the names of her children Avielle and Asher along the stem. James designed this perfect tattoo with soft lines and colours, keeping it feminine and beautiful - just like Sally! After two years here with her husband Dean, who's with NZ Police, what a perfect end to her stay to get a tattoo which will always not just remind her of family and childhood but of Tonga too. Thank you so much Sally for choosing James at Happy Sailor and for all you've done in your time here, rescuing and caring for animals and helping with kids at school. You'll be missed! #sweetpea #tattootonga #happysailortattoo #tongatattoostudio #flowertattoo #tonga
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We’re on the last leg of our 26-hour travel day (photo from yesterday because we’re not looking nearly as good as this now!) and reflecting on all we learned in Peru and plan to carry forward into our lives: 1) Learn to speak Spanish!! This was the first time that the majority of people we encountered spoke very little (if any) English. It’s time for us to step up! 2) Honor the gift of clean, potable water, robust sanitation and irrigation systems. We’re redirecting our charitable giving accordingly. 3) Connect with the earth as the source of all sustenance. Learn the names of trees, flowers and mountain ranges and look for the reflection of the spiritual in the physical. Significantly reduce our reliance on single-use plastics and buy locally-grown, in-season produce. 4) Honor and learn from the wisdom of the ancient cultures. Against the odds, the Indians of Peru managed to quietly preserve their belief systems and ways of living when the Christians came a-knocking, with subversive acts designed to honor the fertility of Pachamama (Mother Earth) such as carving pregnant madonnas on the choir stalls in the cathedral, offering toys for a young Jesus to play with and painting a last supper with Jesus and the 12 eating guinea-pig (cuy) rather than bread and wine. 5) Remember how sick I was for 3 months before we left and how much gratitude I have for the healing I received while we were there. We are so humbled and deeply grateful for the incredible opportunity to travel to Peru, the wisdom and education of our tour guides and shamans, the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that we experienced, and all that we learned. Adiós y gracias, Peru!!
PÖFF: Pimedate Ööde filmifestival
PÖFF First Feature Competition presents: "The Names of the Flowers" – a film that under the story of an old lady, tells a multi-layered tale about identity, survival and reasons to keep going. Join us for the international premiere with Q&A on Tuesday, November 26 at 18:00 in Kino Sõprus. Tickets and info: https://poff.ee/en/film/the-names-of-the-flowers-521038-en/
David Trone
Herzlich Willkommen bei Crazy Curvy - crazy-curvy - #yourcurvesyourstyle
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Cachos Porátil
Diga Adeus aos Antigos Modeladores Acesse: www.classicaloja.com/cachos ✅ Não precisa de Tomada ✅ Pronto em 1 Minuto ✅ Acaba com as Pontas Duplas Conheça: www.classicaloja.com/cachos
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En medio de la situación que nos encontramos el consumo de productos locales nos permitirá apoyar a nuestros productores locales y a los hombres y mujeres que trabajan la tierra. ¡Consumamos lo nuestro! #LuisContigo #RDConsumeLoNuestro
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