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“Matty, calm down. You are going to be fine. Trust me,” Alaia said. This woman had somehow become my best friend, little sister, and Luna all rolled up in one tiny and fierce package. She was amazing and always knew when I needed her to keep me grounded. “What if she says no, Bean? I can’t handle that right now. Maybe this is all too soon? We should just keep dating casually, at least that way I get to still see her. If she turns me down, that will be it for us.” “You’re just asking her to be your girlfriend Matt, you’re not asking her to marry you, at least not yet any way. You are a Gamma; you’ve dealt with situations far more stressful.” I had found Taylor six months ago in a strip club. No, strip clubs were never my thing, but we were there for Xander and Alexi’s joint bachelor party. When I smelled her cinnamon and vanilla scent, it took over my world. I knew she was mine. She was a server and came to our booth dressed as a bunny, an almost naked bunny. Seeing her that way both turned me on and infuriated me. I wanted to touch and taste her while also protecting her from the eyes of other men at the same time. In less than thirty seconds, she had become my world, my everything, but she barely noticed me. She was human. The most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. She had the most incredible chocolate brown skin. It was flawless and pair that with her emerald green eyes, she was a vision. Her long brown hair that I wanted to tangle my fingers in was pulled back and hung to the middle of her back. She had curves in all the right places, and the black high heels she wore made her legs and ass even more prominent. I wanted those heels in the air, those legs spread far apart, and that ass...I wanted sinfully dirty things for it. She walked out of our booth unaffected by me. It was floored. I don’t want to sound cocky, but no woman has ever, in my entire life, been unaffected by me. I stood 6’3 tall and had all the muscle tone and definition you would expect from a warrior werewolf. We were continuously outdoors so I kept a summer tan all year round. Dirty blonde hair, baby blue, eyes, and a perfect white smile. I had eyes, I was a good-looking guy, no doubt about it. And on top of that, I was a male on the Stone family tree. Many years ago, one of my male ancestors was cursed by a witch. She had fallen in love with him, but she wasn’t his mate. And he was saving his heart for his one true love. Out of anger, she cursed him and all the men to ever come from him. We would be irresistible to all women, young or old, it didn’t matter. Even homosexual women, it made no difference. The only thing that would stop our appeal was if that woman were to become marked, or if we men found and marked our own mate. Otherwise, it was a bevy of women throwing themselves at you every minute of every day. On the outside it sounds like anything but a curse, but actually it’s horrible. You never have room to just breath or be by yourself. Girls sneak into your room at night when you’re sleeping and try to do it with you. You can never know if they truly like you, or they are just compelled to. And it’s hard to keep male friends because they always think their girlfriends will leave them for you. Needless to say, with all that I had going on, when she just smiled at me then walked away, any doubts of her being my mate vanished. I took her out that same night, and every free moment I’ve had since has been spent with her. “Matt, no woman would spend almost every single moment with a man she has no intention of getting serious with. You two have been inseparable for months. She’ll say yes. And then you can finally bring her home to meet the family.” And that was another thing. I hadn’t yet told her I was a wolf. I was too afraid of scaring her off. I had made a mess of this whole thing big time and now I was panicking. “I’ll just call her and cancel or reschedule.” I picked up my phone and looked at the screen. I was ready to make the call and let my fear take over. But her perfect face lit up my scre
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Maschinen sind deine Leidenschaft und du packst auch gerne selbst mal an? Eine Lehre als Metalltechniker/in in der Maschinenbautechnik wäre dann genau das richtige für dich. Mach es Matthias nach und starte deine Karriere bei AVL! #weseewhatyoucanbe
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“I always enjoy donating.” - Donna ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you, Donna, for sending us your pickup picture. Your donations are on their way to help support the VVA. ▶️ If you'd like to join Donna in helping others, schedule your free donation pickup today by clicking here: http://bit.ly/donatepupc737
La Mente es Maravillosa — Revista sobre psicología, filosofía y reflexiones sobre la vida.
Los hombres y mujeres machistas dan forma y perpetúan una sociedad retrógrada e injusta. Estas actitudes, a menudo flagrantes o camufladas en los clásicos micromachismos, se basan en un autoritarismo tan oxidado como dañino.
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Småhungrig? Majssnacks med mycket krisp och smak.
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