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Naked - Supplying girls with sneakers
Naked - Supplying girls with sneakers
A Tribute to Jordan Riak
A Tribute to Jordan Riak
A Tribute to Jordan Riak
A Tribute to Jordan Riak
A Tribute to Jordan Riak
Naked - Supplying girls with sneakers
Naked - Supplying girls with sneakers
Naked - Supplying girls with sneakers
Naked - Supplying girls with sneakers
Naked - Supplying girls with sneakers
How frustrating is it when your campaigns are doing great one day, then skyrocket in price the next with no explanation whatsoever? Probably as frustrating as looking at this guy's face in this picture right? Well, that guy is me... and that picture was taken from one of my YouTube videos where I was explaining to my followers why talking to just ONE girl when you're dating is a huge mistake. Because just like your ads account or your ad campaigns, if you're only running ads on Facebook or Instagram for example... That ONE girl can randomly decide to block your number and never text you back with no heads up, text or call.. Leaving you scratching your head, stressed out and wondering what you did to deserve this when everything seemed to be going just fine, great even... Well, if you had been talking to at least 1 or 2 other girls you probably wouldn't care THAT much... right? I mean sure, that girl was cool, but you had options... "backups" you could say lol So, it probably wouldn't have been that big of a deal... And forget about my dating life for a second and how I was venting to a camera in the middle of the day at my apartment complex's pool, while the old guy tanning naked next to me was hearing this whole conversation... and let's focus on your ads It's the same problem you risk experiencing in business if you don't have at least 1 or 2 other traffic sources bringing you new customers. So what's the solution here? Easy... Talk to more chick... I mean diversify your Adspend... Like now! Stop relying on only one source of traffic and invest some of that Adspend to get another one working... like YouTube! YouTube is super unsaturated right now, debatably cheaper than Facebook (depending on your niche), and is pretty stable, very scaleable and more importantly stress-free... Meaning, they more than likely won't block your number or stop talking to you without at least a little text or email giving you a heads up beforehand that things just aren't "working out"... And the cool part is it's actually a lot easier to get started than most people make it out to be. If you're already running ads on Facebook or Instagram, and you're doing pretty well, you can essentially just copy & paste those campaigns onto YouTube. That's why I help my clients do every single day. We've helped some of the biggest names in the industry, and even ran YouTube Ads for the biggest launch in internet marketing history with Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson... for Mastermind.com So, if you're ready to protect yourself from getting "ghosted" by your "main traffic source" (nothing really rhymes with chick here to make that a joke as hilarious as it could be, but you get the point...) Then click the link below and book a YouTube Ads Strategy Call with me where I'll help you escape the saturated, unpredictable & stressful red ocean of Facebook ads so that you can start taking advantage of the shockingly untapped blue ocean of YouTube Ads! https://www.adspend.com/apply38616536 And when you click, make sure to check out all the amazing client testimonials, wins, and success stories on the next page from top industry influencers and entrepreneurs while booking your call... So that you know that unlike my dating life at the time this picture was taken... I actually am pretty good at getting my clients more customers and results with YouTube Ads, like really good actually... Click the link below and book your YouTube Ads Strategy Call right now, before you risk being ghosted like me... Talk soon, Brian Moncada
Nails o' Clock
A Tribute to Jordan Riak
Dreame - Read Best Romance
“Matty, calm down. You are going to be fine. Trust me,” Alaia said. This woman had somehow become my best friend, little sister, and Luna all rolled up in one tiny and fierce package. She was amazing and always knew when I needed her to keep me grounded. “What if she says no, Bean? I can’t handle that right now. Maybe this is all too soon? We should just keep dating casually, at least that way I get to still see her. If she turns me down, that will be it for us.” “You’re just asking her to be your girlfriend Matt, you’re not asking her to marry you, at least not yet any way. You are a Gamma; you’ve dealt with situations far more stressful.” I had found Taylor six months ago in a strip club. No, strip clubs were never my thing, but we were there for Xander and Alexi’s joint bachelor party. When I smelled her cinnamon and vanilla scent, it took over my world. I knew she was mine. She was a server and came to our booth dressed as a bunny, an almost naked bunny. Seeing her that way both turned me on and infuriated me. I wanted to touch and taste her while also protecting her from the eyes of other men at the same time. In less than thirty seconds, she had become my world, my everything, but she barely noticed me. She was human. The most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. She had the most incredible chocolate brown skin. It was flawless and pair that with her emerald green eyes, she was a vision. Her long brown hair that I wanted to tangle my fingers in was pulled back and hung to the middle of her back. She had curves in all the right places, and the black high heels she wore made her legs and ass even more prominent. I wanted those heels in the air, those legs spread far apart, and that ass...I wanted sinfully dirty things for it. She walked out of our booth unaffected by me. It was floored. I don’t want to sound cocky, but no woman has ever, in my entire life, been unaffected by me. I stood 6’3 tall and had all the muscle tone and definition you would expect from a warrior werewolf. We were continuously outdoors so I kept a summer tan all year round. Dirty blonde hair, baby blue, eyes, and a perfect white smile. I had eyes, I was a good-looking guy, no doubt about it. And on top of that, I was a male on the Stone family tree. Many years ago, one of my male ancestors was cursed by a witch. She had fallen in love with him, but she wasn’t his mate. And he was saving his heart for his one true love. Out of anger, she cursed him and all the men to ever come from him. We would be irresistible to all women, young or old, it didn’t matter. Even homosexual women, it made no difference. The only thing that would stop our appeal was if that woman were to become marked, or if we men found and marked our own mate. Otherwise, it was a bevy of women throwing themselves at you every minute of every day. On the outside it sounds like anything but a curse, but actually it’s horrible. You never have room to just breath or be by yourself. Girls sneak into your room at night when you’re sleeping and try to do it with you. You can never know if they truly like you, or they are just compelled to. And it’s hard to keep male friends because they always think their girlfriends will leave them for you. Needless to say, with all that I had going on, when she just smiled at me then walked away, any doubts of her being my mate vanished. I took her out that same night, and every free moment I’ve had since has been spent with her. “Matt, no woman would spend almost every single moment with a man she has no intention of getting serious with. You two have been inseparable for months. She’ll say yes. And then you can finally bring her home to meet the family.” And that was another thing. I hadn’t yet told her I was a wolf. I was too afraid of scaring her off. I had made a mess of this whole thing big time and now I was panicking. “I’ll just call her and cancel or reschedule.” I picked up my phone and looked at the screen. I was ready to make the call and let my fear take over. But her perfect face lit up my scre
Minorities Talents&Casting Home page
#casting #movie #job #lingerie #halfnude #artnude ATTENTION GIRLS! I'm looking for asian, african, middle-eastern, latin girls for a disco party scene for the movie, Waiting for 18-28 years old, thin, well shaped ladies! According to the story, they are ballet dancers, but you don't have to be able to ballet. Lots of women will be needed! The girls only wear lingerie at the party or some girls will be without bra. We also need girls, who will be completely naked. The nudity will be portrayed tastefully! Shooting dates: March 13-16-17. 3 days. I look forward to applying for girls who have a tax and a TAJ number. Please sign up for the link. Attach lingerie/half nude/nude photos. We'll talk over the payment of categories by phone with every single candidate! [https://www.minoritiescasting.com/en/csatlakozz/ Thanks, Kálmán
Wings Sports Bar and Grille
La Novel
"Take off your clothes, lie down on the bed, put your legs up!" the doctor in white coat told him. On the blue surgical sheets, the delicate and beautiful woman shut her eyes feeling humiliated. Her long lashes were as thin as butterfly wings, motionless yet breathtaking, her flirtatious red lips were slightly pursed, sadness flowed out from the sides of her lips. Bitterness spreads over her chest. The seventeen-year-old girls, Victoria Collins followed the doctor's instructions with humiliate, took off her clothes, lied on the surgical bed and waiting for the doctor's examination. Victoria Collins seems to feel the ironic look on the middle-aged female doctor. She must think that she is a girl who loves vanity. This is the first time that Victoria Collins has stripped herself naked in front the people. The strong sunlight penetrates through the curtain of the examination room, the light is so strong that she can't open her eyes. However, her heart was trapped in complete darkness, because she accepted a job that was not accepted by the society——a surrogate mother. She is only seventeen years old. The doctor checked her for a while. After a while, Victoria Collins heard the doctor say coldly: "Okay, put on your clothes!” Victoria Collins began putting on her clothes, then she took a long sigh of relief. Finally this step is over. After this, she could get half of the money. She was fair-skinned, her black hair was put down nicely on her back, a large t-shirt covered her thin shoulder, and her weak appearance made her look helpless. A man with suit waiting outside the door, he saw Victoria Collins being sent by the doctor. Then he look at Victoria Collins and whispered, “Dr. Mary, what is the result?” "Mr. Jones, don't worry, she is a virgin, doesn’t have any gynecological disease!" Dr. Mary did not evade, bluntly said. Victoria’s face flushed red right away, she not dare to look at the man in front of her, she only knew that he was the agent of the person who is looking for her as a surrogate mother. As for what the person looks like, Victoria had no idea. She don’t know he is high, short, fat or thin. She only knew that the person was willing to pay five million dollars to find a surrogate mother. There was no doubt that he was a mysterious figure. "Ms. Collins, let's go!" Tom Jones said a few words with Dr. Mary, after that he got into a car with Victoria Collins. The car drove towards a villa which was located in Qingyun Mountain. "Ms. Collins, from today onwards, before pregnancy, in order to ensure the child is pure, the employer told that you can't leave the villa, until you get pregnant. The employer will give you a huge amount of payment. Ms. Collins, you don't have to worry about your brother's condition. The money will bank in for you today." Victoria Collins sighed, "Can I made a call if I don't go out?" "Of course!" Tom Jones answer her gently. "Ms. Victoria, this is not control your freedom, but the employer has pay such a high cost, of course you should responsible for him, right!" "Okay!" Victoria Collins put her hands together feeling uneasy. "Ms. Collins, there are clothes and all the daily necessities in your room. For the meal part, I will be in charge of it and bring it to you every day. Ms. Collins, the procedures are all done, you just need to sign the documents." "Oh!" Victoria Collins stunned, but because of her brother, she signed. The moment she want to sign, complicated thoughts filled her mind. She didn't know where the future is. Once she sign, it is equivalent to ruining her life. However, there is no other way! She needed money for her brother’s surgery. She signed the document with tears and handed it to Tom Jones. "Mr. Jones, is he coming tonight?" "Yes, he will come tonight." "Ms. Collins, I will go back first. This is the contract, keep it!" Tom Jones turned around and left the villa. She was left alone in the huge villa. Victoria Collins waited for nightfall with fear, she is going to betray herself, no, she already betray. Suddenly, she was nervous, she don't k
Wapak Ford
Bring Back Lost lover in Days + Solving Relationship & Marriage Problems
Plumbs People
Birou de Avocatura Bucuresti | Cuculis si Asociatii
Barnhouse Exteriors, LLC
CEO for One Month - Live an experience that works for you
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Felipistando MKT
Executive Education - Columbia, INSEAD, MIT Sloan, Wharton, Harvard | Eruditus Executive Education
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Digital Wals
Nizama Tapizados Sobrepuestos
LBraga Construtora e Incorporadora
UpViral - The Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform
If you have a business, you NEED to know this! In 2019 Digital Marketing is not an option anymore. It’s a necessity. You need it to survive. But with so many companies jumping online to advertise and get clients, it’s becoming more and more difficult… ❌ Social Media Ads have drastically increased their costs. ❌ Using SEO and ranking on the first pages of Google is nearly impossible. ❌ Email Marketing has seen a massive drop in open rates. ❌ And with PPC campaigns you get outbid by the largest companies. What’s your option? How do you compete? Tough question to answer these days… But with +20 years in the online marketing industry, I have seen many companies build from the ground up using a referral marketing strategy. In fact, I have used it multiple times in my own businesses to: ✔️ Build extensive lists of quality leads quickly. ✔️ Achieve massive demand for newly launched products. ✔️ And Grow two companies to well in the 7 figures. And over the last few weeks, I’ve been putting together a Workshop where I will share step-by-step how to apply this referral strategy in your business so that you can achieve higher levels of success . This is the fastest, most effective list-building process you’ll ever encounter. A “Golden Ticket” for your business. You can register here for the Workshop: https://upviral.com/traffic-hacking/ I hope to see you on the inside, Wilco
SOHO פולג - כשעיצוב וחוויה נפגשים | המתחם לעיצוב הבית
אדריכלים? מעצבי פנים? את השבוע הזה לא תרצו לפספס! אנו מזמינים אתכם להגיע עם לקוחותיכם ולהנות ממגוון מבצעים, מתנות והטבות ייחודיות בחנויות המתחם ובנגב. בשבוע הזה, תהנו מחניה חינם, קפה ומאפה זוגי עלינו, מבצעים יחודיים ואפילו תוכלו להופיעה בתוכנית בערוץ 13 (רשת). רוצים לדעת עוד? לחצו על התמונה וגלו את כל הפרטים!
Auro Cashews
محبي ومؤيدي الحاج هاني خضر لمجلس نواب ٢٠٢٠ دائرة مركز وبندر شبين الكوم
استقبال حافل من اهالي مليج الكرام للحاج / هاني مصطفي خضر أثناء زيارته للقرية الاولمبية بدعوى من الكابتن المحترم / باسم بظظ وخالص الشكر لاهالي مليج الكرام علي حُسن الاستقبال هاني خضر (مرشح الشباب - واحد مننا) دائرة مركز وبندر شبين الكوم 2020
BillBuddy Energy Switching | Home
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Laptop webáruház folyamatos akciókkal | Laptop.hu
Inca Artwear - The ultimate indulgence of luxury and comfort.
Lawline | Online CLE - Continued Legal Education
PROMOÇÃO 50% OFF Seus pés merecem a bota feminina mais cobiçadas da temporada! Única cor exclusiva você só encontra aqui! ✅ Excelente para Alívio e conforto; ✅ Ande como se estive descalço; ✅Recomendado para tudo; ✅ Trabalho e uso geral do dia-a-dia
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