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Paul Bronson for Macon-Bibb County Commissioner, District 2
I’m running as fast as I can. I’m running for my life, through the rain and the cold. Oh, I’m so, so cold. But it doesn’t matter right now. All I can do is keeping running, the farthest I can, the fastest I can. Tears run down my cheeks along with the rain. “Come back here! You!” I can hear his voice behind me, and fear makes me run even faster. He is chasing after me, shouting like crazy, calling me terrible names in the night. How can he do this. How could he do this to me. What did I ever do to deserve such a thing. He is my own brother! I take a right turn down a narrow street, looking for a place to hide, but unsure where to go. Can I really escape him. The pouring rain is my only ally, as I know it will cover my scent. I keep running, barefooted on the asphalt, running for my life as I try to escape my only family member. ~2 weeks ago~ “Nora!” I tremble in fear. The voice calling my name from next door freezes my hands immediately. He walks in, his eyes filled with anger. I can guess what is coming next. I gasp and bite my lip. The small kitchen seems way too narrow at this instant, and I instinctively step back as he approaches. He raises his hand and, before I can say a word, slaps me. “Don’t run away when I’m calling you!” I can feel the burn on my cheek and do my best keep my eyes down. If I look him in the eyes, he will get even madder. He unleashes at me, his voice echoing with anger in the room. “Why is the food not ready, huh. Everyone is waiting because of you! Do you feel you can make everyone wait. Are you happy to make us wait. You useless trash! The Alpha is even mad at me because of you!” The slaps keep coming before I even get a chance to talk back. He doesn’t care for my explanation. Why is it so unfair. It’s not my fault! Rory and Bill came late with the groceries they were supposed to bring hours ago! I could only start late, and I did try to get it done as fast as possible, I really did! But it was just an impossible task. Why do I get a beating. My brother won’t care; he won’t listen to me. He is just a mad, angry beast. I can only try to cover my face with my arms as the blows keep coming. “Brother, please, stop!” I beg as my tears run down. “Who are you calling your brother. I have no useless trash sister like you!” But I am his sister! We have the same father and the same mother; how can he say that. His words are as painful as his hits. Alec used to care for me. He used to love me, his little sister, and played with me. But that was a long time ago, in our childhood. Everything changed for the worst when our mom died. He was twelve, and I was eight. He found my mom and me late at night, a stormy night, in a bloodbath. I remember the horror on his face — the shock in his eyes, and how he ran away from the scene. His attitude changed completely after that, and so did the pack’s. He finally stops hitting me, out of breath and still red from anger. It hurts so much. I keep my arms up around myself, in case he decides to go at it again. But he steps back. “Hurry up! I’ll kill you if you don’t hurry up! You cursed girl!” He leaves the room, and I slowly lower my arms, still shaking. I try not to cry, as I can feel tears filling my eyes. I get up and ignore the pain so that I can go back to the cooking. I hurry up. I know his threats are real. I can’t talk back, only concentrate on my task. I touch the painful areas hesitantly. It hurts so badly… New bruises will add to the ones I already have. Sometimes it hurts for days, and the pain won’t let me sleep. Can I ever escape this. Sometimes I’m afraid he will kill me. I finally finish cooking and bring the plates to the dining hall. Many pairs of eyes follow my every move. Some pack members smirk after me, and some pretend I don’t exist. I prefer the latter. I keep my eyes down and put one plate on the table after another, hoping no one is in the mood to mess with me today. I’m almost done serving, when I can suddenly feel some
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Create an Ecommerce Website and Sell Online! Ecommerce Software by Shopify
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Put your child on the path to success. Ánimo Florence-Firestone is enrolling for the 2018/2019 school year. Enroll quickly and securely with our convenient online registration form: http://bit.ly/2SHdTTq
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No. 2 on Techworld's list of the UK's leading smart home startups. The Boundary smart alarm will quietly guard your home until you need it to be loud. Easy-to-install, certified for a police response, it will work with Alexa and Google Home and it will integrate seamlessly into your life. We're launching on Kickstarter soon - sign up to our newsletter to follow us: https://boundary.co.uk/
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Kista BUMM – barnläkarmottagning
KISTA BUMM BARN - & UNGDOMSMEDICINSK MOTTAGNING Telefon: 08-650 16 16 ISAFJORDSGATAN 30 C, PLAN 5, KISTA NÄRA JÄRVA UNGDOMSMOTTAGNING. OM OSS Kista BUMM är en privat barnläkarmottagning som drivs på uppdrag av Region Stockholm. Vi som arbetar här är erfarna barnläkare och barnsjuksköterskor, .
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