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Ribot Studios|MedSpas Generate A Flow Of New Patients
Want to get clients quickly and predictably? Everybody does… And pretty much everybody knows the internet and social media is one of the best places to reach them… But… If you are in the group of non-believers , that’s ok, too...here is the latest research. According to a recent study conducted by the American Med Spa Association in late 2018, providers using social media for client acquisition reported that: “Companies are on trend to spend over 20% of their advertising budget on social media in the next few years.” So… 1️⃣ Providers that know how to use social media to get clients outperform other providers. 2️⃣ Providers not using social media effectively are on the 30-year plan to success. 3️⃣Providers that don’t know how to use social media are losing out on 2.23 billion users and a vast number only on mobile. 66% of all shares on “i” devices are delivered via Facebook. Users on Facebook are more likely to have completed college or have advanced degrees than any other social media platform, according the Pew Research, and are more likely to have higher incomes. Why is social media such a powerful tool for aesthetic professionals? If you can reach your ideal prospects on the internet, you can tap into an almost unlimited pool of opportunity, growth, and money in your business. But there is a big problem out there… Lots of Gurus claiming they know how (me, included) to make this a reality for aesthetic professionals...the reality -very few do. Maybe you have seen some of their ads or clicked on some, too. I certainly have and I have lots of clients that have purchased all of the stuff from all of the generalist marketers and consultants, too… Their discovery (and perhaps yours, too): their pockets are lighter and still no predictable client system in place. It’s not the marketer’s fault. Maybe it partially is... but, the truth is, they have a massive blind spot. You might have the same blind spot, as well... Let me explain… They don’t know that marketing in aesthetic services is different than other markets and they incorrectly assume the industry is like all the others...but it isn't, and you probably know it...their best guesses are just shots in the dark...never to hit the mark. To make matters worse, there are “consultants” running around offering “10 ways to get clients” or books on 200 ways to grow your med spa or aesthetic business… Here is the truth: you need 1 way...not 10, not 2, and certainly not 200. How many 3-year-olds would you like to babysit? 1 or 200? Possibly the answer is zero, but I think you get the point. The big reason you want 1 is focus. When you try to throw a bunch of stuff at the problem hoping something works, what you are actually doing is just complicating your business and life. I see it all the time...people buying leads, attending chamber events, writing blogs, running ads, getting a funnel, getting on the radio, focusing on free giveaways, or some low-end product sale to get people in the door ...maybe try doing ads on Groupon... Look, you have heard lots of claims from lots of people...I may be just part of the noise. But let me ask you a serious question… What if I am the real deal and know precisely how to help you grow and scale your business, what will it cost you if you don’t get my help? BIG Money…The research is there. Now obviously that assumes we know what we are doing...I would like to invite you to audit the results and decide for yourself. Here are some of the metrics: One client grew 70% in 2018 alone (this feat alone is significant). But the next one is what it is all about… Clients have seen more than 7x - 10x their ROI as a result of our work...I stopped counting several months ago… One of those clients was able to build and open a brand new location...click here to see that case study: go.ribotstudios.com/aestheticproviders/ Anomalies? Maybe… Or... maybe we know what works today to generate a landslide of new clients for aesthetic professionals. I invite you to watch the case studies here: go.ribotstudios.co
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American Do It Yourself Garage Home - American Do It Yourself Garage : American Do It Yourself Garage
Need a place to work on your car, truck, jeep or motorcycle? We've got you covered. American Do It Yourself Garage offers clean, safe, well-lit, fully equipped garage bays with or without vehicle lifts for working on cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATV's. A workbench, compressed air, lighting, hand and air tools, laptop usage, parts store deliveries and equipment are included with your bay rental at a very reasonable rate. Save yourself a whole bunch of money by doing it yourself. You've now got a fully equipped garage at your disposal.
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Nieuwe Collectie Sneakers Binnen! Shop nu op: https://vibesfashion.nl/mens/footwear-men/ Alle Sneakers Nu Tijdelijk AKTIEPRIJS €49,95 Voor 17:00uur Besteld, Volgende dag in huis! Niet Goed? Geld Terug! (14 Dagen Retouren) Veilig Betalen Met Ideal, Paypal Grootste Online Collectie, Met De Scherpste Prijzen! Shop online of kom gezellig langs in onze XXL- Store in Den Haag - Vlamingstraat 29 (Centrum)
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ZiareAzi.ro – Selectam pentru tine cele mai importante stiri
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Redders in Nood – Wat zou jij doen? – Zomertentoonstelling 2020
The Toy Time Machine
J & M PLUS Furniture
#仲夏派對優惠來拉 #買到賺到 #海灘野餐露營戶外活動皆適用 仲夏派對 >> https://bit.ly/JOOULYSUMMER ⠀ 同樣炎熱的夏天,THE JOOULY 就是要讓你跟別人不一樣! ⠀ 【仲夏限量組合】THE JOOULY + SALA 丹麥手工編織海草沙灘墊 #免運販售 ⠀ #THEJOOULY多功能LED擴音氣氛燈 ✔️ 德國設計 ✔️ 藍芽無線擴音功能,音樂不間斷 ✔️ 多種 LED 燈光模式,9 種顏色,5 段色溫 ✔️ SYNC 功能,各尺寸間可同步音樂及燈光 ✔️ 防水設計,凹槽可置冰塊、飲品,亦可當做植栽器皿 ✔️ 高品質巴西純牛皮提把 ⠀ ⠀ #SALA丹麥手工編織海草沙灘墊 ✔️ 丹麥設計 ✔️ 天然海草手工編織,別於一般市售野餐地墊 ✔️ 兩端綁繩設計,可捲起收納,易於攜帶 ✔️ 襯布內可塞進衣物,即是簡易小枕頭 ⠀ ⠀ 官網中另有販售台灣在地 #大理石威士忌冰塊 #冰球 產品,以台灣東部自產的大理石石材為基礎,創作出優雅且實用的夏日消暑小物,發揮來自 #東台灣的生活美學概念,亦是我們今年仲夏派對的一大亮點。 ⠀ #躺在草蓆上吹涼風聽JOOULY播音樂再放個大理石冰塊進酒杯中 #完美夏日態度 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ - 預約式展間體驗 >> http://bit.ly/2QtpK9A ⠀ ⠀ 德國品牌合作官網 >> http://bit.ly/2A5onV9 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #讓生活更有型 #美學生活實踐者 #JMPLUSFURNITURE
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Karahanyuze - Indirimbo nyarwanda zo hambere
Iyo nkwibutse Hilariya, ndi mu ndabyo za taliya, Mbona umeze nk isimbi, rya rindi risesuye, disi Hilariya. Nakugeranije n'urukundi, genda urahebuje! http://karahanyuze.com/indirimbo/hirariya/75ee083c-99be-11e6-9ae5-deadbe058832
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Live Psychic Chat | welcome offer: 10 free minutes
Turados – Turados DE
日常のささやかな瞬間から、人生で最も記憶に残る瞬間を祝うシンボルとして「モエ・エ・シャンドン」は寄り添う存在であり続けます。 #MustBeMoet #MoetMoment
Boskia Residencial
YABLOKi.ua – самые низкие цены, только оригинальная техника Apple, бесплатная доставка по всей Украине в самые быстрые сроки. Годовая гарантия, широкий выбор аксессуаров от мировых брендов, сервис высшего уровня и индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту -
Gutschein Held - Kundengewinnung für lokale Firmen
RideShare Rental
Get a car to earn with Amazon Flex and Instacart. Unlimited mileage, insurance and maintenance is all included. Pay only $239 for the first week.
LOFT: Women's Clothing, Petites, Dresses, Pants, Shirts, Sweaters
One sunshine-ready sale you won’t want to miss... 50% off your purchase!
Princess Highway
FREE AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING! ☀️ enter code: LOOKBOOK at the checkout | valid on full price items only | no minimum spend | ends 11:59pm aest 07/04/19 ✨ shop now > princesshighway.com.au/new-arrivals.html
Nederlandse Loterij: Waar heel Nederland wint
De verwachte Eurojackpot staat op 90 miljoen! De hoogste jackpot van Nederland.
Now you can scout the home appliances competition over the past three years through this link. https://insiteooh.com/industry/home-appliances #InsiteOOH #HelloMarch #StayTuned #ThirdAnniversary✌️ #Insiteooh_3rdAnniversary✌️ #Egypts_OOH_Reference
Proshop - Computer, iPad, Notebooks, Smartphones - Stort udvalg
Pssst! Vild med IT og elektronik? Opgradér her i Danmarks største udvalg: Kun 1 dags levering Hent selv samme dag ️ Attraktive priser
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Bill Ward, Musician, Live Entertainment - Mayville, NY
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