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Tired of your usual menu? Check out this creamy, healthy Ham & Cheese Casserole made with the trusted cooking milk, Carnation Evap!​ ​ Follow this recipe to make 9 servings of Ham and Cheese Casserole​ ​Ingredients:​ 4 cups shredded potatoes, (soaked in ice cold water and drained)​ 1 cup cubed fully cooked ham​ 1 can (4 ounces) chopped jalapeños​ 1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese​ 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese​ 6 large eggs​ 1 can Carnation Evaporated Creamer 370ml​ 1/4 teaspoon pepper​ Salsa, optional​ ​Procedure:​ In a greased 8-in. square baking dish, layer the shredded potato, ham, chopped jalapeños and cheeses. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, Carnation Evaporated Creamer and pepper; pour over the casserole. Cover and refrigerate overnight.​ Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes before baking. Preheat oven to 350°. Bake, uncovered, until a knife inserted in center comes out clean, about 1 hour. Let stand 5-10 minutes. Serve with salsa if desired.
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¡22.000 MIL GRACIAS! Con un sentido gracias deseamos expresarles nuestro reconocimiento por todo el apoyo brindado a esta página. Han pasado tres años, y tras docenas de actualizaciones de estado e historias publicadas, lo único que realmente permanece son ustedes, quienes nos han honrado con un «me gusta» y su fidelidad, revitalizando así nuestro trabajo por la comunidad. Vaya para cada uno nuestro respeto y agradecimiento, que se fortalece en el firme compromiso de seguir acercándoles información seria y contrastada, vinculada a la academia, la ciencia y la tecnología; sin dejar de lado las notas de actualidad que nos nutren como sociedad y nos transmiten premisas positivas para cuidar con rigor de nuestro más importante tesoro inmaterial: la salud. Para Gamma Knife Center Ecuador su compañía constante y apoyo creciente en las redes sociales es el mayor impulso para seguir ofreciendo calidad y objetividad en todos nuestros contenidos. Descubrir en tiempos tan delicados como los actuales que contamos con una comunidad que no solo lee, sino que practica la comunicación en una dinámica positiva y enriquecedora, resulta un invaluable estímulo. Superar la cifra de 22.000 fans en una página pública de Facebook es indudablemente una experiencia feliz. Pero más emotivo y reconfortante resulta establecer relaciones cercanas con miles de lectores que como ustedes apoyan e incentivan nuestro esfuerzo cotidiano. Gracias por estar ahí, por compartir sus experiencias y, por supuesto, por las críticas, propuestas y puntos de vista que los temas puestos a consideración les han suscitado. Hay quien afirma que es complicado hablar con una marca o empresa, y seguramente sea así; pero en GKCE creemos que entre todos hemos empezado un camino de “conversaciones” que no queremos abandonar. Solo nos resta dejar un agradecimiento muy especial a nuestros seguidores más fieles, y una cálida bienvenida a los recién llegados. Caminemos sostenidos en el anhelo de alcanzar días mejores, esos que solo se construyen con gente trabajadora, generosa, solidaria y positiva, como tú. Ahora... ¡vamos por los 25.000! Gamma Knife®: creando posibilidades, generando optimismo, encontrando esperanza. Radiocirugía cerebral de precisión al alcance de todos. www.gammaknife.com.ec
Best Beauty Salon Services in Singapore | Top Beauty Brands Skincare Products Singapore
If you’ve always dreamt of achieving the ‘gua zi lian’ (i.e. almond shaped face), then this is for you. As you probably know, there are several factors that may cause a 'puffy'/bloated look: Accumulated facial fats Lower collagen production Water retention Addressing all 3 factors is the key to achieving a V-shaped face effectively and this is possible through Bioskin's Magic Touch Small Face Treatment. (As featured in TODAY newspaper.) Using the latest Vital Heat Touch technology from Korea, we can lift and contour your face in a natural, safe and non-invasive way, Without any... ... injections, fillers or going under the knife, ... painful bone massages or ... machines touching your face. And zero downtime! (It's suitable for all skin types for both men and women.) Our trained therapists carry out the procedure while wearing a device that transfers heat from their bare hands to your face through a warm, soothing massage. The heat penetrates deep into the skin and helps to: ✅ Melt fats, especially in the cheeks and chin. ✅ Warms up collagen fibers, thickening them and causes a tightening and lifting effect. ✅ Stimulate the body’s lymphatic drainage to reduce water retention. At the same time, the massage involves contouring and lifting techniques to lift and strengthen muscles as well as improve blood circulation for glowing skin. The result? ⭐ You can visibly see a lifted, slimmer and V-shaped face in just 1 session! This is the same technology that many beauty salons in Korea use to help both men and women achieve a smaller and more defined face. Furthermore, the treatment also promotes collagen production. This improves the elasticity of the skin and has a firming effect, which makes the results longer lasting. ❤ Moreover, before launching this treatment, our founder, Mathilda Koh, tried and tested it on herself and our staff to ensure that it works. This is because we believe in recommending a service only after it works on ourselves. === Check out what some people have to say about it: "I was very excited to hear about a treatment that can help me achieve facial reduction naturally. The treatment had no downtime, pain or discomfort. It was actually pleasant and the results were visible. My face looks smaller!" Ho Thi Trang - "The massage was warm and soothing. After the therapist had worked on half of my face, I could see that my face was lifted, especially at the side and at the cheekbones." Janet Tan - "I was in awe and followed up with the treatment sessions. My face is much sharper and slimmer than before! Certainly recommend this to anyone who wants to get a smaller face with no discomfort and downtime." Irene Tham === Because we're excited for people to experience this revolutionary treatment, we've decided to offer a special promotion for it. For a limited time only and for just $38, here's what you'll get to experience: 1⃣ Skin Analysis 2⃣ Double Cleansing 3⃣ Hot Steaming & Exfoliation 4⃣ Face Massage with Vital Heat Touch Therapy 5⃣ Soothing Facial Mask 6⃣ Shoulder Massage 7⃣ Cold Misting 8⃣ Scalp Massage You can find us at: Income @ Tampines Junction The Midtown (Bedok) Toa Payoh Central (Near MRT) The Centrepoint (Somerset) Malacca Center (Near Raffles Place MRT) Jurong East (Beside JCube) We only have 100 coupons to give away for this treatment. Click the 'LEARN MORE' button below to secure one for yourself before they're all taken or click the link here: >>> http://offer.bioskin.sg/ === ⭐ [Important Notice To Customers]: Your safety is our top priority. In light of the current situation, rest assured we have established new rules to promote hygiene and do our part to prevent any spread. ✅ Ramping up the cleaning frequency of our premises and treatment rooms. ✅ Applying antibacterial spray to the chairs, tables and all our equipment to disinfect them. ✅ Providing hand sanitizers at every outlet and doing temperature checks for each customer. ✅ Making it mandatory for customers to fill up a travel declaration form before proceeding with the s
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Dear Boaters - we are open, shipping daily, and have discounted our tables to boat show pricing as an extra incentive to BUY NOW. Your orders help keep our family business open during this trying time. Remember, that this too shall pass, and we will all be boating again in no time. Get yourself ready to hit the water in style with a new Docktail Bar table! Here's 5 Reasons Why 9,000 Boaters Love Our Unique Tables! 1. We help put an end to spilling drinks and having no place to put sandwiches, snacks, or any of the other thousand things you bring boating with our patented table designs. 2. Docktail Bar tables make your boat feel bigger by creating usable space without blocking walkways. 3. All table models incorporate multiple sized cup and bottle slots, storage compartments, knife holders, bottle opener storage, and places to hang hand towels. These features give you room to securely hold drinks, snacks, plates, and condiments; plus sunscreen, sunglasses, grilling tools, fishing gear and more! 4. Each table can be customized for a more personal feel. We can add boat names, builder logos, and do multiple color patterns beyond our standard white using SeaDeck. 5. Our tables are designed and engineered for the marine environment, made of starboard with stainless fasteners, fold flat for easy storage, and are proudly manufactured in the USA! You will be the center and envy of, any boat, raft up, sandbar or dockside party! Here's what some of our customers have to say: "Docktail Bar is excellent, very well made, and exceeded all of my expectations. Finally, a place to safely make drinks on my center console style boat!" Mike P. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Awesome "adult beverage " organizer - the envy of the sandbar with this slick idea." Donna M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Sometimes, the right accessory, the right boat trip, the right people - it all comes together. Brilliant product, great service. cheers." Josh T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Cool boating accessory! This unit fits right into the fishing rod holder on our boat and provides several slots for holding bottles, cups and other bar items. Works well and stays remarkably in place." TPR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Wow! I have been searching for 2 years for some type of resolution for not having drink holders on my Zodiac RIB. I can say that this is the perfect solution to mount on the back of my leaning post seat. Easily removable and will stow under the seat." David T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Our tables are compatible with the following boat types: ✔️Center Console ✔️Sportfishing ✔️Pontoon ✔️Deck ✔️Bowrider ✔️Yacht Tenders ✔️Chase Boats ✔️Cruisers ✔️Motoryachts Click SHOP NOW below to see our tables in action! Cheers! Steve and Amber Docktail Bar Owners
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QUY TRÌNH ĐIỀU TRỊ MẶT DÁN SỨ VENEER VỚI BÁC SĨ ‍♂‍ Màu sắc răng vàng sậm, nhiễm tetracycline, chưa trắng, sáng, như mong muốn? ‍♂‍ Hình thể răng kém thẩm mỹ, mòn, mẻ, vỡ, miếng trám cũ đổi màu? ‍♂‍ Khe thưa, xoay nhẹ, lệch lạc nhẹ? — Nếu đó là những than phiền của bạn, giải pháp mặt dán sứ VENEER sẽ là chỉ định lý tưởng, vì những ưu điểm sau: 1. Khôi phục cấu trúc vùng răng cửa bị khiếm khuyết do sâu răng, mẻ, vỡ, mòn… 2. Cải thiện tuyệt đối màu sắc , hình thể răng, đường cười và các thông số thẩm mỹ nụ cười. 3. Bảo tồn tối đa men răng thật và tuỷ sống so với điều trị bọc mão. 4. Kết quả màu sắc rất ổn định, duy trì dài hạn. 5. Trải nghiệm điều trị nhẹ nhàng, thoải mái, do tính ít xâm lấn. — Veneer sứ, anh là ai? .Độ dày trung bình: từ <0.1mm (như “bờ lưỡi dao” – knife edge) đến 0.4mm .Chế tạo bằng sứ thuỷ tinh .Được dán vĩnh viễn bằng hệ thống keo dán và cement dán chuyên biệt .Mài răng tối thiểu chỉ ở mặt ngoài (<0.1mm đến 0.4mm), không mài nhỏ và không chữa tuỷ. Lịch trình điều trị Veneer sứ cực kỳ gọn nhẹ y như chiếc veneer: chỉ 4 lần hẹn lớn như trên hình. ⭐️Như vậy, trung bình chỉ sau 4 lần hẹn kéo dài từ 5-14 ngày, bạn đã chính thức sở hữu một món trang sức vĩnh viễn trên nụ cười của mình. Một nụ cười thẩm mỹ, an toàn và lành mạnh chính là mục tiêu sau cùng của chúng tôi. Vậy bạn còn lý do gì nữa để chần chừ? ⭐️ – Dr Tony Dental Clinic – Veneer and Invisalign Center: Inbox 118 đường 3/2, P12, Q10, TpHCM ☎️ ⏰ 09:00 -19:00; Thứ 2 - Chủ Nhật
Expertos en Tumor Cerebral - Gamma Knife Center Ecuador
Head Country BBQ Sauces, Seasonings, and Marinade | Barbecue and Grilling Sauces | Recipes for BBQ and Grilling | Home
Make these crispy, super-easy grilled wings the center of your weekend. RECIPE: Dry Rub Wings with BBQ Blue Cheese Sauce Time: 30-35 minutes Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: 4 lbs chicken wings, broken down into drummettes and flats 2 1/2 Tbsp Head Country Bar-B-Q High Plains Heat Seasoning (or any Head Country Championship Seasoning) 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 cup Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce (Meghan at Cake 'n Knife used Apple Habanero, but you can use any one you love) 1 cup blue cheese dressing (or ranch) Freshly chopped parsley for garnish Instructions: Place wings in a large bowl. Sprinkle the wings with the Head Country Bar-B-Q seasoning and baking powder. Toss to coat evenly. Place a wire rack on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Refrigerate for 8 hours. When ready to grill, preheat grill to high heat (400˚F). Once the grill is hot, cover and grill wings for 30 to 35 minutes, flipping them once halfway through cooking. While the wings are grilling, make the sauce by combining Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce and blue cheese dressing in a small bowl. Stir until smooth. Remove wings from grill and add to a serving platter. Garnish with parsley and serve with sauce.
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La seguridad del paciente, componente clave de la calidad asistencial, ha adquirido enorme relevancia en los últimos años, tanto para ellos como para sus familias, puesto que todos desean sentirse plenamente confiados en los cuidados sanitarios recibidos. En Gamma Knife Center Ecuador trabajamos comprometidos con la excelencia. Con este fin, el personal administrativo y la plantilla médica encamina su más riguroso esfuerzo, en procura de ofrecer a nuestros pacientes —junto con las ventajas únicas que brinda la avanzada técnica de radiocirugía estereotáctica que disponemos—, una esmerada asistencia sanitaria, segura, efectiva y eficiente, en plena sintonía con las exigencias que la presente emergencia nos plantea. No se trata únicamente de procesos o de fríos protocolos en tiempo de pandemia: se trata de tu salud cerebral y de cuidarte, cuidándonos. www.gammaknife.com.ec
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At the gate of Hilton Hotel, there were lots of luxury cars and ablaze with lights. Jane Young was dressed in a black dress, appearing clean and simple at the entrance of the hotel. In the center of the brilliant hotel hall. The handsome groom knelt on the ground, looking at the bride with a gentle and focused gaze, "Ruby, I am willing to do my best to make you happy forever, are you willing to marry me, and become the only one for me?" "Yes, I do!" Jane stood in the crowd and looked at the two people who were hugging and kissing each other. It was as if her heart was stabbed with a knife. The so called' away ' was to marry another woman without telling her. Jane's eyes lit up as she rushed forward, wanting to slap Shawn. But just as she was about to step forward, a figure blocked her, "Jane, auntie knows that White Family has unilaterally destroyed the marriage contract with you and you have suffered grievances. However, if Shawn doesn't marry Ruby this time, White Family will declare bankruptcy, and you should be more clear than anyone else that if the White Family goes bankrupt, no one can afford to pay for your grandmother's medical fees. " Jane bit her lower lip hard, the strength was so strong that the lips was almost torn apart. The wedding on the stage just ended. Wearing a tailored suit, Shawn walked down the stage gracefully with the bride in his arm. Jane rushed in front of them and said loudly, "Shawn, I wish you two happy forever! I propose a toast!" After she finished speaking, she raised her head and downed the entire cup of wine. Shawn saw that her eyes were so red that it seemed as the blood was going to drip out, his expression changed slightly, as though he wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not. When they left, Mary White instantly stopped smiling, "Jane, your performance just now was so obvious that Ruby almost saw through it …" Jane interrupted her with a cold tone, "I am not born to act, how can I compare to the people of White Family?" With that, she turned and left. The moment she left the great hall, her tears instantly fell. She told herself not to cry, not to cry, crying would only make her look more embarrassed. In the past, when White Family was in trouble, it was Young Family who helped White Family survive. In the name of repaying the debt of gratitude, the White Family begged the Young Family to let her marry Shawn, and she gave the inheritance that her father left behind to White Group when they were in trouble. In the blink of an eye, White Family had destroyed the engagement. However, now that the Young Family had failed and her grandmother was gravely ill, she had no choice but to rely on the White Family to provide medical fees. With anger filling her heart, Jane walked to the top floor of the hotel alone. Seated on the side of the roof, Jane looked at the far end of the hotel and her tears fell even more violently than before, she was suddenly hit and almost rolled down. Fortunately, in a moment of desperation, she grabbed onto the railing and was pulled on her wrist, preventing the tragedy. "What's wrong with you? Didn't you see me standing by the rooftop? Did you know that you almost caused my death! " But when she turned her head around, she saw an almost perfect face, with clear and deep facial outlines. However, the man didn't seem to take her temper seriously. He pushed her aside and said angrily. "Get out of the way!" Jane was almost pushed aside, but when she managed to stabilize her body, and grabbed the man's hand, "Are you crazy? It was you who bumped into me! " "Scram!" The man suddenly turned around, his eyes were emitting a sharp light as his body emitted a threatening aura. Jane held on tighter, "I won't leave, what can you do to me!" "It's you who don't go, don't blame me." At the same time as his overly low and hoarse voice sounded by her ear, a kiss caught her off guard. The taste of alcohol, mixed with the smell of an unfamiliar man, rushed into her mouth and nose. Jane reacted and reached out to push the man away, but his strength was unusually st
Expertos en Tumor Cerebral - Gamma Knife Center Ecuador
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Wondering what to do with all those cardboard shipping boxes that have been piling up from your quarantine mini shopping sprees?!? Turn them into beautiful salvage wood style picture frames! Join us for our Live Workshop-Create a Farmhouse Frame from a Cardboard Box using Saltwash® and paint and bring some of those smiling faces you've been missing front and center in your home. So how's it work?...� Join in the workshop by going to our Facebook page on Saturday, we will be starting at 10 am EST (so set your alarm to not be late) and follow along as we walk through all the steps from mixing and applying the Saltwash, to create this salvaged wood farmhouse frame. �What will you need? Most of the materials we are hoping many of you probably already have around your home, the idea is to not have to go out to buy the materials; recycle or reuse an item for the projects. *MATERIALS NEEDED: •Cardboard Box- Keep in mind the size frame you will want to create, smaller to medium size boxes tend to create smaller frames. *box pictured below is a 10x6x6 that our faux effects kits come in. •Saltwash® powder •Paint (any type or brand) in any color you prefer. If wanting to achieve a more salvaged farmhouse look gather more neutral tone paints such as whites and grays. For more of a coastal frame look go for more paint tones in the blues and greens.� •Plexi glass cut to 4x6 or 5x7 size�* PLEXI GLASS Will BE AVAILABLE TO ORDER THROUGH SALTWASH SITE ON 4/24 •Hot glue gun. •Box Cutter/ razor knife�•paper clips •mixing cup (any plastic cup will work) ��•stir stick ��•Picture to fit the size plexi glass you have SIDE ITEM* Grab an extra piece of Cardboard or cork and we'll show you hot to make a "in a pinch wood graining tool"! Work along with us! Have all the materials you need prior to the workshop going Live so we can all have fun creating together, and we will be able to answer any questions you may have as we play. These Live workshops have been a great way for us to be able to offer something back to you and at the same time have some fun with others who are stuck at home and get creative, no matter what your experience level! So grab your cardboard box...or boxes we won't judge;) and lets make some frames!
Expertos en Tumor Cerebral - Gamma Knife Center Ecuador
Cuatro de cada cinco personas infectadas con #COVID_19 tendrán #SíntomasLeves e incluso se recuperarán sin mayores incidentes. Revisemos algunos aspectos asociados a los #FactoresDeRiesgo y a los necesarios cuidados que cabe tener presente en estos casos. #RecuperaciónCOVID #GammaKnifeCE
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When The Butcher was little, his birthday dinner request was always “pounded chicken”. It’s what was for dinner tonight, along with lemon parsley risotto and steamed broccoli. But if you put it on a bun with some Miracle Whip it would be 1979 all over again. What The Butcher’s mom called pounded chicken we might call chicken schnitzel, or crispy breaded chicken cutlets. We’ve upleveled the crunch by using Panko breadcrumbs. This technique is powerful, versatile and easy. It’s useful for pork, chicken, fish, beef, or vegetables. We dare you to try it on cauliflower steaks! Anything you might like to pan fry and have a crunchy coating. It’s triple-coat. Here’s how to do it. You’ll need: 3 shallow dishes like pie plates. 1/2 c. Flour 2 Eggs 1 1/2 C. Panko (Japanese-style) breadcrumbs. They are the key. 4 chicken breasts, butterflied and pounded to 1/2” thick Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper (don’t skimp!) 1. Butterfly and pound the chicken. Using a chefs knife held parallel to the board, cut in from one of the long edges of the chicken about halfway through the thickness of the breast. Cut almost but not all the way through the breast, then open like a book and press flat. Sandwich between two pieces of plastic wrap with a little water on them. Use a flat mallet or the bottom of a frying pan and starting in the center and working with outward movements, pound the chicken to about 1/2” thick. Try not to make holes in the breast. It takes a little practice. Voila. Pounded chicken. 2. Set up a triple-coat station. Put flour in one shallow dish, eggs in another, and Panko in the the last. Season flour heavily with salt and pepper. Beat eggs well with a fork and about 2 tablespoons of water. 3. Place a cooking rack on a cookie sheet inside a 200 degree oven. Set your largest skillet over medium heat and have oil ready. Remember, always heat your pan fully THEN add the oil just before the food. It keeps the oil from degrading. 4. Season chicken with salt and pepper, then triple coat chicken. Coat chicken thoroughly in flour first, then dip in egg, then coat well in Panko. Set aside until all chicken is coated. 5. Add a shallow layer (1/4”) vegetable or coconut oil to sauté pan. As soon as it shimmers, use tongs to lay chicken slowly into oil. It should sizzle just slightly. Cook 2-3 minutes or until deeply golden brown, then flip with tongs and cook 2 more minutes. Use tongs to remove from pan and place on rack in the oven to keep warm. Repeat for other pieces of chicken. 6. Serve with lemon wedges. Or ketchup. No judgment. Pounded chicken, made famous by Shirley Helen Richter, and adapted by The Butcher’s Wife. Enjoy. And thanks Mom. ❤️
Expertos en Tumor Cerebral - Gamma Knife Center Ecuador
Hablar con los niños de una manera clara y razonable sobre lo que está sucediendo con la pandemia del #coronavirus es la mejor manera de ayudarlos a comprender los cuidados que todos debemos seguir. Mantenga a sus hijos #informados, pero de manera simple y directa. Compartimos aquí algunas recomendaciones de los expertos. #CoronaTips #COVID_19 #GammaKnifeCE #QuedateEnCasa
Expertos en Tumor Cerebral - Gamma Knife Center Ecuador
¿Cómo debe ser el #cuidado de un paciente de #coronavirus en su #casa? Aquí unas recomendaciones generales y cómo realizar la #prevención familiar y comunitaria. #QuédateEnCasa #AlCoronavirusLoVencemosJuntos #GammaKnifeCE
Expertos en Tumor Cerebral - Gamma Knife Center Ecuador
Tomar precauciones y asimilar la información de forma clara nos permitirá recuperar el bien común como valor de nuestra sociedad. #YoMeQuedoEnCasa #COVID19 #coronavirus #SaludCerebral #GammaKnifeCE
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Vil du bli grunnskulelærar? Vi har framleis ledige studieplassar! Du kan søke frå 19. juli.
Recupero | Reggio Calabria | Fisiokinesiterapia dr. Mario Smorto
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Try today! You can start from 10$!
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Apartments with sea panoramic views in a prestigious district of Batumi. We make your dreams come true. ⠀ - a fitness center, underground parking, a car wash, and a 24/7 surveillance in the territory of our residential complex; - panoramic views of the sea and the sunsets right out of your window; - the legendary stretch of coastline in the heart of Batumi; - starting price is $36 962. ⠀ ✅ Learn more details on our website.
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PRÁCE: Specialista klientského servisu Praha ️ 25 dní dovolené příspěvky na stravování bonus za nového kolegu
AIS Business Solution เส้นทางความสำเร็จของคนทำธุรกิจทุกประเภท

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Cobra Golf - Golf Clubs, Cobra Golf Clubs, KING SPEEDZONE, KING F9 SPEEDBACK, KING LTD, King F8, Puma Golf
Don't miss out. The NXT Generation of golf footwear has arrived.
Gloria Kamil the Transformationist
Diggy's Adventure
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⚔忍界大戰即將開始,忍者、通靈獸任你選擇。 十連抽拿到3個SSR忍者,打爆全服! 加入对决
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Emeritus - Online Certificate Courses | Diploma Programs
Get a holistic perspective on leadership with the 6-month Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership program in collaboration with MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School Executive Education and Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Learn with: ✅ Video lectures ✅ Assignments, simulation & discussions ✅ Role Plays & webinars ✅ Capstone project ✅ 360° assessment & feedback
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Best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income and connect with fans | Patreon
Kärcher Česká republika | Kärcher čisticí technika