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I am Katya Arline Burrell, I will turn seventeen tomorrow. I'm 5'8, light green eyes, long light brown wavy hair, and light brown skin The day after I turned fifteen, Alpha Nico Martino came to our pack to visit. He was there to conduct business with my father. My father is Alpha Andre Burrell of the Silvery Moon Pack. Every unmated woman there was drooling over Nico. I have to admit, even I was drooling. Nico is 6' 2, Italian, handsome black eyes and beautiful long black hair. Handsome and has a body like a God. Has the most handsome smile, I have ever seen. Nico kept looking at me weird, he winked at me. I was beginning to wonder did he have something in his eye. My friend Eric came over to ask if I wanted to go to the mall with him and some of our friends. I thought I heard someone growl, but I thought I was hearing things. My father was looking at Nico when he said I could not go. He told Eric that he thinks it would be best if he comes back another day. That was the first time my father wouldn't let me go to the mall with my friends. He has never told Eric to leave before. Nico and my father walked toward my father's office. Nico looked at me, smiled then winked his eye again before closing the door to my father's office. They were in there for almost an hour. My father walked out of his office told Maria to pack my bags. He looks at me and said that I would be living with Nico. When I asked why, My father said it's for the best. My brother Aiden was looking at me worried. I told Aiden not to worry that I will be okay and put on a fake smile. I did not want him to worry. To be truthful I was worried enough for both of us. I looked over at Nico and Angelo his Beta. Angelo looked away. Nico was standing there with a huge smile on his face looking at me. As he has just won the lottery and I was the prize The next thing I knew I was on a private plane with Nico and Angelo. I was sitting beside Nico, he kept smiling, still looking at me weird. Every once in a while, he would wink at me. I threw my head back, looking at him like he had lost his mind. He needs to have that eye check. Maybe it's a nerve problem, I was thinking. Angelo walked to the back of the plane. He was reading on his tablet. He did not talk to me or Nico. I didn't know why or where I was going with these two nuts. We landed late that night at a private airport. We rode for about thirty minutes or so to a big house. There was not a soul in sight. I was escorted to a huge beautiful bedroom. It has two large walk-in closets with a large bathroom. Dark four-post canopy king size bed with pink and white bedding. Nico asked me was I hungry. He said anything I want to eat or need, he will make sure I get it. I shook my head no, walked around looking the room over. He stood by the door staring at me for a few minutes before he left. When I was showering, I told Seraya, my wolf not to talk to any of the wolves. Until I tell her to. Seraya it's a white wolf. She is larger than an Alpha wolf. Seraya said we should kill him and anyone else that tries to stop us and run away. I told her not yet we need some money and a plan. We will stay here until we are a little older. Unless Nico's a bed predator. If he is we will kill him and run immediately. I laid down thinking that no one still has not told me why I am here. I still have not figured out how one day I am in Atlanta with my family and hanging out with my friends to living here with a nut. The next morning there was a knock at my bedroom door. I thought it was Nico. But it was an older woman. She said that she is my private maid. Her name was Betty. I asked her where was I. She seems shocked that I didn't know where I was. She said New Orleans, not to worry that she was going to take good care of me. For some reason, I believe her. Maybe because she reminds me of my grandmother. When I walked into the hallway the next morning there was a locked gate. It blocked me from going downstairs. I can go anywhere on the third floor. That's the floor Nico and I live on. He said I'm not allowed to go d
"Ah! What a day!" There was the sound of a loud squeak as a young woman fell on her bed. Stretching her tired arms, her small almond shaped brown eyes blinked several times before she got comfy between her blankets. Yoona Kim, 25 Years Old, recent University Graduate, just had a long day of job hunting. Now it was time to unwind before bed. She reached over to her bed side and grabbed her favorite novel. The cover was worn and the pages bent, evidence of the many times it had been abused and read. It was a sad story of a young unloved Queen, and the many struggles she endured before she finally lost her sanity, and was executed for attempted of her husband, the King. No matter how many times Yoona read it, the pain of the Queen gripped her heart each time. "She's such a fool for loving him!" "Gosh, if I was her, I would NOT have done THAT!" "UGH! He should die!" Such was her comments as she continued to read. After a hour of reading, she yawned and closed her book and put it on the bed side table. Looking out the window at the many bright stars shining the night sky, she saw a shooting star pass. She smiled to herself and turned out the light. [How nice it would be if I lived in a world full of Kings and Queens... Sounds so exciting...] With that thought, she slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming of stars and magic. Little did she know what was in store for her when she opened her eyes... "Lady Gwyneth... It is time to wake up." "Ugh....." Yoona covered her face with the blanket. "Just 5 more minutes..." "... Miss?" Yoona tore the blanket off her face and growled. " you Siri! Leave me alon--" She stopped short. Standing by her bed was a young woman, young 20's by the look of her, with short auburn hair to her shoulders, dressed in a black and white maid outfit, looking at her with big brown eyes in a shocked and confused expression. "... Miss... Are you okay...?" Yoona ignored her inquiry as she looked around. She rubbed her eyes, then rubbed it again. [What is going on...?] She was in a huge bed with a canopy, in a room as large as a 2 bedroom apartment, decorated in lots of pink, lace, and frills. [Okay, key thing is to remain calm. Dreaming? Maybe. Yup. Let's go with that for now.] "Miss...? Lady Gwyneth...? Are you feeling ill?" Yoona blinked several times and looked at the maid to her side. "Um... Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely sick. Um... Could you give me some time alone? I think I might be contagious. And uh, yeah, maybe." Yoona scratched her head as she chucked nervously. She never was very good at lying. "Should I call for a Doctor?" The maid asked worriedly. "Um.... Yes......." Yoona nodded slowly. "Yes Miss,...
AquaTerra Pet Decor
Have you ever heard of the expression “the cat is the king of his castle”? We sure have! Especially when it comes to AquaTerra’s very own “spokes-cat”, Bertie… You see, Bertie is an inspirational cat with a checkered past… Abandoned with a box of kittens at a rest stop in Oregon, Bertie was taken to Purrfect Pals, a no-kill feline shelter located in Arlington, Washington... Dehydrated, malnourished, with rotting teeth and a severe reaction to fleas that left him with bald spots, Bertie was in immediate need of dental care and rehabilitation. After tooth extraction and several months of recovery, he was adopted by a couple who had recently lost their own beloved cat, also an alumnus of Purrfect Pals. ‍‍ It was love at first sight! Bertie quickly settled in and became the boss of this otherwise cat-less family. Bertie’s role as a spokes-cat came about when he barged in on a photoshoot by his human who was trying to get a picture of a decorative aquarium cover designed by AquaTerra Pet Décor. Since, being the boss and all, he wouldn’t get out of the shot, he started getting his picture taken. It was at this moment when the idea for the design for the 10-gallon aquarium/terrarium covers could be re-imagined into canopy pet beds for small dogs and cats… Our prototypes were launched, and were a huge success! The cats love to play on them, and the cats and dogs love to sleep in them too! Humans love how the castles decorate their living spaces. {Click Here to order your Castle Pet Bed today and take an Automatic 20% Off Applied After Adding To Cart!} https://aquaterrapetdecor.com/collections/pet-beds/products/pet-bed-castle-deluxe Now, it is our goal at AquaTerra Pet Décor to honor every cat and dog…and make them feel like Bertie felt...the kings of their own castles! That’s why we are proud to have created a pet bed just for them…️ Introducing our signature canopy bed, the Deluxe Mahogany Castle Bed. This castle-inspired pet bed is perfect for small dogs and cats under 20 pounds: *Available is sapele mahogany or cherry *Finished wood on both the inside and out *Comes with a plush, padded, machine-washable cushion *Easy to assemble - no tools required *The wood is produced in Oregon using formaldehyde-free adhesive *Product Dimensions: 17" (H) x 22” (L) x 12" (W) *Weight: Approximately 6.8 lbs We invite you to help your cats or dogs become the kings of their castles today! ---------- Cherry or Mahogany Premium Castle Pet Bed: $139.00 https://aquaterrapetdecor.com/collections/pet-beds/products/pet-bed-castle-premium Mahogany (sorry no Cherry) Deluxe Castle Pet Bed: $99.00 https://aquaterrapetdecor.com/collections/pet-beds/products/pet-bed-castle-deluxe [BONUS!] Order today and receive a free pet toy from Snow Leopard Trust included with the purchase of the Premium model (while supplies last). We also accept payment plans with no fees or interest and we accept Shop Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Don't forget, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all models of the bed inside the United States! * Click Here to order your Castle Pet Bed today and take an automatic 20% Off Applied After Adding To Cart!https://aquaterrapetdecor.com/collections/pet-beds/products/pet-bed-castle-premium ---- *(ships to destination in the continental United States and we do not ship to the following locations: Alaska, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe, and Armed Forces Pacific)
Vibe Infinite
Bring a superb audio experience of a movie theatre into your home with two detachable surround speakers and Dolby Atmos® 3D sound. Available now for limited quantities https://bit.ly/338n5sz
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Edison has been hard at work preparing for ALICE EXPO She needs to give it her all and she has a great new trick up her sleeve! Introducing ⚡️ Charge Panels ⚡️ Chaining with these powerful panels allows you to activate super powerful skills! First Pull of the Edison ULTRA FES Special Hatcher is 150 Polygons. 1 BUG 20 Edison Unit Guaranteed at Step 7! Available: 08/07 - 08/21
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[ STE V TURIZMU? 3 TAKTIKE ZA VEČ GOSTOV ] Turistična sezona se je začela! Vi pa še vedno iščete načine, kako pritegniti čim več gostov in obiskovalcev? V našem novem članku preverite 3 enostavne taktike, za katere ne potrebujete nobenega predznanja o digitalnem marketingu. PLUS: z vami delimo tudi brezplačne email predloge , ki jih lahko skopirate in pošljete na svojo bazo kontaktov! Simpl rešitev, če vam pisanje emailov jemlje preveč časa in energije. Najdete jih v novem Madwise članku.
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