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A simple parenting guide to raising kids with work ethic grit and empathy.
A simple parenting guide to raising kids with work ethic grit and empathy.
A simple parenting guide to raising kids with work ethic grit and empathy.
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Boys & Girls Clubs often allowed volunteers to do community service watching kids, even sex offenders. # of abuse can get compensation. ℹ️ Survivor-Claims.com/boysgirlsclub
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“Grumpy is her new word. Just wanted to share that the Time-In ToolKit works for 2 yr olds!” - Regina, Mom of 2 yo using Time-in ToolKit When our kids are small and trying to manage emotions - they can't express what they are feeling. They throw tantrums, they throw things, they have meltdowns, they scream and they whine. This is their way of communicating with us. They need help to organize, process and express their feelings in a healthy way. And society tells us to punish them for this. Send them to their room, put them in timeout, spank them. We teach them and train them not to show their emotions. Don't whine. Don't complain. Your feelings are wrong. Be quiet. Eventually they stop expressing their emotions to us because we told them over and over again we didn't want to hear it. For so long they needed to deal with it alone. Alone in their room, their chair, their corner. And then they turn into teenagers and we expect them to feel safe talking to us. We expect them to know that NOW it's okay. They are subconsciously wired to think the opposite because this is what they grew up learning. Give your child permission to feel. Let them know their feelings are valid and that you care, no matter how small. Make sure they know that they are heard. Pretty soon meltdowns over crayons will turn into breakups, heartbreak, sex, or even depression. You want your child to know that you will always hear them, no matter how small. You are their safe space. www.GenMindful.com | Teaching kids about emotions. (Playfully.) Thank you to mamas Regina Smith for the adorable video and @Laura Muhl for her inspired share. (Truth. Every. Word. )
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Build a better golf stroke they said ... Your scores and handicap will come racing down they said... *Insert Years Of Frustration* Here's what most golfers do ... They spend weeks, months and even years trying to fix their putting stroke. Then Jim gets sidetracked and races out and buys a fancy pants new putter for $500, thinking his existing putter has something wrong with it. Problem is the new putter doesn't help at all - only gets him in trouble with his wife for spending the family's vacation money... Mary gets bored with the current technique she's working on and searches for something else. She starts working on her posture and then her alignment. She's convinced this is the way to go because all the "cool" kids are doing this. And Harry, well, poor Harry... Good ole' Harry recommits to his putting game and spends the next 2 months practicing ... Every. Single. Day. But every time he gets to the golf course he has no confidence and, despite all the practice, he is missing more putts than ever. Next up is John. John used to play golf as a kid and plenty of people tell him he has lots of "talent". He has played tennis for years and has won a few local competitions. He's convinced that he's going to be great at golf... ... after all, he's been successful at everything he's ever done. So he buckles down and applies himself. He reads all the books and has lots of lessons. He's diligent. He works out. He takes notes. He even looks at the putt from three sides on EVERY putt. But something strange starts to happen. He feels funny when he's over the ball. His belly rumbles. His mind spins. He gets tight in the throat. His mouth gets dry. He can't feel his hands. And then it happens... ... Yip. A horrible little flinch on the shortest of short putts. The ball doesn't hit the hole. He can't believe what he just did (and nor can his playing buddies) A sense of embarrassment comes over him. "Did you see that putt, it took a bad bounce...", he said But he knew it wasn't a poor bounce. He knows deep down that he yipped it. And badly. And then the panic sets in. Each and every putt he now takes feels the same. He feels like he's got no chance to sink it - no matter how short it is. In fact, the shorter the putt, the more self-doubt and fear he feels. His putting game gives him sleepless nights. He can't walk onto the green without feeling sick. He fumbles around and tries anything not to keep embarrassing himself. And here's the worst part... The harder he tries the worse things become. And nothing makes sense. Why has golf/putting so hard? It's one step forward and two (or 3, 4 or 5) back. Arghhh! Chances are it's probably not your stroke that's holding you back (or your equipment) Only a small percentage of golfers (my research says 2%) can make all that technical instruction work for them. So everyone else needs something else. So what's the answer? You need a process that works with your learning system instead of against... Where you can walk onto any putting green and have supreme confidence that you'll be able to sink the putt A way to have your best putting stroke present itself when you need it most (even when you're feeling nervous and you have a super-important putt to make) And a way so you can putt your best WITHOUT needing to think about 127 different things each time you play. I've helped over 10,146 golfers from every golf playing nation on earth ... ... putt with more confidence, sink more putts and shoot lower scores. All without stupid technical advice... As a result, I've found that no matter your current playing level (PGA Tour star to weekend warrior) There's pretty much a foolproof way of unlocking your very best putting game... Regardless of your age, sex or athletic ability. At the end of the day, we all have the same capacity to learn, but sadly, most of the technical stuff you're trying, disrupts your system. But I have some exciting news for you! I've detailed every step of my "natural" process into an easy-to-read book. I have recently upda
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Let’s be REAL FELLAS.. Guys, See an ad, click it, possibly schedule a call, and ultimately end up saying you need to think about it… Wanna know the difference between the men that want something different and the ones who make a DIFFERENCE They have something that most the others don’t... The ability to take action, they know it will never be the “right time” so they don’t waste time. They GSD But it’s even simpler than that... The guys who win, KNOW THEY WANT TO DOMINATE… They want to be SAVAGE They carve it... and the go after it Let’s be honest at a certain level, we all know that there are no SuperHeroes, Secret Agents or Legends rocking the Dad-Body Admit it or not we know that men that are in PEAK shape have more status, more respect, more money, more power, and more sex... But it’s not just skin deep, when people see a man that is built for battle they see the hard work, the discipline, the SELF RESPECT… And you know what, when people see that, they give that man respect It can be easy to point the finger at being busy with work, running a business, providing for the family but deep down they know those are just excuses, they know that they have more to give than just bury it so far down by acting like it doesn’t matter.... That they don’t matter Its these men that will continue to struggle with fitness... They’ll say things like “they want to be around for their families” or that they “want to be a role model for their kids” they just don’t have time or something of the like... I’ll put it simple. Things will NEVER change unless you TAKE ACTION.. ✅ do something physical daily ✅ strength train 3-4x/ week ✅ get out and walk ✅ know your intake ✅ stop making excuses and GSD You can keep making excuse or hiding behind a busy schedule... Don’t wonder why you never see a 6 pack and traps... Those are going to require more than just wishing, They require more than just an interest.. They require a commitment to excellence.... It’s ok to want to DOMINATE in business, in fitness... in LIFE See how far you can go... Whens the last time you DOMINATED a room just by walking in? If you are ready to take action, whether or not you have access to a gym due to covid is irrelevant. Let’s jump on a call and make it happen. It take 2 seconds to schedule your call by clicking APPLY NOW
My hand drawn MASTERPIECE COOL SHIRT THAT KIDS WOULD LOVE! Phone cases too! Available now uni-sex T-shirt, & kids T-shirt & tank top! https://teespring.com/new-cartoon-t-shirt-kids-adu?pid=2
“It was a throwaway line in Anne Kreamer’s ‘Going Grey’: what I learned about beauty, sex, work, motherhood, authenticity, and everything else that really matters that triggered this journey for me (FYI she was the Chief Creative Officer of Nickelodeon and is a total badass). In her memoir, she described the moment she realised she needed that glass of wine at the end of the day and how that realisation scared her enough to go cold turkey. It resonated. Of course – that was in 2011 and I was smack in the middle of the physical slog of early working motherhood and wading through the fog of grief after losing my mom, brother, and sister-in-law in a plane crash. So I kind of put the thought up on a mental shelf and carried on. For years. But deep down, I couldn’t forget her ah-ha moment. And eventually, I began to admit to myself that I, too, needed a glass of wine at the end of the day. And to work up the courage to socialise at school events. And to be more “me” at work events. And to bond with friends. And to have fun. And to deal with kids who were testing my last nerve. And, and, and. All those ands made me deeply uncomfortable. So eventually my journey began. Maybe it was 2015? 2016? I don’t know exactly. I would do Dry January or dry Lent or Whole 30 or some kind of “challenge” to get my weight down, which invariably involved zero alcohol. But as soon as it was over (and often before), I’d find an excuse to have a glass or two of wine, which would lead back to the nightly habit. Giving it up completely seemed impossible. And way, way too un-fun. Cut to May 31, 2018. I was too fat for my fat shorts, lethargic, stressed at work and feeling constantly behind and exhausted. I watched myself get snippy with my kids for moving too slow at bedtime, and I realised it was because I needed to get to that glass of wine to relax. That was the last straw. I knew it was time. I had seen the One Year No Beer ad in my news feed a few times, clicked on it and signed up for the 90-day challenge. It seemed impossible. I didn’t tell my husband because I was worried he’d try to talk me out of it out of fear I’d become a boring recluse. I checked in with the group every day – and now have real accountability buddies around the globe that I count as friends. I read the emails, which helped me focus on all of the things I was gaining from going alcohol free. And before I knew it, day 28 arrived (on my 46th birthday as a matter of fact). Then day 45. Then Day 60. At day 90, I was just starting to feel like a flower unfurling -- I didn’t want the awesomeness to stop. So I signed up for 365. Along the way, I started to live alcohol free out-loud. I completed a triathlon with a personal best time. I threw a surprise 50th for my husband having loads of fun alcohol free. I celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, all alcohol free... My productivity shot through the roof and I started reading again. But by far, the biggest gift of this challenge has been the expansion of time. Having a clear head makes it possible to more consciously choose who I want to be in any given moment. I’m not perfect by any stretch. I still can be short with the kids – but it happens way less often. I have plenty of moments where I feel unworthy or like I am failing/a failure. But where my first instinct used to be to “get out of my skin” with a “relaxing” glass of wine when those moments hit, I now have the mental clarity to step back, view myself with more compassion, and hold myself in love while the feeling passes. This program is a gift. The tribe is awesome. Life AF is fun AF***” - Sarah If you want to join Sarah in taking that first step to transforming your relationship with alcohol and watch your entire life transform around you, you can apply to join our exclusive 28, 90 or 365 Day Challenges. Find out more by clicking the link below https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/takethechallenge
Ranch Hand Rescue
We see so many children who have suffered all kinds of horrendous traumas, primarily sexual abuse, physical abuse and sex trafficking. Most of our special needs animals have also suffered trauma and neglect. When our counselors partner animals in mental health to help these kids, the results are magical. Our team also encompasses EMDR, CPT, Play Therapy and many other modalities in addition to Animal Therapy. The hard part of what we do is the waiting list of children who need our services. We are adding additional counselors, but because we treat clients regardless of their ability to pay, we also need donations from you to get kids off this list. If you can help us, go to https://www.gifttool.com/donations/Donate?ID=2043&AID=2015 Or go to our website at www.ranchhandrescue.org In the notes just put SPONSOR A CHILD. Thank you for your support of our mission and God Bless!
- FINALLY ADMIT TO BEING OUT OF SHAPE - Get motivated about your health - Declare that you’re a leader and gonna start before New Years - Start going to the gym - Follow some workout from an online Fitness Expert - Question everything you’re eating - Eat only chicken and broccoli for a week - Tell everyone about “eating clean” - Get stressed at work and too bogged down to go to the gym - Let loose for the weekend and drink alcohol/eat junk - Feel guilty - Get Motivated again - Go on a trip - end up not working out at all - Over eat because someone else is paying for it - Get home, ya put on pounds - Feel exhausted - Resort to ungodly amounts of caffeine - Buy a program. - Get ZERO results from it. - Try the 21 day this or that. - Ugly cry cause it ain’t work’n - Ask your “jacked” friend who lives in the gym for his workouts - He gives you a 5 day a week workout plan - Try that by getting really disciplined to “go every day” - Realize you’re too busy to go to the gym 5 days a week, but try anyways - Feel sore, overextended, and burnt out - Question if your schedule is just too crazy - A friend tells you it’s all about what you eat - So ya go on a diet (whatever that means) - Buy the entire grocery store worth of “healthy” snacks - Live on smoothies and salads - Still NO Results - Hide in the corner trying to not eat carbs b/c a friend tells you they went Keto - Hangry all the time from not eating. (Eat a Snickers) - Underperform at work. - No sex drive - Get in a fight with your significant other, but really you just miss pizza - Binge eat ice cream when everyone is sleeping - Research supplements - Read a million blog posts that just confuse you. - Contemplate getting ANOTHER program. - Resolve you’ll never quit. - Write inspirational posts. Tell everyone you’re getting more progress than you really are. - Feel your energy start failing. - Contemplate quitting again, this time for real…you’ve had enough. - See everyone else succeed because they’re implementing REAL pillars and CORRECT scientific strategies. - Try one final time to make it work because well, “if they can do it so can you.” - 6 months later you’re still stuck. - Get wasted… - That’s it, it’s over… - Girlfriend leaves ya. - Boss fires ya. - Life sucks… - Kids can’t play with you because “it hurts” to move. - Everyone is disappointed in you. OR Watch this webinar instead and have all your wildest dreams come true (I’ll teach you how my clients are transforming forever with ZERO food restrictions or life changes). FULL DISCLAIMER: All your wildest dreams probably won’t come true, but you’ll finally be living life on your terms eating and doing what YOU want…getting the body you want…no matter how busy you are, how much you work, or how often you travel.
PERFORMANCE…It’s a loaded question that brings with it pressure, pressure and more pressure! Compensation is based on it and lifestyle directly impacted as a result. Kids getting into the best schools, a vacation or two each year all directly impacted by performance. It’s a way to rate a tantrum when things don’t go just the way planned. “That was quite the performance!” And, then intimacy. It’s lodged deep, it haunts us and is filled with anxiety which only weakens PERFORMANCE. Imagine if life compensation was based on it. Sometimes it feels easier to sit in the dark, void of intimacy moving forward. Feeling less like a man instead of raising a hand and letting someone know help is needed. Because this pain seems worse than the pain of someone else knowing… Then blue enters the story and brings a “pop” of reassurance. Old blue gets popped and the 30-minute waiting game begins. Tick-tock, tick- tock! As a performer, it’s clear there are levels to PERFORMANCE and subsequent compensation. Here is a question to answer. Is living without intimacy for 2-3 years more: A.) seem like a vacation or B.) a prison sentence? If the answer is B, maybe it’s time to step up and have a conversation. <<>> Magic and miracles are not needed for measurable performance outcomes to take place... It is well researched and documented that increased abdominal fat and systemic body fat reduces the production of testosterone (the main male hormone) and increases estrogen (the main female sex hormone). Without getting all scientific, when belly fat increases it creates a chemical reaction in the body to speed up the action of converting testosterone to estrogen in the body called Aromatase. As reported in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, reducing your current weight by 15% can boost the effects of not needing magic in a bottle. • Confidence increase • Virility ramped up • Focus • Increased self-belief • Weight • And much more Tonight, getting out of the shower and your partner does a double take, “thinking not bad!” This opens another entire level of intimacy. No contractual obligations tonight or “it’s ok, it happens.” Tonight, just magic and a moment! Life is rarely about perfection…And, this first step is no different. I use a rock solid 5 Pillar approach which guarantees success. PERFECTION not required. 1. Movement shift 2. Accountability where you need it most 3. Flexible eating fitting with your lifestyle 4. Data, not drama 5. Stability and control moving forward It can happen without giving up a beer with friends, the occasional steak or a night out. Success in my PIVOT Program is not based on perfection, just improvement. In 12-weeks, 20-lbs, improved confidence, more energy, more drive and more. It only takes 10-minutes to hop on a call to see what is possible based on where you are right now.
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Top Rated Same Sex Cyprus Wedding Award Winning Leonardo Laura Beach £̶7̶0̶1̶1̶ only £5999! total – . ☎️ : 0800 091 1162 : https://bit.ly/319GKY0 ! : Personal Wedding Coordinator Ceremony At the Stunning Mediterranean Terrace 2 Hour Ceremony Acoustics Including drinks & canapes Night reception at Euphoria Nightclub (7pm – 12pm) BBQ Buffet Menu Open Bar Package Bouquet (Lily or Rose) Buttonhole (Lily or Rose) Couples Hair and Makeup package 30 Photo Album Package with Professional Photographer Half Day Videography includes full movie on DVD Professional DJ (Playlists available) 2 Tier Cake 7 Nights All Inclusive at Hotel Private Transfers (Ceremony venue and reception based on 30 guests) : Room upgrade (Subject to availability) Luxury toiletries, bathrobes, and slippers in room Sparkling wine, fruit basket & bottle of water on arrival Complimentary champagne breakfast in your room A complimentary candlelit dinner for two 15% discount on all treatments at the Hotels Spa Late checkout (Subject to availability) Call us to discuss further enhancements for your Dream Wedding including firework displays, dove releases, chocolate fountains, upgraded transport services & much much more! / £ . & . & : ✅Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award Winner 2019! ✅Onsite Waterpark ✅Sea Front Location ✅Live Entertainment ✅Hotel Run Kids club ✅Children's Playground ✅Spa & Wellness Centre ✅5 Bars Including Pool Bar ✅5 Restaurants ✅2 Swimming Pools ✅Tennis Court ✅Room Service ✅Air Conditioned Rooms ✅Free WIFI #weddingsincyprus #cyprusweddings #lgbtweddings #destinationweddings #weddingsabroad #beachwedding #weddingdestination #weddingstory #cyprus #samesexweddings
The Wedding Travel Company
Top Luxury Same Sex Wedding Stunning 5* Almyra Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus Prices start £ in total! - . ☎️ : 0800 091 1162 : https://bit.ly/319GKY0 ! : Personal Wedding Coordinator Ceremony At the Stunning Almyra Spa Roof Terrace Reception at West Mosaics Restaurant until 11pm Outstanding 4 Course Set Menu 3 Hour Premium Open Bar Package Professional DJ (Playlists available) 7 Nights Bed & Breakfast at Hotel Private Transfers Based on 40 guests (Call to discuss more or less) : CD / IPod player for music for ceremony and reception 20 white Chiavari chairs Red carpet Ceremony table with white linen Flower arrangement (seasonal flowers for registry table) Bottle of local sparkling wine for the couples toast Honeymoon breakfast morning after the wedding Candlelit dinner for two in our fine dining restaurant 10% discount on Spa treatments Room upgrade (subject to availability) Call us to discuss hair and makeup packages, bouquets, wedding cake options, firework packages and much much more! £ . & . & / : ✅Travellers Choice Award Winner 2019! ✅Rated 5 out 5 on Trip Advisor ✅Sea Front Location ✅4 Pools ✅Pool Bar ✅Spa & Wellness Centre ✅Kids Club ✅4 Restaurants ✅Gym ✅Tennis Court ✅5 Minute Walk from Paphos Harbour ✅Air Conditioned Rooms ✅Minibar in room ✅Free WIFI ☎️ : 0800 091 1162 : https://bit.ly/319GKY0 ! #weddingsincyprus #cyprusweddings #lgbtweddings #destinationweddings #weddingsabroad #beachwedding #weddingdestination #weddingstory #cyprus #samesexweddings
The Powerful Man
MARRIED BUSINESSMEN - Want to improve your marriage without talking about it? I get it… Being a business owner can be hard. In between keeping employees, clients, and partners happy... ...managing payroll, taxes, ensuring profits are going up ...and then pile on the addition of doing your best to keep your wife and kids happy without going completely insane… Most days it can feel like your being asked to juggle 100lb dumbbells while kicking water uphill I don’t know, but... I suppose it might make sense… ...if your marriage has become disconnected where sex is rare, arguments are frequent and your wife is more of a “roommate with a ring” than a loved and respected partner. ...if you secretly watch porn, masturbate and fantasize about sleeping with other women ...if you get home from work...yell at your kids for acting their age...pour yourself a drink... and proceed to bury your attention in social media I suppose it might make a whole lotta sense… ...if you avoid conflict and difficult conversations with your wife ...if you’re trying to deal with the guilt & shame of working so much in your business that you miss out on family dinners and maybe even your kids' events. ...if you’re successful in your business but feel like it’s come at the cost of your relationship with the one woman who you love the most. And most frustrating of all... Getting into bed at night, being inches away from your wife but feeling miles apart. I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with all the different advice too. You just need to “man up” Or “talk about it” Most of this comes from people who either want to charge YOU by the hour... ...or have no idea what it’s like to walk a day in your shoes. And I’m sure you’ve tried or considered what seems like everything too… “Marriage counseling” “Therapy” “Business coaching” “Books” Sitting down and “talking about it” But in my experience, Whenever I tried to “talk about it” with my partner Amelia it only seemed to make things worse, pushing us further apart… ...and even had me thinking that maybe it was time to leave. Here’s the thing… I’m not saying all that stuff is bad. For some men, it works. And that’s great. But consider that - it’s not about what works and what doesn’t… ….it’s about what FITS a person’s lifestyle the best and what doesn’t. And the fact is, Married businessmen have a unique lifestyle that requires a unique approach to improving their marriage without their business and life crumbling to the ground. Anyways, I’m not sure if this would help you or not? But if you want to know ONE SIMPLE THING businessmen can use to improve their marriage without counseling, therapy or having to spend hours sitting down, feeling uncomfortable “talking about it”. I put together a FREE video training you can grab right now. You can check it out here => https://www.powerfulmanclass.com/vseries Feel free to take my strategies and use them for yourself. Rooting for you, Tim
"Dad, I beg you, save my mom." "NO WAY." The man was a little cold and pushed her hand. ""The surgery needs one million. One million, daddy, please!"" The girl's tears wet her tender face. The middle-aged man suddenly bit his teeth. He was looking at this beautiful face, then bent down his head slightly. ""Lolo, I can give you money, but you must promise me one thing."" The girl nodded, as long as she could save her mother. ""Then substitute your sister to serve him!"" ""HIM?"" ""Yes."" ""That prince is a fanatic for clean woman. But your sister isn't a virgin. Thus I want you to replace her the first night."" Lolo's slender body instantly softened. With a shudder, she rejected, ""Dad, can I have other choices?"" The middle-aged man clenched her hand coldly, ""I suppose this is the only way to save your mother. But it is up to you. I think your mom can get through another three days, so you need to hurry up and make a decision. If you miss the best period of surgery, she...."" The girl's eyes flashed. She took a deep breath, ""Well, I promise you."" ""Tomorrow night. It would be your first time to serve him. He is the son of Long Group's chairman, you will not suffer."" The man patted her shoulders happily. It was true that all girls in the city want to have sex with this man, except for her. The girl sat softly in the chair, with her eyes dull. Next day, at night, in a presidential suite. In the dimly lit room, the girl sat on the bed in fluster, shivering around her arms. Suddenly, the door opened, a tall and straight figure came in. The light seemed to be broken and all were in darkness. Actually all of this was schemed. The girl on the bed gasped and dillydallied her way forward to the bedside, where the man stood up. She trembly hugged the man's neck, slightly tiptoed, and jerkily kissed the man's cheek. Then she suddenly paused, did not know what else to do and felt her brain was blank. While the man felt hot then approached her. She smelled a bunch of alcohol in his mouth. ""Hum..."" Her lips were sealed again by fiery thin lips. What am I doing, Oh God She was somewhat resistant to the unfamiliar and clear male temperament. Strong and violent kiss of the man took away her brain and breath. She became dizzy, and her body was pressed against the bed, plundered by all his kisses. The thing happened next couldn't be described in terms of language. In the darkness, her tears burst out... Three in the morning. Ding! A message #Your Pocket: One million Added in Your Pocket.# Mommy, just wait for me. The phone rang at the same time. “Hello?” ""Miss Sue, there is a bad news for you."" It was Dr. Li. His familiar voice seemed very calm. The girl's heart fell to the hell, shivered and clenched the phone. ""Your mom...passed away"" At the backseat of the taxi, she cried in grief. The taxi driver kindly intended to speed up and sent her to the hospital. But everything was late. Even if she used her body for a million, she couldn't save her mother. Thinking of this, her tears like broken beads flowing down in an instant. Is it God's will? God wanted her mother to leave her?... Five years later. In City A's Internet Airport, a slim girl wearing a khaki coat was pushing a stroller, followed a pair of adorable kiddies wearing almost the same. ""Mummy, can we extort godmother for a big meal?"" ""As long as she is willing to."" Late at night, Lolo and her kids finished their meal. The little cutie full of curiosity then stared at Lolo, ""Mummy, where is our daddy?"" This question successfully aroused the little buddy's interest, too. Lolo Sue stunned and snarled, ""He was dead."" To dispel the curiosity of the little guys, she had to say these word in a huge panic. “Daddy passed away?” Little kid began to snort and almost cried out. ""It is fine. How about mommy hugging you guys and watching cartoons?"" Turning on the TV, it cut into a financial channel, a female anchor was reporting a news, ""Just got the latest news that Jack Long, the heir of Long Group, only 28 years old, has been the youngest identity on the top of t
The Life Coach School
I’m really excited to talk to you all today about some work I’ve been doing on my own brain that I think could help you. We have all been programmed to have thoughts and beliefs that we may not be aware of. Our upbringings, education, and playtime with other kids have taught us different biases about things like race and sex. We have all been influenced by the people and systems around us. These unconscious thoughts and beliefs affect how we show up in our lives and in the world. I’ve been doing the really hard work of finding these subconscious thoughts and deciding if I want to keep them or replace them with new ones. I’m asking myself what I’ve been programmed to believe and been unable to see with my own brain. In this episode, I’m sharing how these unconscious thoughts and beliefs negatively affect your life and your business. Racism is woven into our education, and sexism is ingrained in our upbringings. I want to encourage you to discover these thoughts, process them, and then decide if you want to change them. Awareness is the most important thing we can develop in our own work, and I encourage you to use it as an opportunity for growth. To listen click the link below. thelifecoachschool.com/podcast/323/
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You've lived through middle of the night feedings, toddler tantrums, and sending them off to school, but now you're thinking about the teen years that lie ahead of you and you're filled with worry. It's totally understandable. The teen years are a time of intense growth, not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually too. We know it can feel overwhelming and maybe you're uncertain of even where to begin preparing your child (and yourself) for this critical season in their life. But it is necessary and we want to help you in very practical ways with biblical truth. Our child development experts put together a free five-part video series that will equip you as you guide your preteen through their teen years and teach them about sex, puberty, and the many changes they will experience. If this is something you are looking for, click the image below and we can get you started with the video series, Preparing Your Kids for the Teen Years.