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KIDNEY STONE, LOW POTASSIUM, HIGH CREATININE, HYPERPARATHYROIDISM AND PLEURAL EFFUSION DUE TO KIDNEY DISEASE TESTIMONY I am Helen Florendo, Executive Director 6QLPL of Lifestyles Philippines, a former govt. employee at the House of Representatives for 18 years. I was diagnosed of having kidney stones last 2007 and had undergone ureteroscopy. Then 2014, 2015 and 2018, I have undergone 3x percutaneous nephrolithotomy and 1 open surgery due to a recurring kidney stones, unfortunately I am a stone former, and because of these, I suffered many complications, like high creatinine, low potassium (hypokalemia) and the worst one for me is the pleural effussion (fluid in the lungs).It happened during my last kidney operation. I was afraid that my body won’t be able to take it anymore so I looked for an alternative. My Nephrologist also told me that I got kidney stones because of enlarged parathyroid glands and suggested surgery to remove one of the glands (parathyroidectomy). I learned that the surgery may be unsuccessful, that is, the hyperparathyroidism may not be cured and there may be complications of the surgery.That’s when I tried intra seriously, at first I was halfhearted to take it but I had to take a leap of faith. I didn’t want to have a hole in my lungs, it was already too much for me... so I took 1 bottle of intra juice a day before they puncture my lungs. Then the next day, before my operation, they conducted another test. And to my surprise, my doctors advised me that the fluid in my lungs is now very minimal and my lungs was saved! Praise God. Because of that I decided to take Intra, Nutria and Fibrelife massively for a month after I got out of the hospital. The next time that I had my regular check-up, my doctors no longer prescribed any synthetic medicines because they told me that my kidneys and lungs were back to normal and the parathyroidectomy was cancelled. To GOD be all the Glory CTTO: Mam Helen Florendo A Good Health is the best Wealth❗ FAQ ‼ What is INTRA ⁉️ ➡️ INTRA is a Unique blend of 23 botanical extracts design to support and strengthen the cells of the body and help maintain optimal health. It has been formulated to include powerful yet very safe levels of each berbal extract and has been enjoyed around the world. INTRA is a Natural food supplement that helps Healthy people to stay healthy. What are standardized Herbal extracts ❓ ➡️ Herbal standardization is the ability to extract the active components ( the parts of each herbs known to be beneficial to health) of an herb at a consistent level each time. Once the extraction is complete, sophisticated measuring devices are used to ensure that the active components have been fully extracted. Standardization ensures that each bittle of Intra contains the exact same level of active ingredients. Standardization is the only true measure of a high quality herbal supplement. ❗ What is NutriaPlus ❓ ✴ Is a highly concentrated antioxidant supplement containing a Unique combination of twelve synergistic natural ingredients. Each serving of NutriaPlus provides the antioxidants and phytonutrients feom plants extracts, Vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it includes organically bound Selenium called SelenoExcell (the brand of selenium studied in the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Study by the University of Arizona)❗ What are "️Antioxidants"️❓❓ ❇Help protect every cell and membrane in our body from the damaging effects of daily life, and help prevent health conditions that result from accumulated damage from oxidation. For example , Science has been looking at the ability antioxidants prevent cancer and heart disease, boost immune system, and slow the aging process. Many leading scientists and healthcare practitioners are convinced that increasing your intake of antioxidants can result in a major improvement in health and increased longevity ❗ For more information contact through this 09292238840 www.myintrasite.com/manrissarparot #LifestylesPh #INTRANUTRIAFIBRELIFE #HelpingPeopleLiveBetterEveryday #WealthCreation #LiveYourPurpo
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