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FRESHLY UPDATED & BETTER THAN EVER!!… Check out our NEW High-Yield Genitourinary Notes! NEW SECOND EDITION FEATURES: ✅Convenient Single-File PDF Download ✅Hyperlinked Bookmarks Tab for Navigation ✅New Bonus Materials in Each Subject ✅ALL FUTURE UPDATES INCLUDED! (As always) WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Renal & Urogenital System Functional Anatomy of the Urinary System Renal Physiology Urine Production & Micturition CASES & MCQs - Urinary Tract Disease MCQs - Acute Renal Disorders Overview of Renal Pathology Population Health & Renal Disease Catheterization Congenital Kidney Abnormalities Diuretics Electrolyte Imbalances Fluid Imbalances Intra-Renal Failures pH-Altering Drugs & Acid/Base Disorders Polycystic Kidney Disease Post-Renal Failures Pre-Renal Failures Renal & Perinephric Abscesses Renal Cell Carcinoma Renal Failure Renal Stones Urinary Tract (Transitional Cell) Carcinomas Urogenic Pain Wilm's Tumour, Nephroblastoma Free Bonuses: Toronto Notes - Nephrology & Urology OUR NOTES ARE HIGH-YIELD: ✅Yep! We’ve essentially done ALL the sifting through textbooks and note-taking for you! ✅Reduce unnecessary study times ✅Improve grades & understanding. ✅Reclaim your social life. WHY OUR NOTES ARE THE BEST: ✅Succinct ✅Neatly Summarised ✅Logical Bullet-Points ✅Richly Illustrated ✅Appropriate Level of Detail ✅Ready-To-Print ✅ALL FUTURE UPDATES INCLUDED! RECLAIM YOUR STUDENT LIFE NOW AND AVOID FAILURE & BURNOUT! CLICK THE LINK BELOW NOW! https://www.medstudentnotes.com/
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Virtual Visceral Manipulation Anatomy Series—4 Events with Instructors from Around the World Each segment in this series will provide in-depth discussion of the anatomy with a visceral perspective. The presentations are designed to enrich your knowledge and enhance your practice through a greater understanding of organ-specific fascial and soft tissue connections, and their connection to pain and dysfunction. The Barral faculty members are able to encapsulate many years of knowledge to bring to you and your practice, and thanks to Zoom, from three continents. HIGHLIGHTS: • Self palpation. • Pertinent dissection slides of unembalmed donor. • The relationship of the organs to their surrounding anatomy/attachments, and organ movement patterns. It’s convenient and affordable! $75 each or $250 for the entire series CALL 866-522-7725, ext. 1 to register Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen Part 1 Liver, small intestine, stomach, and time permitting, the large intestine June 14, 2020 12:00 noon - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time Rosie Greene, BI-D, RMT, from New Zealand Info and to Register: https://bit.ly/2ZoiPDA Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen Part 2 Kidney, spleen and pancreas June 27, 2020 12:00 noon - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time Rita Benamor, DO, CST-D, BI-D, from Portugal Info and to Register: https://bit.ly/2XcBgZ7 Visceral Manipulation: Pelvis Uterus/ovaries, bladder and prostate July 11, 2020 12:00 noon - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time Kaare Nielsen, PT, DO, from Denmark Info and to Register: https://bit.ly/36hoDQs Visceral Manipulation: Thorax Lungs, heart and pleura anterior throat August 8, 2020 12:00 noon - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time Kenneth I. Frey, PT, CST-D, BI-D, from New York Info and to Register: https://bit.ly/2To3aAd PRE-REQUISITE: Manual Therapy Training. These events are pen to all manual therapists. Having an understanding of Barral Manual Therapy concepts may enhance your learning. Take Advantage of the Series Cost Savings! When you call, ask what additional offers are awaiting you.
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عرض بيور كولاجين سحر علاج الشعر خلى شعرك حرير وبأمان العبوة : ٢٥٠ جنيه بدل ٣٠٠ فوائد بيور كولاجين لما بتجلنا عميله تقول أن شعرها ضعيف جدا ونفسها تعالجها بدون ضرر نهائي وبدون كيماويات ويدى نسبة فرد طبيعي الحل السحري لمشاكل الشعر نتيجه من أول استخدام ايوا من أول استخدام ✓مصمم خصيصا لتزويد الشعر بالفيتامينات الأساسية ✓يعيد اصلاح الشعر التالف نتيجة التعرض لدرجات الحرارة وعوامل الجو الضارة ✓يعالج ويصلح الشعر المفرود بمواد كيميائية -و الشعر المصبوغ - الشعر التالف والمتقصف - الشعر المجعد وتساقط الشعر ✓يزيد مرونة الشعر وحيويته ويزيد من لمعان الشعر ✓يمكن استخدامه بعده طرق ✍ الاستخدام 1- يمكن استخدامه كاسيرم دهان يومي بيعالج التساقط والتقصف والهيشان وبيفرد فرد طبيعي مع الاستخدام 2- يمكن استخدامه جلسات ترميم زي حمام الكريم بيعالج ويرمم ويفرد فرد طبيعى يترك مساءا ويتغسل صباحا عبوة حجم : ١٢٠ جرام ❤ مرخص من وزارة الصحة لضمان الجودة عرض خاص جدا على سعر العبوة لخدمة التوصيل للمنازل ابعتلنا عنوان وتليفون عالخاص او الاتصال : 01210245609 _ 01148377220 _ 01222861515 _ 5520941 _ 01208866778 واتس اب : 01148377220
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