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Elect Kevin Ruane – Republican for Lee County Commissioner, District 1
Elect Kevin Ruane – Republican for Lee County Commissioner, District 1
Elect Kevin Ruane – Republican for Lee County Commissioner, District 1
Elect Kevin Ruane – Republican for Lee County Commissioner, District 1
Lee Bright
Brendon Leslie
Fleet Foxes | 'Shore' Available Now
Album is out! This one was an intense two-year labor of love and I’m elated that it’s out in the world now, so soon after we finished it. Really hope it can be a 55 minute life-preserver in this ocean of bad news. This album was almost abandoned back in April but I’m so glad it came together how it did over the summer, so glad to share it, and so glad to have some time now to make even more music, other songs that will soon enough live alongside it. Thank you so much to Kersti Jan Werdal for making an incredible full-length 16mm film companion to this album. Thank you, infinitely, to the following generous souls for their incredible hard work and beautiful contributions to this set of songs: Beatriz Artola, Joe LaPorta, Christopher Bear, Homer Steinweiss, Joshua Jaeger, Uwade Akhere, Meara O’Reilly, Tim Bernardes, Kevin Morby, Daniel Rossen, Hamilton Leithauser, Georgiana Leithauser, Frederika Leithauser, Juliet Butters, Faye Butters, Andy Clausen, Willem de Koch, Riley Mulherkar, Chloe Rowlands, Marta Sofia Honer, and Michael Bloch. Immense gratitude to Aaron Dessner, Jon Low, Bastien Lozier, Michael Harris, Chris Cerullo, Woody Jackson, Lee Foster, Lauren Marquez, Paul Spring, and Jens Jungkurth, for opening your studio doors to us and for helping us bring this music to life. Thank you also, so much, to Brian Wilson, for letting us use a small snippet of his studio dialog in a track, oh and for changing my life forever. Thank you as well to the estate of Hiroshi Hamaya for the use of his beautiful images. His sun-streaked river delta, light entwining dark, abstract but natural, energetic in detail but calm and assured in total, is the perfect accompanying image to this varied collection of songs. Thank you to Benjamin Tousley, Kersti Jan Werdal, and Dino Matt for their help designing and realizing the album artwork. So many others to thank, but I’ll save it for the next post. More music to come. Enjoy! https://www.fleetfoxes.co/
Milk Magazine
【FASHIONALLY首個網上時裝秀・預覽香港新晉時裝設計師新季作品】 本地時尚資訊平台FASHIONALLY.com早前集合了ARTO WONG、CHARLOTTE NG、SHIRLEY WONG、KEVIN HO、YANNES WONG、WILSON CHOI、SONIC LAM、TAK LEE及JASON LEE九位風格各異的新晉時裝設計師,為他們的時裝品牌舉行網上時裝表演,並首次融合CG特技,為品牌的SS21新季作品度身設計CG場景,突顯不同特色風格,帶來突破時間與空間限制的時裝秀,現在更可click入 https://bit.ly/3c7MEMG 隨時重溫。 Fashionally Charlotte Ng Studio Fromclothingof Kevin Ho Lapeewee #redemptive YMDH ARTO. #takL start from zero #Fashionally #HKfashiondesigner #SS21Collection #CENTRESTAGEHK #YDCdesigner
「報價鴨」收到消息, 電訊盈科終於忍唔住手要出Offer啦! 今次針對嘅係家居寬頻,指定屋苑1000M月費低至$105! #1000M 指定屋苑優惠# 公居屋: 平均月費$105 私樓:平均月費: $139 #1000M 指定轉台客優惠+7選1禮品# 公居屋: 平均月費$132 私樓:平均月費: $158 7選1禮品包括: ⚫Origo氣炸鍋AF-132 ⚫POUT NOSE 1 空氣淨化器套裝 ⚫Origo 纖幼旋風式吸塵機 VC-10 ⚫$100 超巿現金券...... ❤️上述寬頻優惠均可以配合家居電話及室內WiFi組合 __________ ✅上述計劃全部免安裝費 ✅合約期36個月 ✅可先安裝後啟動, 最長365日 ✅優惠需受條款及細則約束 ❓詳情請參閱以下連結或向以下職員查詢:⁠ https://bit.ly/2Js0fRw PCCW- Kevin Leung ☎電話: 90600109 Whatsapp 查詢: https://bit.ly/39nav8k Telegram 查詢: https://t.me/kevinfun PCCW - Mr Lee ☎電話: 56813758 Whatsapp 查詢: https://bit.ly/3bA7iUd _______________ 上述並非官方提供的資訊, 只供參考, 請以供應商之合約內容為準。如有任何錯漏, 敬請原諒!資料來源: 向銷售員進行街訪 或網絡供應商登記熱線查詢或網站資料。優惠期有限, 如有任何更改, 恕未能即時通知。 優惠須受條款及細則的約束, 詳情請向相關公司之營業員查詢。 _______________ ⬇下載「QuoQuoApp-報價鴨」手機應用程式: http://quoquoapp.com/download ⚠香港人嘅電訊產品資訊及報價平台 網址: http://www.quoquoapp.com/ #3HK #數碼通 #PCCW #nowTV #香港寬頻 #中國移動 #icable #電訊盈科 #網上行 #報價鴨 #1000M #公屋 #居屋 #私樓 #4G全速 #4G限速 #光纖 #NowTV #英超 #西甲 #歐聯 #歐霸 #手機上台 #寬頻上網 #收費電視 #plan #光纖入屋 #多人共享
Kevin Lee
MCO Beli Rumah, Betul Ke ni Memang betul, kalau tak beli, Memang tak betul Apa yang awak pertimbangan bila beli Rumah ❓❓❓ Harga Rumah ? Lokasi? Nilai masa depan?⬆️⬆️⬆️ #NAK MURAH #NAK BESAR #NAK FREEHOLD #NAK PERJIRANAN HIJAUAN #NAK KOMUNITI BERPAGAR #NAK SENANG UNTUK ANAK KE SEKOLAH #NAK SENANG UNTUK MAK DAN AYAH... Sekiranya Sekian faktor-faktor diatas adalah pertimbangan Anda, INI KALILAH Perbandaran Baru Nusajaya, satu projek kombinasi terkini adalah pilihan anda Sekarang. ️6km ke CIQ Sultan Abu Bakar 7ekar Taman Rekreasi ️5km -9 Buah institusi pegajian tinggi, kolej dan Sekolah Antarabangsa 9km - Hospital Gleneagles ⛵15km - Puteri Harbour 9km - Legoland Pegangan Bebas ‍♀️Komuniti Berpagar & Pengawal Keselamatan Klik rantaian dibawah untuk maklumat lebih lanjut https://bit.ly/2DxOGsC Ada lagi berita baik, High Speed Rail berdekatan dengan kediaman anda. Bila projek sudah mula, Harga rumah awak mesti melambung tinggi. ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Dua Pemilihan untuk anda 20 x 70 (build up 1931sf) 22 X 70 (build up 2154sf) 50% SOLD Sekarang lah masa Paling sesuai untuk membeli Rumah sebab faedah Bank rendah(+-3.3%) Apakah langkah seterusnya? Waktu MCO, booking hanya RM500 sahaja FREE Agent Fee FREE SPA, LOAN LEGAL FEES费 FEEE SPA, LOAN STAMP DUTY (HOC) UNIT TERHAD. SIAPA CEPAT, DIA DAPAT Harga Bumi Dari RM533,970 https://bit.ly/2DxOGsC Renzo-Kevin 0127163283
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Out for Undergrad
Counting down. Only 10 days to our first ever digital O4U Business Conference. Our deepest gratitude and congratulations are due to our awesome 2020 Director Liam Gallagher and team members, EB Lee, Aishwarya Narayan, Cristian Raygoza, Peter Roberson, Allen Shi, Evan Olin, Brendan Phillips, Teri Tan, Malik Patton, Kevin Sokal and Rachael Stein. You have done what no other O4U team has done in pivoting all of your amazing preparation for the Conference from site based to digital. We want all of you to know how proud we are of you for your courage and creativity. And, drum roll, we have appointed Teri Tan (he/she) as the 2021 Business Conference Director. Teri identifies as trans/non-binary, lives outside the USA in Singapore and will be the first Conference Director of O4U to lead with the perspectives of someone with these identities. We can't wait to see what Teri and team will inspire us to do in 2021. Teri's Co-Sponsorship directors will be Evan Olin (he/him) and Aishwarya Narayan (she/her). Please take time to congratulate Liam and his phenomenal team members and Teri, Evan and Aish. https://www.einpresswire.com/article/523167711/out-for-undergrad-o4u-launches-2020-digital-conference-season
Kevin Ruane
YankeeThunder.com – Yankee Thunder
Curious what other people are saying about the Hang ’N Hook Target Stand? Check out these ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews: “I bought the kit about 2 months ago. It’s worth every penny….” - Aaron Bearden . “I hang 3 - 12” plates on mine and they swing perfectly. Easy to transport easy to set up. Wish they had this 30 years ago.” - Rob Kelly . “I really like mine, this is a great kit, I ordered a few extra hangers and they fixed me right up. I think this is going to be a great system and I look forward to some range time soon…” - James Lee . “I absolutely love my set up… works absolutely perfect!! Great product for sure!!!” - Kevin Long . “Just tried mine out this last weekend, Great product… works as advertised!!” - Rick Murphy . “Just got my second set… The only bad part of the Hang ’N Hook set was that I only had one set, so I didn’t have enough targets. I just received my second set yesterday guys. Thanks for the fast shipping and EXCELLENT product!” - Chris Johnson . Great video for an awesome kit!!! - Sherry Dennis Spradlin . “Mine works great! - Pat Barrett . “Just bought one and it works great. - Bruce Estabrook . “I love mine” - W.D. Rowland Jr. . “…Such a great product and the powder coating really helps with leaving the stand outdoors, ready to shoot all the time.” - Steve Tracy . “Got my order. Fantastic Product!” - Greg Hill . “I have one, I love it! Freeze some cabbage, have fun. Works great with my other targets too.” - Russel Sanderson
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BWF — Badminton World Federation
Can you remember this rally? Watch the video below from the YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open 2018 and Guess Who Wins! Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo Kim Gi Jung/Lee Yong Dae #HSBCBWFbadminton
LifeStyle Housing Summit – A Real Estate Investing Virtual Summit
Covid-19 has left many of us confused, uncertain, and seeking answers to questions about our businesses and investments. That's why I'm thrilled to be bringing you the LifeStyle Housing Real Estate Investing Summit to get people the answers they need in these strange times. The LifeStyle Housing Summit was created for real estate investors, new or seasoned, who are ready to adapt to a changing environment and step up to take action. If that describes you, get ready for a week long training regime that will undoubtedly earn you higher success in your real estate investing endeavors in 2020 and beyond. I couldn't be more excited by the level of expertise that has eagerly stepped up to share their time, knowledge and investing secrets (we are all in this together, after all). This years Summit features 30 real estate investing experts with an INSANE number of years of experience, deals closed, tenants managed, doors in portfolio, private money raised, construction dollars spent and net worth. From June 22-26, there will be hosting DAILY live Q&A sessions to make sure all your questions get answered and you leave with clarity on your next steps to move forward. But...You have to show up! You are going to receive video training's which include: Susan Whit Livermore – Your Biggest Obstacle in Investing in Real Estate Derek Peever – Creating a Super Suite – An Alternative to Traditional Rentals Rachel Oliverr – Covid Proof Cash Flow and Above Average Profits. Rachel Hernandez – Mobile Home Investing Glen Suthereland – A Canadian Investing in the U.S.A. Travis Watts – Time Freedom Through Passive Investing And, that's just on the first day! Day 2 will show you (schedule subject to change): Tanahi Aburaneh Mike Currie – Renting in a Covid Time Sam Perren – Macro Economic in a Covid-19 Environment Mike Wolf – Tax Liens and Tax Deeds Meghan Chomut - Accidental Rental, Now What? Lee Strauss – Working with an Investment Realtor Day 3: Russel Westcott – Building Your Rental Portfolio Richard Tartaglia – Mortgage Lending, Covid-19 Edition April Stewart – Vacation Rentals Marcel Greaux – The Do's and Don't of Private Lenders Ian Walsh – Finding Hard Money During A Pandemic Kevin Bunzeluk – Creating a Virtual Tour For Your Rental Property Day 4: Corey and Tiffany Young – Joint Venture Relationships Dave Dubeau – Raising Capital in Unusual Times Cherry Chan – Everything to Know About Real Estate Taxation Sean Gilliland Barry McGuire – Agreements For Sale Daniel Kwak – Getting the Money You Need to Invest Day 5: Peter Kinch – Creating a Wealth Strategy with the Action Plan Jeff Gunther – The Mysteries of Infinite Genius: Revealed Julie Hoffman – How to Find and Work with Motivated Sellers Brant Phillips – Private Lenders Chasing You Mandy Branham – Joint Ventures, Why JV and Why Now Kevin Bunzeluk – Buying Without Banks All of this and more than a dozen experts joining you for daily live Q&A sessions! All of the training videos are completely free during the day they are posted and you're welcome to join any and all of the live sessions at absolutely no cost. All you have to do to get access, is sign up at lifestylehousingsummit.com See you there, Kevin Bunzeluk
「設計授權。疫市商機」 分享會 暨3DLAB說明會 創意創業會將於6月22日及29日舉行「設計授權。疫市商機」 分享會 暨3DLAB說明會,屆時將有知名設計師成功經驗分享,亦會詳細介紹整項計劃的詳情、申請資格等。歡迎有興趣人士報名參加。 重點內容: 知名設計師成功經驗分享 第三屆「香港設計 ‧ 授權支援計劃」(DLAB)申請簡介 -首次提供全額資助- 有機會 免費 參加香港國際授權展 簡介會詳情: 日期: 2020年6月22日 及 29日 (可選擇其中一場) 時間: 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm 形式: 線上講座 嘉賓講者: 6月22日: ⭐ 猿創作創辦人/創作總監 – Winson Ma ⭐ 香港熊霸餐飲管理服務有限公司設計師 – Ivan Li ⭐ 環藝集團總經理 - Stella Cheung 6月29日 ⭐森科產品有限公司創辦人及行政董事 – Eddie Hui ⭐ Blow Creation藝術總監 – Tsang Man-Tsun ⭐ 紅點子創作(香港)有限公司創辦人及行政總裁 – Kevin Lee 有興趣人士,請即填妥以下表格預留位置。 *會議連結將會於活動前一至兩天透過電郵送出。* 如有任何查詢,歡迎致電36187462 或電郵至 dlab.ieacms@gmail.com 與我們聯絡。 立即報名: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxIRKfj2HyHdwLaaJcx_Fiova0OPLs3iEos9yI7XkIgleoxA/viewform?usp=sf_link
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Bossa Nova Beirut Hotel
Bossa Nova Beirut Outdoor Film Screenings ARE BACK! We are excited to finally announce the return of our popular outdoor film screenings, and what better way than with a comedy during these stressful times? A Fish Called Wanda (1988) A fantastic laugh-out-loud caper from start to finish. BAFTA and Academy award winning heist film about a gang of diamond thieves who double-cross one another in search of the loot. With outstanding performances from the main cast, and especially Kevin Kline, who won the Oscar for best Supporting Actor, A Fish Called Wanda skilfully blends American and British humour, highlighting the deeply engrained cultural differences of both nations for maximum comedic effect. If you don't laugh out loud during this film - you're not normal! There, we said it... Thursday 4 June, 2020, starting 8:15PM. Screening at 8:45PM A film by Charles Crichton, starring John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline & Michael Palin English with English subtitles Extra Health & Safety precautions. Please bring your mask Food & Drink min. charge LBP 35,000 ☎ Reservations essential to secure your seat! 81 500 522 / 01 500 522
Adobe Creative Cloud
Join product designer Kevin Lee and host Howard Pinsky on Adobe Live! Inspired by the popular video game Animal Crossing, watch Kevin design a mobile character builder. Kevin will create the style guide and experiment with components before building the user interface. Stick around for pro tips on how to create and implement design systems to speed up your workflows -- and a sneak peak of Adobe XD’s June release!
Trinity International University | Quality in Christian College Education
Announcing the 2020-21 Henry Resident Fellows: Joshua Jipp, Kevin Kinghorn, Max Lee, and Alexander Stewart. Congratulations! We look forward to having you join us as part of the Creation Project.
Invest in Startups You Love - Equity Crowdfunding | Wefunder
As individuals we are just consumers, but when we unite we have the power to shape the future of Hollywood! Legion M is uniting $100 fan-investors to have a voice in an industry dominated by big studios and entertainment conglomerates. After all, we're the ones who buy the tickets and pay the fees that fuel the multi-trillion dollar industry! Learn how you can join over 25,000 investors and own a slate of projects that include Anne Hathaway, Nicolas Cage, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, and more!
Invest in Startups You Love - Equity Crowdfunding | Wefunder
As individuals we are just consumers, but when we unite we have the power to shape the future of Hollywood! Legion M is uniting $100 fan-investors to have a voice in an industry dominated by big studios and entertainment conglomerates. After all, we're the ones who buy the tickets and pay the fees that fuel the multi-trillion dollar industry! Learn how you can join over 25,000 investors and own a slate of projects that include Anne Hathaway, Nicolas Cage, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, and more!
LINEUP RELEASE • EARLY BIRDS ALMOST SOLD OUT This August we are celebrating 25 years of Loveland with our biggest lineup ever. Over 75 acts will make their way to Amsterdam for this massive edition. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Final Day & Weekend Early Bird tickets → loveland.nl/festival/tickets ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ • Adriatique • Agents of Time LIVE • Anfisa Letyago • Aril Brikha LIVE • Arjuna Schiks LIVE • Benny Rodrigues • Booka Shade LIVE • Boris Werner • Butch • Chris Liebing • Cobyn • Dave Clarke • Dimitri • Dixon • Egbert LIVE • Ellen Allien • Enrico Sangiuliano • Eric Prydz • Extrawelt LIVE • Ferro • Gregor Tresher • Guy J • Guy Mantzur • Hernan Cattaneo • Inner City LIVE • Jamie Jones • Jeff Mills • Jennifer Cardini • Johannes Brecht LIVE • Joris Voorn • Joyhauser • Juan Sanchez • Karotte • Kevin de Vries • Klaudia Gawlas • Kollektiv Turmstrasse LIVE • La Fleur • Lee Burridge • Lewski • Loco Dice • Luna Ludmila • Magdalena • Matador • Mathew Jonson LIVE • Mathias Kaden • Melon • Michel de Hey • Milo Spykers • Miss Melera • Nick Warren • Nuno Dos Santos • Odette • Olivier Weiter • Paco Osuna • Pan-Pot • Patrice Bäumel • Petar Dundov LIVE • Pleasurekraft • Ramon Tapia • Remy • Richie Hawtin • Rødhåd • SAMA • Sanja • Sasha • Sébastien Léger • Secret Cinema • Solomun • Speedy J • SQL LIVE • Stephan Bodzin LIVE • Tahko • Tale Of Us • Terry Francis • Vince Watson • VNTM LIVE ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Check the website for the lineup per day and get your hands on one of the final early birds.
Kayo Sports
UFC Fight Night LIVE on Sunday from 11AM (AEDT) ⏰ Main: Kevin Lee v Charles Oliveira ⏰ Co-Main: Demian Maia v Gilbert Burns
Hong Kong | The University of Chicago
Kevin Au from CUHK and Rosa Lee (MBA '08) will discuss ways to get involved in impact investing. #UChicagoHK
Ramadan tahun ini terasa berbeda. Walaupun semua berjarak namun selalu ada yang menyatukan hati. Mie Sedaap dengan hangat kuah pedas dari Korean Spicy Soup dan juga kriuk renyah Mie Sedaap Goreng, membuat yang terlihat sederhana menjadi besar maknanya dan membuat #SedaapnyaHangatkanRamadan
Relais Villa Belpoggio Chianti Toscana - Sito Ufficiale
Discover the timeless charm of Tuscan living. A refuge of peace and quiet just a few miles from all the grand cities of Tuscan art. Book now your next wonderful holiday!
Seguros para dispositivos, movilidad y vida | Zurich Klinc
The Bazaar Online Shop
春夏背心/低領衫出動,頸及鎖骨位顯得空盪,戴上頸鏈作點綴吧! McCarney & J 的頸鏈,有白色及紫色兩款,白色百搭,紫色獨特,你喜歡那一條? 立即購買: https://www.thebazaar.com.hk/goods.php?id=469&lang=zh_tw ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 更多產品: www.thebazaar.com.hk #McCarneyandJ #頸鏈 #necklace #首飾 #飾物 #accessories
FitArt Personal Training Studio | Una palestra a tua completa disposizione
Ai cu ce?
Sponsor a Child | Best Charities for Children | Donate, Support, Give | Children Incorporated
Jorge Vázquez Podólogos
Plan B Soluciones
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️PLAN B SOLUCIONES⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Línea de Lavamanos autónomos portátiles (no requieren conexión a red de agua ni desagote) y además son sustentables♻️♻️♻️(todos nuestros materiales son recuperados)!!!! *ESCUELAS - LOCALES COMERCIALES - INDUSTRIAS - PARTICULARES ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍- MUNICIPIOS. Promos hasta 12 cuotas con tarjetas de credito. Para info pasanos telefono de contacto por mensaje privado y te pasaremos toda la informacion. Envios a todo el pais!!!
Entre todos podemos con el Covid 19 Coronavirus Comprá por Web
Palm Harbor Homes
Farmasi / Belleza Natura
Jointed Swimbaits and fishing lures designed for serious anglers. – Angler Addix
Walmart Ashdown
More Faster! More Fun!

קומסקו JCB
dzayermall – votre mall en ligne