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Law of Self Defense
Did you know in ALL 50 states, self-defense law (NOT GUN LAW) uses a simple 5 element test to see if you're justified no matter what tool you use to defend yourself?\n\nIf you're missing even 1 of these elements you WILL experience the JUSTICE side of our legal system....\n\nHi, my name is Andrew Branca and I've worked the last 30 years as A self-defense attorney.\n\nThe US legal code contains seemingly endless complex pages of laws regarding self-defense. It's so complex that many top criminal defense attorneys rely on my expert analysis to help them win cases...\n\nIf the legal code is that complex to lawyers, how can a citizen gun owner expect to know or follow the law, especially in a life or death situation governed by adrenaline, and your fight or flight state?\n\nIt IS daunting, so I created a framework that has allowed me to serve the legal community and countless American gun owners, to simplify this into just 5 elements of self-defense law.\n\nYou can learn my 5-point "legal algorithm" I use to consult on and win cases with the top criminal defense attorneys in the country. It protects law abiding gun owning citizens from making legal missteps that land them in jail.\n\nNow, with a simple read (or listen) you can "install" my 5-point legal frame work, so it acts as a "muscle memory" defense to protect you from losing your rights when you chose to defend human life.\n\nClick below to get the latest edition of my book "The Law of Self Defense" free, just help with the shipping.
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