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TahitiKdo Porinetia
C'est la rentrée et ça se fête ! TahitiKdo Porinetia vous offre un MEGAPACK SONY d'une valeur de 1.047.000 Fcp incluant une des plus grandes TV au monde, la SONY 4K ULTRA HD 86' Ultimate de 215 cm + Barre de son SONY HT-ST5000 Dolby Atmos + PS4 Pro 1 To Death Stranding Édition limitée + 6 jeux PS4. Pour tenter ta chance et GAGNER ce MEGAPACK SONY, envoie SONY par sms au 7️⃣9️⃣1️⃣0️⃣*. Fin du jeu le 11/10/20, tirage au sort le 14/10/20. Bonne chance ! @TAG les personnes qui profiterons de ta TV SONY 4K ULTRA HD Ultimate 215 cm dernière génération ou de ta console PS4 Pro 1 To Death Stranding Édition limitée et repars avec un KDO surprise SONY ! ℕℂ ℕ ℙℂ ℕ ✅ SONY TV 85' XG95 4KHDR X1 Ultimate Android TV ✅ SONY Barre de son HT-ST5000 Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 SB 4K/HDR 3D ✅ SONY PS4 Pro 1To Death Stranding Limited Edition ✅ MEGAPACK 6 JEUX PS4 (FALLOUT 76, RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2, Call Of Duty 15 Black OPS, LEGO DC SUPER-VILAINS, LET'S SING 2019 + 2 MICROS, JUST DANCE 2019). * Prix du SMS ( 370 Fcp + 148 Fcp ) TTC ** Règlement déposé chez Me Ludovic GARCIA, huissier de justice à Taravao.
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Now That You Have Went Through Gameplan 2020... This next training is even more crucial to complete your social media strategy this year Hurry though, it's only free for a limited time because you have consumed my first training... https://www.knownlovedrespected.com/freewebinar So in Singapore, we have this “celebrity” who calls himself Steven Lim kor kor (brother). He used to be an eyebrow stylist and then became “famous” after he been on Singapore Idol auditions. And thanks to YouTube, he started vlogging. If you google “Steven Lim Singapore reviews”, this is what you will see. “Simply a joke” “Needs to clean up his act” “Can he just disappear” “So full of himself” “Singapore’s shame” In Quora, one netizen even described his videos as ‘cringe worthy and vomit inducing’. Yet having said that, he has quite a following! 8000+ subscribers on YouTube. 4000+ followers on Instagram. 2000+ fans on Facebook. Last year, he started a class to teach people Muay Thai. And even though he doesn’t quite fit how we usually envision Muay Thai fighters to look, he managed to still pack a class! In the picture, I counted 8 people. He charged $300 which means he easily earned $2400 per class! Recently he even offered to create a 1 min “sing and dance” video for your friend on their birthdays if you pay him $100. He did an average of 10 videos a day so he earns $1000 a day… for just 10 mins of work! And he has roughly 200+ videos on his IG page which means he has already earned $20K thus far during our circuit breaker (lockdown) period. Here’s the takeaway. Steven Lim kor kor (haha) shows us that EVERYONE HAS A FANBASE! And the best part is you don’t need to be on TV to build that fanbase. As long you are willing to step out on social media and be your own kind of beautiful, your fans will find you… and support you. If you start a class, they will sign up. If you offer to sing birthday songs for a fee, they will pay you. If you tell them you are doing insurance, they will buy from you. This can become your reality when you have your own raving fanbase. I will show you how to build one in an hour https://www.knownlovedrespected.com/freewebinar P.S. Here are the testimonials from my mentees who started building their own raving fanbase last year. They are now reaping the benefits. Jiale (SG): “Thanks to (my raving fanbase), I have more than doubled my sales and quadrupled my referrals. As of 2019, my business is 100% powered by passive referrals.” Nicholas (HK): “Just finished by 1st MDRT in three months in spite of crisis. This new approach (of building a raving fanbase) helped my dream customers find me and even my referrals are up too.” Glorie (MY): “In March alone in spite of crisis, I closed 10 new business deals. Your new approach (of building a raving fanbase) is really powerful!” It is still not too late for you since many are still clueless about how to use social media the right way. https://www.knownlovedrespected.com/freewebinar
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Tell me more...artist interviews Jessika Khazrik for the Society of False Witnesses⁣ ⁣ This week artist Jessika Khazrik talks about her installation "VRLAMXXAB8ND“, which deals with a very personal incident that happened to her just two months before the exhibition opened in March. The October 17 Revolution incited dozens of protests a day, more than two weeks of consecutive public strikes and calls to topple down the ruling system in Lebanon. This crisis has grown as banks have imposed illegal capital control on “small” account holders and restricted their access to their income, pensions, and savings. So when Jessika Khazrik went to the bank VRLAMXXAB8ND on January 10, 2020 to withdraw cash from her account, after having been denied access to her own funds already for three months, she got assaulted, held captive in one of the bank’s glass- walled office rooms, and detained by the police. In Khazrik’s immersive installation, we enter a strange atmosphere, mixing a hall of a bank with an open-air prison, a dance floor, and an unfinished maze. The five-channel sound installation revisits the correlations between the economy and ecology, and presents reflections on liquidity, flood, scarcity, confiscation politics and global solidarity. Watch the full length interview on our YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/vNPwkd_XdqQ --------------------------------- Tell me more…Künstler*inneninterviews Diese Woche spricht Künstlerin Jessika Khazrik über ihre Installation „VRLAMXXAB8ND“, die sich mit einem sehr persönlichen Vorfall auseinandersetzt, der erst zwei Monate vor der Ausstellungseröffnung im März geschehen ist. Die Revolte, die am 17. Oktober 2019 in Beirut ausbrach, entfachte über zwei Wochen hinweg täglich Dutzende von Protesten, öffentlichen Streiks und Aufrufe zum Sturz des herrschenden Systems im Libanon. Diese Krise weitete sich aus, als die Banken den „kleinen“ Kontoinhaber*innen eine illegale Kontrolle über ihr Anlagekapital auferlegten und den Zugang zu ihren Einkommen, ihren Renten und Ersparnissen einschränkten. Als die Künstlerin also am 10. Januar 2020 die Bank VRLAMXXAB8ND betrat, um Bargeld abzuheben – nachdem man ihr schon drei Monate lang den Zugang zu den eigenen Konten verweigert hatte – , wurde sie attackiert, in einem der verglasten Büroräume der Bank gefangen gehalten und schließlich von der Polizei verhaftet. Khazriks immersive Installation eröffnet eine sonderbare Raumsituation, in der sich die Schalterhalle einer Bank mit einem Freiluftgefängnis, einer Tanzfläche und einem unvollendeten Labyrinth vermischt. Ihre Fünfkanal- Klanginstallation thematisiert Zusammenhänge zwischen Ökonomie und Ökologie und bietet Inhalte an zur Reflexion über Liquidität, Überschuss und Knappheit, Beschlagnahmungspolitik und globale Solidarität. Sehen Sie das ganze Interview auf unserem YouTube Kanal! https://youtu.be/vNPwkd_XdqQ
Renee International Arts Center
Do you need something to lift your spirits during this difficult pandemic time? With most of the world in lock down or quarantine we can all do with a mood booster! We have just the remedy for you… Here is a sneak peek at our newly released photos for “The Nutcracker”. This dance show will be the first original full-length ballet performance for the dancers from our Solana Park, Huilongguan and Changying Centers. Different from our 2019 production of “Once Upon A Time”, it is an original dance performance of only classical ballet, which is much more difficult and challenging but, it is well known that young dancers benefit greatly from on-stage performance experience. Affected by the pandemic, our performance of The Nutcracker, that was scheduled to take place on 8 March 2020, has been postponed. We are sincerely sorry for the delay. Our teachers and dancers have invested tremendous time and efforts in the rehearsals with full support from the parents. This dance show means the world to the young dancers of Changying, Huilongguan and Solana Park Centers, and it will definitely be brought to the stage… the show will go on, just at a later date. Please be patient and wait for our updates on the adjusted performance date. Let’s look at the healing smiles of the lovely dancers. 我的心情被这些照片治愈了! 快看!最新出炉的胡桃夹子定妆照 受疫情的影响,原定与3月8日与大家见面的舞剧《胡桃夹子》没有按时上演,我们对此深表遗憾。 这部舞剧是蓝港、回龙观、常营的小朋友们第一次参演原创芭蕾舞剧,与之前的《很久很久以前》形式有所不同,这次由芭蕾舞剧贯穿整场,难度更大,更有挑战性。 舞剧对孩子成长的帮助相信大家都非常了解了,具体可以详见文章《为什么学习芭蕾舞的孩子需要参演芭蕾舞剧》(剧名不用翻译)。 我们的老师和孩子在排练期间投入了很多心血,家长们也给予了最大的配合,再次感谢你们的付出和理解。这部舞剧对常营、回龙观、蓝港的小学员而言意义非凡,所以肯定会继续排演,请家长们放心,但具体上演时间,我们会另作通知。 虽然舞剧推迟,但值得开心的是,孩子们的定妆照已经出来啦!让我们看看孩子们可爱的样子治愈一下吧。 #dancingduringapandemic #theshowwillgoon #balletinBeijing #danceschoolinChina #keepcalmandballeton #littleballerinas #TchaikoskysNutcracker #neverstopdancing
“I have always loved a drink. It probably started when I was young and insecure, it gave me ‘dutch courage’. Plus I’m a gregarious person so quickly I became a party animal. First out on the dance floor, last to go to bed. However, gradually over time and as I’ve got older, virtually every event was an excuse to drink made worse by the fact that I also love to drink on my own. It relaxes me. Hence it was getting to a stage where I was drinking at least one bottle of wine or prosecco every night and more when there was an event, party or gathering. My problem is: I have no off button. The ability to be a ‘functioning’ hungover wreck was getting more difficult and I was feeling lethargic, unhealthy and to be honest, I realise now - I was not really there. At age 42, I decided to leave the corporate world because it was making me ill. I wanted my life to be more than work so I took a massive risk, I wanted to live my best life. It dawned on me at New Year that my drinking was stealing my best life and as I thought about it, given my age, it was stealing what vitality I had and would have left over the coming years. February 3rd 2019 a switch went and I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since! I felt like there must be social listening going on because I’d had a phone conversation with a friend and told her my feelings. Next thing, an advert for One Year No Beer came onto my Facebook feed. I love a challenge, it gives me structure and a goal. I read about One Year No Beer and thought it would be perfect to help me change my habits. I knew 28 days wasn’t long enough because I give alcohol up each Lent but 365 days seemed too scary so I opted for 90 days. I was so surprised at how easy I found it. I took all the advice One Year No Beer had to offer and I was hooked by the Tribe whose stories and honesty are so inspiring, it just made me feel like I was giving myself the best gift. I won’t lie I wasn’t expecting the cravings I had for sugar but despite consuming loads of cakes and chocolate I have still changed my body shape for the better. I have horses and want to become a really accomplished rider - to make dressage look seamless you need masses of energy and strength. My goal was to get better at riding. Weekly I was seeing improvements which was spurring me on. That and how great I felt. Especially being able to sleep. There have been so many learnings and changes since I’ve given up drinking. I feel free, no longer worried about how I’d get home if I drank too much and no more anxiety in the middle of the night. I feel rested and able to enjoy situations, not just cope with them meaning I can be more present. I am kinder generally but particularly with my elderly mum who needs support now. I love the simple things in life like going to bed, reading my book and being able to concentrate on the story rather than wasting my evening drinking and falling into bed. I have emotional energy to push myself out of my comfort zone and start up a new business. I’m getting better at dressage which is so difficult! I also got my show jumping courage back because I’m not getting on my horse with a hangover anymore… and I’ve entered my first jumping competition in 2 years!! I have lost a small amount of weight, I will lose more once I’ve stopped with the cake and chocolate. My skin is better and my eyes are so much greener. All the bloating on my face and around my stomach has gone so even if I haven’t lost lots of weight, I look as if I have. I feel confident now. I have conquered lunches, dinners, parties, sitting in the sunshine (one of my biggest triggers!), and sitting at home relaxing, all alcohol-free. On the downside, some of my friends don’t invite me to things now. I guess they don’t want to feel embarrassed if they drink too much or because they no longer have their performing monkey. It makes me a little sad but not enough to make me change the new me. I know I will always love alcohol but I don’t feel able to moderate and the improvements in my daily life far out way that short time of feeling high. I am aware
Žaidimų BAZĖ
KONSOLIŲ, ŽAIDIMŲ BEI JŲ PRIEDŲ PARDUOTUVĖ KAUNE - "ŽAIDIMŲ BAZĖ" !NUOLAIDOS - PATARIMAI - KOKYBĖS GARANTIJA! Geromis kainomis parduodame naujas bei naudotas PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 konsoles, žaidimus, jų priedus (Ausines, pultelius, PSN, XBOX live gold ir kt.)! Taip pat, atliekame remonto darbus - PS4, XBOX 360, xbox one, PS3, PSP tiek techniškai, tiek programiškai. Galite apsilankyti ir mūsų internetiniame puslapyje: www.zaidimubaze.lt Mus galite rasti: PM URMAS (Pramonės pr. 16, Kaunas): *Rytinėje galerijoje, 16 sandėlyje, 7B vieta; *Vakarinėje galerijoje, tarp 4-5 salių, 128 parduotuvė. Dėl informacijos kreipkitės +37060105047 SONY PLAYSTATION 4 KONSOLĖS: * Playstation 4 500GB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 170€ * Playstation 4 1TB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 200€ * Playstation 4 Slim 500GB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 220€ * Playstation 4 Slim 1TB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 240€ * Playstation 4 Slim 500GB nauja - 250€ * Playstation 4 Slim 500GB nauja + Fifa 20 - 300€ * Playstation 4 Slim 1TB nauja - 290€ * Playstation 4 Slim 500GB nauja + Red Dead Redemption - 285€ * Playstation 4 PRO 1TB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 280€ !!!AKCIJA!!! * Playstation 4 PRO 1TB nauja - 330€ !!!AKCIJA!!! * Playstation 4 PRO 1TB nauja + Fifa 20 - 360€ !!!AKCIJA!!! * Sony Ps4 Dualshock pultelis (ne naujas, bet puikios būklės) - 35-40€ * Sony Ps4 Dualchock pultelis naujas - 50€ * Sony Ps4 kamera v2 nauja - 60€ * PS Move Twin Pack - 90€ * Sony Ps4 Gold Wireless Headset 7.1 - 85€ SONY PLAYSTATION 3 KONSOLĖS: * Sony Ps3 Slim atrištas 160GB su įrašytais žaidimais - 155€ * Sony Ps3 Slim atrištas 250GB su įrašytais žaidimais - 160€ * Sony Ps3 Slim atrištas 320GB su įrašytais žaidimais - 170€ * Sony Ps3 Slim atrištas 500GB su įrašytais žaidimais - 190€ * Sony Ps3 Dualshock pultelis naujas - 30€ * Sony Ps3 Dualschok pultelis (ne naujas, bet puikios būklės) - 20€ XBOX ONE KONSOLĖS: * Xbox One Phat 500GB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 150€ * Xbox One Phat 500GB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) + Kinect Sensorius - 200€ * Xbox One Phat 500GB + Kinect Sensorius + Just Dance 2019 - 235€ * Xbox One Phat 500GB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) + Fifa 18 arba NBA 2K18 - 160€ * Xbox One Phat 500GB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) + GTA V - 170€ * Xbox One S 1TB (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 180€ * Xbox One S 1TB nauja - 210€ * Xbox One X 1TB nauja - 380€ * Xbox One originalus bevielis pultelis naujas - 50€ * Xbox One originalus bevielis pultelis (ne nauja, bet puikios būklės) - 40€ * Kinect Sensorius Xbox One Phat modeliui - 60€ * Kinect Sensorius Xbox One S modeliui - 95€ XBOX 360 KONSOLĖS: * Xbox 360 Slim 250GB atrištas RGH 40-50 žaidimų su dviem pulteliais - 160€ * Xbox 360 Slim 250GB atrištas RGH 40-50 žaidimų + kinect sensorius + 2 pulteliai - 190€ !!!AKCIJA!!! * Xbox 360 Slim 320GB atrištas RGH 45-60 žaidimų + 2 pulteliai - 170€ * Xbox 360 Slim 320GB atrištas RGH 45-60 žaidimų + Kinect + 2 pulteliai - 200€ * Kinect Sensorius Xbox 360 - 40€ * Originalus bevielis pultelis (ne naujas), bet puikios būklės - 25€ Visoms konsolėms suteikiama garantija!!! Taip pat turime įvairių žaidimų PS2, NINTENDO DS, NINTENDO SWITCH, ZHILITON, SEGA, WII. GAMEBOY. Prekiaujame ir - SEGA, ZHILITON, NINTENDO, PSP, GAMEBOY konsolėmis!!! Taip pat, Jūsų patogumui, siunčiame paštu, Išperkamuoju paštu, per autobusų stoties siuntų skyrių arba atvežame! www.zaidimubaze.lt
Yukai Fest
Llega la primera YUKAI FEST tradicional de 2020!!! Y vos, no te la podés perder! La cita es el domingo 9 de febrero. Los esperamos en el Colegio San José, ubicado en Azcuénaga 158 en pleno barrio de Once, un lugar que de a poco se convirtió en un clásico para nuestros eventos. Contaremos con muchísimo espacio para que todos los asistentes puedan recorrer y estar sumamente cómodos en cualquier lugar del predio. El auditorio, con capacidad para cerca de 800 personas paradas, será el centro de atracciones con una arquitectura de película y un escenario de 9 X 8 mts.! También contaremos con una amplia sala de ingreso, patio, galerías techadas y salones con diversas actividades. SHOWS EN VIVO! COSPLAY Como siempre, buscamos las mejores alternativas para vengas a Yukai Fest y muestres tu cosplay ya sea como participante del concurso o simplemente para sacarte fotos y divertirte. • CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL DE COSPLAY: "COSPLAY BATTLE" Vení a participar en un mega escenario teatral de 8 mts. de frente por 9 mts. de fondo! Será la única clasificatoria al Cosplay Battle de Iquique, Chile a realizarse el 7 de noviembre. Características del concurso: * Modalidad individual * Únicamente mayores de 18 años (ya que el ganador viajará a Iquique en representación de Argentina) * Clasificatoria única y directa * Se utilizará el mismo reglamento de Yukai Fest: https://yukaiprod.blogspot.com/2019/09/concurso-de-cosplay-general-yukai-fest.html?fbclid=IwAR1602r1KRQfsvWFsXU485QLRXjT-y5jx6dcE93wuMBJfAP9hBcghSvNvjs * Parte del jurado serán representantes de la organización de Cosplay Battle que vendrán a nuestro evento para supervisar el concurso. * Cupo de hasta 30 concursantes con inscripción previa (se abrirá el 3 de enero y se cerrará el 30 de enero o hasta agotar el cupo) * El ganador viajará a Iquique, Chile en representación de Argentina con todos los gastos pagos y competirá contra cosplayers de Perú, Chile y Bolivia por un premio en efectivo. No te pierdas esta oportunidad y comenzá a preparar tu cosplay!!! * Desfile Cosplay para todos los demás cosplayers que quieran mostrar sus cosplays en escenario. • SECTOR COSPLAY EXCLUSIVO. Un espacio exclusivo para cosplayers donde podrán : - Inscribirse al concurso y consultar las bases. - Guardar sus pertenecías y escenografía sin costo. SECTOR COSPLAY CON LA PRESENCIA DE LOS MÁS DESTACADOS COSPLAYERS * SECTOR GAMER - JUST DANCE 2018 - MORTAL KOMBAT XL - NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 4 - FIFA 17 - THE KING OF FIGHTERS 98 - ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT 3 - GUITAR HERO III: LEGENDS OF ROCK - MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: CLASH OF SUPER HEROES - SUPER SMASH BROS. 64 - DRAGON BALL Z BUDOKAI TENKAICHI 3 Y MÁS! ADEMÁS • Bloque de KPOP con los mejores fandancers • Bloque con los mejores AMV´s • El ya clásico Bloque Movie Trailers • KARAOKE LIBRE • TRIVIAS • TORNEO DE YU-GI-OH • AMPLIOS Y NUMEROSOS BAÑOS. • BUFFET ECONÓMICO CON COMIDA ORIENTAL, OCCIDENTAL Y VEGANA • MÁS DE 30 STANDS. • Y MUCHO MÁS. Entradas únicamente en puerta el día del evento a $200. COMO LLEGAR: • En subte: Línea A, estación Alberti/Pasco – Línea B, estación Pasteur – Línea H, estación Once. • En tren: FFCC Sarmiento, estación Plaza Once. • En colectivo: 2, 5, 7, 19, 24, 26, 32, 41, 52, 61, 64, 68, 71, 75, 86, 88, 98, 101, 104, 105, 111, 115, 118, 124, 129, 132, 151, 155, 165, 168, 188. Para más info sumate a nuestra fan page: https://www.facebook.com/yukaiprod/
ช้อปตอนนี้ ส่งฟรีทั้งแอป ✌️ เดือนนี้เท่านั้น ช้อปเลย ห้ามพลาด! ⚡ช้อปเลย *ส่งฟรี เมื่อซื้อสินค้า 3 ชิ้นขึ้นไป *รับคูปองส่วนลดค่าส่งสูงสุด 40บาท #LazadaTH #Lazadaมีทุกสิ่งที่ใจค้นหา #GoWhereYourHeartBeats
Zona Gamers Colombia
“So this is for every kid who all they ever did was dreamt that one day just getting accepted, I represent him or her, anyone similar, you are the reason I made this song.” . #throwback to #grounded2019 in October last year, what a way to end a decade and what a stage to have my dream coming true (perform to rap and particular this track) - doesn’t matter how many souls I’ve touched, I appreciate the chance to show it to the world . Thank you @groundedshow & @joel.gallarde for believing in me and for me to showcase waacking, showcase myself on this stage❤️ please check out the full version on the grounded YouTube channel . Thank you to all my team mates for going through this 3months with me, for giving your efforts your time and all you amazingly individuals❤️ . It’s been a pleasure and it’s been hell of a ride #2019, more exciting things to come in the future - I don’t know what that means but I’m hopeful and I’m looking forward to it . Thank you life, thank you dance. . ‘Till next time . #waacking #waackingdance #madfox #dancing #dance #production #dancergram #latergram #learning #experience #appreciationpost #routine #competition #dancecompetition #tbt #rap #eminem #sia #gutsoverfear #music #passion #emotions #love #bcw #burncitywaack
The 25th of January is Afro House, with one of the top Afro House artists in the world Dj Angelo, and our guy Gio! #DjAngelo #globalfantasy #Afrohouse #Mason #parties #Saturdays #music #dance Info/Res: 99878920 ZIK ZAK 10, 3036 LIMASSOL Greek born, Dj Angelo first ever encounter with dance music and DJing took place at his uncle’s discotheque. He was barely 5 years old at the time. Entirely enamoured with the art of mixing by his mid teens and fuelled by the access a local bartending job afforded, Angelo began buying records and practised incessantly. Within 18 months, he was earning a living as a professional DJ. Angelo’s debut DJ gig took place at legendary clubbing institution Mamacas in 2009. This led to a 4-year residency at the lauded venue and firmly anchored a lifelong career in music. Angelo was inspired early on by soon to be DJ luminaries such as Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Manoo and Atjazz who were championing a soul stirring, Afro house sound which has gone on to captivate dance floors across the globe. In 2005, Angelo joined forces with his now manager and sibling Gio to launch Global Fantasy with the aim of bringing international DJs and artists to tour and perform in Greece. In 2009, an ingenious invitation brought the then virtually unknown Black Coffee to Greece for one of his first ever shows outside of SA. The brothers and Black Coffee forged an indelible connection almost instantly and went on to play a vital role in growing his European fan base by hosting Black Coffee’s annual tour to Greece for 10 consecutive years since 2010. In little more than a decade, the now four-person team has become one of the continent’s most respected, best know industry touring brands. As co-founder of Global Fantasy, Dj Angelo has hosted and played alongside the world’s finest Deep and Afro-House DJs including Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Manoo, Djeff Afrozila, Zepherin Saint, Franck Roger, Rocco, Boddhi Satva, Osunlade, Jose Marquez and many more. In 2011, spurned by his unrelenting music passion, Dj Angelo ventured into studio and began producing. Initially churning out just edits and bootlegs, he honed his producing skills for two years before unveiling his debut track "Let The Music Play" in 2013. Since then, Angelo has steadily built a solid reputation with standout releases on respected house music imprints including Tribe Records, Nulu and King Street. His superb 2018 EP titled "Black Sheep" released by Connected Frontline garnered widespread support from the likes of industry heavyweights Dixon, Black Coffee and Danny Tenaglia, further cementing high regard from his peers whilst exposing him to an ever growing new audience. 2017/18 was a landmark period for Dj Angelo with numerous and notable summer performances alongside Black Coffee at his Hi Ibiza residency, Scorpios and VOID Mykonos, in Italy and across Greece. The period also saw him dazzle dance floors across the globe from Ibiza, London, New York, Miami and the Bahamas to Berlin, Bucharest, Kiev, Dubai, Cyprus, Beirut and more. Dj Angelo has graced the decks repeatedly at Miami’s annual WMC since 2013, ADE in Amsterdam and showcases for Keinemusik, Watergate Berlin, Cavo Paradiso, Black Coffee’s residency at Hï Ibiza and alongside the likes of Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Hyenah, &ME & Adam Port. In the works for 2019, Angelo kicks off the year with a landmark debut in Tulum before heading to play in New York and across Europe. Expect anticipated new music from Dj Angelo dropping on Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records, Rise Berlin and Connected in coming months. Followed by release of the first of a 2-part debut Dj Angelo album in 2020. And all the while further upping the ante for international touring with increased shows to both trusted and unconquered territories. For further info visit: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angelodj Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djangelo Policy for International bookings - minimum charge for indoor reservations will apply: Island Bar €100 Sofa €150 Info/Reservations: 99878920 Zik Zak 10, 3036
Ideology Of Sound is the top end deep mix project – a well-known electronic dance music events brand and quality deejay trio music sets in Riga, Latvia (est. 2008). Driven by desire for deep house, tech and techno, IOS is a regular at some of the best bars and clubs of Riga. Over the years they has played at countless events all over the country as well as in multiple venues in Europe. These include Weekend Baltic Festival 2018 and Under Festival 2019. They curiosity and endless digging for quality music has recently evolved into production of trio’s first release. Jomas iela was released on Datenbits Recordings in 2015 and followed several other releases on Spring Tube, Encesed, Incepto Deep and more. These days they working on several new projects. They feels that music production is a great way connecting with peers and followers on a higher and deeper level. Ideology of Sound dj sets are always thoroughly crafted bringing so much more that just groove to the dancefloor. https://soundcloud.com/ideology-of-sound www.facebook.com/IdeologyOfSound/
Broadway Macau
【美食街+露天concert+香檳,今晚等你來迎新!】 百老匯美食街全年街頭狂歡之最「跨年倒數派對」,等住同你在2019年有個happy ending,兼為2020年來個happy start!講玩,歡樂坊有現場樂隊Bobo & Gang, 特邀人氣DJ Julian及本地動感舞蹈天團ZEAL及L.D.G.熱爆露天concert,帶你又唱又跳又倒數狂歡到下年,更有特別優惠等你盡飲多杯香檳推高氣氛!講品味,有澳門路屋和愛爾蘭達菲吧同你去舊迎新! 無論係一班friend來又好,同家人來都好,今晚約定你齊齊cheers!詳情及訂座:http://www.broadwaymacau.com.mo/o792w/ 日期: 2019年12月31日 時間:晚上9時起 地點:「百老匯美食街」- 歡樂坊 【Eat, drink and dance the night away – join our Countdown Party!】 Looking for the most amazing street party in town? Join the countdown party at Broadway Food Street! Bobo & Gang and local dance groups ZEAL and L.D.G. will have you dancing in the streets to their lively tunes at Happy Square,and our awesome DJ Julian will spin tunes to start 2020 on a high note. There will also be parties at The Roadhouse and Duffy’s Irish Pub, Come with friends or come with family – just don’t miss the fun! For more details and reservation, visit: https://www.broadwaymacau.com.mo/98qbk/ Date: December 31, 2019 Time: 9 pm onwards Location: Broadway Food Street - Happy Square #澳門百老匯 #broadwaymacau #拉闊在百老匯 #liveatbroadway #happysquare #歡樂坊 #liveband #現場音樂 #百老匯美食街 #broadwayfoodstreet #2020NewYearsEveCountdownParty #2020跨年倒數派對 #CountdownParty #newyear2020 #跨年派對
Lucille Crew
NEW SONG! NEW VIDEO! NEW YEAR! 2019 היתה שנה משוגעת, מפחידה, מרגשת, מעניינת ומדהימה בשבילנו. מלאת רגעים שלא תיארנו לעצמנו שנחווה. קטנים וגדולים. משמעותיים יותר ומשמעותיים פחות. לכל אחת/ד יש איזה רגע אחד או שניים שהשפיעו עליהן/ם השנה. אפילו אם לא באותו הרגע שהם קרו. ויהיה לנו ממש כיף אם נוכל לנצל את ההזדמנות הזאת, כדי לשמוע מכם/ן ולחלוק אתכם רגעים כאלה מהשנה האחרונה. אז בגלל שעשינו סדנה לדיבור מול קהל עם הפקדון שלנו מהצבא, אנחנו נתחיל ונספר קצת על הרגע שהיווה השראה לשיר הזה: בקיץ 2018, הופענו בעיירה גרמנית בשם Jena. חודשיים אחרי שחזרנו לארץ, קיבלנו מייל מכריסטוף (שלא הכרנו לפני כן), ששאל האם במקרה יש לנו צילומים של הקהל מאותה הופעה. כריסטוף סיפר שהוא הגיע להופעה ההיא יחד עם אחותו מארי ובני הזוג שלהם (אוליביה ולוקאס) ושהם נהנו ורקדו יחד בגשם הקייצי המפתיע ששטף אותנו וגם, שזה היה הריקוד האחרון שלו עם מארי, שכמה שבועות אח״כ נפטרה במפתיע מדום לב בגיל 28. והוא היה שמח לשמור איתו עוד זכרונות מהיום הזה. ניסינו למצוא צילומים של הקהל מאותה הופעה דרך המפיקים וגם בחומרים שלנו אך ללא הצלחה. עדיין, הסיפור שלהם היכה בנו חזק מאוד ונשאר איתנו לאורך השנה. ההבנה והתזכורת הכואבת שכל רגע חולף ולא חוזר. הדרך שבה בלי לתכנן ומחוץ לתודעה שלנו, לקחנו חלק ברגע כל כך משמעותי בחיים של אדם. הפחד מאובדן של אדם קרוב. ואפילו הידיעה שבכל רגע החיים שלך יכולים להשתנות. השנה חזרנו לאותו מקום, שבו הופענו ורקדנו בקיץ שעבר עם מארי וכריסטוף ורצינו איכשהו, בדרכנו הצנועה, לנסות לתת לכריסטוף זיכרון נוסף ממארי והריקוד האחרון שלהם בגשם. Moments מוקדש להם. English: 2019 Was an intense, crazy, exciting, scary and amazing year for us. Full of moments we didn't expect to experience. big and small. significant and casual. We all have these moments from this past year, that were life changing or just set the tone for the entire year. And we would love to use this opportunity to hear about some of your moments from this past year. Since we're proffesional public speakers, we'll start with the moments that inspired this song:. In the summer of 2018, We performed in a German town by the name of Jena. 2 months after the show, we’ve received and email from Christoph. A person we didn’t know before and asked us if we have some footage of the audience from that specific show. Christoph also told us that he attended our show with his sister Marie and both of their spouses (Olivia and Lukas). And that they danced their souls out with us in the summer rain that surprised us that day. And also that this moment was his and Marie’s last dance together, Since She had passed away a few weeks after the show, due to an unexpected cardiac problems at the age of 28. And that he would love to have some visual memory from that precious day. We tried to find footage of Marie and the guys through people in the production and in our own archive, but with no luck. Still, Christoph’s story touched us deeply and in many different ways. The strong and painful reminder that every moment that passes won’t come back. How without knowing we took such a roll in such a significant moment in a person’s life. The fear of losing a person who’s close to you without any notice. And even the realization, that your life can change at anytime. This year, we went back to that same place where we performed and danced with Marie and Christoph and really wanted to somehow, in our simple way, try and give Christoph another memory of Marie and their last dance. ‘Moments’ is dedicated to Marie, Christoph and their family.
OMG - Mauritius
‘Tis the season to be merry after all! OMG is extremely delighted to present to you all our most eagerly awaited big Christmas Bash. Christmas is all about celebration and that’s something we pride ourselves on at OMG Night Club. With lashings of Christmas cheer, the best bits of commercial mixes; we gonna sparkle that Christmas spirit in you. So much that we bought the one and only and most gorgeous ELLY G once again to spin the spectrum of grooves from house to hip hop, trance to techno and RnB to reggae so that you party all night long. Whether it’s with family, friends; or your lovers we ought to provide all the trimmings that will make our Christmas gig something you wouldn't want to miss <3 Indeed for the ultimate Christmas and nightlife experience, look no further than OMG. We are always a sellout event and it is going to be no exception this time around either. Join us for what will be a an absolute Christmas Cracker on Christmas eve. #SeeYa #OMG The Place To Be ➨ Date: Saturday 24th December 2019 ➨ Doors open as from 22pm ☎ Info: www.facebook.com/omg.mau ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ABOUT ELLY G She is one of the youngest and rapidly developing djanes. Her amazing beauty, incredible charisma and excellent musical skills is a guarantee of her success. During just one year of her career as a Dj Elly G, she visited USA (Las Vegas), UAE (Dubai), Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya), Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), Indonesia (Bali), China (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangou, Hong Kong), France (Paris), Spain (Madrid), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), amazing Thaiti and Ukraine. She held during a year more than 50 shows. Dj Elly G had played in great Pacha Night Club oppening in Macau with Martin Solveig. In the past, Elly G was a successful model, as well as Vice Miss of a prestigious Beauty Contest Miss Ukraine, that once again proofs her beauty and charisma. Partying with Dj Elly G is always success and an explosion of emotions! This is YOUR CHRISTMAS night guys ! This is going to be OMG we promise you this. See you on the dance floor; and make sure to bring your family, relatives and loved ones too. The Management Reserves The Right Of Admission OMG Team.
Malva Restaurant
Countdown Begins ...Time to collect your Tickets. Make your Last Night of 2019 Memorable ..Just drop down here with your dears & Electrify your Zero Night in open air party with glamour... Star of Party.... *DJ ELIANA...Best Celebrity DJ of Mumbai *DJ SMOKE...Most Happening dj of Town *Jagruti mishra...Ollywood Playback Singer *Kuldeep Pattnaik...OLLYWOOD playback singer Unlimited Starter & Gala Buffet Dinner with 30 items of Food ,Limited IMFL Drinks ,Round Table Dining, Open Air Party, Dance Floor , Fireworks, Valet Parking... Book Ur Tickets for Stag 1749/- & for Couple 2999/- Contact no - 9778762454,9040096071/77/81... Hurryup ....Book ur Tickets ....Limited Entry
Κέντρο Ελέγχου Τηλεοράσεων
Black Oak Ensemble (Chicago) presents in Athens its recording debut, 'Silenced Voices', featuring the music of six Jewish composers whose work was suppressed by the Nazis (Dick Kattenburg, Hans Krása, Gideon Klein, Sándor Kuti, Paul Hermann, Géza Frid). ● Desirée Ruhstrat (violin), Aurélien Fort Pederzoli (viola), David Cunliffe (cello) ⌂ tvcontrolcenter (Κέντρο Ελέγχου Τηλεοράσεων) ✓ Thursday 12 December 2019 | 21:00 | 6€ ”Silenced Voices, a compelling collection of characterful music for string trio largely by eastern European victims of the Holocaust, played with fierce eloquence by Chicago’s Black Oak Ensemble and recorded so crisply that I could swear the musicians were sitting just by my right shoulder.” THE TIMES (13 September, 2019) - Geoff Brown [..] there is no faulting this debut album by the Chicago-based Black Oak Ensemble: rhythmically tight and, like the best trio recordings, conveying a sense of a fuller ensemble. Where it stands out from the crowd, however, is in the revival of four more forgotten composers [..] THE STRAD (December 2019) - Peter Quantrill “ [..] Cast in a post-tonal idiom with the odd clear tonal reference point, its strength lies in the clarity of linear writing, something brought across beautifully by the Black Oak Ensemble. The more achingly lyrical gestures find a sudden, but surprisingly satisfying, resolution [..]It is unbearably poignant, its intensity perfectly prolonged by the Black Oak Ensemble. Five stars: A fabulous disc that enables us to hear to these precious “silenced voices” in the very best light” Fanfare magazine, 5 stars - Colin Clarke “ The three members of the Black Oak Ensemble [..] are ideal advocates for this music. [..] Thanks to such insightful, committed and masterful performances, those composers, though dead, are still speaking.” 10/10, Classics Today (July 2019) “The music on this disc stimulates the mind and reminds us how music is a life affirming force. The Black Oak Ensemble performs it with verve and intelligence. It is a tribute to the dedication and persistence of the musicians who lost their lives” Audiophile Audition (August 2019), Robert Moon “The Black Oak Ensemble members play all this music with intensity and involvement as well as technical skill, and the seriousness of purpose underlying the recording is apparent throughout. Such seriousness, common in anthology discs intended as tributes or recognition of one sort or another, does not always serve the music particularly well. Here, though, it does: all these pieces are fully deserving of rising at last above the obscurity in which most of them have languished since the untimely deaths of all but one of the composers represented here.” 4 Stars - Infodad (September 2019) ”[..] This breadth is expertly displayed by the cohesive group — Desiree Ruhstrat, violin; David Cunliffe, cello, and violist Aurelien Fort Pederzoli - [..]Throughout, the Black Oakers exhibit precise dynamic control and rhythmic elan.” (July 2019) Jay Harvey Upstage “At around five minutes each, these miniatures offer an instructive study in contrasts: the Kattenburg tangy, densely woven, all of a piece; the Krása a potpourri of infectious dance forms. A pair of fine discoveries, expertly played” Beyond Criticism - Matthew Gurewitsch “The performances match the intensity and power of the music itself” Performing Arts Monterey Bay (2019) STRINGS MAGAZINE (August 2019)
Llegó la "NAVIDAD REGALONA" a MANPAI! Del 04 al 31 de dic. aprovecha las rebajas, ofertas y descuentos que tenemos. Además de llevarte 1 regalo por cada compra que hagas***. -Medievil PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶2̶9 a S/.99 -Steep PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9, a S/.49 -Psychonauts in the rhombus of ruin (VR Game) PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.49 -The Lost Child PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.49 -Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.49 -Detroit Became Human PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.59 -Deus Ex Mankind Divided PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.49 -Rocket League Collector's Edition PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.79 -Just Dance 2020 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶6̶9 a S/.129 -Just Dance 2020 Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶6̶9 a S/.129 -Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.59 -Uncharted Lost Legacy PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶1̶9 a S/.79 -UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.69 -Super Bomberman R Standard Edition PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶2̶9 a S/.79 -Super Mario Maker 2 (EUR) Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.169 -Super Mario Odyssey (EUR) Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.169 -Super Mario Party (EUR) Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.169 -Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.179 -Borderland 3 Standard PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.169 -Borderland 3 Deluxe Edition PS4 de S̶/̶.̶2̶6̶9 a S/.239 -Borderland 3 Super Deluxe Edition PS4 de S̶/̶.̶3̶5̶9 a S/.319 -eFootball PES 2020 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.129 -Far Cry 4 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶8̶9 a S/.59 -Far Cry 5 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶1̶9 a S/.79 -Far Cry New Dawn PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶4̶9 a S/.99 -Far Cry Primal (EUR) PS4 de S̶/̶.̶8̶9 a S/.69 -FIFA 20 Edición Champions PS4 de S̶/̶.̶2̶6̶9 a S/.229 -FIFA 20 Edición Standard PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.159 -FIFA 20 Legacy Edition Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.149 -Hitman 2 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶5̶9 a S/.89 -Kingdom Hearts III Standard PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶39 a S/.79 -Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶1̶9 a S/.89 -Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Standard PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.59 -New Gundam Breaker PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.59 -Outlast Trinity PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶2̶9 a S/.79 -Resident Evil Origins Collection Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.129 -Resident Evil Triple Pack Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.169 -Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.169 -Syberia 3 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.49 -Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶1̶5̶9 a S/.89 -Watch Dogs 2 PS4 de S̶/̶.̶9̶9 a S/.69 -Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.189 -Zelda Link's Awakening Switch de S̶/̶.̶1̶9̶9 a S/.189 Métodos de pago: -En efectivo por agentes bancarios. -Transferencia por internet. -Con cualquier tarjeta de crédito por nuestra web (en este caso el precio puede variar) https://manpai.pe/ Hacemos envíos a todo el Perú. Mándanos inbox haciendo click aquí -> m.me/Manpai *Oferta válida del 04 al 31 de dic. 2019 o hasta agotar stock. **Los precios "NAVIDAD REGALONA" son válidos solo para pagos por agentes bancarios y/o transferencias. Los precios en la web pueden variar. ***Es solo 1 regalo por cada compra, sin importar la cantidad de productos que compres a la vez. El regalo se elige al momento de la compra y es sujeto a stock.
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¡Es hora de Jugar! Aprovecha las grandes ofertas de #BlackFriday en IMPERIO GAMEZ, Hasta el 50% de descuento en JUEGOS #PS4. ⏰ Promoción válida hasta el 02/12/19. • FIFA 20 Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • Assassin's Creed® Odyssey Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • A Plague Tale: Innocence Primaria = S/59.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • A Way Out Primaria = S/39.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • ANTHEM Primaria = S/39.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • ARK: SURVIVAL + DLC'S Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/59.90 • BATTLEFIELD V Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • BATTLEFIELD V YEAR 2 EDITION Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • BORDERLANDS 3 Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE – OPERATOR EDITION - ESPAÑOL Primaria = S/139.90 Secundaria = S/89.90 • Castle Crashers Remastered Primaria = S/39.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • CATHERINE: FULL BODY Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • CODE VEIN Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • CRASH BANDICOOT N. SANE TRILOGY Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • CRASH TEAM RACING + CRASH TRILOGY BUNDLE Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • CRASH TEAM RACING + SPYRO TRILOGY BUNDLE Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • CRASH TEAM RACING NITRO-FUELED Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • CRASH TEAM RACING NITRO-FUELED – NITROS OXIDE EDITION Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • DAYS GONE Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • DESTINY 2: SHADOWKEEP DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION Primaria = S/119.90 Secundaria = S/69.90 • DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN Primaria = S/29.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • DEVIL MAY CRY 5 (WITH RED ORBS) Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – ULTIMATE EDITION Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • FIFA 20 Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • F1 2019 Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/49.90 • FAR CRY 5 Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • FAR CRY NEW DAWN Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • FOR HONOR COMPLETE EDITION Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • GTA V Premium Online Edition Primaria = S/39.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • GOD OF WAR 4 Primaria = S/29.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • HORIZON ZERO DAWN: COMPLETE EDITION Primaria = S/29.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • JUMP FORCE Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • JUMP FORCE – ULTIMATE EDITION Primaria = S/119.90 Secundaria = S/69.90 • JUST CAUSE 4 – COMPLETE EDITION Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • JUST DANCE 2020 Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • MADDEN NFL 20 Primaria = S/69.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN: GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • MEDIEVIL Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • METRO EXODUS Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • METRO EXODUS GOLD EDITION Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • MONSTER HUNTER WORLD: ICEBORNE MASTER EDITION DIGITAL DELUXE Primaria = S/99.90 Secundaria = S/59.90 • MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Primaria = S/39.90 Secundaria = S/19.90 • MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • MORTAL KOMBAT 11 – PREMIUM EDITION Primaria = S/109.90 Secundaria = S/69.90 • NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER DELUXE EDITION Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • NBA 2K20 Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • NEED FOR SPEED HEAT Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • NI NO KUNI II: REVENANT KINGDOM Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • ONE PIECE World Seeker Primaria = S/79.90 Secundaria = S/39.90 • OVERWATCH LEGENDARY EDITION Primaria = S/49.90 Secundaria = S/29.90 • Persona 5 Primaria =
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¡OFERTAS BLACK FRIDAY! Juegos desde S/.19,99 y Mucho Más...! #PS4 #CTR #Fortnite #Tarjetas #PSPlus ⏰ Promoción válida hasta el 01/12/19. • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - 15GB - PRINCIPAL = 79 soles - SECUNDARIA = 49 soles • FIFA 20 - 42GB - PRINCIPAL = 99 soles - SECUNDARIA = 69 soles • PES 2020 - 35GB - PRINCIPAL = 99 soles - SECUNDARIA = 59 soles • PES 2020 + OPTION FILE + COPA MOVISTAR - 35GB - PRINCIPAL = 109 soles - SECUNDARIA = 69 soles • Days Gone - 40GB - PRINCIPAL = 59 soles • God of War - 39GB - PRINCIPAL = 39 soles - SECUNDARIA = 19,99 soles • Grand Theft Auto V - 45GB - PRINCIPAL = 39 soles - SECUNDARIA = 19,99 soles • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - 39GB - PRINCIPAL = 39 soles - SECUNDARIA = 19,99 soles • RESIDENT EVIL 2 - 24GB - PRINCIPAL = 59 soles - SECUNDARIA = 39 soles ¿Qué videojuegos buscas? ☑️ Actualmente contamos con más de 1,000 videojuegos, revisa nuestro catálogo completo ingresando a nuestra PÁGINA WEB. ☑️ Consulta directamente por tu juego favorito por INBOX o WhatsApp! ¡CATÁLOGO de VIDEOJUEGOS PS3 DIGITAL! ➡️ https://gamescenter.pe/ps3digital ¡CATÁLOGO de VIDEOJUEGOS PS4 DIGITAL! ➡️ https://gamescenter.pe/ps4digital Facebook Messenger ➡️ m.me/gamescenter.pe WhatsApp ➡️ 993 103 185 ó https://gamescenter.pe/whatsapp ventas@gamescenter.pe https://gamescenter.pe/ ✅ Aceptamos pagos con Tarjetas de Crédito y Débito. ¡OFERTAS BLACK FRIDAY! • ARK: Survival Evolved - 16GB - PRINCIPAL = 59 soles • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – 47GB - PRINCIPAL = 59 soles • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Gold Edition – 47GB - PRINCIPAL = 79 soles - CONTENIDO: • Assassin's Creed Odyssey • Assassin's Creed III: Remastered - Secrets of Greece - DLC - Legacy of the First Blade Episode 1 - The Blade of Darius - DLC - Legacy of the First Blade Episode 2 - Shadow Heritage - DLC - Legacy of the First Blade Episode 3 - Bloodline - DLC - The Fate of Atlantis Episode 1 - Fields of Elysium - DLC - The Fate of Atlantis Episode 2 - Torment of Hades - DLC - The Fate of Atlantis Episode 3 - Judgment of Atlantis - DLC • Battlefield V - 34GB - PRINCIPAL = 59 soles - SECUNDARIA = 29 soles • Castle Crashers Remastered - 260MB - PRINCIPAL = 39 soles • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - 24GB - PRINCIPAL = 59 soles • Crash Bandicoot™ Bundle - 38GB - PRINCIPAL = 129 soles - SECUNDARIA = 79 soles - CONTENIDO: • Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy • Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled • CTR Nitro-Fueled + Spyro™ Bundle - 46GB - PRINCIPAL = 129 soles - CONTENIDO: • Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled • Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy • Dragon Ball FighterZ - 5GB - PRINCIPAL = 49 soles • DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ - 5GB - Ultimate Edition! - PRINCIPAL = 89 soles - CONTENIDO: • Juego Completo • Anime Music Pack • Commentator Voice Pack • FighterZ Pass (8 Nuevos Personajes: Bardock, Broly, Vegetto Blue, Zamasu, Goku Clásico, Vegeta Clásico, Android 17 y Cooler). • DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ - 5GB - Definitive Edition! - PRINCIPAL = 129 soles - CONTENIDO: • Juego Completo • Anime Music Pack • Commentator Voice Pack • FighterZ Pass (8 Nuevos Personajes: Bardock, Broly, Vegetto Blue, Zamasu, Goku Clásico, Vegeta Clásico, Android 17 y Cooler). • FighterZ Pass 2 (6 Nuevos Personajes: Jiren, Videl, Goku (GT), Janemba y 2 Personajes Adicionales que saldrán más adelante). • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - 31GB - PRINCIPAL = 79 soles - SECUNDARIA = 39 soles • Devil May Cry 5 - 32GB - PRINCIPAL = 59 soles • Digimon World: Next Order - 12GB - PRINCIPAL = 49 soles • EA Sports UFC 3 Deluxe Edition - 19GB - PRINCIPAL = 49 soles - SECUNDARIA = 29 soles • Far Cry 5 - 34GB - PRINCIPAL = 49 soles • F1 2019 - 36GB - PRINCIPAL = 89 soles • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven Bundle - 5GB - PRINCIPAL = 49 soles - SECUNDARIA = 29 soles • JUMP FORCE - 15GB - PRINCIPAL = 89 soles - SECUNDARIA = 49 soles • JUMP FORCE - Ultimate Edition - 15GB - PRINCIPAL = 129 soles - SECUNDARIA = 79 soles • Just Dance 2020 - 22GB - PRINCIPAL = 79 soles - SECUNDARIA = 49 so
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(^^^) SHARK SQUAD UNITE (^^^) The one and only JAUZ (USA) @ FLNDRS Sunday 29th December Tickets on sale NOW - http://bit.ly/JauzTSV • Early Bird - SOLD OUT • 1st Release - $25 • 2nd Release - $30 VIP Bottle Service Booths available - Inbox our fb page JAUZ The project of Sam Vogel, a 25 year old, LA based Icon Collective graduate is one that combines brilliant production, energetic sets and underground vibes that have captivated the hears of the dance community. Hailing from the Bay Area, Vogel moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. In just one year, he went from aspiring producer in the crowd of Hard Summer, to playing the main stage. Jauz’s release of the addictive mid-tempo original “Feel the Volume” earned him international recognition after its release on Mad Decent. Garnering support early on from the industry heavyweights like Zedd, Skrillex, Diplo and others, Jauz quickly became a frequent on every major festival line up. His euphoric originals and viral remixes seamlessly weave in and out of several music categories. Since then Jauz has boasted two sell out tours “The Friendzy Tour” in 2016 and “The Bite Back America Tour” in 2018 to launch his artist label “Bite This” in 55 difference cities across the US and Canada. All while also releasing his debut album “The Wise & The Wicked” that reached #1 on the dance charts in under 2 hours and earned over 20 million streams in less than 3 weeks from it’s August 31st release. 2019 has showed no signs of slowing down with his massive Coachella festival debut and a newly announced Las Vegas residency at KAOS nightclub at The Palms. With tons of new music in his back pocket, it appears that JUAZ is keeping true to his creed “Music has No Boundaries”
Vaikų Gimtadieniai - Džiaugsmo Alėja - Erdvė Jūsų šventei!
JUST DANCE kovos! Jau penktąjį kartą rengiamas smagus turnyras! Geriausias būdas praleisti penktadienio vakarą bei susipažinti su naujais žmonėmis! Turnyre dalyvauja tokie patys mėgėjai, kaip ir tu! Just Dance kovos skirtos publikai nuo 20 metų amžiaus! https://dziaugsmoaleja.lt/just-dance-kovos/ Pradžia – 20:00. Planuojama pabaiga - 24:00. Renginio kaina – 4 eurai komandai! Pirmos vietos simbolinis prizas – bilietai į kiną dviems, bei nemokamas įėjimas į sekantį Just Dance kovų renginį! Komandą sudaro 2 žmonės. Registracija atliekama iš anksto telefonu. Be registracijos į renginį neįleidžiami. Registruotis šiuo numeriu - 860626710 arba elektroniniu paštu – info@dziaugsmoaleja.lt Renginio vieta – Jonavos g. 20, Kaunas. Nereali atmosfera, super linksmai praleistas laikas, bei užkandžiai GARANTUOTI! Just Dance – tai šokių žaidimas jau spėjęs išgarsėti visame pasaulyje! Tau tikrai nereikia būti profesionaliu šokėju, kadangi šio linksmo žaidimo metu, reikia atkartoti šokių judesius, kurie rodomi ekrane. Judesiai yra fiksuojami vaizdo kameros, o tiksliausiai atlikęs judesius ir surinkęs daugiausiai taškų - tampa laimėtoju! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The dance video game event “Just Dance battles” is being held for the fifth time. One of the best ways to spend a Friday evening accompanied by the opportunity to meet new people. The participants of this event are complete amateurs, just like you! Just Dance battles is an event directed to an audience over 20 years old. Time of the event – 20:00 until roughly 24:00. Participation fee – 4 euros per team. First place prize – two tickets to the cinema and ability to enter the next event without paying an entry fee. A team consists of 2 people. The registration must be done in advance by phone - 860626710 or email - info@dziaugsmoaleja.lt. Participation without registering beforehand is prohibited. Location of the event – Jonavos g.20, Kaunas.
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Will tough times make or break your freelance or consulting business? During this pandemic , most people will fall into one of two categories 1) The Paralysed By Fear Pessimist: ‍♂️ They’re spending a lot of time on social media hanging onto every word the media says and letting the latest article dictate their next moves. They're riddled with uncertainty on what to do… Playing the ‘wait and see’ game. Burying their head in the sand… And hoping this all blows over and things return to normal. This leaves them blind to the opportunities that are being presented. 2) The Action-Oriented Optimist: They’re consuming far less news and aren’t engaging in negative talk. They’re taking ACTION and looking for opportunities. Making changes. Shifting offerings. Scaling up their advertising and marketing… They’re on the offensive… Looking for SOLUTIONS, not staring at problems. Don't let the fear paralyse you! It’s time to start making moves Four years ago I was barely getting by living and working out of my mates garage in New Zealand trying to start my own consulting business. I cold called, attended networking events and none of it worked for me. I was rejected on a daily basis and often forced to draw up proposals that nobody even looked at.. It was depressing and I had NO PREDICTABLE INCOME to show for it. I didn't understand why the advice that was given to me through books, blogs and podcasts didn't work! My social life was non-existent because I couldn't even afford to go out to dinner with a friend and I worked 15 hours a day stressed out of my mind with a pay grade lower than the busker down the street. I tried everything to get clients and none of it worked. Then one day I thought to myself: "Instead of begging people for 5-minutes of their time and going to them, what if there was a way to make them come to me instead?". I went back to the drawing board and researched day and night. I needed to figure out a way to bring them to me! Then one day I made a breakthrough! I went to work applying this new method for attracting and winning high-value clients and it worked like magic.. 1st client (899/month), 2nd client (899/month), 3rd client (1500/month), 4th client (2500/month) it soon got to a point where I couldn’t handle the inquiries coming in and I had to actually TURN OFF the system so I could catch up. After 18 months of endless anxiety and struggle, I finally had a consistent, predictable income coming in month to month.. And it was more money than I have ever earned! I moved out of my mates garage in New Zealand and moved to a Villa in Bali.. the dream was actually becoming a reality. People started noticing my results and talking about my story and before long I had people asking me to teach them how to start their own consulting businesses and get high paying clients of their own. At first I was hesitant, “who am I to teach others?” I thought. I honestly didn't believe I could teach others what I was doing. I thought I was unique and that nobody else would be able to make it work. Then I meet a girl named Ella (she moved into a room we had free in our villa), She was fresh out of the corporate world and trying to get her own consulting business going helping local businesses with there online marketing. After a few months of seeing her struggle to get clients and create a predictable income I started to share some of my methods. I couldn't believe it... Ella closed her first client worth over 2k/month then a 2nd within 2 weeks! She ran into my office and asked if she could give me a hug… At that moment I knew I had to share what I have discovered. I wondered if this could be replicated again so I accepted a few more people and showed them how to do it and then BAM - It started working for them too! It's honestly hard to believe how this happened so fast. I went from being down on my luck, broke and living out of my mates garage in New Zealand to the beaches of Bali and a predictable income of over five figures a month. Add to that the fact that the systems I have
ส่งฟรีลงทะเบียนทั่วไทย เมื่อซื้อคอนแทคเลนส์รุ่นใดก็ได้จาก WSoptics โปรโมชั่นพิเศษเดือนกันยายน 2020 1-Day Acuvue Moist 6 กล่อง = 4,500 บาท + แถมฟรี •Starbucks Voucher 200 บาท •คอนแทคเลนส์รายวัน 1 คู่ (เลือกได้แบบใส/สี) •ผ้าขนหนูนาโน Acuvue 1 ผืน ซื้อคอนแทคเลนส์กับ WSoptics จะได้สิทธิประโยชน์ถึง 2 ต่อ ✔️ต่อที่ 1 รับคะแนน Acuvue (สามารถแจ้งรหัส Acuvue Member ที่ลงทะเบียนกับ WSoptics ให้เจ้าหน้าที่สะสมคะแนน) เพื่อเลือกรับรางวัลจากแบรนด์ดัง เช่น Starbucks, Bar B Q Plaza, Sizzler, Dairy Queen ✔️ต่อที่ 2 รับแต้ม WSoptics ผ่าน Line ทุก 300 บาท ได้ 1 แต้ม สะสมรับเลนส์แว่นตามูลค่าสูงสุด 5,280 บาทฟรี พิเศษ! สามารถใช้ Acuvue eCash ที่จำหน่ายบน Shopee & Lazada เพื่อใช้แทนเงินสดในการซื้อคอนแทคเลนส์ Acuvue ที่ WSoptics ได้แล้ว (ออนไลน์และหน้าร้าน) ------------------------------------------------------ โปรโมชั่น Bausch&Lomb ต่อถึง 30 ก.ย. 2020 นี้ 1. Ultra รายเดือน 2 แถม 1 รวม 3 กล่อง = 900 บาท 2. BioTrue รายวัน 5 แถม 1 รวม 6 กล่อง = 3,500 บาท + คอนแทคเลนส์รายวัน 1 คู่ ⚠️2 โปรโมชั่นนี้ ทางร้านต้องขอตัดฝากล่อง เพื่อส่งคืนให้บริษัท B&L ------------------------------------------------------ ❤️สั่งคอนแทคเลนส์ Bausch&Lomb จาก WSoptics สะสมแต้มได้ 2 ต่อ ✔️ต่อที่ 1 สะสมยอดซื้อคอนแทคเลนส์, น้ำยาแช่, น้ำตาเทียมทุก 300 บาท = 1 แต้ม (สะสมผ่าน Line Rewards Card) ➡️ รับเลนส์แว่นตามูลค่าสูงสุด 5,280 บาทฟรี ✔️ต่อที่ 2 สแกน QR code ซึ่งอยู่ในกระดาษที่แปะหลังกล่องคอนแทคเลนส์ ผ่านแอพ B+L Club เพื่อสะสมแล้วใช้สิทธิ์แลกรับส่วนลด เช่น •800 คะแนน แลกรับฟรีส่วนลด Family Mart มูลค่า 50 บาท •800 คะแนน แลกรับฟรีส่วนลด Cold Stone มูลค่า 50 บาท ----------------------------------------------------------------- รับโค้ดส่วนลด 100 บาท เมื่อซื้อ Freshlook รายวัน หรือ รายเดือน 2 กล่อง โดยใช้ลดจากราคาที่ทาง WSoptics จำหน่ายตามรูปด้านล่างค่ะ ลงทะเบียนได้ที่ www.register-freshlook.com ▶️ เมื่อคุณลูกค้าลงทะเบียนแล้ว สามารถแจ้งแอดมินเพื่อยืนยันสิทธิ์ส่วนลด ตั้งแต่วันนี้ถึง - 30 พ.ย. 2020 เงื่อนไขการใช้สิทธิ์ •1 ท่าน (1 เบอร์โทร) ได้รับ 1 สิทธิ์ต่อเดือนเท่านั้น และไม่สามารถลงทะเบียนรับสิทธิ์ซ้ำภายในเดือนนั้นได้ •สามารถลงทะเบียนรับสิทธิ์
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The survival of organizations depends on leadership. Gain the skills to leverage data, make effective decisions, manage and resolve conflict and lead your team to better performance. Discover McGill's Graduate Diploma in Leadership, a part-time evening program for aspiring, ambitious professionals from all sectors and types of organizations.
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Kodland объявляет набор детей на летние смены! ☀️ ⠀ За две недели ребенок под руководством практикующих преподавателей освоит 5 современных IT навыков и создаст собственный сайт! Занятия длятся 4 часа в день, а информация подается в увлекательной и доступной форме. ⠀ Пройдите тест и получите скидку 25% на оплату летнего интенсива!
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Udemy te ayuda a lograr todo lo que te depare el futuro. Únete a nuestra comunidad de más de 50 millones de estudiantes e instructores con cursos con hasta un 90 % de descuento.
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המכנסיים המושלמים לעונה הקרובה במיוחד עכשיו בבית בואי מהר לפניי שייגמר! GET THE PANTS >> *באתר בלבד I בתוקף עד 10/10 או עד גמר המלאי I 100,000 יחידות במלאי I ללא כפל מבצעים והנחות
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Get strong using only your bodyweight. Perform full body calisthenics workouts with the BaseBlocks Trainer.
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