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Beat the summer heat by making this quick and easy watermelon slush drink. Only 4 ingredients needed! Ingredients - 1 medium watermelon cut into 1-2"cubes (around 4-5 cups) - 10-12 fresh mint leaves - 1/4 cup lime juice - 2 cup drinking water Instructions 1. Freeze watermelon cubes overnight or well in advance 2. In a blender jar add frozen watermelon, fresh mint leaves, lime juice and water. Blend the mixture until it purees 3. Pour the slushie in drinking glasses and serve when it is still cold #MRDIY #AlwaysLowPrices
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Sholoana Gharoa
Kacha Ampora Sarbat / Aampanna / Raw Mango Drink Ingredients : 8 - 9 nos. Raw Mango 2tsp Fennel Seeds 2tbsp Cumin 1tsp Black pepper 3-4nos. Cardamom 2-3 tsp Rock Salt 1tsp table salt Mint leaves Lemon juice Sugar Process : For Raw Mango Puree: 1. Cut and Remove the upper portion of the Mangoes (to remove the bitter taste). 2. Roast 4- 5 raw Mangoes in direct heat. It will add the Smokey flavour. 2. To extract Mango pulp,cook the rest of the Mangoes with low flame in a pressure cooker and wait for one whistle.(Add only 2 cups water to cook). 3. Soak the Fennel seeds in water for 10-15mins and drain the excess water. 4. Roast Cumin, Black pepper and Cardamom together in a Tawa for 1min.(Avoid over roasting). 5. Grind the roasted Masalas and keep aside. 6. Peel off the skin and mash all the Mangoes ( roasted and boiled) in a bowl. 7. Grind the Mangoes, Soaked fennel seeds, Roasted Masalas, Rock salt and table Salt in mixer grinder.(do not add water) 8. Make a smooth pulp for Aampanna. For Aampanna/ Raw mango drink 1. Take 3 glasses of water.( Preferred cold water. Or you can take normal water with ice cubes). 2. Add 4tsp Mango base pulp. 3. Add sugar as per your taste ( add less amount of sugar for sweet Mangoes). 4. Mixed it well using mixer grinder. 5. Serve Chill adding Mint leaves and lemon juice from top. #SholoanaGharoa #Aampanna #RawMangodrink #sherbet #stayhome #stayfit #eathealthy #stayhealthy #homecooked #refreshingdrink #homemade #mangoes #drinks #india #foodlovers #foodies #lovetocook #lovetoeat #easyrecepies #simplemangorecipes
Captain Morgan
La Coulée de lave Captain Morgan est un cocktail de feu qui goûte aussi bon dans le salon qu’à flanc de volcan. Recette (pour 4): 6 oz de rhum épicé Captain Morgan 10 oz de fraises congelées 8 oz de jus d’ananas 8 oz de crème de coco 2 tasses de glace concassée Quartiers d’ananas frais pour décorer
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Ginseng Up Trinidad and Tobago
Need a mid-week pick-me-up? We got you. Follow this recipe for a refreshing, well-deserved mocktail. Ingredients: 6 tablespoons of mango puree (blended mango) 3 to 4 tablespoons of simple syrup, more or less to taste 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 16 oz (500 ml) of sparkling water For the rims of the glasses: 1 lemon wedge Sugar #GinsengUp #LevelUpWithGinsengUp
BPBW | Budapest Beer Week
Another 2nd-timer, that has been a no-brainer, but a go-getter who immediately said YES again, it's Finback Brewery coming back to Budapest in 2020 for BPBW 2020 | Budapest Beer Week /// Tasting Sessions! Breweries from the United States always had special attention here, but they have been the favorite brewery for many visitors this year as one of the most creative and diverse beer style surfers, from wine and bourbon barrel-aged black goses through the juice bomb IPAs to the cherrywood-smoked mild ales that sure won't let us down during the mayhem in May! Good times ahead and this has only been our 3rd announcement so far... Just wait and see. 18 days left of the Earl Bird period. Just saying. https://bpbw.hu/tickets/ ⚡ 2 days / 6h tasting sessions + extra 3rd encore day ⚡ tap takeovers, professional and meet the brewer events, live shows all week long ⚡ 50 breweries at the fest with the brewers by person ⚡ daily 2 taps / brewery | 1 keg / tap | a total of 4 beers / brewery ⚡ fixed price, all you can drink from 1dl tasting glasses (included in the price) #nevergofullcraft #bpbw2020
Red Hotel Philippines
Witness the bright spectacle of the new year’s skyline at our RED APE Rooftop Bar! 2020 is here and we are about to turn on the fun! With DJs and Band performances and flowing drinks! Join us now on a spectacular celebration of the new decade! PACKAGES: - Veranda P2,500 |For 4 pax RED Ape Food Platter, One (1) bottle standard drinks (a choice between Johnny Walker- Black Label, Absolut Vodka, Jose Cuervo Gold) and Mixer.) *Additional per person is P500 - Couches P3,000 |For 4 pax RED Ape Food Platter, One (1) bottle standard drinks (a choice between Bacardi Rum, Absolut Vodka, Jose Cuervo Gold) and Mixer. *Additional per person is P500 - Cocktail table P2,000|For 4 pax RED Ape Food Platter, One (1) bottle standard drinks (a choice between Absolut Vodka or Bacardi Rum) and Mixer. *Additional per person is P500 WALK IN GUESTS - Adult P500 /pax Two (2) bottle of beer or Two (2) glasses of cocktail -Children 6 to 12 years P250/pax One (1) soft drink or chilled juice. - Children 0 - 5 years old - Free
Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, Viet Nam
Mùa này lên Đà Lạt là chuẩn luôn ấy ạ. Mà nếu ở Ana Mandara Villas Dalat thì còn gì tuyệt vời hơn nữa. ;) Lập kèo đi ngay với gói ưu đãi cực chất của Ana ngay và luôn... - 4.850.000Đ/2 KHÁCH - 02 đêm nghỉ trong tuần tại phòng Villa Room, cùng bữa sáng mỗi ngày (T2- T5) - 01 chiều đưa hoặc đón sân bay - 01 set ăn trưa/tối kiểu Á tại nhà hàng Le Petit cho 2 khách - 2 ly nước trái cây tại Le Petit Délice - Giảm 20% dịch vụ Spa ‼️‼️ Điều khoản & Điều kiện - Áp dụng cho đặt phòng mới và lưu trú ít nhất 02 đêm - Thời gian áp dụng từ nay đến hết ngày 20/01/2020 (trừ thời gian 21-31/12/2019 và 1/1/2020) - Phụ thu cuối tuần (T6-CN): 300,000đ/đêm - Phụ thu nâng cấp hạng phòng: 400,000đ/đêm/hạng phòng - Giá đã bao gồm thuế và phí dịch vụ - Không áp dụng chung với các chương trình ưu đãi khác INBOX ANA BOOK PHÒNG NGAY HÔM NAY ĐỂ LÊN ĐÀ LẠT CHƠI QUÊN SẦU LUÔN NGHEN! http://anamandara-resort.com/ reservation-dalat@anamandara-resort.com +84 34 525 9977 ----------------------- It's time for season greeting. Let's book our the best offer ever - 4.850.000Đ/2 GUESTS - Two-night stay at Villa room with daily breakfast (Mon- Thurs) - 01 Complimentary Asian set menu - Complimentary one-way airport pick up - Complimentary 2 glasses of fruit juice at Le Petit Délice - 20% discount on Spa ‼️‼️Terms & Conditions: - Valid to 20 Jan 2020 (except 21-31 Dec 2019, and 1 Jan 2020) - Applied for a new booking, at least 2 nights stay - Weekend surcharge (Fri – Sun): 300,000đ/night - Upgrading surcharge: 400,000đ/night/room category - Included of 5% service charge & 10% VAT - Not combined with other promotions INBOX US NOW TO GET FURTHER DETAILS: http://anamandara-resort.com/ reservation-dalat@anamandara-resort.com +84 34 525 9977 #AnaMandaraVillasDalat #Dalat #festivepackage #offer #bestever
패스트캠퍼스 - 커리어 성장을 위한 최고의 실무교육 아카데미
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One Year No Beer | Transform Your Relationship With Alcohol
“I have always liked a drink. Like so many other people, alcohol became part of everyday life. I always drank at least once or twice during the week and I would always drink on a Friday night, Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon – that’s what weekends are for. I always loved going out and drinking came to define who I was. I could always be relied upon to have a drink and I would never disappoint. In the last few years, I started to work more from home. The regular midweek drinking turned into drinking every night. This separated my relax time at home from my working day. I simply couldn’t imagine not having a drink, especially on a weekend. But I started to change my body shape for the worse as not only was my drinking increasing, but it had invariably led to poor eating choices and I was simply too tired to exercise as I was constantly battling the tiredness and lethargy that comes with regular alcohol consumption. I’d always been such a positive, upbeat person, bursting with energy, but the constant cycle of drinking, bad diet and lack of exercise turned me into the stereotypical couch potato. To compound matters, a routine health check revealed that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were at worrying levels. I knew I could no longer get away with buying the next jean size up when my jeans became too tight. I was rapidly running out of sizes. It was time to act. I signed up to One Year No Beer. When I joined, I didn’t hold out much hope. The thought of completing just one-week alcohol-free seemed impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect. How would I socialise without drinking? How would I relax? How would I celebrate? How would I cope with stressful situations? Stopping drinking just seemed like a mountain that was too high to climb. I was so concerned about what I was giving up and what I was going to miss out on without alcohol in my life. However, a few days into the programme, I watched a One Year No Beer video which focused on what I would gain through the programme. My energy back,
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Bounty hunting is a complicated profession. Stream the first live-action Star Wars series, only on Disney+. Terms apply.
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Noreve : Luxury leather cases for Mobile Devices
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☀️ Summer sales ΕΩΣ -80%! Οι εκπτώσεις ξεκίνησαν στο Πλαίσιο #plaisio #plaisio_home Λευκές συσκευές για την πόλη ή το εξοχικό, και με το πρόγραμμα δόσεων Μήνα Μήνα!
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WPN. Men's Active + Social Clothing. Be Prepared For Anything
Men’s active & leisure clothing, with a purpose. We’re a clothing brand just for men. A brand that understands that you want: • Shorts that don’t rip mid squat • Real value for money • To support men's mental health awareness • Clothing you can wear at the gym, on the plane, & around the house • To feel prepared for anything! WPN. is an active & leisure clothing brand for men that fulfils your need as a man to be dressed for function whilst being incredibly comfortable. You want to feel prepared for anything that life throws at you. Be that physical, mental, or emotional. Whatever life throws your way, WPN. has you covered.
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Virginia Beach News: 2 people injured in Virginia Beach single-vehicle crash involving entrapment. Install news app trusted by millions to stay informed of latest Virginia Beach local news!
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