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Ebooki, audiobooki, eprasa, darmowe książki
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God blesses those who realize their need for Him and understand they can do nothing without Him. Jesus tells us that our dependence on God instead of ourself is a key to receive the kingdom blessings God has prepared for us. He teaches, “ Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3 This spiritual truth is further illustrated in the parable of the Pharisee and tax collector (Luke 18). Pharisees were religious. They served God and were respected by men - on the outside they appeared to have it all together. On the other hand, tax collectors were beholden to money; they chose money and riches at the expense of their own people. They were hated among men and thought of as traitors. Here is the parable told by Jesus: Two men went up to the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed, ‘God, I thank You that I am not like the other men—swindlers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12I fast twice a week and pay tithes of all that I acquire.’ 13But the tax collector stood at a distance, unwilling even to lift up his eyes to heaven. Instead, he beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner!’ The Pharisee thought himself better than others when in truth, he was like a white washed tomb: beautiful on the outside, yet rotting and stinky on the inside. The tax collector, on the other hand, knew he wasn’t worthy, and he cried out to God for mercy. Jesus’ verdict was this: 14 “ I tell you, this man [tax collector], rather than the Pharisee, went home justified. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” When we understand there is nothing anyone can do to earn God’s grace, that His grace is a gift so that no one can say I earned it and you didn’t, then we will receive God’s blessings!
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Can you unravel the clues and escape the tomb before time runs out? Back on after being postponed due to Covid-19. The room will be sanitized after each group's use for your safety while having this fun experience. Reserve a spot today before space runs out! This family-friendly escape room is designed to immerse your group in the final hours of Jesus' life during the Last Supper, Mount Calvary, and the Tomb where He was eventually buried. The puzzles are designed to get your group interacting with the greatest story ever told and experience the truth of what Easter is all about. Up to 8 people are able to be in one reservation time slot regardless of age due to occupancy limitations of room sizes. If you have less than 8 people in your group, you will still have the entire room to your group only due to Covid-19 guidelines. You will not be required to wear a mask, but we encourage physical distancing be observed as you may pass another group while entering/exiting the escape room. Children of any age are welcome to participate as well. However, due to the complexity of some of the clues/puzzles, they may need to be approximately 10 years or older to understand and unravel the clues, but there will still be fun things for younger children to explore and help with in the escape room.
One sat alone beside the highway begging, His eyes were blind, the light he could not see; He clutched his rags and shivered in the shadows, Then Jesus came and bade his darkness flee. • When Jesus comes the Tempter’s pow’r is broken; When Jesus comes the tears are wiped away. He takes the gloom and fills the life with glory, For all is changed when Jesus comes to stay. • From home and friends the evil spirits drove him, Among the tombs he dwelt in misery; He cut himself as demon pow’rs possessed him, Then Jesus came and set the captive free. • “Unclean! unclean!” the leper cried in torment, The deaf, the dumb, in helplessness stood near; The fever raged, disease had gripped its victim, Then Jesus came and cast out every fear. • Their hearts were sad as in the tomb they laid Him, For death had come and taken Him away; Their night was dark and bitter tears were falling, Then Jesus came and night was turned to day. • So men today have found the Savior able, They could not conquer passion, lust and sin; Their broken hearts had left them sad and lonely, Then Jesus came and dwelt, Himself, within.
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Paper 192C – The Lakeside Gathering Word of the appearances of Jesus was spreading throughout Galilee, and every day increasing numbers of believers arrived at the Zebedee home to inquire about the Master's resurrection and to find out the truth about these reputed appearances. Peter, early in the week, sent out word that a public meeting would be held by the seaside the next Sabbath at three o'clock in the afternoon Accordingly, on Saturday, April 29, at three o'clock, more than five hundred believers from the environs of Capernaum assembled at Bethsaida to hear Peter preach his first public sermon since the resurrection. The apostle was at his best, and after he had finished his appealing discourse, few of his hearers doubted that the Master had risen from the dead Peter ended his sermon, saying: "We affirm that Jesus of Nazareth is not dead; we declare that he has risen from the tomb; we proclaim that we have seen him and talked with him." Just as he finished making this declaration of faith, there by his side, in full view of all these people, the Master appeared in morontia form and, speaking to them in familiar accents, said, "Peace be upon you, and my peace I leave with you." When he had thus appeared and had so spoken to them, he vanished from their sight. This was the fifteenth morontia manifestation of the risen Jesus The Urantia Book – Paper 192:4.1-3 bit.ly/Paper192C Podcast - bit.ly/Paper192Podcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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The Lord be with you, It’s Deacon Keith Fournier, Deacon of Your Catholic Voice Foundation. We are now in Holy Week. The Easter Triduum (Three Days) begins with Holy Thursday. It marks the end of the forty days of Lent and the beginning of the three-day celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil/Easter Sunday. The Catechism of the Catholic Church instructs us: "Beginning with the Easter Triduum as its source of light, the new age of the Resurrection fills the whole liturgical year with its brilliance. Gradually, on either side of this source, the year is transfigured by the liturgy". At the center of our Liturgical Calendar as Catholic Christians are the Three days we celebrate, the Triduum. The Triduum is not simply a re-enactment of something that happened over 2000 years ago but an actual participation in the events themselves through living faith. We will enter into the moment that forever changed - and still changes - all human History, the great self-gift of the Son of God who did for us what we could never do for ourselves by - in the words of the ancient hymn called the Exultet - "trampling on death by death". We will wait at the tomb and witness the Glory of the Resurrection and the beginning of the New Creation. Let us enter fully into the Sacred Triduum. The Great Three Days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter call us to be transformed by love. Jesus offers to his disciples (and even us today in 2020!) much hope, especially as we enter this difficult challenge caused by the shocking and sudden rise of the Coronavirus. For Catholics and other Christians, this is not the time for giving into fear, but for demonstrating living, supernatural faith! Now is also the time to come together (even when we are physically separated) into solidarity, with one another, and to reach out to those who are sick, struggling or fearful. To help you prepare for the Passion of Christ, I invite you to enroll in the following free courses: The Triduum - Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday >> https://bit.ly/2UTADnp May the Lord bless you, Deacon Keith Dean and Chaplain, Catholic Online School
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Paper 189C – The Resurrection 4. Discovery of the Empty Tomb 189:4.10 As these women sat there in the early hours of the dawn of this new day, they looked to one side and observed a silent and motionless stranger. For a moment they were again frightened, but Mary Magdalene, rushing toward him and addressing him as if she thought he might be the caretaker of the garden, said, “Where have you taken the Master? Where have they laid him? Tell us that we may go and get him.” When the stranger did not answer Mary, she began to weep. Then spoke Jesus to them, saying, “Whom do you seek?” Mary said: “We seek for Jesus who was laid to rest in Joseph’s tomb, but he is gone. Do you know where they have taken him?” Then said Jesus: “Did not this Jesus tell you, even in Galilee, that he would die, but that he would rise again?” These words startled the women, but the Master was so changed that they did not yet recognize him with his back turned to the dim light. And as they pondered his words, he addressed the Magdalene with a familiar voice, saying, “Mary.” And when she heard that word of well-known sympathy and affectionate greeting, she knew it was the voice of the Master, and she rushed to kneel at his feet while she exclaimed, “My Lord, and my Master!” And all of the other women recognized that it was the Master who stood before them in glorified form, and they quickly knelt before him. 189:4.12 As Mary sought to embrace his feet, Jesus said: “Touch me not, Mary, for I am not as you knew me in the flesh. In this form will I tarry with you for a season before I ascend to the Father. But go, all of you, now and tell my apostles—and Peter—that I have risen, and that you have talked with me.” 189:4.13 After these women had recovered from the shock of their amazement, they hastened back to the city and to the home of Elijah Mark, where they related to the ten apostles all that had happened to them; but the apostles were not inclined to believe them. They thought at first that the women had seen a vision, but when Mary Magdalene repeated the words which Jesus had spoken to them, and when Peter heard his name, he rushed out of the upper chamber, followed closely by John, in great haste to reach the tomb and see these things for himself. THE URANTIA BOOK – Paper 189, section 4, para 12, 13 bit.ly/Paper189C Podcast - bit.ly/TheResurrectionPodcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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Experience Jesus’ world from the Holy Land. Worship at the Sea of Galilee, partake in communion at the Upper Room, hear an encouraging sermon from the Garden tomb and more! ▶️ Learn more about Jesus: http://www.globaleaster.com/Jesus Need Prayer? We would love to pray for you: http://AwakeningChurch.org/prayer Join the Global Group: http://AwakeningChurch.org/group
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Paper 190C – 1. Heralds of the Resurrection 190:1.3 From the tomb David and Joseph went immediately to the home of Elijah Mark, where they held a conference with the ten apostles in the upper chamber. Only John Zebedee was disposed to believe, even faintly, that Jesus had risen from the dead. Peter had believed at first but, when he failed to find the Master, fell into grave doubting. They were all disposed to believe that the Jews had removed the body. David would not argue with them, but when he left, he said: “You are the apostles, and you ought to understand these things. I will not contend with you; nevertheless, I now go back to the home of Nicodemus, where I have appointed with the messengers to assemble this morning, and when they have gathered together, I will send them forth on their last mission, as heralds of the Master’s resurrection. I heard the Master say that, after he should die, he would rise on the third day, and I believe him.” And thus speaking to the dejected and forlorn ambassadors of the kingdom, this self-appointed chief of communication and intelligence took leave of the apostles. The Urantia Book – Paper 190:1.3 – bit.ly/Paper190C Podcast - bit.ly/Paper190Podcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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Come with me now to Biblical times as we travel to Nazareth for an interview with Jesus Christ when he was just a lad. Ooh ~ there he is now … Hello, young Jesus. Jesus: Huh? Oh, hello, mister. JML: How does it feel to be the savior of the world? Jesus: Okay, I guess. Wait … what did you say? JML: Haha. I'm jerking your chain, little guy. What are you ~ five, six years old? Jesus: I'm nine. JML: Nine? Well, you're still young. You don't know about predestination and salvation and transubstantiation and all that stuff … Jesus: I'm not sure I should be talking to you. JML: Haha. It's okay, I'm harmless. The point is, where I come from, this Friday is known as Good Friday. Do you know what that is? Jesus: No, sir. JML: That's when the world celebrates your death. Jesus: My death? JML: Yes. Not too many years from now, you will be beaten, spat upon, nailed to a cross and left to die an agonizing death. Jesus: And people will celebrate that? JML: Sure. You get to take on all the sin and suffering of the world. That's why they call it Good Friday. Jesus: I’d hate to see Bad Friday. JML: Well, yeah, but … it ain't no thang because then a couple days later it's Easter Sunday. Do you know what Easter is? Jesus: No, sir. JML: That's when you come back from the dead. You will lie in a tomb for three days and then, presto! you will come back to life. Jesus: What? You mean like a zombie? JML: No, no, nothing like that. You'll be transcendent. You'll ascend into the sky and sit at the right hand of the Father. Jesus: Whose father? JML: God … God the Father. Jesus: God? Almighty God? Jehovah God? JML: Yeah, Him. In fact ~ you are God. Jesus: Where did you come from? Do you live around here? JML: Okay, look … I know it's a little complicated but let me try and explain. Basically, it plays out like this ~ mankind is so corrupt and tainted by sin that not a single person ever born could qualify for entry into the splendor of Heaven. So God sent you to earth to be the quote, unquote perfect lamb for slaughter … you get to suffer and die so the ungrateful masses can live. Jesus: I'll have to remember to thank Him for that. JML: Hah! S'funny. Yeah, it's going to be rough, but your torment will be remembered for thousands of years to come. Jesus: It sounds morbid. JML: Well, God's a mad scientist. And you gotta remember, you are dealing with mankind here. Jesus: So how will I be remembered? Candlelit religious services? JML: Oh sure, there'll be some of that … Jesus: Well, if it gets people in church, I guess it'll be worth it. JML: I guess. But the real reason they'll be in church is to show off their new spring outfits and Easter hats. Jesus: What do clothes and hats have to do with me? JML: Well, nothing … the real celebration will be after church when they dye hard-boiled eggs in gay, festive colors and hide them in the yard for the kids to find. Jesus: I'm missing something here. Why eggs? Will my picture be on the eggs? Will my words be on the eggs? JML: No, that would just bring people down. It's one thing for you to suffer and die so the world might have high-def TV and GPS on their iphones, but it's a whole other thing to rub their noses in it. Jesus: Then how will people celebrate this great sacrifice you speak of? JML: They'll come up with a surrogate. Jesus: What's a surrogate? JML: You know ~ a stand-in … a cute little bunny rabbit. Jesus: A bunny rabbit? JML: Yeah. The Easter bunny. Jesus: Then what's the connection with the eggs? Rabbits don't lay eggs. JML: Well, like I said, it's a little complicated. It's got to do with commercialism. But the important thing is, the Easter clothes, the rabbit, the eggs … it's all in remembrance of you. Jesus: Doesn't sound like it has anything to do with me. JML: Well, that's cause you're looking at it from the very limited perspective of this particular time period here in the year … uh … nine. Just trust me, little buddy ~ you're going to have a major impact on the world ~ Jesus fish, bumper sti
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Paper 190E – 2. Jesus’ Appearance at Bethany 190:2.1 From the time of the morontia resurrection until the hour of his spirit ascension on high, Jesus made nineteen separate appearances in visible form to his believers on earth. He did not appear to his enemies nor to those who could not make spiritual use of his manifestation in visible form. His first appearance was to the five women at the tomb; his second, to Mary Magdalene, also at the tomb. 190:2.2 The third appearance occurred about noon of this Sunday at Bethany. Shortly after noontide, Jesus’ oldest brother, James, was standing in the garden of Lazarus before the empty tomb of the resurrected brother of Martha and Mary, turning over in his mind the news brought to them about one hour previously by the messenger of David. James had always inclined to believe in his eldest brother’s mission on earth, but he had long since lost contact with Jesus’ work and had drifted into grave doubting regarding the later claims of the apostles that Jesus was the Messiah. The whole family was startled and well-nigh confounded by the news brought by the messenger. Even as James stood before Lazarus’s empty tomb, Mary Magdalene arrived on the scene and was excitedly relating to the family her experiences of the early morning hours at the tomb of Joseph. Before she had finished, David Zebedee and his mother arrived. Ruth, of course, believed the report, and so did Jude after he had talked with David and Salome. 190:2.3 In the meantime, as they looked for James and before they found him, while he stood there in the garden near the tomb, he became aware of a near-by presence, as if someone had touched him on the shoulder; and when he turned to look, he beheld the gradual appearance of a strange form by his side. He was too much amazed to speak and too frightened to flee. And then the strange form spoke, saying: “James, I come to call you to the service of the kingdom. Join earnest hands with your brethren and follow after me.” When James heard his name spoken, he knew that it was his eldest brother, Jesus, who had addressed him. They all had more or less difficulty in recognizing the morontia form of the Master, but few of them had any trouble recognizing his voice or otherwise identifying his charming personality when he once began to communicate with them. 190:2.4 When James perceived that Jesus was addressing him, he started to fall to his knees, exclaiming, “My father and my brother,” but Jesus bade him stand while he spoke with him. And they walked through the garden and talked for almost three minutes; talked over experiences of former days and forecast the events of the near future. As they neared the house, Jesus said, “Farewell, James, until I greet you all together.” The Urantia Book – Paper 190:2.1, 3, 4 - bit.ly/Paper190E Podcast - bit.ly/Paper190Podcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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Paper 190D – 1. Heralds of the Resurrection It was about half past nine o’clock when the last of David’s twenty-six messengers arrived at the home of Nicodemus. David promptly assembled them in the spacious courtyard and addressed them 190:1.5 Men and brethren, all this time you have served me in accordance with your oath to me and to one another, and I call you to witness that I have never yet sent out false information at your hands. I am about to send you on your last mission as volunteer messengers of the kingdom, and in so doing I release you from your oaths and thereby disband the messenger corps. Men, I declare to you that we have finished our work. No more does the Master have need of mortal messengers; he has risen from the dead. He told us before they arrested him that he would die and rise again on the third day. I have seen the tomb — it is empty. I have talked with Mary Magdalene and four other women, who have talked with Jesus. I now disband you, bid you farewell, and send you on your respective assignments, and the message which you shall bear to the believers is: ‘Jesus has risen from the dead; the tomb is empty 190:1.10 David Zebedee left Bethany with Martha and Mary, for Philadelphia, early in June, the day after his marriage to Ruth, Jesus’ youngest sister The Urantia Book – Paper 190:1.4,5,10 – bit.ly/Paper190D Podcast - bit.ly/Paper190Podcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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Paper 191B – Appearance to Peter 191:1.1 It was near half past eight o’clock this Sunday evening when Jesus appeared to Simon Peter in the garden of the Mark home. This was his eighth morontia manifestation. Peter had lived under a heavy burden of doubt and guilt ever since his denial of the Master. All day Saturday and this Sunday he had fought the fear that, perhaps, he was no longer an apostle. He had shuddered at the fate of Judas and even thought that he, too, had betrayed his Master. All this afternoon he thought that it might be his presence with the apostles that prevented Jesus’ appearing to them, provided, of course, he had really risen from the dead. And it was to Peter, in such a frame of mind and in such a state of soul, that Jesus appeared as the dejected apostle strolled among the flowers and shrubs. 191:1.2 When Peter thought of the loving look of the Master as he passed by on Annas’s porch, and as he turned over in his mind that wonderful message brought him early that morning by the women who came from the empty tomb, “Go tell my apostles — and Peter” — as he contemplated these tokens of mercy, his faith began to surmount his doubts, and he stood still, clenching his fists, while he spoke aloud: “I believe he has risen from the dead; I will go and tell my brethren.” And as he said this, there suddenly appeared in front of him the form of a man, who spoke to him in familiar tones, saying: “Peter, the enemy desired to have you, but I would not give you up. I knew it was not from the heart that you disowned me; therefore I forgave you even before you asked; but now must you cease to think about yourself and the troubles of the hour while you prepare to carry the good news of the gospel to those who sit in darkness. No longer should you be concerned with what you may obtain from the kingdom but rather be exercised about what you can give to those who live in dire spiritual poverty. Gird yourself, Simon, for the battle of a new day, the struggle with spiritual darkness and the evil doubtings of the natural minds of men 191:1.3 Peter and the morontia Jesus walked through the garden and talked of things past, present, and future for almost five minutes. Then the Master vanished from his gaze, saying, “Farewell, Peter, until I see you with your brethren The Urantia Book – Paper 191:1.1,2,3 – bit.ly/Paper191B Podcast - bit.ly/Paper191Podcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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We can’t wait to CELEBRATE the Resurrection Together! Join us for an inspirational message of hope as we conclude our Series “Journey to The Empty Tomb.” It might seem like all hope was lost when they laid Jesus in the tomb, but then came the 3️⃣rd day! In your own situation there might be some lost hope but you can be encouraged knowing that Hope Lives! We want you to Come Looking for: Passionate Worship Life Changing Words ‍♀️Exciting Kids Classes Celebrating Baptisms 2️⃣nd Chances or however many you need! You don’t want to miss it! Tell somebody, bring a friend, and get ready for an Amazing Day!
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“Jesus said … ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die’” (John 11:25–26, ESV) As we approach Holy Week, we’d love to send you a special devotional guide to help you focus your heart on the cross of Christ and His empty tomb. We pray that God will use this guide to give you boldness and strength as you live in the victory that Christ offers to each of us. We pray that God will use this devotional to stir something new and fresh in your heart during this Easter season. Get your free copy of “Victory: Preparing for Resurrection Sunday" now!
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Paper 190B – 1. Heralds of the Resurrection When the apostles refused to believe the report of the five women who represented that they had seen Jesus and talked with him, Mary Magdalene returned to the tomb, and the others went back to Joseph’s house, where they related their experiences to his daughter and the other women. And the women believed their report. Shortly after six o’clock the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea and the four women who had seen Jesus went over to the home of Nicodemus, where they related all these happenings to Joseph, Nicodemus, David Zebedee, and the other men there assembled. Nicodemus and the others doubted their story, doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead; they conjectured that the Jews had removed the body. Joseph and David were disposed to believe the report, so much so that they hurried out to inspect the tomb, and they found everything just as the women had described. And they were the last to so view the sepulchre, for the high priest sent the captain of the temple guards to the tomb at half past seven o’clock to remove the grave cloths. The captain wrapped them all up in the linen sheet and threw them over a near-by cliff The Urantia Book – Paper 190:1.2 – bit.ly/Paper190B Podcast - bit.ly/Paper190Podcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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Paper 190A – Morontia Appearances of Jesus 190:0.3 The mortals of the realms will arise in the morning of the resurrection with the same type of transition or morontia body that Jesus had when he arose from the tomb on this Sunday morning. These bodies do not have circulating blood, and such beings do not partake of ordinary material food; nevertheless, these morontia forms are real. When the various believers saw Jesus after his resurrection, they really saw him; they were not the self-deceived victims of visions or hallucinations. 190:0.4 Abiding faith in the resurrection of Jesus was the cardinal feature of the faith of all branches of the early gospel teaching. In Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch, and Philadelphia all the gospel teachers united in this implicit faith in the Master’s resurrection. The Urantia Book – Paper 190, para 3 – bit.ly/Paper190A Podcast - bit.ly/Paper190Podcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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Paper 188A – The Time of the Tomb The rulers of the Jews had planned to have Jesus’ body thrown in the open burial pits of Gehenna, south of the city; it was the custom thus to dispose of the victims of crucifixion. If this plan had been followed, the body of the Master would have been exposed to the wild beasts 188:0.3 In the meantime, Joseph of Arimathea, accompanied by Nicodemus, had gone to Pilate and asked that the body of Jesus be turned over to them for proper burial. It was not uncommon for friends of crucified persons to offer bribes to the Roman authorities for the privilege of gaining possession of such bodies. Joseph went before Pilate with a large sum of money, in case it became necessary to pay for permission to remove Jesus’ body to a private burial tomb. But Pilate would not take money for this. When he heard the request, he quickly signed the order which authorized Joseph to proceed to Golgotha and take immediate and full possession of the Master’s body. In the meantime, the sandstorm having considerably abated, a group of Jews representing the Sanhedrin had gone out to Golgotha for the purpose of making sure that Jesus’ body accompanied those of the brigands to the open public burial pits THE URANTIA BOOK – Paper 188:0.2-3 bit.ly/Paper188A Podcast bit.ly/TheTimeoftheTombPodcast THE URANTIA BOOK – bit.ly/UrantiaBookFREEONLINE
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