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My life is so over. Those were the words that raced through my head as I ran down the hallway. I was definitely going to score an ‘F’ on my science project. And as if that wasn’t enough, Roy was hot on my tails, chasing me around the school like some rabid canine. It was supposed to be a simple task, an easy-peasy assignment that even a two-year old could complete without any problem. Does watermelon generate electricity? Of course, everyone knew it didn’t. I put it in front of the class, plugged a cable into it, connected it to my cell phone and, ta da!, point proved. Easy, right? Which was what warranted my surprise when Mr. Foster said to me in that nineties boombox voice of his, “Mr. Sanders, care to explain to the class your demonstration?” I mean, what in the world was there to explain?! I was so furious at Mr. Foster and the turn of events that I literally began to feel my temperature rise in anger, almost like I was about to explode. But it was the watermelon that exploded, dumping all of its rich red content no other person but on hotshot, big time bully, hater of my soul, professional killer, Roy Henderson- come on, you big delicious ball of trouble, why him of all people? “Sanders!” he bellowed and that was all took for me to run out of the class even as Mr. Foster screamed detention at my back. Roy chased immediately me with one thought on his mind; destroy me. And that was how he had been chasing me all day long. So, like I said, my life was over. I rounded a bend and saw Roy standing right in front of me, quickly backtracking just as he threw something at my head and shouted, “You’re a dead man, Troy Sanders! You hear me? Dead!” I had to admit that that was actually an improvement in our relationship cos he never called me man before; he preferred to go for duck or dweeb or something like that, I’m sure you get the picture. I got tired of running round the school like some hopeless bunny, which was what I was kinda was at that moment, and so I decided to lock myself up in the Janitor’s office. An extremely bad idea, it turned out to be. As it happened, two of Roy’s uncountable minions seemed to have predicted that the office was going to be my destination eventually and was already waiting for me in there, grabbing me by the shirt as soon as I foolishly dropped the keys on the table. “Please,” I begged desperately as they lifted me off the ground and dragged me kicking and screaming to their master. “I’ll do anything you want me to do. Don’t take me to him, I’m pleading!” But my plea fell on deaf ears, which wasn’t all that surprising. I was a nobody in that situation. But Roy, he held all the power. “Think you could run forever, Sanders, is that it?” Roy said as soon as I was made to kneel in front of him, the “you’re so about to be dog meat” grin on his face so wide even a bird would have a hard time crossing it. “That you could just make fun of me and get away with it.” Everyone had gathered to watch my humiliation, as usual. And knowing Roy like I do- that boy so loves putting on a good show- he wouldn’t have the decency to make it quick. Well, the least I could do was control the narrative. “You know what, Roy? I don’t care for this ridiculous game of yours anymore. The watermelon incident wasn’t intentional. In fact, it wasn’t supposed to do that at all. It was an accident and I’m very sorry,” I said, shooting my best “I really don’t care” glare. “But if your brawn is so big that it doesn’t give enough room for your brain to comprehend it, then please, make this quick. Unlike someone, I have a science project to get back to and Mr. Foster isn’t exactly great at waiting.” Unfortunately, it was until the words had truly left my mouth that I realized that perhaps that wasn’t the best narrative I could have gone for- I mean, what’s a smart aleck statement supposed to solve? Before I could begin to take my words back, Roy suddenly swung at my face in anger, the ferocity behind the blow causing a shockwave that seemed to shatter my jawbone and then reset it back; all while I screamed like
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Graceland Cars: 20 Legendary Machines Owned by Elvis Presley
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नेपाल क्लियरिङ हाउस राष्ट्रिय भुक्तानी पुर्वाधार विकासका लागी प्रतिबद्ध संस्था हो। हाम्रो सेवाहरु बारे जानकारी लिन हाम्रो पेज लाइक गर्नुहोस।
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Im Rahmen vom Garmin LadiesRun gibt es heuer zum dritten mal einen Lauf nur für Kinder im Alter von 3 bis 11 Jahren. Start ist um 16.30 Uhr.
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Ѕướnɡ rồ Bà Con ơ ! Аiầу Knһ Nên nàо đаnɡ vật vã kһổ ѕở muốn Тănɡ Сân ệu Ԛuả tһау đổ nɡоạ һὶnһ tһὶ сó сơ һộ đâу rồ. ànһ 2 рһút để хеm Тruуền ὶnһ, Báо Тrί ɡần đâу đưа tn rầm rộ ТĂN СÂN NА ТẠ NÀ Ệ ԚẢ --------------------------------- СÊN А BẬТ MÍ BÍ ԚẾТ ТĂN С.ÂN АN ТОÀN - Ệ ԚẢ ✅ Kһ.ônɡ tίсһ nướс , kһ.ônɡ táс ԁụnɡ рһụ ệu ԛuả vớ nɡườ ✅ .ầу Knһ nên , ✅ .ầу ԁо Ăn kém , nɡủ kém, ✅ .ầу ԁо Áр ⅼựс сônɡ vệс , tһứс đêm nһều ✅ .ầу ԁо ốm đаu bệnһ tật Сứ mễn ⅼà .ầу , ὶа trẻ ɡá trа , а а сũnɡ ԁùnɡ đượс ☎️ Nһаnһ tау ☎️ để #ЅĐТ để nһận nɡау tư vấn.
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Warsztaty, zajęcia artystyczne dla dorosłych i firm, Warszawa
Dla tych z Was, którzy piszą, lub chcieliby zacząć mamy kolejne dobre wieści - już niedługo startuje kolejna, piąta już edycja warsztatów pisania kreatywnego! Zapraszamy do zapisów, bo miejsca szybko nam uciekają! <3
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