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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
News Break: Local News & Breaking News
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ClickFunnels™ - Marketing Funnels Made Easy
I can’t believe it… I’ve gone what seemed like my whole adult life thinking that my metabolism was the culprit to my undesired figure. “My metabolism has slowed down with age” “I wish my metabolism was like it was in my 20s” “If only I could find a way to speed up or fix my metabolism.” Does this sound familiar? What if I told you that ‘metabolism boosting” techniques are a hoax? I recently stumbled across my neighbor’s friend, Sam Hansen, who opened my eyes to the truth about why I’ve been struggling for years with my food cravings, energy levels, and my overall health. He explained to me how his wife was able to experience a massive figure reduction simply from doing this morning routine before breakfast. What really moved me was that his wife looked to be right around my age! And I’m 50... At first I thought she was just disciplined in making healthy smoothies or eating super clean and was following some workout DVD, or some combination of both. But I was wrong. She was following an ancient Japanese morning routine using water! Once I started mimicking the same morning routine, I started to experience many wonderful things. Tap the image below if you're interested in learning more
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When The Butcher was little, his birthday dinner request was always “pounded chicken”. It’s what was for dinner tonight, along with lemon parsley risotto and steamed broccoli. But if you put it on a bun with some Miracle Whip it would be 1979 all over again. What The Butcher’s mom called pounded chicken we might call chicken schnitzel, or crispy breaded chicken cutlets. We’ve upleveled the crunch by using Panko breadcrumbs. This technique is powerful, versatile and easy. It’s useful for pork, chicken, fish, beef, or vegetables. We dare you to try it on cauliflower steaks! Anything you might like to pan fry and have a crunchy coating. It’s triple-coat. Here’s how to do it. You’ll need: 3 shallow dishes like pie plates. 1/2 c. Flour 2 Eggs 1 1/2 C. Panko (Japanese-style) breadcrumbs. They are the key. 4 chicken breasts, butterflied and pounded to 1/2” thick Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper (don’t skimp!) 1. Butterfly and pound the chicken. Using a chefs knife held parallel to the board, cut in from one of the long edges of the chicken about halfway through the thickness of the breast. Cut almost but not all the way through the breast, then open like a book and press flat. Sandwich between two pieces of plastic wrap with a little water on them. Use a flat mallet or the bottom of a frying pan and starting in the center and working with outward movements, pound the chicken to about 1/2” thick. Try not to make holes in the breast. It takes a little practice. Voila. Pounded chicken. 2. Set up a triple-coat station. Put flour in one shallow dish, eggs in another, and Panko in the the last. Season flour heavily with salt and pepper. Beat eggs well with a fork and about 2 tablespoons of water. 3. Place a cooking rack on a cookie sheet inside a 200 degree oven. Set your largest skillet over medium heat and have oil ready. Remember, always heat your pan fully THEN add the oil just before the food. It keeps the oil from degrading. 4. Season chicken with salt and pepper, then triple coat chicken. Coat chicken thoroughly in flour first, then dip in egg, then coat well in Panko. Set aside until all chicken is coated. 5. Add a shallow layer (1/4”) vegetable or coconut oil to sauté pan. As soon as it shimmers, use tongs to lay chicken slowly into oil. It should sizzle just slightly. Cook 2-3 minutes or until deeply golden brown, then flip with tongs and cook 2 more minutes. Use tongs to remove from pan and place on rack in the oven to keep warm. Repeat for other pieces of chicken. 6. Serve with lemon wedges. Or ketchup. No judgment. Pounded chicken, made famous by Shirley Helen Richter, and adapted by The Butcher’s Wife. Enjoy. And thanks Mom. ❤️
Welcome Back I'm in New York City for the week seeking some inspiration for future YKTR collections! This is more a food Vlog and I show you a few pieces I've copped over here. Also get to catch up with good mate Nate Myles as we go to a Lakers Game! Thanks for watching - Cop some merch here: www.yktr.com.au Music: Manu Crooks - Fuego Super Fly - Blessed Missunderstood - Young Lipz NYC LIST: Food Katz Deli Zuma - Japanese Tao DownTown No1 Tacos - Chelsea Market Prince St Pizza Parm - Meatball Sandwich reeman’s - nice dinner, must get the artichoke drip Crif Dogs - hotdogs open late Momofuku Fat Raddish - burger is great Anh Choi - Vietnamese Cafe habana - Cuban sandwich Russ & Daughters La Esquina - mexicanStrip House (steak) Izakaya (6th St) JG Melon (burger) Scarr’s pizza Buvette - seafood west village Sir Johns on bleaker. Hunan Slurp - east village - Chinese Estela Frenchette Cafe altro Paradiso Una Pizza Wildair Contra AttaBoy - Eldridge Brooklyn Vinegar hills Cafe Mogador Best Pizza Peter Luger Lucali - pizza Roberta’s - pizza ROMANS Fetty Sau (bbq) St Anselm Breakfast Bater - Big Brekky Jacks Wife Freda - Steak & Eggs Smile Cafe - bond st Clinton St Baking Cafe Gitane Freemans Bonafini (brooklyn) Shopping Blue in Green Kith - Lafayette 180 the store - TriBeCa Noah Supreme Stadium Goods BBC Nike Mercer St Palace SNS Reign Kinfolk Idol Brooklyn (now in Manhattan) CMCH
Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more
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# - ̀ ́ ̀ ́ ̛̀ ̣̂ ̂́ ̀ Nhà Cú vừa về mẫu túi bao tử đeo chéo, đeo trước, đeo sau hay đeo ngang đều chất nha :D ̶2̶̶3̶̶0̶̶K̶ nay chỉ còn và free luôn cả ship. Mẫu có 04 màu: Đen, Nâu, Xám và Xanh Navy cực style và dễ lựa chọn, dễ phối đồ luôn. Inbox Nhà Cú để tụi mình hỗ trợ tư vấn và đặt hàng ! ... Owl Store - Túi nhà Cú
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They arrived from America Tuesday We have a 25 year anniversary special addition Jack and zero or Sally and cat, Personalised night light bauble with remote control that has 16 different colours And comes Engraved with a name of your choice £30 & currently free postage within UK or you can purchase from Our website Emmileeswoodandresinart.com
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