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Harry Potter fans will not want to miss this... THE WEASLEYS ARE COMING TO TOWN! More than 3 hours of magical entertainment for a family-friendly evening you will never ever forget!! An amazing tell-all Q&A with Harry Potter cast members: James & Oliver Phelps (The Weasley Twins) Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) Plus Be wowed by your quiz host, Cosentino – Australia’s best magician Thousands of dollars in prizes to be won! Plus An opportunity to meet The Weasleys, Cosentino and other special guests at the exclusive post-show cocktail party Come dressed in your favourite Harry Potter-themed costume for the chance to win great prizes. Muggles welcome! Coming April 2021 to a town near you! Tickets selling extremely fast! Get yours now at hpquizshow.com.au
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TODA la saga de Harry Potter más de 20 libros. Todo esto por S/. 8 soles, envíanos un mensaje, todos los medios de pago son aceptados. CONTENIDO DE LA COLECCIÓN: 1. Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal. 2. Harry Potter y la Cámara Secreta. 3. Harry Potter y El Prisionero de Azkaban. 4. Harry Potter y El Cáliz de Fuego. 5. Harry Potter y La Orden del Fénix. 6. Harry Potter y El misterio del Príncipe. 7. Harry Potter y Las Reliquias de La Muerte. 8. Harry Potter y El niño Maldito. 9. Las Cronicas de Salem - La Guia Secreta de Harry. 10. Historias Breves de Howarts 1. 11. Historias Breves de Howarts 2. 12. Historias Breves de Howarts 3. 13.Quidditch A través de los Tiempos. 14. Animales Fantásticos y Donde Encontrarlos. 15. Los Cuentos de Beedle el Bardo. 16. La Primera Navidad de Harry (3 Cuentos) 17. La Chica del Embarcadero - Norman Lippert. 18. James Potter y la Encrucijada de los Mayores. 19. James Potter y la Maldición del Guardián. 20. James Potter y la Bóveda de los Destinos. 21. James Potter y la Red de Morrigan. 22. James Potter y El Hilo CarmesíCarmesi
"Talk" 'Think' "Parseltongue" Chapter One ?Comfort in I am Freak Boy. I am five. My name is Harry Potter. I am six. My name is Harrison James Evans Potter. I am seven. I often wonder if I will live or if I will die here in this small cupboard with only the darkness to keep me company. Petunia saddened as she gazed at the back wall of the cupboard under the stairs that was the room of her beloved nephew, one 'Harry' James Potter. She turned her gaze from the childish writing to her sleeping Harry. He was a small child. In one day he will be 11 yet he looks like he was 8. Petunia blamed her abusive husband. He hated Harry. She did what she could but it wasn't enough, not while she was also a prisoner here in this house. She tried to leave with Harry once but Vernon found them a week later. He almost killed Harry that day with the beating he felt out in punishment for leving him. She, herself, was beaten until she could do nothing but lay on the floor in agony. After that he threatened to Harry if she stepped out of line or left again. What happened to her loving husband? The man who would surprise her with gifts when he got back from business trips or on anniversaries? He used to show that he loved her, now, now she isn't sure if he ever did. Petunia pulled herself from her musings. She gently woke her nephew by running her fingers through his black shoulder length hair. She smiled sadly as his eyes fluttered open at the touch. His emerald eyes, the same color as the killing curse Lily once told her in a letter, slowly cleared of sleep. He gave a hesitant smile as Petunia gently pulled him out of the small 'room' into her arms for a hug she desperately wanted to give him yesterday when Vernon kicked him in the stomach and sent him to the cupboard for another night of no food. "Aunt Petunia?" Harry's voice was soft but smooth. It always reminded her of the dark chocolate that he loved to eat when she could get him some. "Vernon is gone for the next three days for a business trip and Dudley is at friends this weekend. He won't be back until Monday after school. Let's spend the day in London shall we love?" Petunia smiled as his eyes brightened. Oh how she wished she could see them alight like that all the time. "Can we eat at the Rose Caf茅?" Harry asked as he took the bundle of clothing Petunia handed him egerly. "Yeah, we can also go to the book store. You deserve some new ones for all your good work in school. You getting all A's again this year. After that we need to pick up Dudley's new school uniform." Petunia smiled as Harry's smile got bigger at the...
There were five ranks: rank 1; the royals - rank 2;the royal army and servants - rank 3; the ordinary - rank 4; the 'a little poor, but manage to survive' - and rank 5; the street rats who lived in the slums. And not only that, but there were also three races. The Beta, the alpha and the omega.The Beta was what you call a 'normal' human, nothing really special about them.The Alpha was usually a boy and the only human who experienced 'rut' where they have a need to mate with another human (preferably omega). And the omega was usually a girl, but it was not unusual to be a boy. They could get pregnant regardless of gender. They experience 'heat' where they have a need to mate with another human (preferably an alpha).If an alpha bit the nape of an omega's neck then they were classified as a pair. A pair couldn't be apart from each other longer than 24 hours before they became sick. But, it was not that much press on . Of course it's those who did care, but it was mostly excepted. And when their crown prince, Harry James Potter, came out as bisexual, it was even more excepted. Draco Malfoy was one of the rank 3; ordinary people and was an omega. He was proud over his family and happy for the life he had. But suddenly, his life took an unexpected turn. Draco p.o.v.Draco walked down the street. His eyes scanned every store window for a new possible book to his collection that you could probably call a little library by now. Draco's eyes stopped when they met his own in a mirror outside a clothing store. His 16 years old self looked presentable for his fathers business guests. His white hair laid gently and elegantly against his head. His black suit that he got for his birthday wasn't to tight for his rather thin . In his hands he held two quite thick books close to his chest. It was a bit too cold for his liking, bringing a light pink shade to his cheek and nose. His hands was cold and he wanted to stuff them in his pockets, but he couldn't due to his books. A breeze dragged Draco back to reality. He looked at the clock to see that he was already late. With a sigh, he started walking even faster than he did before. Draco preferred not to miss a single detail from the well known shopping street, but he didn't have time to watch the shops anymore. His father had invited his business partners and families to a rather big occasion. Their prince was going to choose his princess today. Or, it wasn't that easily done. Those who wanted, sent in a letter or request of sorts. Then the royals, Queen Lily and King James with their Son, Prince Harry, choose five who they thought would fit him. Because the prince was bisexual, it...
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Zahalená hmlou a mystikou! Spoznajte krajinu, ktorú preslávili James Bond či Harry Potter. ⛰️ EVENT ➡ Cestovateľské kino: Škótsko | Nitra Škótsko ponúka cestovateľom všetko, po čom túžia: od mierne zvlnenej krajiny až po majestátne štíty, vetrom ošľahané ostrovy, rozľahlé jazerá a divoké pobrežie. Viac zistíme vo štvrtok 2. 4. v nitrianskej Nájomnej jednotke 210. LÍSTKY ➡ bit.ly/Skotsko0204
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