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Bluefin Sushi Thai
BentoBar – The ultimate Japanese meal
BentoBar – The ultimate Japanese meal
Eat for Health with Healthy Eating Doctor · Healthy Eating Doctor
Eat for Health with Healthy Eating Doctor · Healthy Eating Doctor
Eat for Health with Healthy Eating Doctor · Healthy Eating Doctor
Eat for Health with Healthy Eating Doctor · Healthy Eating Doctor
Zest Asian Street Food
Poki Bowl
Sushi delivery in Limassol: Sushi, Wok, Salads, Soups | Yasumaki
To make love, is like to eat sushi - you never get tired. Phone: 777 87 177 Web: yasumaki.com ___ #YASUMAKICY - delicious and healthy food with delivery and takeaway. Go to our website and make your order @yasumakicy
Poki Bowl
Uchi's Sushi Bar
Blessed Monday!!! Start your week with a good appetite Treat your family with a healthy, freshly-prepared meal from UCHI'S SUSHI BAR that is good for sharing! Order na mga ka Uchi's Sushi! Many thanks to our repeat and new customers yesterday! TO SEE MENU : just click https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=182840086608486&id=100356088190220 Afraid to go out? Pa deliver na thru our delivery partner BRING!( delivery rates apply) https://www.facebook.com/2348737582005524/posts/2656174341261845/ Pm or txt 09323289288 #Uchisushibar #Uchisrestaurantstylesushi #notjustyourordinarysushi
Ever since were born, you’ve always been trying to figure out your favorite cuisine. Did it ever work? I wonder. You’d either find huge portions junk food or tiny portions of the healthiest food.. I’m here to sort it out providing you with a mixture of the most delicious favorable portions&the sophistication and delicacy of the Japanese cuisine “Sushi” Now you can fill your tummy&stay as healthy as ever. SUSHIRITO is honored to provide you with this new experience here in Egypt& cook you something you’ll crave
Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant
ZEN HOUSE is the very FIRST JAPANESE VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT in Malaysia. Zen House serves innovative, fresh and healthy Japanese cuisine. It offers comprehensive collection of Japanese fare in meat-free forms, from sushi moriawase, nigiri sushi, donmono, teppanyaki, noodle to bento set! Takeaway and Delivery are now available! Take a screenshot & show us the photo to enjoy a FREE Yaki Tori! Satisfy your appetite and get your cravings fixed For ordering ☎️ Sunway Pyramid +6012-6752800 Sunway Velocity +6018-6616900 [禅舍日素料理 Zen House Japanese Vegetarian] 是全马首创将”日式料理”素食化,品质之高又健康的人气餐厅 共有超过100种寿司卷、寿司、刺身、拉面、乌冬面、铁板烧、日式小吃等多种日式料理供你选择 我们接受外带和外送服务,让你在家也能放心品尝美味纯素的日式料理 截图此促销活动&WhatsApp我们,即可获得一个免费的Yaki Tori哦 欢迎询问或预定☎️ Sunway Pyramid +6012-6752800 Sunway Velocity +6018-6616900 #ZenHouse #Japanese #Vegetarian #FoodDelivery
First Step Nutrition / Picky Eating & Baby-led Weaning
First Step Nutrition / Picky Eating & Baby-led Weaning
Poke Fish Đà Nẵng
“#Poke_Bowl” - a unique combination of sushi & salad; between Japanese and American cuisine. Currently in Da Nang, Poke Bowl is still something strange and not much is known. #PokeBowl - the dish has all 3 elements: beautiful - delicious - full of nutrition. Poke is pronounced "Poh-Kay", in Hawaiian meaning "sliced". Poke is loved by many nutritionists; And especially, this is also an extremely luxurious check-in tool. Poke is not a main dish with vegetables such as salad, but a combination of seafood topping (tuna, salmon, fish eggs, crab stick, ....); everything must be fresh and fresh. Comes with the accompanying vegetables. Here are 5 steps to create a bowl of Poke: Step 1: First, choose your bowl size Step 2: Choose the base layer for your Bowl (rice, salad); Step 3: Next is choosing Protein (salmon, Tuna, octopus, ...) Step 4: Choose Topping for the Bowl, there are many kinds of vegetables and fruits for you to choose (from Japanese Beans, purple cabbage, red beets, mangoes, pineapple, butter, ....) Step 5: Choose your favorite sauce For those who do not know what to mix, there will be a Combo menu, mix all available, just select & enjoy. Besides, those who are "Eat Clean" can pocket this dish. Just save time, just nutrition #poke #pokebowl #poke_Hawaii #healthy #healthy_food #salad #sushi #avocado #gymer #eatclean #eat_clean #giu_dang #giamcan #poke_restaurant #fresh_food #poke_danang #poke_vietnam #poke_bowl_recipe #japan_food #hawaiian_dish #salmon #tuna #shrimp #vegetables #foodie #poke_hawaiian_style #diet #diet_food
Cortado Espresso Bar
✨Hi, have you tried our ‘House poké bowls’ yet? ✨ No? If you love sushi, then you will love these! They are delicious, and super healthy, with marinated raw diced fish (salmon/ tuna) over a bed of sushi rice and lots of nice tasty bits to bring it together and you can choose to add some tasty sauce for a little kick! Shredded Teriyaki chicken is also available if you prefer. Call us Monday - Saturday 8.30am-2pm on 07740 421064 to order ahead or you can order via our website.
Super Poke UAE
Bringing you the next generation of sushi, poke is Hawaiians' favorite dish. Fresh, healthy, mouth-watering, and totally unique!
Mikyle Quizon
We are having lots of fun in preparing our own meals during this quarantine. Now munching on our homemade Chili Corned Tuna Onigiri using @ilovesanmarino chili corned tuna. #SanMarinoChallenge • We ended up with a delicious tasting onigiri using our new favorite San Marino Chili Corned Tuna! #TheresMoreToLove because it's easy to make, healthy, and delicious! We both wanted something spicy and healthy and since San Marino is rich in Omega-3, it’s perfect for sustaining a strong healthy heart! Check out our recipe below: Recipe by: @pamelaandres Ingredients: 1 can San Marino Chili Corned Tuna 1 and 1/2 cups Japanese short-grain (sushi) rice 15 fluid ounces cold water kosher salt 1 and ½ tablespoons Japanese mayonnaise 1 /4 cup onions, chopped pepper to taste (optional) 3 sheets of nori paper, cut crosswise in half Procedure: 1. Prepare the Japanese rice. Let it cool then set aside. 2. Sauté onion and San Marino Chili Corned Tuna. Add in Japanese mayo. Add a dash of pepper to taste. 3. Lightly moisten your hands by dipping them in the water bowl. This will help prevent the rice from sticking to your hands during shaping. 4. Grab roughly a ½ cup of Japanese rice and gently press into a thick oblong shape in one palm of your hand. 5. Add a tablespoon of the tuna filling, pinched together with your fingertips, to the center of the rice and close the rice over the filling. If necessary, use an additional pinch or two of rice to cover the filling! Do you wanna try making a spicy tuna pasta? You guys can share your recipe through the #SanMarinoChallenge! Don’t forget to tag us! Hmmm @ronwellim @chinchinobcena @almirateng you’re next!
Dear Busy Professional: Suffering From The “Quarantine Diet”? If so, your day probably looks like this... (8:00 am) Wake up. Lil’ hangry. Get to work from home, though! #winning (9:00 am) Healthy breakfast… sorta. (11:00 am) “I’m a little hungry. I’ll grab a snack to hold me over” (12:00 pm) “Lunchtime! I should cook… but nah. I want sushi” (1:00 pm) “Hungry again? But I just had lunch!” (2:00 pm) “Finished work, now I’m bored.” *instinctively grabs snack* (2:30 pm) “OH, Outbreak is trending on Netflix. Let’s watch it.” (7:00 pm) *stretches* “Time for dinner. Eh, takeout won’t hurt.” (9:00 pm) “Shops closed. Dying for something sweet. Where’s that ice cream?” *Rinse and repeat* If your day looks like this, you’re not alone! In fact: Quarantine will release an all out attack on refrigerators and snacks globally! (And it’s quietly packing on pounds like a thief in the night…) So what if I told you there was a simple way to turn this in your favor? That there was a way to enjoy those snacks, and Netflix, while still lapping everybody else on the “quarantine couch”? I just recorded a free training showing professionals how to work from home, during quarantine, and still keep on track for all your goals. Grab it by clicking or tapping right here → https://goo.gl/7mwZEi We’ll uncover the “Irrefutable law of calories,” + “how much wine to have during quarantine” + as well as uncovering success strategies during lockdown. More on that in the training, though... Claim it by using that “Learn More” button below
Rudolf Korv Music
Virtual Tips will be accepted at: paypal.me/rudolfkorv Venmo: rkmusic Looking for something fun, safe, and different to do this weekend? Join us for a Drive-In Concert and In-Vehicle Parking Lot Picnic on Saturday, May 9th from noon to 3 p.m. with live entertainment from local musician Rudolf Korv. This is a free concert, so grab some delicious takeout from Market restaurants Marché, Provisions Market Hall, Northwest Burgers, Sushi Station, Legend of Szechuan or Thai Spice and enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle. Since you’ve already made the trip, grab some gifts for Mother’s Day or treat yourself with phone and online ordering available from select Market boutique stores – for a full list visit the Market’s website at https://www.5stmarket.com/hours – curbside pickup during the event will be outside of Marché Restaurant. (Look for chalkboard signage near the red phone booth.) Rhythm & Blooms florist will be open for bouquet pickup curbside as well. Wine bottle sales are available for curbside pickup from Sweet Cheeks Winery, J. Scott Cellars and Bennett Winery. Alcohol may not be consumed on the premises. What does a socially distancing drive-in concert look like you ask? Here’s how we plan to enjoy live music together, safely: 1. Enter the parking lot from 6th Avenue or Pearl Street and park a safe distance away from other vehicles. 2. When outside the vehicle please wear masks and stay six feet away from people not from your household. 3. Food must be consumed in the car and all trash must remain in the vehicle to be taken home and disposed of safely. 4. Alcohol is not to be consumed on the premises. Wine bottle sales are for to-go only. 5. Restrooms will not be open but a hand sanitation station is available. 6. A safety monitor will be on hand to answer questions and assist guests in making sure everyone remains safe and healthy. See you Saturday!
30 Day Reset Program
ST IVES MEN LOOKING TO DROP A JEAN SIZE We're looking for 5 more guys who are finally ready to get the help they need to transform. We help motivated men, that are ready to commit to getting results in a quick, but sustainable way. Nutrition and Training can be incredibly challenging, unless you're following something simple and proven. Imagine for a moment being able to commit to a program for 30 days, and actually stick to it. Drop up to 14Ibs. AND finally get results. Not only do we hold our clients accountable, but we coach them in groups, so we can work with them closely. Think more like Personal Training without paying £40 per session. >> https://30dayreset.co.uk/men-apply-here ❇️Here's what is included: ✅ Fully Coached Training Sessions that are Specifically programmed to lean up and trim unwanted lbs... so you can finally get the results you know you deserve and crave ✅ Over 60 session times per week to choose from across all 3 of our gym venues, with plenty of peak time slots across the weekdays and weekends. ✅ A Fully Comprehensive, Simple and Easy to Follow Nutrition plan to help you accelerate results, RADICALLY boost energy, and give you the KICK START you need. ✅ Over 250+ different Healthy Recipes sorted into specific Recipe Books, So that You NEVER have to think about what to eat again, with scan-able barcodes to stick into MyFitnessPal with Calorie, Protein, Fat and Carb Breakdowns. ✅ Nutrition Survival Guides for Everyday Grab and Go Food places... Like Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway, Yo Sushi, Domino's and MORE... We'll show you what you CAN eat from these places and STILL Get in Shape... plus a Full Vegan Cook Book too... ✅ Private Online Support Group to hold you accountable and keep you on track... so you never feel alone in your quest for results... ✅ Coaching, Support and Mentoring for your Coach so that you Get & Keep the Results You Want ✅ Train in your own locally custom built, private Fitness Facility purposely designed with your results in mind... so that you know everything you do is results driven. How do you get started? Step 1: Apply for the Program online https://30dayreset.co.uk/men-apply-here Step 2: We have a brief chat on the phone to see if we can help Step 3: Enrol on the Programme and join our awesome Tribe of members We only enroll a handful at a time - Apply now, or potentially miss out!
Yama sushi
عشان إحنا قررنا كل الناس تاكل سوشي الأوفر عندنا بقي كل يوم Your favorite sushi offer is NOW available every day 10 pieces 95 24 pieces 225 40 pieces 360 60 pieces 525 100 pieces 850 This offer is available every day for dine-in, take-away and delivery. We serve the highest quality sushi in the market, always fresh and healthy. Our locations: Cairo Complex Sheraton : https://maps.app.goo.gl/DEsZREhPbcxt2A6z6 City stars : https://maps.app.goo.gl/hRbeTvQ5gWQD9n8d8 Call us 01022061255
Exclusive True Cellular Detox Web Class
Most people who want to transform their bodies obsess over their diet and exercise programs—but what if the fastest way to success involved REMOVING something toxic? Heavy metals are among the most dangerous toxins we’re exposed to. This 1 class of toxins includes those like mercury (from fillings)... cesium (from sushi)... thallium (found in many vegetables)... and more. Essentially, they prevent your cells from having healthy metabolism and energy, which affects everything else. The good news is: it’s not hard to remove heavy metals and other toxins. Much of the process can be done in 90 days or less, using a powerful, doctor-recommended protocol that anyone can do. It’s the fastest way to shift the way you look and feel without obsessing over diet, exercise, calorie-counting or any of that. Go here or click the image above to watch this brief video about this process...
Zest Asian Street Food | Order Online
Be it a trip to the city, or a quick office break, Zest Asian Street Food at Suq tal-Belt is your go to place for a quick, healthy meal. Sushi rolls, steamed bao buns, healthy poke bowls and a whole variety of your favourite Asian fusion dishes are waiting for you. We are open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-10pm, and on Friday & Saturday from 11am till late. Visit www.zestflavours.com or call us on 21240258 or more information.
Audi Hrvatska
Četvrta generacija quattro pogona u još naprednijoj tehnologiji dinamike vožnje. Ženeva pripremi se, stiže novi Audi A3.
いっぱいつながる、遠くまで届く、スマホのバッテリが長持ちする。Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80)は世界最先端のWi-Fi6(11ax)ルーターです。
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Aspidistra Software
The Delivery Guys - Athlone
Jau seniai svajojote išbandyti vairuotojo amplua? Dabar puiki proga išmėginti savo jėgas, nes mes ieškome jūsų! ✔️Darbas palankiomis sąlygos ✔️Dirbkite tiek ir tada, kada norite. Nieko nelaukite - registruokitės ir susitikime!
หลอดฉายภาพเสริมบรรยากาศกลางแจ้ง สร้างฉากที่สวยงาม งานปาร์ตี้และฉลองวันเกิดก็ใช้ได้✨ กันน้ำ กลางแจ้งสามารถใช้ในวันที่ฝนตก https://bit.ly/2puTNms

DAISY Gem & Jewelry
Thanh lăn massage mặt đá thạch anh hồng – ĐẸP DA, NÂNG CƠ, CHỐNG LÃO HOÁ Từ xa xưa thanh lăn thạch anh hồng đã được hoàng hậu và các phi tần sử dụng, là dụng dụ làm đẹp “vương giả” làm giảm bọng mắt, quầng thâm, massage làm săn chắc khuôn mặt❣️ ‍♀️Được làm từ đá Thiên Nhiên có năng lượng ion âm, hỗ trợ thu nhỏ cũng như se khít lỗ chân lông hiệu quả, giúp giãn nở để hấp thụ những dưỡng chất cần thiết trong quá trình massage. Tác dụng làm săn chắc, nâng cơ, trẻ hóa làn da, đồng thời giúp giải tỏa căng thẳng, mang lại sự thoải mái, thư thái, kích thích sự hồi sinh của tế bào da, giúp cho làn da hồng hào, xóa bỏ nếp nhăn Giúp da thư giãn với bề mặt trơn nhẵn, cây lăn nhẹ nhàng massage đem đến sự thoải mái, giúp thư giãn, loại bỏ căng thẳng, mệt mỏi, cùng cảm giác mát lạnh, dễ chịu,... ‍♀️Với thiết kế nhỏ gọn, các nàng có thể bỏ túi và dùng bất cứ lúc nào rảnh rỗi, vẫn xinh đẹp mà không hề tốn thời gian đâu ạ ——————————— DAISY Gems & Jewelry - Số 1 ngõ 9 Hoàng Cầu (Cat Export Shoes) ☎️ 0397000098 (để mua hàng) - 0868610000 (để feedback) Đá thiên nhiên, đá quý, đá bán quý loại A có kèm chứng thư giám định đá quý Bạc 925 và bạc 950 cao cấp có giám định xác minh tuổi bạc Daisy bảo hành làm sáng bạc trọn đời, bảo hành thay dây xỏ miễn phí trong 3 tháng. Thiết kế trang sức theo yêu cầu cá nhân Số tk Vietcombank 0491000052566 chủ tk Phan Thị Hương Trà Số tk BIDV 19910006606060 chủ tk Phan Thị Hương Trà
Andrea Parigini Negocios Inmobiliarios
Mia Belle Girls
Twirly sets make her smile Shop Now: https://bit.ly/2SSqAfm
University Fox | Spreading Knowledge One Reader At A Time
Perricone MD Official Site | Anti-Aging Skin Care
Get a FREE skin prep product of your choice with No Makeup purchase of $75. Use code: PREP419
TheFeatherVan | Alquiler furgonetas camper | Comunidad de Madrid
Mattress By Appointment Columbia
Do Beauty | SELF SALON
הקונגרס הישראלי