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YOUR BABY BAG ISN'T READY WITHOUT A MAMAMOO: 5 reasons why your MamaMoo Pump is an absolute necessity in your baby bag: 1. Around the time you give birth, your breasts produce colostrum- liquid gold for your baby. Your MamaMoo Pump can help you extract this thick, sticky syrup to give to baby or even freeze for future use. No painful squeezing required! 2. Once your milk comes in (around Day 2 or 3), your breasts will feel full and (very often) painful due to the engorgement. MamaMoo can give immediate relief for that engorgement, and you can still save the milk for later. 3. You can use the MamaMoo Pump from birth, since our silicone pump can't overstimulate your breasts. This means you can start catching all your letdown and building your fridge stash from Day 1. 4. Babies often struggle to latch when your breasts are too full. With the MamaMoo Pump, you can drain the breast just enough for baby to latch easily onto a soft breast. 5. Since MamaMoo very effectively draws out nipples, our pump is often used to draw out inverted nipples and getting baby to latch correctly, from Day 1. MamaMoo is an affordable way to get a great start to your breastfeeding journey. Don't embark on this journey without it. #mamamoobreastpump #babybagnecessity
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