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– ! We were dismayed to hear in the news overnight of a new flooding disaster unfolding on the South Coast of NSW. If you are caught up in the event or are in an area that may be affected in the coming days, you need to read this critically important information. Often, you have so much information coming at you that you don’t know who to listen to, or who to trust. At Solve My Claim, we have helped literally thousands of regular consumers like you to ensure that their insurance companies do the right thing and accept their claims, over a period of many years. As a rule, if you take the right steps to gather evidence during the event itself, you will give yourself a much better chance of success if you have problems with your insurance claim down the track. In essence, when you have an event like this one, there are two stages of the event. In the first stage, the heavy and consistent rains cause water to flow over the ground as the stormwater evacuation systems start to become overloaded. This groundwater flows along towards the natural watercourses ( , ), and can often flow through properties at that stage. This is referred to as “” and is generally covered by policies. Once that stormwater flows into the watercourses and they overflow, that rising water is what is referred to as “”. Many policies cover flood, but there are some policies that don’t. This includes many strata insurers ( , ) and commercial policies. Once the water levels start to rise in the rivers, lakes and natural watercourses, all of the damage from there will likely be considered flood, and no longer storm damage. Therefore, it becomes critically important that you can show evidence of the source and the nature of the water inundating your property, if you can safely do so. Your first and most important job is to check your policy – if you don’t have the PDS ( ) handy, most insurers put these on their websites. They seem pretty daunting, but all PDS’s follow the same general format. You are interested in the section entitled “ ” or something similar. Check to see if “” is one of the insured events. Also, check what is included under “”. These sections will contain inclusions and exclusions, and both are critical. If your policy doesn’t cover “”, your only chance to be able to possibly claim for some damage is to be able to present some sort of photo or video evidence that ground-water was flowing to the level of your house the floodwaters rose from the rivers, lakes or other watercourses. Obviously, if you need to evacuate, do so. But if possible ( ), take some photos or videos on your phone before you leave. In particular, it is very helpful if you can get: • Video or photos of clear water inundation ( ,
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Brilla sin límites en esta navidad con Tissot PR 100. Con un look clásico que completará tu estilo. Visita en nuestra biografía el Catálogo de Navidad WorldTime 2019 y conoce las nuevas tendencias de relojes para esta temporada de fin de año.
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