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When you gear up with us, you help support our local outdoor communities, too. Help us continue to contribute to providing protective medical equipment, intubation boxes, food supplies, and livelihood programs for our communities in just 3 steps: 1. Browse this album or this link: https://bit.ly/ROXCallOfTheCommunity to check the product you want to buy. (Let us know if there is any product you'd like to check that is not included in this catalog, we'll look it up for you!) 2. Email your inquiry to rox.cs@primergrp.com. 3. Pay online and wait for it to be validated. Every minimum purchase worth P3,000 donates P250 for our communities while purchases worth P2,999 and below donates P150. These funds will be used for protective medical equipment, intubation boxes, food supplies, and livelihood programs for our communities. Note: • Email your order or inquiry to rox.cs@primergrp.com. • Order cut-off is every Wednesday of the week. The delivery will be on Fridays and Saturdays. • FREE SHIPPING is applicable to purchases worth P3,000.00+ for NCR and P5,000.00+ for provincial doors. The delivery fee will also vary for large-sized products. See you in the great outdoors soon! #ROXPhilippines
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You are called to the bedside of a 64-year-old woman who presented to the emergency department with a fever, cough, and worsening dyspnea. You are concerned she might have a COVID-19 infection. Despite receiving high-flow oxygen therapy, she has become increasingly hypoxic and requires intubation. What is the next step in the management of this patient? Solve the interactive case:
#ChinaFaces 20-week pregnant doctor kneeling to rescue a newborn Recently, a picture of a female doctor, who is 20 weeks pregnant, kneeling to rescue a newborn went viral on Chinese social media.‍⚕ The 30-year-old doctor, Zhang Ju, is a pediatrician at Panzhihua Central Hospital, in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. She was on the night shift when a 3-day-old premature baby suffered from hypoxia with a blood oxygen saturation of only 50 percent, and so urgently needed intubation. In order to find a better angle for it, Zhang had to kneel since she was unable to bend her waist due to the pregnancy.
R.O.X. Philippines
To those who’ll eventually get back to work and will be mostly needing to maintain social distancing even after the ECQ, try biking as your transportation option. Click on the album to see the full list of bike models and accessories. When you gear up with us, you help support our local outdoor communities, too. Every minimum purchase worth P3,000 donates P250 for our communities while purchases worth P2,999 and below donates P150. These funds will be used for protective medical equipment, intubation boxes, food supplies, and livelihood programs for our communities. Note: Get FREE SHIPPING within NCR for every minimum purchase of P3,000.00 and P5,000.00 for provincial doors. The delivery fee also varies for large-sized products. See you in the great outdoors soon! #ROXPhilippines
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Mr FJ Burger was the first COVID-19 patient admitted to Mediclinic Kloof, late in March 2020. His illness required intubation and ventilation for two weeks. Once he was stronger, he spent a further two weeks recovering in an isolation unit within the hospital. Staff bid an emotional farewell to Mr Burger.
Nouveau système de VNI Ventilation Covid19, sans intubation, et sans respirateur ! https://instagram.com/p/B-c6eW-h6es/ https://youtu.be/VrIt4ZNxoHw
When Shawn Yarbo, a FedEx Aircraft mechanic of 31 years, was told that hospitals needed intubation boxes, he put his engineering skills to work. After building two during the first afternoon, he dropped them off at his local hospital and they were used twice that very same night. Full story: https://lnkd.in/eN7c6HV.
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Ventilation Covid19, sans intubation, et sans respirateur ! Simohammed Amine Guennoun https://www.instagram.com/p/B-c6eW-h6es/?igshid=101pibitw4zuc https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChGTVfaWW7zPR7FBReOTaDQ
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Our healthcare frontliners need protection, and the nation's help. We are targeting to produce and deliver aerosol boxes and swab shields DIRECTLY to hospitals in the next 2 weeks. The aerosol boxes dimensions are PGH Intubation Team-recommended to help cater to larger patients. Swab shields will be used for protection during throat swabs. Databases are being streamlined across other teams with similar initiatives so we can respond and allocate for other hospitals. . . How to donate: BPI Otis Branch Acct # 8059-0432-19 (Kenric Adriel Uy) BDO Soler - Reina Regente Branch Acct # 0026-4801-3835 (Kenric Adriel Uy) GCASH 0917-537-7109 (Kenric Uy) ***You may send receipt/screenshot of donation for verification
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Good Medicine Beauty Lab | OFFICIAL SITE | Wild Artisan Skincare
马来西亚建安智障儿童家福协会 (Iq70+)
快挽救小腾脱离噩梦! 看了小腾,您会心疼,鼻子插管,才能生存。 很多人都有快乐的童年,也有童年美梦,然而,小腾刚进入童年,想寻找自己的美梦时,已经掉入痛苦的噩梦里。 他三个月大的时候因为脑出血,严重影响正常发育,挨到现在18个月大,依然要用插管喝奶,插管是插在鼻子上的,很痛苦,小小身躯一直抗拒,无奈摆脱不了噩梦的缠绕,命运的起点似乎就决定了他坎坷的人生。 小腾时常用小手想抓起鼻子上的吸管,这是自然反应,因为痛。他不想被命运摆布,他要扯下吸管,他要抗拒不公平的遭遇,但无能为力,扯不去。他必须每两个星期更换一次插管,那个过程当然不好受。 他不会吃东西,不会吞,不会翻身,不会爬,不会坐,不会拿东西,只会哭(看不到他笑),他失去了很多小孩子身上本来具有的本能。医生说,小腾的一部分脑细胞已经死亡,必然影响身体上的一些正常运作。 小腾生命的起点就跟别人相差很大,不幸的遭遇偏偏落在他身上。为了挽救已经跌入痛苦深渊的孩子,单亲妈妈把他付托给马来西亚建安智障儿童家福协会(IQ70+)好心照顾。小腾是我们的新成员。 建安家福首先会增聘专职的护理人员来照顾小腾,我们随后会安排小腾接受脑科医生的进一步诊断与治疗。 马来西亚建安智障儿童家福协会目前有70多位成员,每月财政预算超过10万元马币,小腾的到来加重了我们本已沉重的开销负担,我们需要社会热心人士的大力支持,才有能力应付。 小腾每月的开销预算如下: 1. RM 305.40 奶粉 ---------------Dumex Dugro Sure RM50.90 X 6罐 2. RM800 物理治疗--------------- 4 次X RM200 3. RM400 更换插管----------------两周更换一次,2 X RM200 4. RM4200 专职看护--------------2位24小时监护 一个月开销预算RM5705.40 一年开销预算RM68,464.80 欢迎上门捐款或把捐款汇入我们指定的银行户口,再把汇款单据(拍照或截屏)发到我们的邮址或脸书,我们会发出电子收据。(若要纸张收据,请注明)。 各位热心人士,小腾急需你们的帮助才有好转的希望,我们衷心要求大家关心他、保护他、帮助他。 以下是建安家福的资料: 银行户口:PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN KANAK-KANAK TERENCAT AKAL MALAYSIA ——CIMB 800-339-9036 电邮:info@iq70plus.org/ iq70plus@hotmail.com 地址:No.118,Jalan Gasing,Petaling Jaya。 电话03-7960 8003 请点赞和转发此文,让更多热心人士挺身而出,捐助苦命的小腾。 Save Xiao Teng from the nightmare! After seeing Xiao Teng, you will be distressed, and he can only survive with intubation through his nose. Many people have happy childhoods and childhood dreams. However, when Xiao Teng entered his childhood and wanted to find his own sweet dreams, he fell into a painful nightmare. When he was three months old, due to cerebral hemorrhage, it seriously affected his normal development. Now he is 18 months old and still needs to drink milk through intubation. A tube was inserted into his nose, and this experience is very painful. His small body had been resisting, but he couldn't help getting rid of the nightmare. This starting point of fate seemed to determine his difficult life. Xiao Teng often used his small hand to grab the tube on the nose. This is a natural reaction due to the pain. He does not want to be at the mercy of fate. He wants to tear off the tube. He wants to resist the unfair encounter, but he cannot do anything about it. He had to change the intubation every two weeks, and the process was certainly uncomfortable. He cannot eat, cannot swallow, cannot turn over, cannot climb, cannot sit, cannot take things, can only cry (I do not see him laughing), he lost many instincts that children possess. Doctors said that part of Xiao Teng's brain cells died, which will inevitably affect most of the normal functions on his body. The starting point of Xiao Teng's life is very different from others, and it is unfair for a little boy to encounter such unfortunate event. In order to save the child who has fallen into the abyss of pain, the single mother entrusted him to PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN KANAK-KANAK TERENCAT AKAL MALAYSIA (IQ70 +) with good care. Xiao Teng is our new member. PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN KANAK-KANAK TERENCAT AKAL MALAYSIA will first hire a full-time nursing staff to take care of Xiao Teng. We will then arrange Xiao Teng for further examination and treatment by a neuro and brain doctor. There are currently more than 70 members of the PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN KANAK-KANAK TERENCAT AKAL MALAYSIA, with a monthly budget of more than RM100,000. The newly participation of Xiao Teng has further burden us which we are suffering with heavy burden of expenditure. In order to grow and develop further, we need the support of enthusiastic people in the community. Xiao Teng's monthly budget of his expenditure is as follows: 1. RM 305.40 milk powder -----Dumex Dugro Sure RM50.90 X 6 cans 2. RM800 Physiotherapy --------------- 4 times x RM200 3. RM400 replace intubation--------2 weeks once, 2 X RM200 4. RM4200 fulltime caretakers --------------2 persons with 24 hours monitoring 1 month expenditure budget RM5705.40 1 year expenditure budget RM68,464.80 Everyone is welcome to visit and donate, or choose to remit the donation to our designated bank account, and then send the remittance receipt (photogr
A team of specially selected medical staff treating critically-ill #COVID19 patients are racing against time in Wuhan City. Lu Zhijie, a military doctor, is one of the team members. In the wee hours of one day recently, Lu and his colleague, who were on duty at Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital, performed an intubation on a critically-ill patient whose condition worsened suddenly.
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向做得好的企业和需要 COVID 安全援助的企业提供反馈意见,让NSW能够保持营业。
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✴️ সুখবর! পৃথিবীর বিখ্যাত হেয়ার ট্রিটমেন্ট অয়েল ও বিয়ার্ড অয়েল পাবেন মানিব্যাক গ্যারান্টি সহকারে। চুল দাড়ির সকল সমস্যার সমাধান! 01763108913 ১. হেয়ার ট্রিটমেন্ট অয়েল: চুলের সকল সমস্যা দূর করে। চুল পরা, চুল পাকা, খুশকি, রুক্ষতা, ড্যামেজ, চুলের দুর্বলতা দূর করে। চুলের গোড়া করে শক্ত ও মজবুত। মাত্র ৭ দিনেই চুল পড়া বন্ধ করে এবং ১ মাসেই নতুন চুল গজায়। বর্তমানে এই অয়েলটির অনেক চাহিদা। কারণ এটা ১০০% কার্যকর। এই হেয়ার ট্রিটমেন্ট অয়েল সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত জানতে গুগল, ইউটিউব এবং ফেইসবুক এ সার্চ করতে পারেন। তাহলে আপনি এই অয়েল এর কার্যকারিতা সম্পর্কে নিশ্চিত হবেন। এই অয়েল টি এখন পর্যন্ত যারা যারা ব্যবহার করেছে তারা সবাই ভালো ফলাফল পেয়েছে। ২. বিয়ার্ড অয়েল: আপনার মুখে দাঁড়ি গজাতে ব্যবহার করুন বিখ্যাত ব্র‍্যান্ডের বিয়ার্ড অয়েল। দুই মাস ব্যবহারে আপনার মুখে দাঁড়ি গজিয়ে, আপনার মুখকে করবে আরও সুন্দর ও আকর্ষণীয়। দাঁড়ি গজাতে ১০০% কার্যকর FDA Approved তাই কোনো সাইড ইফেক্ট নাই। ✴️ এটি ব্যাবহারে আপনার শরীরে যে হরমন টা দাঁড়ি গজাতে সাহায্য করে তা বৃদ্ধি করে। যার ফলে আপনার মুখে নতুন দাঁড়ি গজাতে শুরু করে ও দাড়ি ঘন করে। পাতলা দাঁড়ি ঘন করবে। বর্তমানে এই অয়েলটির অনেক চাহিদা। কারণ এটা ১০০% কার্যকর। ✴️ আপনার ফেসে একটি দাঁড়ি না থাকলে এই অয়েল টি ব্যাবহারে আপনার মুখ ভর্তি চাপ দাঁড়ি গজাবে। অনেকের দাঁড়ির মধ্যে Gap থাকে। এটি দাঁড়ির মধ্যের Gap দূর করে Line Up করবে। অনেকের থুতনিতে দাঁড়ি আছে কিন্তু গালে নাই। এটি ব্যাবহারে আপনার গাল দাঁড়ি তে ভরে যাবে। ✴️ মাত্র ৪ সপ্তাহের মধ্যে আপনার ফেসে যে নতুন দাঁড়ি গজাচ্ছে তা দেখতে পাবেন। অনেকের ৬-৮ সপ্তাহ অপেক্ষা করতে হয়। কারন সবার হরমন এক রকম না। কিন্তু ৬-৮ সপ্তাহে ১০০% দাঁড়ি আসবে। ✴️ অর্ডার করতে চান: অর্ডার করতে আপনার নাম ঠিকানা ফোন নম্বর মেসেজ করুন, অথবা কল করুন: 01763108913 ✴️ ঢাকার মধ্যে ডেলিভারি চার্জ ৫০ টাকা এবং ঢাকার বাহিরে ১০০ টাকা। ঢাকার মধ্যে সর্বোচ্চ ৩-৪ ঘন্টার মধ্যে এবং ঢাকার বাহিরে ২৪ ঘন্টার মধ্যে ডেলিভারি করা হয়।
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עידן 2000 - סניף חיפה נשר
עכשיו באפליקציה של עידן 2000 - סניף חיפה נשר מסיבת קופונים למשחקים הכי מהנים!!! ⚽ להורדת האפליקציה >> https://2wf0.app.link/nncZluUXFO מחכים לכם! מתחם רמי לוי נשר למשלוחים התקשרו: 072-2204717 / 052-8036600 / 050-5673983 בתוקף עד 30.06.20 ו/או עד גמר המלאי ובכפוף להתניות הקופונים באפליקציה. אין כפל הנחות ומבצעים. מוגבל ליחידה ללקוח. התמונות להמחשה בלבד. ט.ל.ח
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