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On both sides of the long flyover, the lights flashed. Above the bridge, pedestrians were in a hurry except for a woman with a long shawl with a good figure stood against the railings, several wine bottles were scattered at her feet. But no one stopped to care about her. The raindrops made her clothes wet, stuck to her body, cold as ice. Automatically in her head recalled the words she heard in the afternoon: "I'm sorry, Jennifer, I have no choice, after my position is stable, I will divorce Sandra, please believe me!" Er, divorce. "You liar, Jason, why don't you you go to hell?" the wine bottle went mad as she threw them off the flyover. Ignoring the brake sound and cursing underneath, facing the drizzle, Jennifer half climbed and rolled down the overpass, crossing the road. "Squeak--" The car brake broke a splash. Jennifer's body was dropped high like a rag, and fell down again. "Sir, we hit someone." The black Rolls-Royce was forced to stop halfway, and the dull voice of the man came from the bright back seat: "There's no time, bring in!" "Yes, Sir!" Black, dark, and painful. She knew she was hit by a car, but she didn't even have the strength to raise her eyelids. The hoarse, low-pitched male voice sounded: "Ugly girl." Why do you still look at? The noble car stopped so casually on the side of the road, on the left of the car, a small silver skeleton flashed with a strange cold light. A tall black figure stood silently beside the car like a sculpture, waiting quietly. The rain stopped slowly, and the wet road was refracted by the blurred lights. Two hours later, the window lowered slightly, a faint smell dissipated in the wind, and the man's low and tired voice came: "Shadow, let's go." "Yes, Sir." —— Hospital. The disinfection water drilled into the nostril, and her finger nerve reflex trembled. Ivy jumped from the sofa: "Jennifer, are you awake?" Her body seems to be shifted, it hurts even when she move it, and her brain fragment seems to remember nothing: "Ivy , what's wrong with me?" "You were hit by a car, there was a car accident, you forgot, what happened to you, why did you drink so much alcohol?" Car accident. Oh yes, in a car accident, why drink so much alcohol? Jennifer smiled sadly: "Jason has become my little uncle-in-law today. Forget it, I have a headache, I will sleep for a while." "What?" Ivy exclaimed, but Jennifer had fallen asleep again. In the dark, she had a dream. She dreamed that she had a car accident. After staying in the hospital for three days, she has recovered. The only pain is ... in the middle of the legs, it should be a psychological effect. Jennifer comforted herself while folding clothes. Ivy came to get her out of the hospital and send her home. Along the way, she was not assured: "Jennifer, are you really okay?" "I'm okay." From the initial rage to the uncomfortable, to the peace at the present, Jennifer seemed to see through everything in a life. "In fact, Jason's choice was right. Marrying Sandra, he can shorten his fight for at least 20 years, marry me ... an illegitimate girl who is not seen by others, only a fool wouldn't make that choice. Forget it, I'm here. Thank you for taking me back. Be careful on the way. " Looking at the thick openwork iron gate, Ivy nodded her head: "See you tomorrow then." "See you tomorrow." After passing through the long aisle, Jennifer went directly to a small two-story building next to her. This was actually where the servant lived, but her room was here, she is the result of her father's one-night stand sin. Here, no one is seen her as a young lady, she exists like a servant. Her father is very busy, and her stepmother is in control of the economy. Apart from tuition fees, there is usually no pocket money for her. She relies on the money she got by working during the winter and summer vacations. Her aunt Sandra is not the same, grandfather had her at very old age, that's why she's really loved and not much older than Jennifer. But her life is different, and she can only say that Jason is smart and not blinded. With a bitter smile, Jennifer d
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Hai Sis! Bisnis Lagi Turun? Yuk Jadi Reseller Kami! Caranya Mudah,Jualnya Laris Sekali. Keadaan ekonomi memang sedang menurun, namun ada bisnis tertentu yang justru semakin naik dan laris. Contohnya adalah spray ini. Spray ini dapat digunakan untuk: Tangan, Mobil, Meja Pintu,Handphone, Laptop Bantal, Guling, Sprei Pintu, Helm, Sofa Baju, Celana, Tas Kenapa menjadi reseller kami? 1. Tidak butuh modal besar untuk mulai jualan spray ini. 2. Spray ini sedang sangat amat dibutuhkan oleh banyak orang. Laris Manis! 3. Sangat mudah untuk menjelaskan produk ini ke customer. 4. Kami memberi keuntungan besar untuk reseller 5. Kami akan memberikan berbagai video produk kepada reseller untuk memudahkan berjualan. Ingat! Uang tidak bisa menghilang, hanya berpndah tempat. Jika penghasilan Anda sedang menurun, carilah sumber penghasilan yang sedang naik. Apakah bisnis yang sedang naik? Bagaimana bisa tetap memiliki penghasilan lebih disaat seperti ini? Saat ini banyak orang hanya di rumah saja, sehingga toko kelontong atau pergerakan bisnis sedang sepi. Dua hal yang bisa kita pelajari. Yang pertama, yuk jualan produk kesehatan. Mengapa? Karena memang sedang sangat amat dibutuhkan oleh banyak orang. Yang kedua, lebih banyak orang menghabiskan waktu di depan handphone. Bagaimana cara berjualan produk ini? Mudah. Cukup bagikan video-video kami melalui Whatsapp, IG dan Media Sosial lainya. Walaupun Anda di rumah saja, Anda masih tetap bisa berjualan. Tunggu apa lagi? Yuk Langsung DM @erickanadi atau klik link di bio https://l.linklyhq.com/l/6CD. Kami siap membantu dan menjadi partner bisnis Anda. Salam Sehat. Tetap Sukses‍‍
Mọi người ơi! mọi người ơi ! Bên tập đoàn thẩm mỹ Lamia của Đức mới mở cở sở ở Việt Nam này Đang khai trương nên tổ chức chương trình quay may mắn,hi, mn vào quay thử biết đâu hên lại được cái thẻ VIP giảm béo 90% thì ngon, còn có 599k/ống, chứ công nghệ giảm béo này mình tìm hiểu giá không dưới 1000$ đâu được cái chất lượng thì khỏi bàn giảm vừa nhiều mà vừa nhanh nữa Đang đông người tham gia lắm nên chị em nhanh tay nhé, he
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