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Wet & Forget | No Scrub Household Cleaning Products
Wet & Forget | No Scrub Household Cleaning Products
Wet & Forget | No Scrub Household Cleaning Products
Wet & Forget | No Scrub Household Cleaning Products
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Flu Shots | Fluzone® High-Dose Influenza Vaccine and Flublok® Quadrivalient Influenza Vaccine
See Prescribing Info: https://bit.ly/3dcPYXA FLUBLOK® QUADRIVALENT is a different kind of influenza vaccine and is approved by the FDA for adults 18 years of age and older. Unlike other flu shots, FLUBLOK® QUADRIVALENT is not made from the influenza virus.
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ALAM MO BA NA ANG PAGGAMIT NG CERAGEM ARAW ARAW AY MALAKI ANG NAITUTULONG UPANG MALABANAN AT MAPROTEKTAHAN KA AT IYONG PAMILYA LABAN SA COVID 19 VIRUS? \n\nPAANO? \n\nAccording to clinical studies:\n\n\u2705FAR-INFRARED RAYS (FIR) one of the five healing principles of CERAGEM, is a cheap way for eliminating single strand RNA VIRUS like COVID19 virus. \n\nBased on the study done by Chinese scientists, En-Jing, Li and Wei-Hong Huang as follows:\n\nThe result confirmed that double strand DNA from airborne microorganisms were stable under mild FIR radiation. However, single strand RNA was found to be sensitive to FIR radiation, indicating that RNA virus in airborne particles is instable under FIR radiation.\n\nBased on this observation, two models on the usage of FIR radiation to prevent RNA virus transmission and cure RNA virus infection were proposed, implying that FIR radiation might be a cheap, convenient, and efficient method [of eliminating single strand RNA viruses] (p.2).\n\nTwo models for treatment of RNA virus, such as influenza virus and COVID-19 virus, by FIR radiation:\n\n\ud83d\udc49(A) Elimination of environmental RNA virus by FIR radiation to prevent spreading and contamination of RNA virus.\n\n\ud83d\udc49(B) Curing RNA virus infected patients by applying FIR radiation directly into the patients’ mouths or on the patients’ skin.\n\nhttps://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202002.0332/v1/download\n\nAnd of course “By no means are we saying that FIR is the silver bullet for fighting COVID-19,” as explains Paul Woolvine, CEO of IOBAC Ltd. “But, as this preprint study suggests, its ability to act as a complementary therapy in the fight against airborne microorganisms can’t be ignored; it must warrant serious consideration. \n\n\u2705BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE RESPONSE \n\nAccording to the latest study done by the scientist of the Washington University School of Medicine:\n\n"As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives around the world, much research has focused on the immune system's role in patients who be
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Celios | Celios G200 Air Purifier Removes 99.99999% of Particulates | Celios
✔The Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifier is effective at capturing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Safety information: https://rb.gy/q80frt. ✔ Up to 3,000 times more efficient than HEPA standards and captures particles up to 30 times smaller. ✔ Portable, lightweight, and remote-controlled - easy to move from room to room.
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Fog Cleaning Service
Fog Cleaning Service
Fog Cleaning Service
Fog Cleaning Service
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Napanood ko ang #JuanSafeWash video at yung akala kong malinis na damit ay hindi pala! May virus at germs pa pala! Kaya kailangan talagang labhan gamit ang detergent na kayang tanggalin ang virus at germs sa ating mga damit! Kaya ako, I only use Ariel that deep cleans that removes virus* and 99.9% germs!^ I am part of #JuanSafeWash now. Use Ariel now and be part of it too! Disclaimer: *Not Tested on SARS-COV-2, Tested on representative Influenza Virus. ^Based on a technical test of one representative germ (k.pneumoniae) on cotton.
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A significant number of people with severe COVID-19 carried rare genetic variants in 13 genes known to be critical in the body’s defense against influenza virus.
Celios | Celios G200 Air Purifier Removes 99.99999% of Particulates | Celios
Celios | Celios G200 Air Purifier Removes 99.99999% of Particulates | Celios
Celios | Celios G200 Air Purifier Removes 99.99999% of Particulates | Celios
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I try to be as careful as possible when it comes to keeping everything in my home extra clean. This means I pay close attention to what experts say and recommend – like the DOH advisory on the episode of BIDA Solusyon sa COVID-19. I learrned that it’s important to immediately segregate used clothes and wash them with a detergent that contains bleach! Personally, I only trust what the experts recommend — that’s why I use Ariel! It deep cleans and removes virus* and 99.9% of germs^. Join me in staying safe, and be part of the #JuanSafeWash Movement. Disclaimer: *not tested on SARS-COV-2, tested on representative Influenza virus ^based on technical test of one representative germ on cotton
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¡Llegó la primavera! ¿Eres de los que cree que en primavera no te puedes enfermar de Influenza? ¡FALSO! ❌ El virus de la Influenza circula todo el año, así que la primavera no es excusa para dejar de cuidarte. Mantente protegido con una simple acción: vacunación #Influenza #VacunAcciónPerú #Salud #Prevención
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Celios | Celios G200 Air Purifier Removes 99.99999% of Particulates | Celios
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Hvem deler du spyt med? Vi inviterede en flok reality-deltagere til et festligt eksperiment … Vi ville vise, hvor hurtigt spyt, virus og bakterier spreder sig til en fest. For når du drikker ølbong, deler flasker, råber og synger, så deler du spyt med dine venner - og det er ikke det eneste. På hver 3. ølbong, vi har testet, fandt vi bakterier fra lort… og dertil kommer alle de sygdomme, som smitter direkte, når du sutter på noget andre har suttet på før dig: Herpes, lungebetændelse, Influenza og selvfølgelig Corona-virus. Fester er fantastiske, og derfor vil vi indsamle nye måder at feste på - sikkert og uden at dele spyt. Har du en god ide? Vi sætter en intimkoncert med Tessa og 3 SOUNDBOKS på højkant til de bedste ideer. Del dit forslag med os på Instagram ved brug af #HvemDelerDuSpytMed Sæt igang!!! … Pssst… Alle deltagerne til festen var selvfølgelig testet negative for Corona inden optagelserne #SpredKærlighedIkkeSpyt #HvemDelerDuSpytMed -- Konkurrencen er på ingen måde er sponsoreret, støttet, administreret af eller forbundet med Facebook.
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Korea Biomedical Review
A domestic research team has developed a rapid diagnostic kit that can detect influenza infection by selecting antibodies that bind to the surface of virus resistant to multiple drugs, including Tamiflu and Relenza. http://www.koreabiomed.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=9221
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